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Components Recent Planning

0 No evidence
Older than 3 years with little effort to revise. No stakeholder information given. No clear mission and vision. Some description of technology use and inventory.

1 Developing
3 year plan reflecting recent revisions. Stakeholder membership list provided. Mission and Vision only focus on technology outcomes. Description of technology use and updated inventory of technology equipment and software. Technology Goals/objectives are stated.

2 Meets
3 year plan implementing recent revisions. Stakeholder member list provided including responsibilities. Mission and Vision focuses on technology and learning outcomes. Description of current technology use and updated inventory of technology equipment, software, agreements, licenses, policies, etc. Technology and learning Goals/objectives are clearly stated including all major components of a goal: audience, behavior, condition, and degree. Action plan for technology integration is stated with a timeline of specific dates and locations. The plan describes a wide range of professional development activities and how funding of planned activities will be provided, along with a timeline. Description of technical support responsibilities is included. Current technology use and needs have be assessed and summarized with comprehensive analysis of the technology needs and use. All assessments are identified. A summary of ongoing evaluation process is complete.

Score 2

Vision and Mission Statement Current description of technology use and inventory Goals/Objectives

2 1

No goals/objectives are stated.

Action plan with timelines Professional Development Strategies

No action plan is stated.

The plan does not address professional development strategies.

Action plan for technology integration is stated but with no timeline. The plan describes professional development activities, and technical support.

Current and ongoing evaluation of technology use and needs

Assessment and/or data collection for evaluation is absent.

Current technology use and needs have been assessed but the summary of the analysis is incomplete.

Equipment acquisition and Budgeting

No evidence of budget or equipment acquisitions

A budget for technology acquisition, training, and maintenance is provided.

A budget for technology acquisition, training, and maintenance is provided and specifically relates to goals/objectives, technology needs, staff development, and action plan.

Telecommunications and information technology Policies (acceptable use policy) Conclusion and Recommendations

No plan is in place for the use of technology in communication.

A plan for the use of technology in communication is in lace but no evidence of implementation. Acceptable use policy is stated and implemented.

Evidence of plan and implementation of communication through technology is shown.

No acceptable use policy is in place.

Acceptable use policy is stated and implemented. Training is provided to all involved. Summary of conclusion with clearly stated recommendations for technology use, implementation, and needs.

Summary of the conclusion of recommendations is absent.

Summary of conclusion is present but with no recommendations of future technology implementation

The plan is within 3 years of revision, July of 2012. The plan reflects current and recent revision made to the previous technology plan. It also displays proof of implementing new technology revisions by providing a strict analysis of technology uses and assessments within the different schools. The plan discusses changes and implementation in the vision statement. The vision statement does contain information about technology use and learning outcomes. The vision statement also includes implementation of new and updated technology use and technology assistance for learning outcomes. The technology plan does specify the current technology being used with the system. It also specifies data sources that are used to inform the system about technology planning. It gives a summary of technology use, technology software, and an inventory for some technology for each school within the system. A comprehensive inventory of current technology is not in the plan. It also gives a brief description of technology use within the system; administrative, instructional, schools, and community technology use. Goals ?

The action plan is summarized throughout the goals and vision statement. Some mastery dates of benchmarks and goals are stated within the goals. The professional development strategies are indicated within the goals. The strategies include a specific implementation dates, methods, funding source, and persons who are responsible. It is clearly stated and very easy to follow. There is a professional development summary that provides a quick analysis of the goals set out for professional development. The current and ongoing evaluation process is discussed within the vision statement and in the communication and marketing needs. I think that the current and ongoing evaluation process needs to be separated in order for the technology use data to be summarized, analyzed, identified, and evaluated. There is a chart that identifies system departments that are involved in all course planning and development. The policies are in place in this technology plan. All of the policies are clearly written and easy to interpret. The policies, are attached to the appendix of the technology plan.