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the, letter, calendar, picture, figure, a, an, at, thorough, madam, nation, woman, acce effort, from, around,

for, avalanche, Edinb(u)rgh, azure, Asia, to, Jesus, surgeon, surprise, gathered, hello, hallo, hullo, rumour, banal, nomenclature, circuitous bird, burden, heard, herd, world, were, colonel, courtesy curl, girl, early, search, sir, surgeon, occur, fur, circuit beat, breathe, seat, sheet, receive, brief, serene, turkey, the (before vowels), we, he, she, pecan

bit, kit, mint, hill, hymn, women, it, which, av(e)rage, language, pigeon, cyclical, bicy pretty,enquiry, mortgage, miniature, signature, hypocrisy, forage, lettuce, busy, Jesu build, captain,aegean, vinyl, business, mountain, waited, beloved bet, let, set, weather, whether, when, leisure, friend, measure, breath, ahead, instead, feather air, where, wear, there, their, they're, hair, care, scare, scarce, square, various, pear, welfare, fair, aware bat, cat, hat, add, madam, and, back, avalanche but, cup, some, mother, come, other, above, Monday, love, thorough ('gh' = silent), tough ('gh' = 'f'), flourish, flood bad, mad, sad, glad, man, ma'am, land cart, heart, half, arm, radar, calm, avalanche, scarred sergeant, garage, tomato, banal, aunt, aren't, are should, good, would, could, wood, woman, wolf

shoe, to ('strong' form), two, too, you, who, whose, lieutenant (also pronounced "ef"), true, sue, route, chew, brew, eschew, cruise, throu cot, hot, got, on, from (final), what, watch, want, falter quality, sausage, cough ('gh' = 'f'), swamp

caught, court, cauterize, auction, pause, cortisone, bought, sport, war, all, or, awe, raw, roar, for (final), former, claw, clause, door, boring, talk, you're poor, draw, warm

Phonetic symbols for English This is the standard set of phonemic symbols for English (RP and similar accents). Consonants p pen, copy, happen b back, baby, job t tea, tight, button Vowels e kit, bid, hymn, minute dress, bed, head, many

trap, bad lot, odd, wash strut, mud, love, blood

d day, ladder, odd k key, clock, school g get, giggle, ghost t church, match, nature d judge, age, soldier f v fat, coffee, rough, photo view, heavy, move

foot, good, put i fleece, sea, machine e face, day, break a price, high, try choice, boy u goose, two, blue, group goat, show, no a mouth, now near, here, weary e square. fair, various start, father thought, law, north, war poor, jury, cure nurse, stir, learn, refer i about, common, standard happy, radiate. glorious thank you, influence, situation suddenly, cotton middle, metal (stress mark)

thing, author, path this, other, smooth s soon, cease, sister

z zero, music, roses, buzz ship, sure, national pleasure, vision

h hot, whole, ahead m more, hammer, sum n nice, know, funny, sun ring, anger, thanks, sung l r j light, valley, feel

right, wrong, sorry, arrange u yet, use, beauty, few

w wet, one, when, queen (glottal stop) department, football