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Roundshaw Changes

There are some major changes taking place in our Roundshaw congregation. We will be transitioning it to being a Missional Community Group, which will mean that we no longer meet on a Sunday morning but will be putting a lot of our energy into mission on Roundshaw. Do read about Missional Community Groups and about the changes at Roundshaw on the Springfield website. We do intend to use the Missional Community Group model in other area of the life of Springfield in the future!

13th October Morning Worship 10.30 St Pauls, Roundshaw ~~~~~~ 20th October Celebration Service and Shared Lunch
A very warm welcome to cafe church, especially if you are here for the first time We are delighted that you have joined us this morning. Refreshments are available throughout the service- please do help yourself

Light Party Family Disco

On Thursday 31st October from 6pm - 8pm Sue and the team are getting ready for a Light Party Disco at HighView Primary School. Its an opportunity to wear your most colourful clothesthere will be prizes for the brightest! Invitations for your friends will be available next week
Minister: Revd. Will Cookson will@springfieldchurch.org.uk
(day off Saturday)

Gift Day
Next Sunday, we have our Springfield Gift Day, so this week is an ideal opportunity to consider how you can use your gifts to build God's Kingdom. Sometimes this means we stop something and start something new, sometimes it means that we need to consider what we are giving towards building God's Kingdom financially. Opportunities include: Financial gifts, both one off and weekly/ monthly Getting involved with one of Springfields mission activities Serving on a Sunday teams, both practically and/or spiritually Committing to pray regularly for a particular mission Joining a cell Being part of a missional community group

020 8404 6064 020 8763 4222

Curate: Revd. Donna Lazenby donna@springfieldchurch.org.uk

(day off Friday)

Pioneer Minister: Sue Bosley (day off Saturday) sue@springfieldchurch.org.uk 020 8773 4787 Church Office admin@springfieldchurch.org.uk 020 8647 3410 Pastoral Care ann@springfieldchurch.org.uk 07871 768 070 Safeguarding safeguarding@springfieldchurch.org.uk


October 14th @ 10.30 cafe connect Wallington Library Cafe October 16th @ 1.15pm Prayer meeting for the sick 47, Marchmont Road October 18th @ 3.30 pm Foresters Fun October 19th @ 7.00pm Youth Games & Ice Cream October 23rd @ 1.15pm Prayer meeting for the sick 47, Marchmont Road October 24th @ 7.30pm MSM course October 25th @ 7.30 pm Youth @ Grazie Mille October 31st @ 6.00 pm Rainbow Party @ HighView November 2nd @ 12 noon Shep & Emma get Married November 3rd @ 6.30 pm Prayer as Holy Reading St Pauls, Mollison Drive November 10th @ 6.15 pm Choir Practice @ St Pats

Pray for our church family

Prayer Pilgrimage
It was inspiring to see so many on the streets praying for our mission and ministries last Wednesday, looking to join in with Gods work and to bless his people. The next event in our Year of Prayer is on November 3rd at St Pauls where we can be part of a Prayer as Holy Reading service.

Next Sunday, we have a great opportunity to share the stories of our journey here at cafe church- all the fantastic things that we have seen God doing and reflecting where we have been part of Gods mission. Our service will also contain communion, and afterwards we are invited to bring some food for a shared lunch. Wendy is co-ordinating the service, so do talk to her.

Please pray for:

Lorraine Hyde, for speedy healing of her broken arm and freedom from pain Anna and Eddie following their wedding yesterday Emma & Shep who are preparing for their wedding on the 2nd November

A Springfield Christmas
Our Christmas Event this year is on the late afternoon of December 22nd. It is a Participatory Presentation of the first Christmas with congregational carols and gospel choir. This creative dramatic presentation is designed to expand your imagination and enliven your festive senses! More details soonspeak to Nick White about a part in the drama or Donna about singing in the choir (1st choir practice 10th Nov)

Wedding Invite
You are warmly invited to the wedding service of Emma & Shep at St Marys Beddington on 2nd November at 12 noon

Give thanks that Rosanna is now producing some white blood cells: please pray that this would increase
For prayer chain requests, please contact :

Christmas Singers
After the success of our Gospel Choir from two years ago we are re-forming it for our Christmas Experience this year. Were going to be singing some inspirational Christmas Gospel numbers Please contact Donna

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

She will pass on any pastoral matters as appropriate