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Old and famous brand name Better packaging Effective distribution networks Famous as pure and safe among consumers Good product mix Frequent quality checking Much used by corporate world Better sales force Sponsoring various cultural program Better visibility Good intensives to dealer

One litre packs which accounted for 50 per cent of company turnover has come down to 30 percent . the two-letter packs, which have practically disappeared from the shelves. have come down from 20 per cent to five percent. The growth has come from the f500 ml and the five litre category, which account for 15 percent and 26 percent of turnover respectively. Earlier bisleri was selling of premium of rupees 12 for the same size but the beginning last year, it has been selling 1 litre bottle at rRs.15 each. Aqua mineral attributes the price slashing to retailer margins being on the higher side earlier. The competitive Rs.15 price tag has been working well for the brand. In what could be a master stroke. Aqua minerals is testing out the possibility of mass marketing 20-litre bisleri bottles for an MRP of Rss.40.That works out to Rs.32 a liter. if the logistics, manufacturing and distribution do fall in place, it would change the face of the purified water market for keeps.

So far Chauhan has not used the franchising route very aggressively unlike Parle agros Bailley which has grown very fast using this route. He has around size franchisees in Mumbai, Delhi , Chennai , Bangalore, Goa and Rajasthan. We stunned this route so far because in most areas where we had no presence. it was imperative that we did it ourselves. Now for further expansion we can afford to use the franchisee route.

Bisleri will be taking the packs back and refilling them. But the packs cannot be sterilized since the material used is PET and cannot with stand high temperature. So how can he ensure purity? Strategy to counter thereat and others? We subject the bottles to chlorine washes, hot water washes and ozone washes before we refill the bottles. The company is betting on the home segment. The reason being that filter and water purifiers also needs to be cleaned periodically and still do not guarantee absolutely clean water. In order to service this segment, the five letter packs are being pushed through the route of fat dealer who are retailers as well as stockiest and server as supply points from where customers can pick out the required quota. In future, consumers will be able to call the fat dealer and place orders for home deliver of five litre pack. The company has so far appointed 180 such dealers. This is high turnover. Low-margined retailer who does not keep a store but server a similar purpose with other items such as rice or Atta.