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The Laughrens,
Pete, Fran & Denzil

Winter, Spring 2002; Vol. 11, #3, 4

Furlouqh Beains
Greetings once again!! Furlough begins once
again. On the 26"^ of November, we left our home in

rience. It was a joy to visit with the church and visit with the GO teams and the mission organizations (ICUs). After our visit in Texas, we left there on the

17"^ of January and drove to Georgia to get "settled."

Since arriving in Georgia, we have been busy In many different ways. In February, we have spoken at Berea Christian Church In Hampton, Georgia and shared in the services at McDonough Christian Church in McDonough, Georgia. I have spoken for the local Kiwanis club, and met with many people trying to get speaking dates set up.
After speaking at the Faith Promise Rally at Berea Christian Church on the 24"" of February, we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to attend Homecoming at Johnson Bible College and then we traveled further north to visit supporters in Indiana and Illinois. At the end of this trip, we went to St. Louis to meet with Stacy Garner and last year's interns from St. Louis Christian College on March 6. The next day, Fran flew to Bedford, Texas to be with her mother during her birthday on March 9 and then Denzil came back to Georgia on the 8"^. As an added bonus, Fran got to visit with her father who had just returned from 5 months in Sudan with Voice of the Martyrs. She arrived back in Georgia on
the11'^ On the 13'^ of March we shared with the Wednes

George, South Africa to start our year long furlough. Along the way, we made a trip through the Far East to see some friends, and finally arrived in Bedford, Texas on the 13^^ of December to start our stateside stay. We
spent Christmas in Bedford, Texas with Fran's mother, Annette Hamilton, and her brother and sister, Jonathan

and Sonja. After spending five weeks there, we ar rived in Georgia, our home base, in the middle of Janu ary. While we were in Texas, we visited with our sup
porting church. Highland Meadows Christian Church,

in Colleyville, Texas and spoke in Sunday school

classes for three of the Sundays that we were there. We then spoke for the three morning services on the

last Sunday that we were there and enjoyed the expe-

Denzll has reached a milestone by graduating from the first grade before we left for furlough.

day evening services at McDonough Christian Church in McDonough, GA. On the 17'^ of March, we started our commitment with the Georgia Christian Missionary Rally and that had us speaking 7 times between the 17'^ and the 24"^. On the 17"^ we spoke at Peachcrest Christian Church in Loganville, Georgia in the morning and at Calvary Christian Church in Stockbridge, Geor gia in the evening. On Tuesday the 19'^, we spoke to


Denzil is with his cousins, David, Jonathan and Tiffany.

During this year of travel, we are doing a scrapbook for Denzil and his travels. Here we are at the Georgia State line for the first time.

the children at Pathway Christian School in East Point' Georgia. On the Wednesday we presented the work at Peachtree City Christian Church and on Friday, I spoke at the chapel at Atlanta Christian College. This was followed by participation in the weekend rally that
was held at Southwest Christian Church in East Point

and our preaching at Rlverdale Christian Church in Riverdale on Sunday the 24'^. All in all, it was a fun week and we got to meet with some great people. We then ended up March by spending Easter at Berea in Hampton with family. But the traveling starts again in April and we will tell you more about that next letter.
People have helped us many different ways to get started on our furlough and we cannot say thankyou enough. We are really blessed to be living in a house in Hampton, Georgia which is provided by Rose

for traveling this year. It is a real comfort to travel in and serves us well wherever we go. Paul Leslie of the McDonough Christian Church has provided us with a 1978 Toyota Corolla for a second car around town while needed in Hampton, {get this it is a 1978 with only 70,000 miles on it and I have already been stopped for speeding in it on a country road go figure. Thank fully, I did not get a ticket as they pulled me over in the church parking lot at McDonough, and the whole church staff were there in the parking lot applauding as none thought it would ever go fast enough for a ticket!!) Any way, we are very thankful for the vehicles and for the help that they are for our transportation needs. To any one who has helped us in any way, we are very thank ful for your generosity and you will never know how much it has helped us in this time of furlough. Thanks so much for all that you have done to help us.
We try to visit all of our supporting churches and individuals as we travel and our calendar is presently filling up. We will be gone from Hampton for the months of May and June as we will be in Texas, Missouri,
Florida and Tennessee. If we have not been in contact

Crenshaw of the Berea Church in Hampton. It is a two bedroom house that meets all of our needs for this year of furlough. Many people from the Berea Church helped in many different ways in getting it ready for us to stay
in, while many more helped us by loading up the cup boards for us to start with. We can never say thankyou enough for everybody's generosity. No amount of words can express our thankfulness. Hampton is a good base to travel from as all of our supporting churches (except one) can be reached within one day's

with you, or if we can come and present the work of South Africa with you, please let us know. Our phone numbers and addresses for furlough are located at the end of this newsletter. We look forward to seeing you sometime this year.

Also to help, David and Carol Bledsoe of the High land Meadows Christian Church in Colleyville, Texas have provided us with a 1994 Plymouth Voyager van

George, has told us that the townships are getting

worse. He mentioned in a recent conversation that

people are not scared of any punishment anymore and even many are committing crimes just out of plain meanness. People in the townships live in fear and this Is getting worse.
George has not had as much crime as the bigger urban areas, but it still has its share of petty crimes. A friend of ours, where our car is being stored, told us recently that his house was broken into, but they man aged to catch the thieves. Security bars and alarm systems are the norm these days and not the excep

My friend in the work, Andrew Calvert.

The thing that concerns us the most is the faith

ful Christians who live in fear of their lives in the town

Please pray for the country South Africa. When

we left home, we knew that crime was getting worse all of the time and we have gotten word recently that it
has. Andrew Calvert, the minister that we work with in

ships. Andrew Calvert says that one never knows what might happen on the weekends when drink is flowing and people get wild. He himself sits up at night keep ing an eye on his car as it has been broken into sev eral times. Please pray for the Christians there and the difficulties that they face. It is a whole different world that most can only imagine.

At the last service that we were a part of in South Africa, the youth sang a farewell song for us.

Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111, Knoxville, TN 37920-0111.

Non Profit Org.


Mission Services Association PO Box 13111

Knoxville. TN 37920-0111
Pete & Fran Lauahren

U.S. Postage Paid

Knoxville, TN
Pennit #374

Return Service Requested

P.O. Box 10421

George, 6530
South Africa Phone: 011-27-44-873-0448 Fax: 011 -27-44-873-0548

e-mail: Iaughm@mweb.c0.2a

Forwarding Agents:
Mark & Annette Tuttle PO Box 81462

Conyers, GA 30208

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The Laughrens, Pete, Fran & Denzil

Summer 2002; Vol.13,#1

Furlouah Travels
Greetings from the road!! As this is written, we are in the middle of a VBS in Upper East Tennessee. This weel< brings to a close two solid months of traveling. Since the
last newsletter we have been on the road a lot. Let's take

that month by month. In April, we did several things with supporting churches. At my home, Berea Christian Church in Hampton, GA, theministerthere, Dennis Fulton, retired after being at Berea for 12 years. He had a great ministry there. The first Sunday after he left, April 14'^ I was asked to fill the pulpit and, as always, it was a pleasure. It is always nice to speak where you grew up. The next week we were gone for the weekend and visited our supporting church in Lenoir, NC, and shared the work in the evening after preaching in the morning. It is always good to see the people there and
it made for a nice weekend. On the weekend of the 28"" we were with the church

We left Hampton on the 3"^ of May and headed for Mississippi, where we held the Faith Promise with North Blvd.Christian Church in Amory. We had a busy weekend, but a fruitful one. I preached on Friday and Saturday nights, spoke at the Men's breakfast on Saturday morning and taught a Sunday school class on Sunday morning before speaking both a.m. and p.m. Many thanks must go to J.T.
and Dot Thornton for once again hosting us as we visited
with fine folk there. From there we headed west. We first went to

Longview, TX and spent two nights with Dell and Blake Bledsoe. Deli arranged for me to speak to three different groups of Longview Christian Church on Wednesday night the 8"". I spoke to a youth group getting ready for a short term missions trip, thanked the missions committee for their help in the past, and shared a short devotion with the
board of elders and deacons.

in Newnan, GA, First Christian Church. We have had a long relationship with the folks there and it is the church that ordained me into the ministry in 1980. We have many good friends that we made there over the years and, once again, it was great to be with them sharing the work. The next weekend we hit the road and it was a busy May and June. But it was a lot of fun seeing a lot of people.

This is the 1994 Plymouth Voyager very generously supplied to us for our furlough by David and Carol Bledsoe of Bedford, TX.

On the 9'^ we drove to Bedford, TX where Fran's brother and folks stay. We spent the next three Sundays with the Highland Meadows Christian Church in Colleyville, TX. People have asked us in the past to spend extra time with them at Highland Meadows so we, therefore, planned before furlough to spend the month of May there and be involved as much as possible. When we arrived on the 9'^, Fran spoke to the Ladies group that evening. During the following three Sundays, I taught an adult Sunday school class on the second Sunday and then preached for the three morning services on the last Sunday. We even got to visit with some friends, so that was good. It is always good to be with family, too, and this trip to Texas afforded us the time to spend with Fran's mother and then a little time with her Dad and brother as they were in and out. We left Texas on the 26"^ after preaching that morning and headed north. Monday evening the 29'^ we arrived in Bethel, MO and we were there until the 1' of June participating in a VBS with Bethel Christian Church. It was a great VBSM This was the first time that we have done anything with the church there and we were pleased to also be able to take part in a youth retreat in the evenings. An added bonus was spending time with Fran's sister Sonja, too. We are glad to take the family time any time that we are able. Thanks to all of the people at Bethel who made our stay so

way, we left as close

to 1 p.m. as possible
to be able to attend a


field, MO at 4p.m.

wedding in SpringOne of the interns that

B? , a'-jM

we had in South Africa

Sloan, got married to
Mark Harris at 4 p.m.

last year, Sheila

and we got there with



'; JH
.> W '-Ml
While we were in Tennessee, Denzil was surprised with a birth day cake and party for his 8'" birthday.

Mr. beautiful Mr. and and Mrs. Mrs. Mark Mark Harris: Harris: beautiful
on their their wedding wedding day. day. on

10 minutes to spare. It was a beautiful wedding. We were able to stay for an hour before we left and headed south again. The reason that we continued traveling that day is that we had promised Denzil he could be part of a children's program at Berea in Hampton on the evening of the 2"'^, so we traveled until 9:30 p.m. on the 1st, stayed in a hotel for the night, and got on the road at 6 a.m. on the 2"^. After driving all day, we arrived in Hampton at 4:30 and Denzil took part in the program at 6 p.m. Thanks so much to the people at Berea for including Denzil even though he had not been there for many rehearsals. It really meant a lot to him. On the morning of the 3'*^ of June, we left again and headed even further south. We drove to Englewood Christian Church in Jacksonville, FL and took part in their VBS for the rest of the week. It is amazing how the Lord works. We had that week blank, and Meri Magee from that church got in touch with us about coming to take part in the VBS. We were already scheduled to be in Daytona Beach the following week, so Jacksonville fit in there perfectly. We stayed with Anita Boorde and she was a great host and we thank her so much for her hospitality. In fact, everybody involved at Englewood made us feel very welcome and we thank everyone for helping us that week. Thanks for the meals, the kid's days out for Denzil and thanks for letting us take part in the VBS. We look forward to seeing you again. On the 8"', we drove down the coast to Daytona Beach and spent a week of holiday with Bill and Lynn Stanley and their daughters, Robin and Alicia. They very generously shared their time share with us for the second furlough in a row and it was a great relaxing week. Thanks, Bill and Lynn, for asking us 5 years ago to reserve the week. You are very kind. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we thank you for your generosity. On Saturday the 15'^ we drove back to Georgia to spend the night, do the laundry, pay the bills and hit the road again. That may sound far fetched, but that is what happened. We spent the night in Hampton on the 15""- and then drove to Johnson City, TN on the 16'^' to start a week
of VBS there at the Lone Oak Christian Church. Lone Oak

again. We shared with all of the different classes each evening and spent time with many people during the days. We stayed with Edith and Hartsell Edwards who were part of the team that came last year and it was great to get to know them better. Thank-you to everyone concerned at
Lone Oak for a fun week.

After sharing the Sunday morning services and presenting the work during the evening with the Lone Oak church on the 23"^, we moved just 10 miles away to be with the Westside church in Jonesborough for VBS during the week of the 24'^ through the 28'^. This is the church that we worked at for four years before going to South Africa and it was like old home week for us. We stayed with Ronald and Nancy Crain and shared with the VBS during the evenings. Just as at Lone Oak, we shared with each
individual class and showed the work in South Africa.

Again, names are just too numerous to mention, but thankyou to everyone who made us feel welcome and had a part in hosting us for the week. But thank-you especially to Ronald and Nancy for putting us up/putting up with us
for the week that we were there.

After we finished the week at Westside, we traveled

to Mountain City, TN on the 29'^ to share with the Dewey church for the Sunday of the 30"". What a beautiful part of the world!! While there we shared with the combined Sunday School classes, preached for the morning worship and Fran taught Junior Church. Since it was a month with a fifth Sunday, they did not have evening services, but rather joined other churches in a county wide singspiration. We stayed and joined in that and even spent an extra day in Mountain City just to get some rest. Itwas just a wonderful weekend. Of course, Mountain City, having my favorite scenic golf course in the world just added to it! Thanks so much to Bud Gentry, minister at Dewey, for arranging the weekend and letting us come. We look forward to the next time already. As you can see it has been a busy three months. But it has been really enjoyable being able to see everyone involved in the work in South Africa. Thanks for letting us
come and share the work. We are on the road still for

is the church that sent 14 workers to South Africa last year

to help with a VBS and it was great to see many of them

several months and we hope to see those of you who we have not seen yet real soon. Please pray for us as we travel.

Travel Photos
This is kind of a different section

Welcome to


to our newsietter, but here goes. Here is sort of a photo album of our furlough travels. We have tried to take pictures
at the border of most states and at
churches that we have visited in the iast three months. We have been in

soHSMme sTAn

the following states, as well as others not pictured:



Welcomes you

While in these and other states, we have visited the following churches: Dewey Christian Church in Mountain City,TN; Bethel Christian Church in Bethel, MO; Englewood Christian Church in Jacksonville, FL; Lone Oak Christian Church in Johnson City,TN; North Blvd. Christian Church in Amory, MS; and Westside Church of Christ in Jonesborough, TN.


K p \iM\em(\A i

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[nglem^nsti^ii Ckfct'i i




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6. 30. 201

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'I' r

Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111, Knoxville, TN 37920-0111.

Non Profit Org.


Mission Services Association PO Box 13111

Outreoch Internotionol

Knoxville. TN 37920-0111

U.S. Postage Paid

Knoxville, TN
Pemnit #374

Return Service Requested

Pete & Fran Lauahren

P.O. Box 10421

George. 6530
South Africa Phone: 011-27-44-873-0448 Fax: 011-27-44-873-0548

e-mail: laughm@mweb.co.za
Forwarding Agents:
Mark & Annette Tuttle PO Box 81462

Conyers, GA 30208



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The Laughrens, Pete, Fran & Denzil Fall 2002; Vol. 13, #2

Furlough Travels
(Third in a series
As this year has progressed we have covered a lot of miles and seen a lot of new and different things. A lot of people that we talk to overseas seem to dread the time of furlough, but we can honestly say that we really enjoy the traveling and visiting. It does get tiring, but that is not too big of a problem. If you remember our last newsletter, we ended June in Tennessee with two VBSs and a Sunday at Dewey Christian Church in Mountain City, Tennessee. We arrived back in Georgia on the 2nd of July and had a few days in Hampton (our home base) before travel ing again. On the 7th of July we spoke for the morning
services at First Christian Church in Fairburn, Geor
nns WEEK 6:30'6;45

Highland Meadows Christian Church in Colleyville, TX.

sharing the work of South Africa with these long time


gia. We spoke there on the way to Woodland Christian Camp where we spent the next 5 nights working with
the Teener 2 week. Paul Leslie was the dean for this

week and it was very enjoyable. The kids had an offer ing goal that week that was reached the following Sun day when it was announced at McDonough Christian Church {where Paul ministers) that they were a little short. We made a lot of friendships there that will last a long time. Following the week of camp, we spent Sunday the 14th with the Douglasville Christian Church

After being home for a few days again, we went to Colleyville, Texas on July 20 for a week of VBS at Highland Meadows Christian Church. Since we had to be back in Georgia the following week for another VBS, we flew to Texas and it was a great week. The kids had a goal that was outrageously high and they still reached it with flying colors. As a consequence they got to douse



While at a VBS at Highland Meadows Christian Church in Colleyville, TX, the kids reached their goal, and you can see the reward of reaching their goal which was covering children's

Douglasville Christian Church in Douglasville, GA.

minister David Judd, and me!!

myself, the Children's Minister, David Judd, and Se

nior Minister, Drew Sherman, with balloons that had

everything in them except water. But it was well worth it, as they raised enough offering to cover our airplane
tickets back home to South Africa. Thanks, David and

3rd. On the 4th we

spoke at Derrs Christian
Church for the Sunday

on the evening of the

northern Pennsylvania



kids, for doing such a great job!! After we arrived home on the 27th of July, we
started another VBS at Tucker Christian Church in

sen/ice and updated the

people on our work there. We stayed with


Tucker, Georgia on the 29th. This was a new church that we had not been to before and again we had a great time getting to know the people there. They gave us a time every night to speak at the opening services and then we shared more personally with a different class every night.

Andrews Cambra, Pennsylvania as they

have ministered with the

church there for a long

. .


Derrs Christian Church


in In Benton, Benton, PA. PA.

We were not able

to be there for the

full week, but we

were there Mon-

day through Thurs day and then we

JULY"29^*"aUg''2 BB
north on Friday the
2nd After

Tucker Christian Church

in Tucker. GA.

Georgia on the
2nd, we arrived in

Leaving there on Tuesday we headed north to the Laughren Family Reunion that would be held the next weekend. This is one event that we put on the calendar of furlough before any other. We spent three nights in Montreal with cousins Denzil and Viv Palmer before we went to Norway Bay on Friday the 9th to start the reunion on the 10th. As usual, it was great to see everybody there and renew old acquaintances. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was a family worship service on Sunday the 11th that was attended by just about everyone in the family who attended the reunion. I felt very privileged to be able to speak to the family that day. After a great day of visiting, most people

v'" 'tlB 'm

headed their separate ways after the Sunday lunch at

the reunion.

uncles in the Ottawa area. It sure was great to be with Dick & Wilma MacLean, Elaine Palmer, Gayle Palmer &
her kids, and even to visit my Uncle Erwin who was

I say headed their separate ways because here

is where it got tricky for us. Fran and her sister, Sonja, made plans to make a trip to Vietnam to visit sister #3, Karen, and her family to help them welcome the ar rival of their fourth child, Caleb Albert. They had made plans to be there at the arrival, but Caleb showed up two weeks early. So, according to our pre-made plans, we got up early on the morning of the 12th and drove to the airport in Rochester, NY. This was so that Denzii and I could put Fran on a plane to Atlanta to start her trip on the 14th to Vietnam. She met Sonja there and they flew to Vietnam for close to four weeks and they had a good trip. Meanwhile, Denzii and I started traveling by our selves and covering a lot of ground. After spending the night in Rochester, we went back to Canada the next day, taking in Niagara Falls on the way. After four

under the weather in the hospital. (Thanks to all for all of the hospitality as we traveled!!) On the 21st we headed back to Montreal for one more night before heading out on the morning of the 22nd towards Bos ton. Thanks to my cousin, Denzii Palmer in Montreal {thanks, Denzii!!), my Denzii and I took in a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park, a place that I have always wanted to visit. On the morning of the 23rd, we then started to head west and, after two days of traveling, Denzii and I wound up in Columbus, Ohio on the 24th so we could make a speaking appointment on the 25th. Speaking on the 25th at Eastpointe Christian Church, I spoke with the missions' team and shared about the work for an hour during the Sunday School time.


Eastpointe Christian Church in Whitehall, OH.

Denzii and I were able to visit Niagara Falls while we were in New York on our way to Canada.

On Monday the 26th, we left Columbus and spent two nights in Cincinnati with friends on our way to St.
Louis, Missouri. We arrived in St. Louis on the 28th

nights of visiting in the Toronto area (and having a great

visit with John & Diane Hoskins, Ken & Mae Mac-

Phatter, and Dwayne & Joan Laughren), we headed

south out of Canada on the 17th and drove to Painted

Post, NY to speak at Twin Tiers Christian Church on

where I spoke for the Faith Promise Rally at St. Louis Christian College on the 29th and 30th. We got to see and spend time with some of the interns whom we had last year in South Africa. I really enjoyed the opportu nity to speak to many of the students and I felt like the
Rally itself went well. That weekend, on Sunday the 1st of September,

Sunday the 18th. After participating in the morning

services, we drove back to Canada on the afternoon

of the 18th and spent three nights visiting aunts and

I spoke at First Christian Church in Ferguson, Missouri

for the Sun

day School




~ ..

there and
our side
Twin Tiers Christian Church in Painted Post, NY.




ships stateGateway First Christian Church in Ferguson, MO.

Educational Services. It was great to be with him there. Our thanks must go to Stacy for all that he did to help us while in St. Louis. Thanks, Stacy!! On that Sunday afternoon, we drove to Mt. Vernon, Illinois and, after spending two nights there with friends, Denzil and I arrived back in Georgia on September 3rd. By ourselves, Denzil and I covered 3,600 miles. I must say what a trooper he was as he
watched out for me as we traveled, read to me and kept me company very well. But, on the flip side, it was also a great educational trip for him as he saw Niagara

many miles safely and that we were able to see so many people. Thanks to everybody that we saw and hosted us and may God bless you for your sen/ice. The next three months will see us going to Virginia, Texas, and Kansas and getting ready to return home to South Africa. Our plans now are to leave about the 2nd week of January. Please pray for us as we make our plans and finish our furlough.

We have gotten word from Andrew Calvert In South Africa that crime seems to be better in George and the police are enforcing the law better.
Fran has been ordering craft materials for the VBSs

Falls; Toronto: the changing of the guard at the Cana dian parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada; his first baseball game at Fenway Park; the Cincinnati Zoo; and the St. Louis arch. Not too many little boys could say they have seen all of those things!! I was real proud of him for being such a good boy as we traveled
the road.

in South Africa and has been helped by a lot of people

in ordering. Thanl<s!!

September slowed down a little. Fran and her sister, Sonja, arrived back home from their trip (ex

hausted) on the 10th. Sonja spent three nights in Geor gia with us before heading back to Missouri. On the 17th, I flew to Evansville, Indiana where good friend, Don Dorris picked me up and took me back to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He had invited me to be part of the Central Christian Church's men's golf weekend at Ken tucky Dam State Park in Kentucky. Although we got some rain, we did have a good time there. I gave a short devotion on the first night of the trip and then spoke about the South Africa work to a Sunday School class on the 22nd. Thanks, Don, for organizing that great time together.
On the 24th we drove to Auburn, Alabama and

Our plans now are to be in Georgia for Christmas and Texas for New Year's. We will leave just after
that visit for South Africa and be home in time for

Denzil to start grade three.

Denzil's schooling is going well, but still not without its troubles. He and Fran are doing better all the

People are still asking for a list of supplies that we will use in the VBSs. It is listed again from the last letter on page 7.
The school that Denzil attends in South Africa is

spoke to the students at Auburn Christian Fellowship for their Tuesday night Bible study. Good friend, Perry Rubin, ministers there and gave us the opportunity to speak and present the work. After spending the night there, we drove back to Hampton on the 25th and spoke for the Methodist church in Hampton. They had con tacted us several months ago to come and speak to a Wednesday night service and the 25th was the first
date that we had available.

always in need of sports equipment such as balls, bats and soccer equipment. If you can help with this, please let us know.

We are leaving for South Africa on January 14. Please pray for us as we prepare to go home.

We are in the process of talking to people about internships next year In South Africa. If you are an individual interested in coming to help wtih a VBS next June and July, please contact Stacy Garner of Gateway Educational Services who handles our internships. His contact address and number is as follows: Stacy Garner Gateway Educational Services
303 North Elizabeth Avenue

So July, August and September were busy trav eling months. We are very pleased that we traveld so

B:45 AM & 11:00 AM

10:00 AM



St. Louis. MO 63135



If you are not wanting to come as an individual In

Hampton United Methodist Church in Hampton, GA.

Stacy's group, but want to bring a bigger group from your church, please contact us directly at the
addresses in this newsletter.

Photo Album
To end this letter, we would like to share several pictures with you. We have taken pictures for Denzil to show his friends back home in South Africa and we would like to share them with you. Enjoy these that show our travels!! May God bless you as you serve Him.

We have traveled to the following states:

Connecticut ty^fcomes You

No. Stonington



Welcom toK







' ^





New Hampshire

Welcome to ^



. The Empire State
: f
r If

*; J,

8. 23. 2002
New Jersey
New York


8. 24. 2002



Rhode Island






West Virginia

We also visited two provinces in Canada:

Welcome To

More to discover



VBS SuDDlies (revisited^

Again, here is the list of supplies for VBS that many of you have asked for:
Construction paper foam paper (sheets or pre-cut pieces) sequins pipe-cleaners

ice cream sticks

crayons beads bracelet and necklace

It is best if, after you have collected them, that you mail them directly to our South African address after the first of the year.
Our address there is: P.O. Box 10421


patterns/ideas paper doilies glitter glue

making supplies craft glue glue sticks


George, 6530
South Africa

Again, any help is greatly appreciated!!


craft lace

Please pray for us as we finish our furlough and make plans to go home in January.

Please pray for Fran and Denzil and his finishing of grade 2. He is just about done. Fran has been a great teacher.

Please pray that we will be able to get the supplies that we need to take back with us. We will ship a container midDecember.

Please pray for us as we prepare for term number 4 in South Africa. It is tougher to leave family every time we go.

We are still very thankful for the transportation that we are using for furlough and for the housing provisions.
Thanks so much to all involved.

We are very thankful for Fran's safe trip to and from Vietnam.
Denzil and I are thankful for our safety in travel.

We are thankful for the new equipment that we have been able to purchase for the work.

We are very thankful for God's provision for our every need.

Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to

Outreoch Internotionol
Pete & Fran Lauahren

MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111, Knoxville.TN 37920-0111. Mission Services Association PO Box 13111

Non Profit Org.


Knoxville.TN 37920-0111

U.S. Postage Paid

Knoxvitle, TN
Permit #374

Return Sen/ice Requested

P.O. Box 10421

George, 6530
South Africa Phone: 011-27-44-873-0448 Fax: 011-27-44-873-0548

e-mail: laughrn@mweb,co.za Forwarding Agents:

Mark & Annette Tuttle PO Box 81462

Conyers, GA 30208