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i & Richie Sambora. Words & Music by Jon Bon Jov. Slow beat Yaa I guess this T now you ore se say good - bye, ir own bid-ing place E jis | ‘And as my bro-ken heart lies bleed-ing T can pro-mise yout ~ mor-r0%, — You say true love is Bur I can’t buy back es — ee You say you" And now you're swim-ming forthe ee And youwon’tsaveme any - —_s = Now I'm pray-ing to God_you'll give me one more chance, girl 3 en oe ——— = OEP ee J ‘These five words 1 swear to you, breathe I want to be the air for you, Tbe there for you, T_ liveand I would die for you, 5 en 6 eioreet SS F SS ~ 1rd steal the sun fromthe sky for you. Words can't say whar a lovecan do, TM__be therefor oe ey 2B 44 we freee e ee = ==> ===: = day And ba-by you know my ands are’ dir = oy But I want-ed to be your Val - en tine. ——____ 1 was-n’t__there when you were down, ———____ thirs-ty, baby, ‘When you get_ drunk ['ll_be the wine birth-day, ba-by, I wish I'd seen you blow those can - dies out, 76