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Dustin M.

Advanced Engineer & Programmer

203 Chamblee Dr., Batesville, AR 72501

(501) 251-8570 / (870) 251-6915 Cell


Telecommunications professional seeking a challenging SOFTWARE or HARDWARE ENGINEERING, SALES or

OPERATIONS position that will utilize my extensive technical and engineering background, which ranges from the
structure of a Fortune Global 100 company to the entrepreneurial spirit of a small startup, along with international

Experience in IPTV, RF, and ISP organizations provides me a thorough understanding of the market, management,
companies and customer needs. I have extensive knowledge in all aspects of new product or service development,
launch and life cycle support. Being self motivated and able to grasp new technologies allows me to take on complex
assignments. Flexible work habits permit me to work in a multicultural team environment, lead a team, or as an individual
requiring no supervision and minimal direction. Proven leadership, problem solving skills and the ability to work under
pressure makes me an ideal candidate for any organization requiring strong technical skills or technical leadership.

This unique combination of skills gives me the confidence that I can further the success of the product or service.


Areas of Expertise in Multiple Disciplines:

Software: C/C++/C#, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, Ruby, Java, J2EE, JFC/SWING/AWT, EJB 2.0, JSP, Servlets, JBoss, XLETs,
JDBC, Cobol, ASP/ASP.Net, VB/VB.Net, Flash/Action script, Small Talk, LISP, SOAP, experience in embedded Linux and
VxWorks systems
Experience: 12 years

Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, Foxpro

Experience: 12 years

FTTH: GPON / BPON / DPON, Ethernet Transport, IPTV, RF Video Overlay, Core aggregation, Optical Budgets,
Commercial services and T1 emulations. Knowledge of ONT and OLT from multiple vendors as well RFoG deployments.
Experience: 7 years

DOCSIS: DOCSIS 1.x / 2.0 / 3.0, Wide-Band, EQAM and OTT. Engineered new CMTS “By Pass” solutions using
Harmonic, Big Band, and Cisco. Vast knowledge and experience on VoDOCSIS
Experience: 7 years

Video / RF: MPEG 2 / MPEG 4, head ends in traditional RF / Cable space from Cisco / SA and Motorola using gear from
Harmonic, Scopus, Tandberg, Terayon, Motorola, and SA. Also experience with full range of testing gearing from EXFO,
Triveni, and others.
Experience: 7 years

IPTV: Integrated and engineered head ends for Telco’s using Cisco, SES, Avail, and traditional Simulsat. Designed
CentOS Linux custom installs for CNR servers for Cisco’s NCC. Middleware experience with Minerva, Microsoft, ISDP,
and others. Multiple STBs integrated. Full life cycle understanding.
Experience: 1 year

RF Plant: LE’s, Trunk Amps, C-COR / SA / Harmonic nodes. Engineering and plant management of traditional RF Cable
TV plant.
Experience: 7 years

Voice: SIP, IP, RTP, GR303, T1, SS7, Nortel, Metaswitch

Experience: 7 years

IP Networks: Optical MPLS, ATM and SONET experience, Cisco switches / routers/ ONS and optical, Juniper &
Imagestream edge routers and various servers (DHCP, TFTP, FTP, VPN, IPTV…). QOS, VLAN tagging models, QoS,
Experience: 12 years
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Cisco Team Leader, N. America March 2008 – May 2009
• Lead engineer for IPTV, IP DATA, Streaming Media, Wireless, RF Cable, FTTH and video related
• Manage and train N. American sales team for Cisco product and service
• Gained MHz “Rookie of the Year” award from Cisco my first year
• CCNA Certified

INDCO Batesville, AR
Operations Manager/CTO August 2003 – March 2008
• Manage all cable, FTTH, wireless, voice, and video systems and deployments operations for a tier
2 MSO covering 36 cities in two states.
• Developed remote encrypted off-site data storage systems for resellers and customers
• Centric billing and provisioning systems for cable, hosting, dialup and wireless internet integrating
with systems running Linux, Windows and FreeBSD in various programming languages like JAVA,
PHP, PERL, VB/C# for total control of our network with a complete relational db backend.
• OCAP/DVB-MHP in lab testing. Use of Java TV APIs and Unisoft tools for OnRamp and OCAP on
Motorola and SA boxes for Zodiac Interactive beta deployment with an ad driven model.
• Achieved a 150% grow rate per year on systems developed and deployed

NCA Communications Jonesboro, AR

IT Consultant September 2002 – August 2003
• Systems developer and solutions consultant for several Fortune 500 clients
• Network consultant for AOL Time/Warner in Memphis and Charter Communications in Dallas for
cable internet and digital systems deployments

Life Plus/Prodentec Batesville, AR

E-Commerce Developer/Programmer August 2000 – September 2002
• Developed international ERP, CRM and E-commerce ingratiation for third largest Dental
manufacturer and top MLM Nutritional products company in the world
• Built ground up web systems in ASP and moved to .Net for MS Great Plains integration and mobile
applications using Java, JSP, and AWT/Swing
• Developed Flash Media components for web systems
• Developed international shipping and tax SQL servers and multiple system applications for logistics
covering multiple countries, currencies, tax zones, shipping carriers and branch offices in a world
wide deployment using Java and ASP based front ends.

USAble Life Little Rock, AR

Programmer July 1999 – August 2000
• Wrote risk analysis software for large life insurance company
• Used Java and ASP to Web-enable data from IBM MicroFocus Cobol Mainframe and MS SQL

Education University of Central Arkansas


Open Source Speech Recognition Initiative Washington, DC

President December 2003 – December 2006
• Open Source Non-Profit software group to aid those with disabilities making them unable to use
a keyboard and mouse
• Includes many PhDs and top industry insiders from CMU, MIT, Stanford and NASA