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Prophet TB Joshua Is Genuine And God Sent – Kumba Men

Of God
Following a series of reactions and newspaper stories
questioning how genuine was Senior Prophet TB
Joshua’s ministry vis-à-vis its relation with God and
whether or not the reigning Prophet is worth the name,
and if his miracles are God ordained, some men of God
in the city of Kumba have come out strongly to
condemn those who have doubted the credibility of TB
Joshua’s powers. With a series of Biblical quotations,
the gospel ministers have demonstrated their
attachment and belief in the power of the Holy Ghost,
which is at work at the Synagogue Church of All
Nations where this servant of the Most High God is
called upon to exercise God’s specially anointed

Far from condemning those in the act of blasphemy

against a called man of God in the person of Senior
Prophet TB Joshua, they rather see this class of
persons as those who lack the knowledge of the Word
of God, adding that even Jesus Christ was rejected in
His own homeland. Below Is Their Reaction

Mirroring The Journey Of Miracles With Senior Prophet TB Joshua:

Jesus is the stone which the builders rejected. The same rejected stone later became the
corner stone. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes (Matthew 21.42).
Brethren, it is too wrong for us to believe that whenever God wants to use a man for exploits
that will glorify Him, He should seek the permission of those of us holding pastoral positions. It
is equally wrong to hold to the belief that a chosen Prophet of God must necessarily be from a
particular nation or people of our own choice. So too is it wrong for us to oblige God to tell us
beforehand who He is about to use for what exploit, at what time, at what place and for which

These are some of the spiritual ailments that deprived many of the Jews and Nations around
Israel of God’s grace and the benefits of the salvation and deliverance of the Ministry of Jesus
Christ. Disbelief and doubt robbed the supposed people of God of enormous blessings and
grace, which, we believe, should not be our portion today.

Nazareth was one of the cities where Jesus did little miracles because of their unbelief and
dissatisfaction with the foundation of Jesus Christ’s Ministry (Mark 6:5). Let’s say, they did
not like the family of Joseph from where the Lord and Saviour was born into. But, at the same
time, it did not stop God from using that same family to bring forth Jesus Christ into the world
and for Him to accomplish the purpose for which He was sent by God.

Your hatred or blasphemy against Prophet TB Joshua will not still stop God from using him for
his assigned purposes. Beware of this dangerous virus called blasphemy because, it destroys
not only a person but the Nation as well and equally robs men of their heavenly blessings. The
issue of ‘Bible School’ or ‘Mentor’ as invoked by several men of God as to have been an
obstacle to God using TB Joshua is inconsequential and unbiblical. Simply said, it is not in
God’s Order of calling.

Dear Men of God, we are all aware as our Bible tells us that, when we are not informed we are
deformed. The Disciples of Jesus Christ tried as much as they could to stop those they did not
know their calling and when they reported this to Jesus Christ he rebuked them and warned
them never to do it again. Remember John answered back saying “Master we saw one casting
out devils in thy name and he followeth us not, and we forbade him because he followeth us
not, but Jesus said, forbid him not for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name
that can likely speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part” (Mark 9:38-40).

It is very clear therefore that, as long as the Senior Prophet does the miracles in Jesus’ name,
he has therefore, received the backing of Heaven. Therefore press organs, Men of God and the
general public who attack and write nasty things about this man are provoking God to bless
TB Joshua the more. We declare here loud and clear that, we have respect for this man of God
and we wish that God anoints him more to carry on His work. The Disciples of Jesus Christ
were amazed by the call of Apostle Paul. When “Saul” Paul came to Jerusalem, he tried to
associate himself with the Disciples but they were all scared of him and did not believe he was
a Disciple of Jesus.

Curiously, history has recorded Paul as the highest writer of the Epistles of God. One can say
without fear of favour that, the once rejected Disciple Paul high-jacked the gospel of Jesus
Christ which is saving many lives till date.

In the same vein, our Lord Jesus Christ Himself suffered rejection from the hands of the
Scribes and Pharisees. They accused Jesus Christ of casting out demons with the power of
Beelzebub, the prince of devils (Matthew 12:24). It should be recalled that Beelzebub was a
Philistine deity.

So, it is not strange therefore that the Senior Prophet is hated because our Lord Jesus Christ
was equally hated and even his authority of healing questioned. This generation therefore, is
not behaving out of normal by questioning signs and wonders as well. It stems from disbelief
in God. To every man, God has given a measure. The way God may be using TB Joshua may
not be the same way he is using other ministers of God. Because Jesus Himself said “If you
can’t believe in him, can’t you believe in the works as signs to prove that the Father is in
him?” (John 10:38).

Conclusively, the works of Prophet TB Joshua are glaring signs of God’s presence in his life and
that of his ministry. Anyone who dare questions the working of miracles in his ministry is also
questioning the miracles that happened in the time of Jesus Christ because, it is the will of
God that miracles should exist so that people will believe that there is a God (John 4:48).
“And these signs shall follow them that belief in my name shall they cast out demons, they
shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it
shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17-

Believers in the works that Jesus did will certainly also do the same, and even greater -
because the Bible says so (John 14:12). Let no one fool you, the days of miracles are not yet
over. That God is not using you to do miracles does not mean they are over. If He is not doing
it through you, He is doing it through another man. That He has not healed you does not
mean He cannot heal another man. The Bible says Satan cannot cast out demons or else his
kingdom will be divided (Matthew 12:26).

The Synagogue Church of All Nation like any other spiritual filled church is blessed with an
anointed man of God like many other men of God are used in other parts of the world. Lastly,
as a member of the body of Christ, when a minister of God criticizes another, every member
of the body of Christ is equally criticised. So too is it that should a minister write against
another in a paper with words of condemnation, such a minister is in error. Because the Bible
says “The prayers of righteous men availeth much, so if you are righteous your prayer will
supersede those who are not righteous” (James 5:17). It is a matter of praying for one
another, not criticising what God is doing in the life of another minister.

To crown it all, Prophet TB Joshua is a spiritual role model. His spirit of humility is something to
write home about. Man of God we love and encourage you, knowing that better is not good
enough, but the best is yet to come.

By Rev. Betrand Agwu, Rev. Anyere Godfred, Rev. I.A. Thompson Paul
SOURCE: Eden Newspapers, Cameroon