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Product perspective This application is specifically designed for android platform.

There needs to be a database with students attendance record that application can acess. The interface will be made to have a similar look and Feel that is consistent with other android applications. The display that will be implemented by the ARP application will be consistent with other applications. This familiar GUI will make the user feel more comfortable navigating and viewing the data on our system. In figureyou will see that the administrator prepare a database of each class in the database. Once the data is maintained and our database is secure our application can retrieve the data and store in it after successful authorization.

Product Functions:1.Product can be used for keeping a record of students attendance. 2.The user is able to backup a local copy of the data on their personal computers. 2.Provides a means to easily navigate ,using the androids touch screen interfaces and can input the data easily. 3.it provide clear overview of the attendance: average
attendance, attendance per participant, number of attendees etc. 4. Provides access to different types of files include image,text based documents and sacnned documents. 5.Application will be auto-synchronised.This will automatically update any changes to the files you have downloaded from the server that has undergone a change.

Users characterstics:-

1.Users are not expected to have a very high level of technical expertise. 2.The user should be familiar with the basic functionality of the phone. 3.The user should be able to use the touch screen and the other navigations buttons with the keyboard to input the data. GENERAL CONSTRAINT 1.GUI is only in english. 2 All components of the software need to be open source. 3. One of the major constraint is the amount of data that can be stored on the phone.Sometimes the server can contain large sized files,like images and scanned documents.These large files can quickly use up a lot of the space available on the the cellphone ,so our application dosent save these files stored locally.Instead,a thumbnail is saved on the phone and the user can choose to dwnload the image if they feel it is important.this will save space on our phone. 4.Application will not work on other phones.This will work only phones that support android operating system. 5.The software must use the language supported by the android development environment,java plus the android SDK.

ASSUMPTIONS AND DEPENDENCIES 1.Android has a number of features that we can assume our application will be using.Some features include camera and touch screen support. 2.Our application will use all the features of android cell phones and should work as long as it is running on android OS. 3.We can also assume that all the input will be coming in three forms,the touch screen,keyboard and other buttons found on android phones.Since each phone has unique buttons,we will only use these buttons to end the application and rely on touch screen and keyboard to perform the rest of the applications navigation. 4.An assumption is that android device running this application is connected with the internet when the application is running.