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KSSR Year 1

Subject: Class: Date: Time: Enrolment: Theme: Topic: Focal skill:

English 1 Anggerik 11th April 2012 8 am-9am (60 minutes) ......../30 pupils World of Stories Domestic Animals Language Arts

Previous knowledge: i) Pupils have understood how to follow simple instructions. ii) Pupils have learnt simple stories. Content standards: 4.3. Pupils will be able to plan, organise and produce creative works of enjoyment. Learning standards: 4.3.1 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based on: a) nursery rhymes d) stories 4.3.2 Able to take part with guidance in a performance based on: a) nursery rhymes Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: i) Create a mask based on one of the animals portrayed in the story. ii) Differentiate different types of animals in the nursery rhyme by imitating the sounds they make.



Teaching-Learning Activities


Set Induction (5 minutes)

Questions -What animals do you know? - What sounds do they make? Expected answers: 1. Tiger, dog etc. 2. Aummm (roar), 3. Grrrr (growl)

1. Teacher asks pupils about Whiteboard, marker animals they know. 2. Teacher lists the names of animals on the whiteboard. 3. Pupils imitate the sounds animals make. 4. Teacher writes the verbs on the board. 5. Teacher asks pupils what they are going to learn.

Presentation (15 minutes)

Questions What are the animals in the story?

1. Using the projector, teacher shows the front cover of the book to pupils. 2. Teacher carries out shared reading. 3. During shared reading, teacher posts questions to check pupils understanding.

Story book (The Little Red Hen, digitally scanned) Computer Projector

Practice (15 minutes)

Song: Old MacDonald Questions: What animal makes clucking sound? -hen What sound does a cow make? -mooing

1. Teacher shows the song. 2. Teacher sings the first stanza of the song. 3. Pupils sing the whole song with teachers guidance. 4. Teacher asks questions and pupils answer.

Song (Appendix ) from My Big Book of Nursery Rhymes MI: Musical

Production (20 minutes)

Animals: - Hen - Rabbit - Cat - Goose

1. Teacher randomly divides pupils into eight groups and each group will assigned with one animal. 2. Each group will be given sheet that has animal face, manila cards and drawing tools. 3. Pupils cut out the mask templates and decorate creatively. 4. Pupils wear their masks and sing the song. 5. Group will sing the Old McDonald song and make sounds of respective animals sound based from the mask they wear.

Drawing tools -Crayon, coloured pencils, scissors, rubber band Mask templates

Closure (5 minutes)

1. Teacher guide the pupils to recap the lesson. 2. Teacher inculcates moral values from the story books to pupils.

Moral Values -Hardworking -Kindness