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[u][center][size=7]House Darklyn[/size][/center][/u] [center][img]http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/279/3/6/house_of_darklyn_crest_by_mar quisprestiff-d5h0yqd.

jpg[/img][/center] [size=6][center][u][b]The Background[/b][/u][/center][/size] [b]Founding Date: [/b] 58 BE [b]Family Origin:[/b] Ascalon at founding, Kryta from 310 AE onward. [b]Ancestry:[/b] Krytan lineage as of the last millenium, Ascalon in the House's first known appearances. [b]How did your family rise to power?[/b] The early years of human colonization of Tyria are the earliest known instances where the last name Darklyn showed up. Among the oldest noble families of Tyrian origin around to the modern day, House Darklyn was first a simple family of knights and soldiers serving in the armies of the human King Doric. At that time, they lived in the kingdom of Ascalon. Over the next few centuries the House grew to greater and greater prominence-- they would be among the early citizens of Kryta when it was founded as a colony of Elona, despite being a family of Ascalonian origin, and were among advocates for Krytan independence. This would lead to them being granted the title of Count, then Duke, by one of the early rulers of Kryta. House Darklyn would prosper in the centuries leading up to the Guild Wars. During the Guild Wars themselves this prominence was maintained, up to the Duke Lucian Darklyn's siding with the White Mantle in the Krytan Civil War-- ultimately leading to the house's quick and untimely downfall by the end. Queen Salma stripped them of their wealthiest lands and the title of Duke for their insolence, although left them as nobility-- the leader of the house would maintain as Lord Darklyn. This marked the effective end of their so-called "Golden Age." Following this the House still maintained some degree of average prominence in Krytan politics with several members serving as diplomats and their coastal farms and mines producing a decent income for the house. In 1219 AE their bad luck was only compounded by the rising of Orr and the shores of Kryta flooding-- effectively destroying the vast majority of the House's remaining income and condemning them to their current position as lesser nobility, an anecdote of rebellion and blood among other nobility and proof that it is a decidedly poor idea to fight the crown. To date three songs have been written lamenting their downfall, much to the chagrin of the living members of the small family.

---------[size=5][center][b]The Identity[/b][/center][/size] [b]Crest[/b]:A sitting whip-poor-whill has adorned the very simplistic crest of House Darklyn since their earliest days, when their knights marched in the army of King Doric.

[b]Words[/b]: "Unforgiven and Undying" are the words and motto of House Darklyn since their humiliation at the end of the Krytan Civil War, reflecting the memory of their rebellion and the fact that despite numerous difficulties and instances of bad luck that have befallen members of their family, they live on as one of the eldest Krytan noble houses. [b]Color(s):[/b] Silver, white, and brown. [b]Traits[/b]: Nearly all members of House Darklyn, with few exceptions to date, have had silver hair and violet eyes--apparently a dominant trait among them. [b]Temperament:[/b] Quiet and seemingly resigned to whatever fate the Six might give them now, much of the family's mind lies in memory of the past. Beyond this they do not have any particular personality traits beyond what you might expect of old nobility-- although they are not known for being incredibly outgoing. [center]

--------[b][size=6]The Society[/size][/b][/center] [b]Descent and Inheritance:[/b] House Darklyn has always followed the laws of cognatic primogeniture. The lordship primarily falls to the eldest male child of the previous lord, with females being allowed to inherit only if they married matrilineally-- they were not so stupid as some houses to allow their family to be swallowed up by another name. [b]Holdings and Services:[/b] Currently House Darklyn has few holdings beyond a number of small inland farms scattered about Kryta. Their estate is a manor within the upper levels of the city of Divinity's Reach, having been deemed the least likely spot to be destroyed by natural disaster or other-wise, although this is likely to change if a great threat should present itself to the city. [u][b]Traditions[/b][/u] [u][i]Arranged Marriage[/i][/u] The family typically follows an arranged tradition of marriage to prevent infertile couplings-survival is paramount in the minds of the family, and the survival of the family as a whole has far more importance placed upon it than any individual need or happiness. Members who disagree with this are typically disowned to the point of being treated as illegitimate children, not allowed to carry the last name. [u][i]Marriage within the House[/i][/u] It isn't particularly rare for cousins to marry in the family to ensure that their genetic traits are carried on, although this has not occured in two generations.

[u][i]Old Krytan[/i][/u] A tradition that was started in the last several centuries was the education of all members of the House to be relatively fluent in the written and spoken language of Old Krytan. This is their idea of carrying on what they view as the "true" culture of Kryta rather than the mixing pot that it is coming to. [u][i]Tending of the Flock[/i][/u] House Darklyn has always traditionally kept some area of their holdings devoted to birds, particularly a group of domesticated Whip-poor-whills, the bird that has long been the centerpiece of their crest. Currently this flock is held in a loft-like portion of their manor with a miniature forest and open roof. [u][i]Melandru[/i][/u] With an intermission during the House's joining with the White Mantle the patron goddess of the House has always been considered Melandru, the Goddess of Nature, Earth, and Growth. [u][i]The Darklyn Battle-Standard[/i][/u] Since the earliest days of the House, the Darklyns have maintained a single battle standard. Over the millenium it has been torn and needed repair on a number of occasions, however the majority of it is intact. As a relic of the time of King Doric this banner is given great status within the house and is cared for at an unknown location by the current lord, Davian Darklyn. [u][i]Silver and White[/i][/u] The house head is said to always wear cloth of silver and white, supposedly representing a tone of attonement for the past actions of the House. Conspiracy theorists have attempted to use this to fabricate a continuing link between the family and the White Mantle, to no avail. Their claims are largely ignored. --------[center][size=5]The Status[/size][/center] [b]Current Status:[/b] The family is far, far worse off than it once was-- having been stripped down to the title of Lord and lost most of their holdings in the Rising of Orr. [b]Current Branches:[/b] The main branch of the house is the only one still remaining as nobility, led by Lord Davian Darklyn, an aging man with several children. Cadet branches have existed throughout the house's history, typically maintaining the Dar or Dark part of the name but changing out the last name for other things to seperate themselves from the Darklyns. [size=5][b]Specific Members:[/b] [/size] Lord Malcador Darklyn-- Lord of the House and a very humble man.

[size=2]- Five children ranging from the ages of 17 to 29.[/size] [size=2]- Lady Gabrielle Darklyn, his wife, killed several years ago in a centaur attack on one of the house's farm holdings.[/size] Lucimore "the Lustful" Darklyn-- Younger brother of the lord and member of the Shining Blade. Father to numerous bastard children in Kryta. [b]Allies:[/b] N/A [b]Foes:[/b] N/A

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