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JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Department: Business Head Management Reporting To: Supervises: MD/ Chairman Sr.

Managers/Sales Managers

Purpose of the Job:

To direct promote and coordinate the business operations in a manner that will help achieve companys mission, objective and goals. Develop, maintain and improve organizational efficiency to optimize sales and revenue generation and maximize profitability. To create in mind of customers, market and business community a positive brand image

Major Responsibilities

Key Result Areas Develop and review goals based on objectives set by the management and communicate it to the team. Act as a middle point for management and employees Review progress as compared to goals, budgets and targets Create and maintain an atmosphere in which employees willingly produce at maximum capacity. Suggest improvement and redesigning of organization structure based on business requirement Supervise maintenance of preferred staffing level Assign employee responsibilities and maintain job descriptions Develop performance standards and communicate the Key Performance/ Result Areas (KPA/ KRA) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Ensure and Supervise ongoing Training Manage performance by periodic reviews, appraisals and motivating people by rewards, incentives and recognition policies Develop and maintain salary administration program and pay competitive wages based on performance while maintaining the payroll budget. Provide opportunities for employee advancement and career growth Take measures to retain the best talents in the company. Develop working relationships with other organizations within the business community Personally and officially represent the company to the business community during meetings or events Build a positive image of the company Prepare and present annual, quarterly and monthly marketing plans with strategies, promotion mix and negotiate with management the budget for the same. Implement the marketing plan selecting best possible media vehicle while optimizing the cost and benefits within the approved budget Review and analyze the marketing efforts and make necessary changes in the future plans. Envisage and design different sales channels for maximizing market penetration. Supervise all the channel managers, communicate goals and targets and help them devise strategies to achieve the goals Ensure that employees have the knowledge and information needed along with the appropriate sales tools to get desired sales results General supervision of all sales staff and sales efforts

Overall Supervision & Direction

Human Resource

Public Relations


Sales & Profitability

Take personal interest in hot prospective sales of high value Take sales team meeting periodically to review the sales performance, take feedbacks, give inputs and motivate the team. Devise and communicate different incentive and reward programs for time to time to boost morale and sales Create, maintain and improve systems so that the revenues are not lost Find opportunities of new business prospects and communicate it to the management so that there is enough inventories to sell at any given time. Establish and improve systems and process for efficient customer service Ensure that all customers receive courteous and efficient service from all employees Handle complaint and escalations that could not be solved at lower level Submit monthly reports, general information and recommendation to the management Assist the management in formulating policies and provide all facts needed for board decision making Make policy recommendation and carry out management policies Arrange management review of financial status, business status, banking, auditing and other management approved relationships Help plan annual meetings and report to board members Present annual operations and capital budget to the management, negotiate and seek approval Obtain authorization from management before taking any capital intensive decision.

Customer Service

Management Reporting

Budgeting & Capital Requirement

Education: MBA from a top B school. Experience: 5 7 years of proven experience in Sales management, organization building and change management. Number of years may be relaxed for exceptional candidates with high potential.

Knowledge of real estate market & Products Knowledge of Human Resource Management Financial Management Sales Management Marketing Management

Good Communication Presentation Skills Inter-personal Skills Planning & Organization skills Negotiation Skills Leadership Skills Performance Management Training Skills Reporting Skills

Competencies & Levels

Achievement Orientation Level- 5 Customer Orientation Level- 5 Team Leadership Level-4 Analytical Thinking Level - 3 Inter Personal Understanding Level-4 Initiative Level -4 Information Seeking Level 3 Conceptual Thinking Level 4 Developing others Level 5 Organizational Commitment Level - 4