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Welcome to Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI), a fast- growing

international school based in the Philippines with branches in four countries
across Asia.

Cleverlearn initially started for the purpose of building confidence in

communication with the use of the English language. Achieved through
intensive training, students are daily exposed to three different types of classes
namely 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8. The school has already catered to foreign nationals
from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Russia
and Middle East.

Under the Bigfoot group of companies, Cleverlearn today is a pathway center. It

continues to expand with the introduction of new products such as Study
Abroad Program, Riteway Program, Nursing Program, Overseas Immersion
School, Caregiver Program, Exam English and Call Center Training.

Mactan Campus

The Cleverlearn Mactan Campus is nestled in the heart of the historical island
of Lapu-lapu. It offers limitless opportunities for outdoor activities that spell
recreation. The site is just minutes away from famed beach resorts such as
Shangri– la, Plantation Bay and Maribago Blue Waters. Over the weekend,
students can enjoy swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling or simply walking
along the powdery white sands.

Primary accommodation of Cleverlearn Mactan Campus is its wholly– owned

dormitory called the Cleverlearn Residences. It has eighty– two rooms where
students can select from four– single, double and quadruple.


* internet area * testing room

* study room * indoor study lounge
* outdoor study lounge * cafeteria
* coffee shop * fitness center
* classrooms * library
* audio visual room * movie theater
* sound stage

CELI Residences

Located right beside the school.

Eighty– two spacious rooms with a choice of single, double and quadruple.
Each consists of an equally– sized bed, bathroom, cable TV, refrigerator, study
area and air conditioner unit.
Daily room cleaning service
With 24– hour security

Other features include swimming pool, wi-fi connection and fitness center with
commercial establishments on the ground floor that include a restaurant, coffee
shop, money changer, spa, convenience store, travel agency, beauty salon and
bakery, among others


The campus is located 40minutes from Cebu City. It is in the heard of Mactan
Island and is near a lot of facilities:

Facility By jeepney By taxi Phone

Mactan Doctor’s Hospital 20pesos /3.5 90pesos/ 13 3451662
yuan yuan
Lapu-lapu Police station 10 pesos/2 80pesos/ 12 340-5282
yuan yuan
Marina Mall 9 pesos/ 1.5 70pesos/ 11
* Save More supermarket yuan yuan
* Banks(BPI, Metrobank)
Affiliated Megalink/Bancnet
* Foreign Exchange 341-5317
* Western Union MoneyTransfer
* Mactan Majestic(Chinese food) 340-9713
* Da Vinci Pizza (pizza) 495-8888
* Rasa Marina (western food) 341-3096
* La Tegolo Cucina Italiana 340-9070
SM Mall 2 jeepney ride 150pesos/25 231-3447
20 pesos/3.5 yuan
Ayala Mall 2 jeepney ride 150 pesos/25 231-5342
20 pesos/3.5 yuan
Gaisano Mactan 12 pesos/2 .5 65 pesos/10.5 340-5889
yuan yuan
ATM(megalink) In the school building (first floor)
Healot Massage Spa In CELI residences
Laundry shop In CELI residences
Gym In school campus


Cleverlearn’s General English Program (GEP) is focused on building confidence

in communication with the use of the English language. It is achieved through
intensive training further enhanced by three class types namely one– on– one,
one– on– four and one– on– eight.

The method used in the General English Program (GEP) enables the student to
improve their holistic ability in English by providing a complete program. It
includes classes in structure practice, conversation, reading and sentence
construction. These are combined with a wide range of video, audio and
computer assisted learning tools along with social and cultural activities.

From courses under the General English Program (GEP) to the customized
Adventure Camps and Educational Tours, students can choose from different
programs that will challenge their skills for the better.

For more information of the General English Program (GEP), you can send
inquiries via admissions@celiph.com.

Intensive English 2 hrs 1:1 Local teacher

2 hrs 1:1 local teacher
1 hr 1:1 local teacher
General English 2 hrs 1:1 local teacher
2 hrs 1:4 local teacher
2 hrs 1:8 native speaker
Advanced English 4 hrs 1:1 elective course with local
2 hrs 1:8 native speaker
General English Junior 2 hrs 1:1 local teacher
2 hrs 1:4 local teacher
2 hrs 1:4 native speaker
General English Semi-intensive 2 hrs 1:1 local teacher
Adventure Camps/Educational Tours Customized training

Course Levels
-is determined by the results from their oral and written evaluations. Both of
the oral and written evaluations are initially taken on the first day the student
reports to school.

Class Schedules
Morning 8:00-9:50
Afternoon 12:40-2:30
• Classes on Wednesday are shortened due to language activities in the
Language Activities

At Cleverlearn, we believe that language learning is not confined to the

classrooms. Each week, there is a variety of supervised language activities that
are both held indoor or outdoor. Students can also participate in different clubs
like Speech Club, Movie Watching Club, Book Lovers Club and Debate Club.
Through these, they can interact with moderators, teachers and classmates.

Intensive English


Covering the four skills of communication, Intensive English will prepare

students for General English. Phonetics and vocabulary are also taught through
progressive practice.

Detailed Description

The Intensive English is a course under the General English Program (GEP). It
was created for the purpose of equipping students for a bigger group size once
enrolled in General English (GE). Based from previous situations, students who
have low English level have a hard time coping up with other classmates in the
class so for them to be able to properly follow the lessons, Cleverlearn
introduces Intensive English.

For an entire week, students will be exposed to twenty- five (25) hours of
studying English. It will all be a one– on– one (1:1) class for five (5) hours a day
with a local teacher. Two local teachers will be assigned for a two (2)– hour class
each and one for a 1 - hour class, respectively.

By the end of the Intensive English course, students are expected to have an
improvement in speaking English. Students will also understand formal English
at normal conversational speed and the skill to continue developing
conversational competence through constant assessment.


Personalized training on areas which need special focus

Both intensive and extensive tutoring for absolute beginners
Aimed to appeal to different learning styles based on the requests of a student
Lessons are taught in a communicative way through progressive practice and
General English

Target age: 17years old above


Designed to improve all areas of English for common everyday use, students
will learn and improve their language skills in speaking, comprehension,
reading, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar.

Detailed Description

The General English (GE) is designed to improve student’s general language

skills and understanding of English. This will lead to increased confidence in
speaking and communicating with others in various social situations. It aims to
promote a learner from beginner level to upper- intermediate level. Students
take a placement test upon arrival to determine the level of study.

The Cleverlearn method enables the student to improve their all-around ability
in English by providing a complete English program which includes classes in
structure/speaking practice, conversation, reading and writing, and combined
with a wide range of video, audio and computer assisted learning tools along
with social and cultural activities. The daily 6-hour lessons are divided into: 2
hours of private 1:1 class focusing on developing pronunciation and writing
skills, and 2 hours of 1:4 class and 2 hours of 1:8 class that focuses on
developing listening and speaking skills. To supplement classroom learning,
activities such as language excursion, games and sports are incorporated in the
curriculum allowing students to progress rapidly.


Learn English as a language of international education

Learn English in work, travel and social situations
Gain fluency, accuracy and confidence when communicating in English
Gain a range of vocabulary for work-related and social contexts

Advanced English

Target age: 17 years old above


Aiming to introduce concepts necessary for career success, it will equip

students for plans in international education and employment. This course is
designed for those who have high English proficiency level.
Detailed Description

The Advanced English is a new course under the General English Program
(GEP). It introduces concepts necessary for success in international studies.
4 hours (1:1) of any elective course gives thorough preparation for university
studies or employment. It focuses on fluency and accuracy and develops
student’s higher-level thinking skills. Advance English develops oral
communication skills of advanced students for academic formal presentations
and informal discussions.

End results – more success in International Tests for employment or university


2 hours (1:8) General English with a Native Speaker

General English-Junior

Course highlights

Target students: Clever Kids (ages 8 to 12), Clever Teens (ages 13 to 16)

The Clever Kid or Clever Teen is a daily program good for six hours. It focuses
on building vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing &
grammar, listening comprehension, correct pronunciation & speaking fluency.

Regular updates and meetings with parents and guardians.

Based on the immersion concept that has proven to be successful in training

ESL/EFL learners, each student will study with three different teachers in one

One - on - four class with Native Speaker

One - on - one class with a Local Teacher
One - on - four class with Local Teacher

Language Excursions

These are field trips organized by the teacher. Students are not only given the
opportunity to practice, develop, expand and evaluate their English skills but,
also provide them with an enjoyable learning environment.
General English Semi-Intensive

Target age: 5-7 years old, guardians and parents

Detailed Description

The Cleverlearn General English Semi–Intensive was initially designed for

parents and guardians who accompany their children enrolled under General
English Junior. However, it also exists to develop kids even as little as they are.
Psychologists actually believe that the best time of formation is when
individuals are still very young. Even if play is always in their minds, what they
have learned can serve as their foundation towards adolescence.

The General English Semi-Intensive is mainly focused on building vocabulary,

conversation and speaking fluency and reading comprehension. It will be for
two hours a day where there is room for flexibility to accomplish other things
aside from attending classes. For parents and guardians, they have more time
to look over their children. For kids, they have longer hours for fun and games.


Course Title: General Business English

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
Qualification level: assessed as Pre-intermediate
Course structure: 2 hours 1:1 with local teacher or native English teacher

Business English is based on a wide range of business settings. Students are

immersed to practice their communication skills in English. The focus of the
course is on basic English skills for talking to people, entertaining business
associates, telephoning, describing work, job skills, discussing business issues
and negotiations, making presentations , business concepts and ethics,
technical writing, and everyday business operations.

CELI designed the best quality Business English course that is always
customized to directly answer the student’s specific professional English
language needs. At CELI, we have highly qualified teachers and rich teaching
materials to make the students more confident and fluent in speaking Business
English. The aim of this course is to help professionals to be more successful
and to be highly trained with their Business English training needs.

Course Title: Business Skills (Grammar and Writing)

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
Qualification level: assessed as Pre-intermediate (professionals and
university students)

Enhance student’s grammar skills while learning business terms and

discussing business-related issues.
Course Highlights:
- Improve the ability to write business letters in English
- Review practical management issues such as mission statements,
employee morale, job descriptions, and customers’ complaints, while
fine-tuning English grammar and writing skills
- Practice business correspondence in every medium, including letters,
faxes and email
Course Content:
Week 1: Introductions, Job Descriptions, Business Letters, Common
Abbreviations, Prepositions, Business Verbs and Nouns
Week 2: Verb tenses, Orders, Employee Morale, Company Profiles
Week 3: Verbs, Modals, Conditionals, Faxes, Memos, Emails
Week 4: Count/Non-count Nouns, Articles, Causatives, Report Writing,
Making a PowerPoint Presentation

Course Title: Academic Speaking and Listening

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
9 hours per week
Qualification level: assessed as Intermediate level or GE5
Course structure: 2hours 1:1 with local teacher or native English teacher

Speaking and listening skills are practiced in all classes; however, speaking and
listening class provides time for focused instruction in, and refinement of,
speaking and listening tasks. It is recognized that students’ first needs in the
area of speaking and listening are to develop fluency in informal conversational
settings. For this reason, extensive practice in this area is provided to develop
the underlying skills necessary for performing academic tasks similar to those
students will encounter in their university classes. The academic speaking and
listening tasks covered in this course are considered to be communicative
activities. Therefore, the primary emphasis is on successful communication.
There is also an emphasis on specific sound features of the language. Accuracy
in the pronunciation is treated as one aspect of the communication process and
not as an end in itself.

Course Title: Academic Writing

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
9 hours a week
Qualification level: High intermediate or Advanced level
Course structure: 2hours 1:1 with local teacher

The CELI Academic Writing Course is designed for High Intermediate to

Advanced English language learners who are in college or college-bound. The
course activities are tailored to the individual’s writing needs and goals, which
are done in a straightforward manner, using a step-by-step approach. The main
objective of this course is to prepare the students for university studies abroad.

Course Title: Communication Arts

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
Qualification level: assessed as Pre-intermediate
Course structure: 2hours 1:1 with local teacher

This course is designed to give ESL students more practice in using oral
English. Students are introduced to other speech skills and terminology. It also
focuses on helping the students improve sentence structure through small
group work, problem solving, role plays and informal discussion.

Course Title: Language Arts

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks
Qualification level: assessed as Pre-intermediate
Course structure: 2hours 1:1 with local teacher

This course is designed to develop Reading Comprehension skills and

Vocabulary through reading in preparation to taking International standardized
tests like: TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.

Learn specific skills: scanning; previewing and predicting; determining topics,

main ideas and organization patterns; skimming; inferencing; summarizing.

Develop vocabulary through readings, guessing from context and practicing

differentiating function words from content words.

TOEFL Preparatory Test

Cleverlearn TOEFL Test Prep program is designed to help students prepare for the
TOEFL examination in addition to improving general English standards. Students
practice listening, reading comprehension and grammatical structure skills. Other
elements of the course include pre-writing and organizational strategies for
weekly tests, review sessions and practice in the computer lab. >

Pre-TOEFL Preparation
Students review basic grammar, build vocabulary and develop reading,
writing and grammar skills. Students also practice TOEFL tests.

Intermediate TOEFL Preparation

Students learn TOEFL test strategies while enhancing their reading,
writing and grammar skills. Students also do practice TOEFL tests.

Advanced TOEFL Preparation

Although the content is similar to Intermediate TOEFL, it is more
advanced. Material studied in Intermediate is not repeated here.

Exam English TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL preparatory courses provide you with
the skills and strategies needed to raise your score.

TOEFL Test Prep Highlights

• 120 TOEFL instruction hours
• Small classes (maximum 15 students per class)
• All of Cleverlearn’s native speaking English teachers are university
• exam-condition practice tests using sample test papers
• free access to online Clever course at http://www.cleverlearn.com

TOEIC Preparatory Test

Cleverlearn provides TOEIC Test Prep program that concentrates on developing

students’ speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in a business context in
addition to TOEIC test-taking strategies. Students can expect daily vocabulary and
homework exercises, frequent quizzes, weekly listening reviews, and regular full-
length TOEIC practice tests. At the end of the program the students will take the
official TOEIC test at the authorized Cleverlearn TOEIC Test Center

Basic Preparation for TOEIC Test

Review basic English grammar, build vocabulary and develop reading
and listening skills. Practice tests are included.

Intermediate Preparation for TOEIC Test

Learn TOEIC test strategies while enhancing English listening
comprehension, reading and grammar skills. Practice TOEIC tests are included.

Advanced Preparation for the TOEIC Test

Same as intermediate TOEIC but material covered is at more advanced
level. Material studied in intermediate TOEIC Preparation is not repeated here.
Practice tests included.

IELTS Preparatory Test

The IELTS Test Prep program focuses on examination techniques and the specific
language and study skills required to help you obtain the score you want on the
IELTS® Test. Classes focus on development of IELTS test-taking skills and
strategies, particularly listening section, through test structure analysis, sample,
questions and full exam-condition practice tests

The IELTS Preparation program is designed for non-native speakers. Its goal is
to improve the student’s English language skills and at the same time gain
international qualification.

There are three levels in the IELTS course. In the lower level, the students are
introduced to the IELTS material but the emphasis of the course would be on
the improvement of writing skills and grammar. In the next two levels, the
intermediate and the expert, the emphasis would be on the actual IELTS
materials. Students are recommended to attend the course full time

Native teacher

David Garrison

David is from Ohio, USA and is a retired diplomat.

He has extensive experience in Human Resource and
Training Programs management. He has worked in
Afghanistan, Thailand and Korea. He finished his
Masters and TESL at Saint Michael’s College in

John Derstine

John is from the United States of America. He got his

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Parsons College,
Iowa and his Master of Science in Education in
Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. He was a
teacher at Troy Pennsylvania for more than 3 years.

Aiden Iky Chopdat

Aiden is from England but has traveled in lots of

places around the world due to his esl teaching and
his love for backpacking. He graduated in The
University of Manchester with a degree on Computer
Science. He has also gotten his TEFL certificate at
the UK TEFL Training Center.
Local teacher

Sahlee Opone

Sahlee has been with Cleverlearn for more than two

years now. She graduated in Cebu Normal University
with a degree in Communications. She is one of the
teachers that students find easy to be with and very
competent. Aside from teaching, she has been into
journalism having worked as a radio, tv and
newspaper reporter.

Lloyd Aliviado

Lloyd or Sir Lloyd, as he is fondly called, is somebody

who can handle different school events properly. He
has been a tutor for many years before coming to
Cleverlearn. He graduated Bachelor of Science in
Commerce in the University of San Jose-Recoletos
and got his certificate for Proficiency in Professional
Education at the same university.

The fastest way to get an internationally recognized foreign university bachelor‘s


The RITEWAY Program is an overseas study offering. It allows students to

complete the equivalent of the first year of a Bachelor’s Business degree in the
Philippines. After which, they gain enough credit exemptions (points) granting
them direct entry to the second year of the said course in any of our university
partners located in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom.

RITEWAY Program was designed for students aiming for international

education. However, over the years, dreams of thousands of hopefuls seem to
fade because of the complicated process and financial issue. But with this
overseas study offering introduced by Cleverlearn English Language Institute
(CELI), a lot of individuals right now have greater chances.

If students have basic conversational skills in English, they can immediately

begin with the RITEWAY Program. However, if they have low level of the said
language, an additional three to four months have to be spent for an intensive
training in Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) prior to beginning
with the overseas study offering


• Save your time

With the RITEWAY Program, students can earn a Bachelor’s Business
degree in a short period. In the Philippines, this overseas study offering
can be spent for less than year. Once they are admitted to any of the
university partners abroad, the course can be completed for twelve to
eighteen months.
• Save your money
Once students are enrolled with the RITEWAY Program, they can save up
to fifty percent of the normal cost of studying in a university abroad.
• Flexible choices
There are a lot of options alongside the RITEWAY Program. There are
several courses not only limiting to a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Aside
from which, there is also the variety of universities abroad in Australia,
New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom, students can admit
themselves after studying in the Philippines.
• Proven competence
The RITEWAY Program is a high quality overseas study offering that is
“internationally-based”, It has already started its foothold in China and
will be continually expanded all over Asia. As a result, there are complete
resources, including teachers, quality standards, materials to cater to a
large student body anywhere in the world.
• Principles of Economics
• Principles of Marketing
• Management Theory and Practice
• Financial Accounting
• Management Accounting
• Organizational Behavior
• Human Resource Management
• Business Information System
• Business Law
• Business Statistics
• Business Communication
• Financial Management

University Partner
University of Teesside
The University of Teesside is located in the north-eastern city of Middlesbrough.
It was originally formed 75 years ago in 1930. There are now over 20,000 full-
time students studying at Teesside. The university has since been declared one
of the top four universities in the UK to have won the National Teaching Quality
award for four years out of the past five years. It has also been recognized as
being at a level of international excellence with top marks (5 out of 5) in the
most recent Research Assessment Evaluation.
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is one of Australia's largest
universities, enrolling 40,000 students, including 5,000 from more than 85
countries. QUT is the largest provider of bachelor degree graduates into full-
time employment in Australia each year and its graduate employment rate is
well above the national average for Australian universities.
Edith Cowan University
ECU's origins go back to 1902 when it began as a teaching college. Today it is
one of the largest universities in Australia, with 23,000 students, 3,000 from
University of South Australia
The University of South Australia is an innovative and successful institution
with a distinctive profile. It is committed to educating professionals, creating
and applying knowledge and serving the community.
Central Queensland University
Central Queensland University (CQU) is one of Australia's most innovative and
richly diverse universities. With a network of campuses situated along the east
coast of Australia, and international operations extending into the Pacific and
South-East Asia, CQU gives you a great choice of locations at which to study.
Students can choose to study in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as CQU has
large campuses located in the downtown area of each major city, providing
students with great choice and flexibility to suit their needs.
Concordia University

Quality Reviews/Topnotch Trainings/World-class Facilities

Cleverlearn International Nurses Training Program (INTP) offers a

comprehensive training for International nurses to reach the required English
level and professional knowledge level to become a registered nurse in the
United States.

Cleverlearn will offer a program that is developed by experts in the field and
delivered by experienced, highly qualified NCLEX-certified instructors in a
modern learning environment. It offers international nurses a one-stop training,
orientation, and documentation services to achieve their goal to work as
registered nurses in the United States.

Cleverlearn Nursing Program Advantage

Increasing Filipino Nurses Abroad

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), there
is already a total of 300, 000 Filipino nurses based abroad. The figure is
expected to raise as economically stable countries project a great need per year.

Successful Examinees
Among the countries in Southeast Asia, the quality of nursing education in the
Philippines is considered to be at par with Japan, Australia, United States and
Canada. There are 340 000 registered nurses based on the statistics of the
country’s Professional Regulation Commission

Effective English Language Training

Patterned to the American curriculum, Cleverlearn’s International Nursing
Training Program (INTP) provides an intensive review. Students are closely
monitored by US-certified facilitators with the use of state-of-the-art facilities.

COURSE Programs

Course programs are based on the level of English proficiency of the student.
Students with an IELTS 6.5 are recommended to enter the International Nurses
Training Program (INTP) and 20 hours of Medical English. Students with below
IELTS 6.5 are recommended to begin with the English for Nurses program (ENP)
and then move on to the INTP.
International Nurses Training Program Levels
5 – Month Nursing Review Program broken down as follows:

2 Months English for Nurses Program ( ENP )

 an intensive English Medical Terminologies Learning Program for
International Nurses whose nursing curriculums do not utilize
English as primary medium of instruction.
 Highly flexible program. Can be extended depending on the need
of the international nurse for English proficiency either to proceed
with the NCLEX review program or to enhance English
competency for possible work in English – speaking countries.
 Highly personalized Program catered to the needs of international
nurses and supervised by U.S. – certified nurses delivered by
nurses themselves.

3Months INTP ( NCLEX – RN Review )

 An intensive review program for international nurses who
want to take the NCLEX – RN examination and pursue
their dream of living and working in the US as a registered
 All NCLEX-certified instructors and reviewers that are
highly qualified in their respective field of expertise.
 With the most advanced review materials in the market to
enhance the learning experience.
 With a proven and tested review program with a roster of
NCLEX passers under its wing.

COURSE Description

International Nurses Training Program (INTP) + Medical English

For students with IELTS 6.5 or higher
3-month program
450 hours of INTP classes
20 hours of Medical English course on medical terminologies in English
* INTP Division of classes
80 hour roundtable discussion and NCLEX Review with an NCLEX-
certified facilitator/instructor
U.S. live-lecture in DVD format-based review and computer-based
adaptive exams
Up to 50 hours Comprehensive Acclimation/Orientation Program
Diagnostic and Evaluative Exams
Intensive Final Coaching
INTP + English for Nurses Program (ENP) – Intermediate
For students in the intermediate level with IELTS score of 5.9-6.4
6-month program
12 weeks of 1on4 English training with English teacher
12 weeks INTP classes
Students who satisfactorily complete the ENP can proceed to the INTP
* English Training Subjects
Medical English
Academic Speaking
Academic Writing
International English Testing System (IELTS) Review Class

INTP + English for Nurses Program (ENP) – Pre-intermediate

For students in the pre-intermediate level with IELTS 5.8 or lower
8-month program
20 weeks of 1on4 English training with English teacher
12 weeks INTP classes
Students who satisfactorily complete the ENP can proceed to the INTP
*English training subjects
Medical English
Academic Speaking
Academic Writing
International English Testing System (IELTS) Review Class

ADDITIONAL Great Benefits

• NCLEX Application Processing Assistance

• Scheduling of US State Board Licensing Assistance
• Comprehensive Acculturation/Orientation Program based on the US
employer’s expectations and requirements from international nurses.
• Close Supervision and Coaching
• Course Tracking Monitor to ensure student’s progress
• Diagnostic and Evaluative Tests to measure student’s improvement
• Bi-monthly report of student’s performance
• Unlimited self-study accessing the most advanced NCLEX review
materials in the school’s state-of-the-art library and multimedia facilities.
The easier way to work abroad is to become a caregiver.

Today, there is an alarming insufficiency of social support through out the

world. Cleverlearn is committed to help fill the gap. Cleverlearn Caregiver
Program provides comprehensive training to produce certified live- in
Live– in caregivers are individuals qualified to provide assistance to children
and elderly as well as to persons with disabilities in private homes without

Course Description
In order to qualify as a certified caregiver, the course was developed to provide
proper skills and techniques in handling infants/children, elderly and people
with special needs or disabilities.

Courses Module
• Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)
• Basic Healthcare and Procedures 1
• Basic Healthcare and Procedures 2
• Basic Emergency Care
• Disabilities and Special Needs
• Infant and Child Care
• Geriatric Care
• Home Management, Food and Nutrition
• Personality Development and Effective Communication

Course Flow / Outline

• Training duration for a batch: 30 weeks
• Total number of training hours: 900 hours
• General English Lessons
• Classroom training: 6 hours/day
• First Aid Training
• On-the-Job training

• Basic Sign Language Course
• Preparation for TESDA examination
• Elective classes : French
: Nihonggo
: Advance Sign Language
: Additional GE class


• Basing from Cleverlearn English Proficiency Levels:

 Pre-intermediate level (GE4)
 Speaking 1
 IELTS 1 (4.0)
 TOEFL 1 - IBT – 50
- PBT – 450
- CBT – 150
 TOEIC 1 (440)