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Title: Department: Location: Position Reports to: Rank: 2nd Electro-Technical Officer Technical Fleet Based 1st Electro-Technical Officer 2 Stripe Officer

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POSITION SUMMARY An Electro Technical Officer is part of the team of Electrical & Electronic Engineers within the onboard Technical Department. Under the direction of the 1st Electro-Technical Officer will carry out the repair and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment on board the ship. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Responsible for the safe, efficient and cost effective operation and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment on board through the use of good electrical and engineering practice. Responsible for the maintenance of Medium Voltage Switchgear, Navigational Aids, PLC Control & Automation Systems, Communications and Entertainment Systems on a modern Cruise Ship. Under the direction of the 1st Electro-Technical Officer, will trouble shoot problems and complete repairs in compliance with safe working practices and good engineering principles. Responsibilities will include the following: Process control and automated system control Engine control room operator interfaces and feedback from engine room and associated systems High voltage power generation and distribution, including scheduled inspections Medium voltage switchboards and power distribution Propulsion and associated controls and feedback information




Emergency generation and distribution, including routine emergency generation tests and operation in emergency situations Safety control and management systems, including watertight door, fire detection and ESD systems Freshwater production, monitoring and treatment systems Waste management systems Air-conditioning and refrigeration control and automation systems Hotel service and recreation equipment Deck equipment, mooring systems, accommodation ladders, Skycon cleaning system and shell door system Be aware of, and actively participate in, the safety responsibilities associated with this position. Uphold and maintain by example, at all times, all aspects of the customer care programme for the associated brand. Ensure all staff under his/her supervision are fully trained in and practice the principles of the program, producing the highest level of passenger/crew service. Perform any and all such duties as may be assigned by the Staff Electro-Technical Officer and/or other senior management. Maintain accurate records in the AMOS reporting system Supervise/organize the day-to-day duties of the engine electrical technician Provide assistance to other departments wherever possible on any electricallyrelated matters

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SPECIFIC JOB REQUIREMENTS Supervision The number of people this position supervises, if any, either directly or through subordinates: The 2nd Electro-Technical Officer will be expected to supervise 3 rd/4th Electro-Technical Officers, Officer Trainees and Electro-Technical Fitters and ratings. Mental Application The nature of the decision-making ability the position requires versus the extent to which the work is governed by the established policies and procedures: This position carries a high degree of decision making using the company policies and Fleet Regulations. Responsibilities The extent to which an error in judgment on the job would result in loss of time, expense or public/employee goodwill: This position carries a high degree of responsibility in the Technical Department.

Contact/Internal and Public The level of contact with others outside and within the organization: This position carries a medium level of contact with both passengers and other department staff and as such requires good communication skills. Impact The measurable impact this position has on the company/vessel: This position carries a high level of impact on the passenger services and the vessel operation. Equipment Operation The equipment this position uses that requires some knowledge and skill for usage: Must be familiar with most types of electrical and electronic machinery on board modern cruise ships. The ability to fault find, take effective corrective measures and be self-motivated is essential. Requirements & Experience Required Qualifications: Degree or HND in either Electronic & Communications, Electrical Engineering or equivalent discipline is desirable but not essential. Consideration will also be given to applicants from shore side employment with a commensurate level of experience. Desirable but not essential: A minimum of 1-2 years experience sailing as a 3ETO in a Carnival UK brand Previous experience in a similar or higher rank with another shipping/cruise company Experience of Marine Engineering Systems, Marine Electrical Power Supply/Distribution systems, Electric Propulsion, A.C Generators, Motors and Control. Engine room Instrumentation including alarms and data logging experience Valid ENG1 Medical Certification or equivalent subject to employment being offered. Eligible for issue of a United States C1D/Visa. Excellent command of English language, both written and spoken. Good IT skills, and ability to manipulate modern Windows based packages. Ability to work as part of a large team, and take responsibility for own actions Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with both internal and external customers our passengers