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Ward Council - Monday May 27th, 2013 Kanata Seniors Centre (2500 Campeau Drive) Community Announcements: United

d Church - Concert Competition: Saturday June 8th, 2013 at 8pm. There will be 6 young finalist who play with the orchestra (classical music). Canada Day for Seniors: June 16th, 2013 at 10:30am Kanata Lakes Community Wide Garage Sale: June 15th, 2013 Park Renaming Ceremony on Goldridge Drive (beside old school house) Jim Malone: June 15th, 2013 Morgans Grant BriarBrook Community Meeting: June 22nd, 2013 - same night at St. Johns Lawn Supper Community Police Report: Constable Lori Fahey In comparison with other communities, Kanata is doing well Warmer weather = more theft in vehicles Give police a call if you see something not quite right - people breaking into houses Grow-op busted in community recently: go to Ottawa Police website for more details. Suspicious behaviour that usually means a grow-op is taking place; strange hours, direct access from garage to home, excessive humidity, different smell etc... Recently in neighborhood: small swarming - kids pushed around at the skateboard park - Under control by the Police, they are aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. Door to door solicitation is always a concern. It is important to know your rights and what to do when someone comes to the door. For Example; you can ignore the door, ask them to leave, if they refuse to leave - call the police = trespassing. Recently there are some people going around saying that they need to test your water. They install a free filter for you, but the charge for the rest of their services is astronomical. It is unnecessary - City water is perfectly good to drink. Speeding: Lepine Construction Zone: people repeatedly speeding down maritime way (a lot of seniors in the area). Police officer: it must be documented - if there are no speed limit signs it means that the limit is 50km/hour. To get a speed reduction, you need a petition signed by 2/3 of the Seniors residence and the owners must be on board. - There is a possibility of getting a sign saying Elderly Persons Area. Speeding: is of highlighted attention right now - looking into speeding on certain roads in the community Intersection of Knudson and Campeau - difficult corner (speeding) Enforce bike lanes - going towards Earl of March - Kids ride their bikes on Campeau sidewalks and knock over walkers Why does the city not license bicycles? - hard to enforce, expensive.

Bicycles give way to the pedestrians - few cyclists ring their bells Sidewalks are not wide enough for bike lanes and there are bicycles lanes on Campeau Rumble strip - give cyclist the alert that a car has crossed the line Learn methods and techniques from going to cycling clubs - Kanata Cycling Association Councillors Report Transit and Road Work: - Upgrade water main on Kanata Ave. - widening of roads - work should be done in 2015 - Sewer lines: Minto is putting in - There is a lot of construction that is not City Construction - Park & ride going in - corner of Terry Fox and Innovation (have to finish environmental assessment) - Turtle nesting area - changes need to be made: Goulbourn Forced Road - 3 new parks are being developed (1 park = natural, 1 park = in Richardson Ridge, 1 park = later stage Richardson Ridge) - 2014 - underpass for future transit way and the road to go underneath - to exit centrum Woman in audience: would like community gardens - rather than parks. Marianne: not sure of soil conditions cant be in flood plains. W: Who should I get in contact with? Tara Smith? M: no, different woman on park issues now - will e-mail Marianne to get contact info. Carp River restoration - finalizing documents now - work will start this coming winter (Queensway to Richardson Side Road) O-train - from 15min to 8min service (east end is the worst part) - more people can come up instead of going to Hurdman - in master transportation plan (has not been released yet) Giveaway weekend: anything you dont want place at the end of your driveway with a sign saying FREE try to give everything away or recycle --> instead of garbage disposal tell your neighbors spread the word more information on website Presto Cards: moving to full use of presto cards first card is free

$6 for a new card (cover admin fees) there will be a date when you cannot buy a bus pass anymore (coming within a few months) - date not yet confirmed yet presto card is worth your while - a lot cheaper seniors are still free on Wednesdays Thursday June 13th - Seniors Centre (AM) & Resource Centre (PM) Seniors price = $2 (presto card handy - you dont need to have a toonie available) Man in Audience: can you get bus tickets put on presto card? M: I think you have to go to a service site to get this done - tickets are with OC and Presto card is with another company - they wont give you cash for your tickets. Eco Pass: done at different times - you will hear from your employer about when you can get an Eco Card - until then you can get a free presto card New Regulations RE: pools, hot tubs and ponds keep gates locked unless you are there you have to have a permit for your pool ($200) - safety issue. $200 fee is due to inspection and labor involved. notify people who have pools Woman in Audience: neighbors dont want to share cost to repair fence, what can I do? M: legal matter - legal requirement to update fence and for the permit requirement a lot of detail online anything that has more than 24inches (2 feet) of water must have a permit Doors Open Ottawa: everything is free 125 different places to go Embassys, difenbunker etc.. (US Embassy - worth is - sign up ahead of time - sussex) this Saturday and Sunday - different hours (check ahead of time) Seasonal BBQs & Street Parties: good way to informally talk with people (bring up issues that are hard to bring up over the phone) Marianne encourages you to have street parties (invite Marianne to yours!) good way to meet neighbors Richcraft Recreation Complex Kanata Update whirl pool sauna pool class room change rooms

geothermal system to heat boreholes - heating running through ground (84 meters deep) sports field: artificial turf - 2 mini fields at the same time: will not project lighting into Trillum Woods - no bright lights skate park: easier parts, tougher parks, raised money for skateboards wont put anything in until we have money for it - no graffiti green roof - statues on roof - W: same as court house green room? M: every green room is a little different. W: is public allowed on it? M: no, you can walk on an area outside - but not on roof energy efficient buildings - silver/gold Time Capsule Fundraiser: biggest expense 850,000 - 2 lane addition to pool pictures - put in tin foil leave a legacy Big Rig Brewery Event: June 24th, 2013 - 5:30-7:30pm full tax receipt for $500 - business name, cat name (anything you want) $500 paver + $100 for dinner/evening live auction if you have already bought your paver - you can go for $100 Planning and Development: 15 story building - has been reduced to about 9 stories 3 story where town houses will be stage 2: parkway down to 7 stories - this is different - closer to March Rd. average density is not very high Change in site plans - klondike road Urban Expansion (March Road) not finalized affects Briarbrook community master planning study (take a couple of years) what kind of development you want to put where? How transportation will be handled?etc.. - Small representing with Councillor El Chantiry send in your comments it is going to be a high quality community that will fit well in Kanata a lot of farm land currently - W: because of the farm land wouldnt the community gardens look nice there? M: not deep soil, we can look into it, not the same rock we have here, but still rock - things dont grow well in rock - El Chantiry doesnt like community gardens - M: more flexible, trying to get a garden for chinese senior. Location has to be good -where seniors can get to by bus

McDonalds: a lot landscaping cutting down trees (may be able to save a few) W: compensation for trees? M: any tree that is cut down usually they have to make compensation for them Man: Briarbrook is good at being clean, the McDonalds will have to help with cleaning up neighborhood. M: the new McDonalds owner is the same one as in Stittsville. She tends to be very clean. Garbage is kept inside of building - not outside. customers throw things on the road - garbage throwing patrol land is within urban area - you cant stop McDonalds from going in how can we make site plan better? --> this is our focus Kanata Town Centre Plan: official plan both sides of 417 - on Katimavik side - not a lot of commercial - mostly residential north side - village green - residential with small shopping centre CBD: where you are suppose to have a lot of offices - some residential Kanata ave. = residential some retail Land was sold to Tundra, who then never formalized the approval - land came back to the city in 2007 The City has been busy building other things - people in community raised money for the park (it is protected) - pond in the middle - community lands corporation: set up by City of Ottawa - lands owned by City are to be developed - Marianne is Vice Chair of the board - it is a private board No City Hall for Kanata - cost of building road where the hall was going to be is way too expensive - all rock - goes up and back down - hard to build a cafe on a hill (must have a terrace) June 7th - All Saints - meeting - how to development land further: your opportunity to put your ideas forth - havent made any decisions yet Cant have it all protected - it will be developed: it is better to work with the city than to try and fight with them cant protect every square inch half park/half development build around the edge increase green space

Urbandale Lands: - zoning in place - appealed 1 block - unlimited height (30-40 etc... no heigh restriction) - area near Queensway, they want to build higher - Lepine: they want to build a hotel - appealed the hotel - OMB must appeal - Marriott and hilton Lepine Apartments: Canadian Shield Concept - approved plan: sit plan done individually. Look at master plan to see how it will fit. - area in middle = parking garage with green roof - will include ice rink and other things - amenity building: 2 stories. It is an extension on club house - Lepine Builidng C: made improvements, putting pylons in now for, similar design to the one that is in now, lower area - 10 stories, retail part = 2 stories - Population? close to 800 units. traffic study was done for 800 units - has been approved a lot of single people & couples a lot of seniors not that much traffic going in and out so far (handling it well) Kanata plan called for: 10,000 jobs in this area, people working in the office part Meeting on June 11th - raise some of these issues they want to make everything a grid plan they want to get enough density for 10,000 jobs. Jobs have changed; not as many office jobs, right now type of scenario, less jobs/density and develop later on, jobs wont exist for quite a while, many companies going down town. - Is there a by law about balconies close to 417? M: must have AC and windows sealed. Man: issue when people throw beer bottles off balconies? M: more of an issue when people throw beer bottles of bridges - throwing off balconies is not a concern at this point. - Elevation of land going lower - Building D - 12 stories & G - 5 stories. - Commitment from Lepine for 8-10 stories. Now zoned for no more than 10 stories. Now they are coming back and saying they want 12 stories. - Committee of Adjustment - has added many stories to other buildings - city does not control their decisions. Marianne has not seen application to them yet - you can object if the application is sent to the committee - you can appeal if you dont agree with decision made - City can appeal to OMB - City staff supportive of this plan? M: no formal submission - city said it was ok - planner: mark young

- sensible long term vision - Kanata centric - divesting everything to downtown? M: 3 panels - panel 1 - central area, panel 2 - orleans, barhavven, kanata, panel 3 - ? - cookie cutter idea - other councillors dont want to change this - arrangement/deal? to keep to 10 stories - a lot of time and effort to get these arragements done - a lot went in to 10 stories - why are they changing now? Cant trust the city. M: City didnt put this forth, developer did Man: official plan 8-10 stories why is the city entertaining it? M: this has just been submitted, comments are suppose to be in by June 3rd - straight forward to comment on Man: inform of the history here? M: Yes they are aware of the history Planning commitee - councillor Hubley committee of adjustment - Ottawa people - people who have been involved in planning - do they live in Kanata? M: Not sure, they could Mayor - said there has to be some sort of certainty and predictions put in place when a plan is developed. Man: you cant reach an agreement and then take it away M: zoning only allows for 10 stories right now, they have to get other planning approval - cheaper to go to committee of adjustment - a lot of people go through downtown Ottawa - recently had a ruling that was more in favor of the community and sticking with the community. - if planning staff agrees with it - and they arent from Kanata than community looses - critic is of the policy - not the staff - M: get your committee together - get planner to come out and talk with the people - go over the plan with them speak with Lepine - let them know how the community feels - doesnt mean that they wont go ahead with it - Man: we will let Lepine know what kind of company they are - what is the advantage of a higher building? M: more density, more units - Lepine - changing plan Man: not keeping the original plan M: get a meeting together, next week (out of town this week), get planner there, keep posted when they will go to the committee of adjustment - must post on property (walk by and take a look) - didnt see anything on it recently - committee of adjustment meet downtown after school hours? - no they usually meet at Ben Franklin place - new planner or mark young? M: mark is not available - Kathy senior planner (new) - 4 or 5 different planners that work on things out here - let them know who is responsible (which planner) for the building - ensure that corporate memory is passed on - contact staff and get time set up for meeting - estimated completion date? : rentals have gone extremely well - moving forward quickly - what is going on with royale? - ruined view already - a lot of noise for seniors - eventually some one is going to build there - Lepine are pounding pylons into the ground

West District Library: library edition under way new parking lot to replace what they are loosing storm water pond - percolate out slower paving right now - move onto parking very soon 10 days of piles going in rock at the back rest is clay - soft 10 days worth of piling (starting end of this week or beginning of next week) Development Updates: Tanger outlet mall - sod turning starting construction soon through Minto and arcadia development traffic island - roundabout Campeau & palladium drive with Huntmar - roundabout regular traffic light heading into Tanger outlet open next year - first phase - shopping area + bridge second phase - hotel and restaurants Construciton highway 417- underway - bridge & sidewalk - right now = no connection - why is there a hotel coming in Tanger? M: wont build unless they have the need for it - people come and stay to go shopping (happens all the time in the states) Man: cycling - can you put signs on campeau to keep them off sidewalk M: already asked - they said no - people dont look down Can you send out news letter earlier - before meeting date - maybe twice a month