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The End Of The World As We Know It?

The End Of The World invasion from another planet and a meteorite
heading our way and we would have all our
Not only does the public have the
prophets of old to contend with but now self
As We Know It? bases covered. proclaimed new prophets of doom and gloom
Everywhere we look in to days world, are popping up all over the place in every
there is more negativity and less positivistic. faction of the New Age Community.
There is an old newspaper line that says, "If it Just the other day I spoke to a lady who
don't bleed, it don't lead." But is the end of the claims that the great rapture will occur in the
world as predicted by prophets and seers of new years to come unless we participate in a global
and old or is it something much more natural prayer on July 17, 2007. This is what the
and created by humans? "beings of light" had told her during a near-
The Bible tells of Armageddon, death experience that she and her son had when
Nostradamus tell of great cataclysms that will they had been involved in life threatening
bring the planet to its knees and channelers and automobile accident.
"contactees" tell of the end of the times as The end of the Mayan calendar on
depicted by their contact with extraterrestrials. December 21, 2012 has many believing that an
by Rob McConnell Hey, if you don't believe me, just look for the unknown force will cover the earth and end to
crop circle that has the planet Earth missing all the sin and turmoil that this planet thrives on
Whether you turn on the cable news from its design! By the way, what ever . And yet, these are the same people who tell
channel or your local television or radio news, happened to the tsunami that was supposed to you that the creator, the angels or the
doom and gloom are the leading stories. Iraq, destroy the east cost of North America on May extraterrestrials are all watching and refuse to
Iran, the Middle East, North Korea, 25th with 200 metre waves as predicted by Eric intervene!
international terrorism, all we need is an Julien? (Continued on Page 2)
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Dangers of Ear Candling..........................Pg 3 The answer from the prophets, seers, America and the Pacific Rim on Americas
Invisible Killers..........................................Pg 4 New Age practitioners and other assorted IntelSat 7 (TelStar 7).
Gilgamesh the Hunter................................Pg 5 members of the Seers' Society is that they (those
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Reincarnation..............................................Pg 7 the evolution (or destruction) of this planet…
Searching for the Truth.............................Pg 8 something like the prime directive in Star Trek. United States of America
Bella Maggori Inn......................................Pg 9 Um, me excuse Gene. If you're watching AM 1350 KCHR - Charleston MO
Sasquatch Sensation..................................Pg 10 me write this story from the spirit world, (by the AM 1400 WZNG - Shelbyville / Nashville TN
Protect Yourself from Religious Zealots...Pg 11 way loved your work), but, is it possible that TalkStar 840 - Titusville, Orlando, Mims FL
Ghost Hunting in Oregon..........................Pg 12 you might have forgot to tell your followers and FM 107.7 WMEX - Rochester NH
Morgellons Disease (The Fiber Disease)..Pg 14 all those who have taken everything you wrote FM 89.7 KNTS - John Day OR
AESOP’s Fables........................................Pg 15 about in Star Trek that there was a secondary AM 1330 WELW - Cleveland OH
‘X’ Zone At Total Health 2006.................Pg 16 directive that read, "If in the case of total AM 1340 KSEK - Pittsburgh KS
Living Dimension of the Universe...........Pg 17 destruction of a planet, or should the inhabitants AM 1510 WDRF - Woodruff SC
Books by Ralph Ellis................................Pg 18 of that planet not have the ability or the brains
The Most Guarded Secret..........................Pg 19 to save the said planet, the prime directive is Canada
then referred to the secondary directive which is AM 630 CKOV - Kelowna BC
Regression Hypnosis.................................Pg 20
to SAVE THEM - and then teach them the AM 580 CFRA - Ottawa ON
Affiliate of the Month: TalkStar 840..........Pg 21 AM 920 CJCH - Halifax NS
errors of their ways, help them help themselves!
Mystery of Sleep........................................Pg 22
Since recorded history, there have been
Whatever Happened To..............................Pg 23 Caribbean
over 400 doomsday predictions, and thankfully
Eyes Of An Angel......................................Pg 24 AM 1620 WDHP - Frederikstead USVI
all have come and gone, without incident.
The Ghost Of My Father............................Pg 25
Could it be that humankind in days gone
Dowsing: A Close Look............................Pg 26
by (sometimes referred to as Biblical Times… The ‘X’ Zone TV Show
Your Never Ending Life.............................Pg 27
depending on your religious philosophy)
Dismissing Da Vinci..................................Pg 28
created the end of the world scenario to keep
Tim The Yowie Man..................................Pg 30
the future generations in check as we evolved
Past Life Regression.................................Pg 32
sociologically, technologically and industrially,
War of the Worlds Not In Vain..................Pg 33
and to make us aware of what our inability to
Discovery of the Planets............................Pg 34
succeed as a peace-loving and unified species
Ghost World 2007......................................Pg 35
on this planet would result in? The end of the
Diabetes and Depleted Uranium................Pg 36
Australian Nessie?.....................................Pg 37
Come on people! It's time that we, the
Star Trek Trivia..........................................Pg 38
human race take responsibility for the global
In My Expert Opinion................................Pg 39
mess that we are in and working as one species,
More Star Trek Trivia...............................Pg 40
regardless of religion, philosophy, color or
Proposal After Abduction...........................Pg 41
creed work as one to guarantee the success of
Classified Ads............................................Pg 42
our species and the life of this beautiful blue
Myth-Conceptions.....................................Pg 43
planet, that is third from the sun. Is Coming To A TV Station, Cable Operator or
Learn Professional Hypnosis....................Pg 44
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Dangers of Ear Candling 3
Ear Candling Health Canada's Position on Ear the product illegally, for medical purposes, as
there is no other reasonable use for ear
Health Canada's mission is to help the
Issued By Health Canada How You Can Protect Yourself
people of Canada maintain and improve their
health. As part of this mission, Health Canada is First, Health Canada recommends that
responsible for ensuring that medical devices you avoid ear candling. It is dangerous and it
http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iyh-vsv/med/ear- provides no medical benefits. If you are
for sale in Canada are safe and effective.
oreille_e.html concerned about ear wax, ask your doctor
Health Canada's Medical Devices Regulations
state that certain types of medical devices, about safe and effective ways of cleaning your
The Issue including ear candles, require a licence from ears. Report any complaints or concerns about
The practice of ear candling has recently Health Canada before anyone can sell them for ear candles, or any other medical devices, to
become popular as an alternative therapy. Some therapeutic purposes. Health Canada through a toll-free hotline at 1-
promoters say it is an ancient treatment that can Health Canada has not issued any 800-267-9675.
cure a number of medical problems. Don't licences for ear candles. Therefore, the sale of
listen: ear candling is dangerous, and has no this product for therapeutic purposes in Canada
proven medical benefits. is illegal. As well, both Canada and the United
States have issued directives that ban the
Background importing of ear candles.
An ear candle is a narrow, hollow cone Some promoters try to get around
that has been soaked in beeswax or paraffin and Health Canada's Medical Devices Regulations
allowed to harden. During ear candling, the by advertising that ear candles are "for
recipient of this so-called "therapy" lies on his entertainment purposes only". However, Health
or her side while someone else inserts the point Canada maintains that these people are selling
of the cone inside the ear. The top of the cone is
then set on fire and left to burn for a few

Lady Elaine
The health claim most often made for
ear candling is that the flame creates warmth
and suction, which draws ear wax out of the ear
canal. Some promoters also say that ear
candling can cure a wide range of medical
problems, including ear aches, sinus infections, "Knowing the future is an ability that is held by
sinus pain and pressure, and vertigo.
one and all. I am the interpreter of the road map to
No Medical Benefits - but Lots of
There is no scientific proof to support
your life as you travel throughout your destiny."
claims that ear candling provides medical
benefits. In fact, Health Canada conducted It was as a youth that Lady Elaine first realized that
laboratory tests that showed that ear candling she was a very gifted sensitive, clairvoyant, empathic
produces no significant heating or suction in the and spirit communicator. Her gift has served her well
ear canal. and those who have listened to the messages that
However, there is plenty of proof that have been passed on to them through Lady Elaine
ear candling is dangerous. Ear candling poses a from a realm that the established sciences and
risk of fire. It can also cause serious burns and theology refuses to acknowledge - The Other Side.
other injuries if hot wax drips into your ear, or
onto your skin or hair. There have been reports Whether Lady Elaine does a psychic reading or uses
of several cases of ear injury in Canada. her intuitive empathic abilities to connect and receive
In 1996, a report published in the
messages from those who have "graduated" to the
medical journal Laryngoscope concluded that
Other Side who are preparing the way for those still
"ear candles have no benefit in the management
on this plain of existence.
of cerumen (ear wax) and may result in serious
injury." Health Canada agrees.
The authors of the report, all of whom were For more information on how you can have a personal spiritual guidance session
medical doctors, conducted a survey of 122 ear with Lady Elaine, please contact her today by e-mail at ladyelaine@lady-elaine.com
specialists. They found 21 cases of serious
injury caused by ear candling. In six of these Lady Elaine Sessions are available throughout the United States and Canada via
cases, patients temporarily lost their hearing. Telephone and outside the United States and Canada by E-mail. Lady Elaine Gift
Other problems reported among the Certificates are excellent for Corporate Gifts & Employee Exchange Gifts. For the
group included: best Booking Dates, Buy Your Lady Elaine Gift Certificate Now! Know your future
- 13 cases of burns today! Contact Lady Elaine, ladyelaine@lady-elaine.com.
- 7 cases where the wax from the candle

had blocked the ear canal
- 1 case of a punctured ear drum

People in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the

Bermuda Triangle
Listen to The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
with Rob McConnell on AM 1620 WDHP
4 Invisible Killers
INVISIBLE KILLERS United States from waterborne microbes. removal of heavy metals and other
toxins.Classic chelation causes side effects
Chlorinated chemicals in drinking water from
by Rik Deitsch (kidney, bladder, etc..) and may not be well-
pesticides, herbicides and refrigerants have
been linked to increased risk of breast cancer. tolerated in some people. Additionally, most
We are surrounded by environmental chelating agents may remove beneficial
Cyanobacterial toxins in municipal water have
toxins. Substances that may cause distress or nutrients along with the potentially harmful
been linked to illness and disease worldwide.
disease to our bodies can be found in everything compounds.
Sewage treatment plant workers are at much
that we eat, in everything that we drink and even For example, the chelating agent EDTA
higher risk of respiratory illness, skin rashes,
in the air we breathe. Some of these compounds has a charge of -2. Because of this, it will seek
headaches and body aches.
are a by-product of an industrialized world. out and bind to any +2 ion in the body. This
Heavy metals like lead and cadmium are includes harmful ions like lead, but it also
What about our food.
released from factories or are produced as waste includes calcium and magnesium. When
Environmental toxins work their way
substances in the industry. We are also exposed chelating with EDTA you need to constantly
into the food chain. As of late 2005, 47 states
to many naturally-occurring toxic substances. add magnesium and calcium back into the
have advisories to limit intake of freshwater fish
For example, volcanic eruptions release system. Eventually, there will be diminishing
due to mercury contamination. In 2005, the
much of the free mercury that can be found in benefits as the EDTA will only take out the
FDA reported finding chlorinated pesticides,
the environment. Our bodies have a variety of calcium and magnesium that is being added and
like DDE (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene –
mechanisms for dealing with this toxicity, but will fail to remove all of the lead.
a breakdown product of DDT), in 63% of foods
the current total load exceeds the body’s ability The newest research centers on the use
surveyed. Pesticides and Herbicides in food
to adapt. When our bodies fail to break down or of a colloidal suspension of the mineral zeolite
have been linked to many cancers.
remove these toxins the only other way to deal ‘clinoptilolite’ in such products as Natural
with them is through sequestration. Cellular Defense. The activated zeolite attracts
The body will try to deposit these and traps small, highly-charged particles that fit
The most surprising thing about our
compounds into tissue to minimize their into the pores and channels of the zeolite cage.
body burden is that we are at risk even before
potential damage. For example, lead may be This includes heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium,
we are born. A study conducted in 2005 by the
sequestered into bone, displacing calcium and Mercury, etc..), nitrosamines and environmental
Environmental Working Group in cooperation
increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The overall pollutants. Understand that this is a passive
with the American Red Cross examined the
load of these toxins is sometimes called our process – when the zeolite is in close proximity
umbilical cord blood of newborns. They found
“Body Burden.” to these compounds, they will be drawn to the
that the average newborn has 200 different
A high body burden has been implicated zeolite and either absorbed into the cage or
industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides
in: Immunotoxicity – leading to asthma, adsorbed onto the surface of the zeolite.
in their blood. These included over 70 known
allergies, cancers and chronic disease; Once trapped by the zeolite these toxins
carcinogens (toxins that may cause cancer).
Neurotoxicity – leading to cognition are easily removed from the body. Because the
Other studies have found high levels of the
impairment, memory loss as well as sensory and zeolite has affinity based on both size and
metals cadmium and mercury in the breast milk
motor dysfunction; and Endocrine toxicity – charge, it does not remove necessary ions like
of nursing mothers.
leading to reproductive issues, loss of libido and calcium, magnesium and potassium while it
As we grow up we are exposed to
metabolic impairment. For more information efficiently rids the body of toxic heavy metals.
seemingly benign compounds that are even
see www.bodyburden.org This particular activated zeolite has been the
meant to benefit us but have been shown to have
In research published in 2005, New York center of several clinical studies that will be
long-term negative consequences. For example,
University School of Medicine researchers published over the next few years. For more
Fluoride in our drinking water has been linked
provided some of the most compelling evidence information see: www.detoxsmart.com
to Osteosarcoma and Hypothyroidism.
yet that long-term exposure to air pollution—
Additionally, vaccinations which undoubtedly
even at levels within federal standards—causes For more information on the toxic environment
prevent disease may contain the mercury
heart disease. Previous studies have linked air see the following:
compound Thimerosal which has been linked to
pollution to cardiovascular disease but until - The Environmental Working Group:
the rise of autism in children.
now it was poorly understood how pollution www.ewg.org
What can be done? We need to look at
damaged the body’s blood vessels. - The Centers for Disease Control and
both prevention of toxicity and dealing with the
Environmental toxicity is a global Prevention: www.cdc.gov
inherent rise in body burden that has occurred
concern. These pollutants don’t recognize - The Environmental Protection Agency:
since birth. A healthy diet high in raw foods has
national or political boundaries. As an example, www.epa.gov
been shown to be beneficial. Of course, make
Japan has experienced a phenomenon known as
sure that you wash these foods to remove
“yellow sands” over the past several years. This About the Author.
pesticides and herbicides that cling to the
is caused by pollution blowing in from Chinese Mr. Rik Deitsch holds both a B.S. in
surface of fruits and vegetables. Air purifiers
factories across the Sea of Japan. chemistry and an M.S. in biochemistry from
may remove particulate matter and lower your
exposure to some of the airborne toxins. Lastly, Florida Atlantic University. He conducted his
In the air. Ph.D. Research for the Duke University
avoid seafood which has been shown to have
There are now 1460 metric tons of Medical School Comprehensive Cancer Center.
higher mercury levels – like tuna steak, marlin
airborne toxins that travel on the jet stream Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer for
and sea bass.
around the world. Because of this there is no Nutra Pharma Corporation, a publicly traded
Aside from limiting our exposure we
place on the planet that can be considered a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company
should all be actively aiding our bodies in the
pristine environment. Facilities in the United dedicated to researching neurological disorders
elimination of these toxins. Most programs for
States released 4.7 Billion pounds of toxins into and viral diseases. Mr. Deitsch is the co-author
systemic detoxification begin in the digestive
the air in 2005– 72 Million pounds are known of the book Are You AgeWise?: What You Need
tract with products that act either as laxatives or
carcinogens.In 2005 the city of Chicago to Know to Stay Young and Healthy and has
diuretics. These include the ubiquitous colon
experienced 68 days when the air quality was authored several papers on rational drug design
cleanse products. By helping our bodies to
too unhealthy for children, elderly and the ill. using computer simulations. He currently
remove waste quickly, it may aid in lowering
Coal-fired power plants spew sulfates, nitrates teaches at Florida Atlantic University's
body burden over time. There may be issues,
and mercury into the air. These compounds have Continuing Education Department and College
though with the long-term use of laxatives
been linked to more than 20,000 premature of Business. He also teaches CME courses
and/or diuretics. Some people may become
deaths each year. internationally.
physically dependent on these products and
cannot resume normal digestive function
In the Water. For more
more information, please visit
without them.
There are an estimated 7 Million
A more direct method for removing www.detoxsmar
www.detoxsmar t.com
illnesses and 1000 deaths each year in the
harmful compounds is chelation therapy for the
Gilgamesh the Hunter 5
Gilgamesh the Hunter quite plain: the axe in the right hand, the bow in
the left hand, the sword hanging from his belt -
manifestations of the gods, especially of Osiris.
In Egyptian mythology the constellation of
Gilgamesh is simply the Sumerian term for the Orion was described as being the "soul of
by Ralph Ellis constellation of Orion. Take a look at Orion, Osiris", so in death the pharaohs became one
this constellation has all the attributes ascribed with Osiris - manifestations of the constellation
to Gilgamesh. This is an epic of the skies, an of Orion. In Sumer it would appear that the
impending battle of the constellations and the same process was at work and Lugulbanda was
greatest of all the constellations, Orion, is a manifestation of Gilgamesh (Orion). Taurus
arming himself to do battle with the cosmos. was now dead and so accordingly King
But Gilgamesh (Orion) does not know the way, Lugulbanda became known as a "Shepherd
so it is only fitting that he needs Enkidu (the King" - a follower of the new ruling
meteor) to lead him: constellation of Aries.
To take the similarities with Egypt one
Let Enkidu lead the way, he knows the stage further, several dynasties of Egyptian
road to the forest [of stars] ... the mountain of pharaohs were also known as "Shepherd
cedars, the dwelling place of the gods. Kings", the Hyksos kings of the northern Delta.
The Bible, of course, records the patriarch
The purpose of Gilgamesh's (Orion's) quest is to Abraham as being a shepherd, and also that he
slay the constellation of Taurus the Bull and see was a king (even if the inference is made to a
Gilgamesh in the era of the new constellation of Aries the minor Asiatic king). The allusion is obvious,
Ram. In stellar terms, it is the constellation of Abraham was no minor tribal leader - instead,
Orion who is armed with the axe, the bow and like Lugulbanda of Sumer, Abraham was a
Gilgamesh is the ancient Sumerian epic, has a sword hanging from his belt. It is Orion Hyksos pharaoh of Egypt - a Shepherd King. []
written some 4,000 years ago and rediscovered who had drawn his bow and has aimed it at the
only in the nineteenth century. It is a story that adjacent constellation of Taurus. This change in
has echoes of the biblical Old Testament, with the heavens, that is also alluded to in the
its graphic details of the flood and the formation biblical texts, is about to unfold once more. But Near-Death
of mankind from the dust of the earth. The bulk here in Sumer it is the hero Gilgamesh, in the
of the story is devoted to the king of Sumer guise of Orion, who is reported as killing the Experiences
known as Gilgamesh and his epic quest into the 'Bull of Heaven' - the constellation of Taurus.
mystical forests of cedar where he performs But first Gilgamesh has to seek out the watcher TUNA SURPRISE
many heroic deeds. The epic of Gilgamesh is of the forest [the stars], a fearsome beast called
thought to be the earliest heroic story ever the Humbaba: “During a robbery at a grocery store in
written in the world, but the historians may be Chicago, employee Vincente Arriaga was shot
up to 600 years adrift in this calculation, as their At the third blow Humbaba fell ... Now by the robber at a distance of 20 feet. According
chronology is founded on a misinterpretation of the mountains were moved and all the hills, for to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, the bullet
what the story is really about. Historians have the guardian of the forest was killed ... the seven barely broke Arriaga’s skin because it slowed
generally translated the tale as being a literal splendours of Humbaba were extinguished. down as it passed through a box of Tuna Helper
epic of this Sumerian king making his mark on he was holding.”
the world, but I think that they may be in error For a 4,000 year old story, the prose is - News of the Weird,
here. still as clear today as when it was written, if you January 10, 1996
I have been working on the theory that know the subject matter. There is only one
the bulk of the biblical Old Testament is, in fact, guardian of Taurus and that is the Pleiades, the A STIRRING STORY
a story of the constellations. It is an epic tale of constellation known as the "seven sisters", a
a battle between Taurus and Aries - between the small group of seven stars that are visible to the “Someone fired a .45 caliber bullet into
biblical patriarchs, (who were known as naked eye and resides on the back of Taurus. Ava Donner’s kitchen. Luckily, she was holding
shepherds - Arians) and the Apis Bull From this elevated position, the Humbaba a spoon. Donner was stirring a pot of macaroni
worshippers (Taureans) that so plagued Moses. (Pleiades) could watch over the constellation of and cheese when a bullet hit the stem of the
It is my belief that the Gilgamesh epic is Taurus and protect it. Thus, if Taurus were to be stainless steel spoon, ricocheted off the
essentially the same as the Bible, it describes a attacked, the Humbaba had to be dealt with refrigerator and landed on the kitchen counter...
battle between the stellar constellations of first. With the Humbaba "extinguished", ‘If it had been an inch either way, it would have
Taurus and Aries. The first clue to this cosmic Taurus's back was exposed and vulnerable; here been in her chest,’ said Donners’ husband.
clash is that GilgameshÂ1s companion, Enkidu, was the weak-spot for the hero, Gilgamesh Police suspect the shot fired by youths target
is described as being a meteor: (Orion) could close in for the kill. shooting in a nearby vacant lot.”
"Now thrust in your sword - San Francisco Chronicle,
This star of heaven which descended between the nape and the horns." So Gilgamesh February 26, 1996
like a meteor from the sky; which you tried to followed the Bull, he seized the thick of its tail,
lift, but found too heavy ... he thrust the sword between the nape and the
This is the strong comrade, the one who
horns and slew the Bull. When they had killed
brings help to his friend in need. the Bull of Heaven they cut out its heart and
“Two members of the British traffic
gave it to Shamash (the Sun), and the brothers
The texts go on to describe the Enkidu police were in Berwickshire with a radar gun,
in great detail. The allusion is quite obvious: checking for speeding motorists,when suddenly
Thus Gilgamesh had slain the
Enkidu is a stellar object. Gilgamesh himself, in their equipment locked up with a reading of
constellation of Taurus, and the era of Aries the
turn, is described as arming himself for the over 300 miles per hour. Seconds later a low
Ram could now begin. This is confirmed by the
coming quest and battle in the following flying Harrier jet flew over their heads and
king lists of Sumer, who show the successor to
fashion: explained the mystery. When the policeman
Gilgamesh as being the king Lugulbanda. But
complained to the RAF, they were informed
Gilgamesh was somehow related to King
Gilgamesh took the axe, he slung the they were lucky to be alive. The jet’s target-
Lugulbanda. With the identification of
quiver from his shoulder, and the bow of seeker had locked onto their radar gun as
Gilgamesh as Orion the nature of this
Anshan, and buckled the sword to his belt; and ‘enemy’ radar... which triggered an automatic
relationship becomes more clear, it was a union
so they were armed and ready for the journey. retaliatory air-to-surface missile attack. Luckily
between god and king.
for the cops, the Harrier was unarmed.”
In Egypt the kings were born of the
In stellar terms, the allusion is again - Pilot magazine
gods, on occasions they even became
6 In The News
ancestor, homo erectus, an environmentalist
ST ORY SAYS IT'S "The species probably evolved from
homo erectus. It has evolved over time and is a
ALL RUBBISH distinct species specific to Malaysia," said
Vincent Chow of the Malaysian Nature Society.
Homo erectus is a species of hominid believed
Grantham Today - July 11,
11, 2006 to be an ancestor of modern humans that existed
about two million to 400,000 years ago.
Mr Chow has ventured into the jungles
of southern Johor state to look for the creatures.
He said "Bigfoots", whose existence had never
been proven, could shed new light on human
"It could have evolved into a new
species over thousands of years," Mr Chow
said. "It will revolutionise the way how we look
at our origin."
The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show

A man who featured in a book about a

supposed alien invasion of Grantham says he
doesn't believe a word of the story.
Author Anthony Mallin's book Asylum
tells of a mass alien abduction in Grantham in
1965, but Mick Cresswell, who lives in
Barkston, says it's all rubbish.
Mick appears in the book as Colin
Watson, the sidekick of Mallin's alter-ego Clive
Powers. He and Mr Mallin were childhood
friends and best men at each other's weddings,
but later lost contact.
Mick said: "It's one of those strange
things – I don't know if it's tongue-in-cheek or
what. It's got to be the most grammatically
incorrect book I've ever read in my life. LifeWave™ Products, LLC has developed endurance within only minutes of using the
"I went to see him at his book signing. a new performance enhancing product and patches.
He was highly embarrassed and couldn't wait to technology. With this dual patch system, nothing
get rid of me. I wished him well and said I hope enters the body. Clinical and university studies What is in the Patches?
the book sells well – I suspect it won't." have shown over 20% increases in stamina within All LifeWave™ patches contain the
LifeWave™ technology. The materials in the
In the book Mallin describes seeing a the first 10 minutes of use.
Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, MD CCN, an patches consist of a patent pending blend of water,
blinding light in Green Lane, which was then on
internationally renowned nutritional expert states: Oxygen, amino acids and organics applied to a
the edge of Grantham. polyester fabric and sealed within a polymer shell.
But Mick says the light was not caused "The LifeWave™ Technology patches use the
electronic and magnetic features of the body like a The active materials are applied to a substrate so as
by any kind of spacecraft. to form a nano-scale organic antenna. When
cellular radio to transmit information from the
He said: "It was much darker in those properly assembled, we believe that these
patches into the body to enhance the production of
days, and we thought anything that flashed was energy and stamina. This technological discovery LifeWave™ antennas are capable of passively
a UFO. There were lights but we were aware applies research from many fields of science." communicating with the user to instruct or initiate
that it was the lights of RAF Cranwell." The LifeWave™ Technology is the new various metabolic responses in the user.
According to the book everybody who approach to performance. Our Patent Pending
was abducted had their memory erased and the method allows organic materials to interact with
Journal has been complicit in a cover-up the human body to improve energy, performance
operation. and stamina but without ingesting anything.
Mick said: "Maybe he's telling the truth,
but its not the truth I can remember. It's either What is Nanotechnology?
completely true and it's me in the wrong, or he's Nanotechnology is described as
"Manufactured products that are made from atoms.
100 per cent barking."
The properties of those products depend on how
those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the
Bigfoot has place in our atoms in coal we can make diamonds. If we
rearrange the atoms in sand we can make computer
family tr ee chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and
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Herald Sun - July 4 2006 Technology takes advantage of nanotechnology For more information on Lifewave
resulting in an all natural product that Products and all Lifewave patches visit our
communicates with the user to improve energy and website at
MYSTERIOUS "Bigfoot" creatures said to be well being without stimulants. Clinical studies
roaming Malaysia's jungles are probably have shown increases in energy and strength www.lifewave.com/sweetpea
descended from humankind's ancient African
Reincarnation 7
choices by which we can continue to guide and road and the lady with me turned and said, 'Hey
Connecting Thr ough protect our loved ones still in earth's plan. did you see him?' And I said, 'Did I see what?'
Reincarnation? I tend to view it as one huge family
reunion filled with joy and love. Our 'family
She said there was a guy walking with us back
there. Well there wasn't anybody back there - it
bond' traces back hundreds of thousands of was just me and her." This was only one of
Fr om the book 'Stepping years. Have you ever traced your family tree? several similar experiences relayed to me
Stones' You may have a descendent who's earthly plan throughout our conversation. The ghost of
placed him as a close friend of President Confederate Captain Henry Wirz is one of the
Lincoln during the 1800's. You might find that a most common sightings near the old stockade
family member actually assisted Mr. Franklin fence, but by no means is he the only restless
with many of his accomplishments, or quite spirit here.
possibly sailed the ocean blue to the new world While researching for a book on haunted
with Columbus. battlegrounds, I had the opportunity to speak
Now think of your own current earthly with many Civil War re-enactors, and I noticed
plan. I cannot count the times that I heard from an unusually high number of them had some
my parents 'back when I was your age, I…' and kind of brush with the supernatural. The
proceed to share an experience that would witnesses I spoke with don't consider
become sound advice for me. I now catch themselves psychic in any way, they just know
myself repeating this statement with my own what they saw, heard, and felt. By placing
children, as they ask for advice. themselves in the uniform and the location, and
Could it be when you feel you have been in a by understanding the details of the battle and the
particular place or setting that a loved one who frame of mind of these long-dead soldiers,
has moved on is simply relaying to you 'been either consciously or subconsciously, a Civil
there, done that'? The loved one may be relaying War re-enactor is opening up to every
guidance to you with a 'back when I was your impression left on a field of battle.
by Rick Hayes age in my earthly plan, I…' I spoke to author and lecturer Richard
Thoughts shared are my own of course Senate about this theory, and he had another: "I
Columbus, Ben Franklin and Abraham and I may find that our creator allows us to be think that the whole experience of the re-
Lincoln utilizing the same spirit? in spirit along different paths. I somehow cannot enactment tends to re-stimulate psychic energy
In a recent consultation, it was requested replace my thoughts that if everyone connected or the leftover psychic traces," Senate said.
that I share my thoughts on the subject of to me in family sat down for dinner the table "The re-enactments themselves might act as a
reincarnation or more specifically if I felt that would never have and end, and the love and trigger." Perhaps both the re-stimulation and
we have 'past lives'. guidance would fill the room. frame-of-mind factors are working together to
"Could we have lived as another person So great-great-great-great-great Uncle produce a higher rate of ghost sightings. No
within an earthly shell many years ago?" President Rutherford Hayes; please pass the matter the cause, the effect is that war re-
Why do we feel as though we have green beans and tell me more about when you enactors may be the most likely group of
actually lived in a particular place or setting, but were my age. [] candidates to experience the supernatural on a
never have physically set foot in a particular consistent basis.
place or setting? Why do we feel as though we Rick Hayes is an Author, National Speakerand Battle sites are hallowed grounds, and
personally know someone that lived many years Paranormal Communications Consultant. To one doesn't have to be a psychic or sensitive to
ago, yet have no connection to this person? contact Rick, visit www.lifesgift.com or stand in the middle of a battlefield such as
The definition of reincarnation is "a www.lifesgift.net or email Rick at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and imagine what it
rebirth of a soul in a new human body" mediarelations@lifesgift.com. must have been like for tens of thousands of
(Webster's Dictionary). The definition is a men who fought and died trying to gain a few
comparison to overhauling a motor in an Civil War Re-enactors feet of precious ground. These were fellow
automobile. It is as though the spirit is 'placed human beings who gave everything they had for
on a shelf until needed for placement within a and the Ghost a cause they deemed bigger than themselves. To
new shell'. Personally, I have struggled with
thoughts of reincarnation, partly due I guess to
Experience sense and appreciate these bygone spirits today
is to simply be human.
the abilities given. Feelings are that we are
By Jeff Belanger
individually created as a unique spirit, and that You can visit Jeff Belanger's Web site to
we are given a unique life's path. Upon learn more about all things haunted:
Harold "Pappy" Harmon is a United
completion of our earthly plan, we move on to www.ghostvillage.com
States Civil War re-enactor. He's been dressing
up as a Confederate Captain and going to battle
"So could we not be placed in a new
sites since 1993. He is in charge of The 28th
body many years later and follow another
Georgia and 123rd New York Volunteer
earthly plan?"
Infantry - a group of re-enactors based in
The question is truly only answered by
Resaca, Georgia. "Pappy" Harmon has been to
our creator and there is no doubt all things are
some of the most infamous Civil War battle
possible through our creator. I am in wonder
sites, including Kennesaw Mountain and
each day of the many blessings both small and
Andersonville Prison. While Harmon says he
large given to one on their life's path. From the
doesn't believe in ghosts, he has had numerous
creation and birth of a child, to the beauty of our
unexplained experiences while at these historic
universe is one that cannot be duplicated.
With this said, I share my thoughts
While staying near the Andersonville
regarding this subject. As stated earlier, I feel
Prison site in Georgia back in 2001, "Pappy"
that we are each created as a unique spirit and
Harmon and a friend went walking the former
placed within a specially created earthly shell to
prison grounds at night - a site where more than
follow a unique earthly path. Throughout this
13,000 Federal soldiers lost their lives due to
path, we learn and grow to understand through
the harsh prison conditions in 1864 and 1865.
trials, choices, and blessings.
"We went down to the creek down there and we
Upon completion of our earthly plan, we
crossed over until we were walking along the
move on to be with those loved ones who have
bottom land," Harmon said. "We got up on the
moved on before us. We then continue our
8 Sear ching for the Truth
to Area 51), contacted me about possibly being The main entrance to Area 51 is down a
Sear ching for the Truth a speaker at this years conference, and knowing 13 mile well maintained dirt and gravel road
it would be a financial loss, due to the distance, that has no signs present on Nevada 375 (the
(Always Telling the Truth Means time and expenses, I gladly agreed to be part of Extraterrestrial Highway) between Ash Springs
the conference, for the simple fact that I would and Rachel, to indicate anything is there.
Never Having to Remember have an opportunity to see first hand what all Driving down the road toward the base
Anything) the "hype" was about related to the secret base entrance, I expected to see the guards in a gray
in Nevada. I was not in the least disappointed. pickup or white Jeep come up over a hill to let
The conference lasted 3 days in May 2006, and me know we were approaching the entrance.
I'll never regret the cost due to the first hand Much to my surprise, when I drove around a
knowledge I obtained about the security, at least corner and saw the warning signs, I also saw a
at the entrances to the base. gray pickup truck with two occupants parked on
For years I have read and heard reports a hill just up from the signs, watching me
about the intense security involved at Area 51, approach with binoculars fixed on me. They
but to actually be there and see it working were waiting for me as I assume a sensor had
doesn't compare with what I've read or heard. warned them someone was approaching. The
It's real and it's serious. guardhouse is about a quarter mile beyond the
signs (out of view from the dirt road), so they
have time to get in their vehicle, park on the hill
and be your welcoming committee. The main
entrance where the warning signs are located
has no gate of any kind, so if you go beyond the
signs you are on restricted land, and the
consequences are obvious. On the hills
Dennis G. Balthaser surrounding this entrance solar powered
cameras and listening devices are evident. There
is no fence ---only orange colored plastic
Security Is A Live And Well At boundary markers located every several yards to
Area 51 indicate where the boundary is.
Having seen pictures of this scenario
many times in the past, it was quite an
experience for me to actually be standing there
Stop and think for a minute that the base by the signs and boundary markers, and
has been in existence since 1955 when the CIA realizing that this is all too real. You can't help
(Central Intelligence Agency) opened it to test but wonder what all transpires on or under the
the U-2 spy plane in secrecy. Many of the base that we don't know about, to require such
aircraft we have in our military arsenal since high security?
then that were developed in secrecy, have been After my second lecture on our last day
test flown there (and several we don't yet know in Rachel, Chuck Clark asked me if I wanted to
about). During those 51 years that the base has drive out to the back gate entrance to the base.
been in existence, security to my knowledge has Knowing very little about the back gate
not been seriously breached, and remains off entrance, I jumped at the opportunity to go. The
limits to anyone not authorized to enter. back gate is a little closer to Rachel than the
So why is it that we can prevent anyone main gate and appears to have higher security
from going past security at Area 51, but cannot visible than the main gate. Apparently most
I know for a fact that the security at Area control our own United States borders? Perhaps deliveries to the base enter through the back
51 is alive and well, since I just returned from our borders need a few signs like are present at gate.
there, and experienced it first-hand. Area 51, that state in no uncertain terms "The
In my many years of doing this research, Use of Deadly Force is Authorized", and
I have always tried to present information that apparently mean it. Signs also list the penalties
was verifiable and confirmable, when possible. for violating the warnings, of either six-months
That hasn't always been an easy task, imprisonment and a $1000.00 fine, or one-year
considering the amount of disinformation being imprisonment and a $5000.00 fine based on two
spread around, particularly with a lot of that separate Federal Internal Security Act
information being presented on the Internet. Regulations. The guards (Cammo dudes as their
When doing lectures or writing sometimes known) are also a positive deterrent,
editorials about a particular subject, I find it and make their presence obviously known to
helps one's credibility if you have first-hand anyone approaching the entrances to the base,
knowledge of the subject. It's kind of like the which to me indicated that these people are
2000+ web sites on the Internet about the serious about enforcing security.
Roswell Incident. When you do some checking,
most of those people that have Roswell Incident
web sites have never been to Roswell or Once again after driving on a well-
interviewed a witness related to it, but claim to maintained, un-marked dirt road, you see the all
be authorities on the subject. From now on to familiar warning signs. At this entrance
when someone asks, "have you ever been to however you are also greeted by two swing-
Area 51?"---I can say, "Yes I have---at least to down gates with stop signs attached, a
the entrances to the base". guardhouse that has all the windows darkened
I have been researching Area 51 for so you can't see in, and a surveillance camera
several years, working closely with Chuck and other equipment.
Clark, who I consider the predominant person
with knowledge about Area 51.
Last year, Ike Bishop, who arranges the Serching for the Truth Continues
annual Rachel Nevada UFO Conference, (next on Page 9
Bella Maggiori Inn 9
to happen. The four people were having fun, Sear ching for the Truth
Ghost Hunt: Bella completely unaware that these sorts of things
don’t happen very often . Debbie, was quiet,
Maggiori Inn seemingly distracted. I have seen this happen (Always Telling the Truth Means
before when she is picking up something Never Having to Remember
powerful. My skin was crawling --because of
ghosts or my own reaction to the readings, I
don’t know.
We brought out the dowsing rods and let Continued from Page 8
our newcomers try their hand at dowsing a
ghost. It wasn’t long before the rods crossed at
the exact spot where the red zone was detected. This entrance has a ranch type barbed
We set up a simple code so we could ask wire fence showing the boundary line in each
questions of the entity. The spirit said she was direction from the gates. While at this entrance
the ghost called Sylvia and that she was I walked along the fence line in order to get a
murdered at the hotel long ago. We then asked if better view of the Russian Radar equipment set
up in the distance. The guard(s) in the guard
by Richard Senate she could appear before us and the rods crossed
indicating “Yes.” house were keeping tabs on my activities along
A picture was taken just then using a the fence with the camera that is mounted about
They were waiting, patiently, two
digital camera. There appeared on the mans 25 feet atop a metal tower, and whenever I
couples. They had won a chance to take part in
shirt a strange light, shaped like a triangle. We moved along the boundary, the camera followed
a ghost hunt as part of a charity package. They
asked how many ghosts were here and it said me.
were waiting at the target for tonight’s
investigation: the historic Bella Maggiori Inn on three. The thing went on to say it was frightened
67 South California Street, Downtown, Ventura, to leave, fearing some form of judgment. The
California. I had planned the investigation as a thing didn’t seem to know it had been dead for
follow up to one I had conducted last October. 60+ years, she thought it was only ten years,
The goal was to confirm the data collected at once again confirming that time, as we know it,
that time. I didn’t think much would happen. I doesn’t exist in the spirit world. She confirmed
would discover this night was one of the most the story of her death indicating she was
significant I had ever lead. I recall it was raining murdered in the nude and hung up in the closet
that night, just a few weeks ago, the rain was in a faked suicide. She confirmed that she knew
coming down in on and off showers. Perhaps it her killer and she understandably hated him. As
was the rain or maybe the combination of she communicated with us the smell became
psychic gifts found in the team that would make stronger until one of the team, suffering from
this investigation a success. asthma began to have an attack! Then, as soon
We met and shook hands. My wife, as it started, it was over. The powerful E-M
Debbie, was with me, her psychic gifts a real readings were gone and so to the smell.
It was an interesting investigation that After being at the entrance for several
boast to any findings we may or may not
did confirm the presence of the ghost, or ghosts, minutes, we soon noticed something in the
experience. Would we encounter the persistent
at the inn and gave us new data on the death of distance on the road inside the gates, coming
spirit of Sylvia, the ghost that haunts room 17 or
the spirit called Sylvia. It was a night I shall not towards us, and it turned out to be another
perhaps one of the other specters rumored to
forget in a long time. The data with scientific security guard, in a white Jeep. He stopped
wander the halls of the 1927 Inn? Even as I
tools confirmed something that shouldn’t have about a quarter mile from us and observed us
outlined the plans for the evening, the pungent
been there, the information gathered with the with binoculars, as had been done at the main
smell of cheap rose perfume drifted into the
rods experiment gave new information to follow entrance two days ago.
lobby. There didn’t seem to be a source for the
up. And the odd photo presented more Since we were apparently not a threat to
smell but it has long been associated with the
mysteries. The old Bella Maggiori once again him, he shortly thereafter drove up to the
ghost of Sylvia. It is her scent, the rose water
proved herself to be the queen of haunted guardhouse, getting out of the vehicle while
perfume. It became so oppressive that it made
Ventura. trying to stay out of view of our cameras. When
my eyes water. It would follow us as we toured
he departed he seemed upset that he had left the
the place.
If you have had an experience at the passenger door open on the Jeep, and rather than
We went to the hallway were the ghost
Bella Maggiori Inn or any other haunted B&B, come around the vehicle to close it where we
woman has been seen in the past, then to the
please contact me at my web site: www.ghost- would have a good photo opportunity of him, he
reading room on the second floor. That was to
stalker.com. Further investigations will be backed the Jeep up, hit the brakes and tried to
be our base of operations as we were set to
conducted in the future. close the door. Unfortunately for him, it didn't
conduct a number of experiments.
work, so he leaned over the seat out of our view
First I brought out an Electro-Magnetic
and pulled the door shut before taking off
scanner because ghosts tend to leave traces of
toward the base.
E-M energy where they appear. This one was
We departed the back entrance,
designed not to pick up ghosts but to check if
returning to Rachel, satisfied that whatever
equipment (such as microwave ovens ) are
takes place at Area 51 is well protected by
leaking harmful E-M radiation. Because of this,
warning signs that are extremely serious in their
the scanner is marked with a red danger zone.
warnings, surveillance equipment that works
This indicates that the E-M readings are harmful
well, and guards that have what appears to be a
to human life. Only once before did the thing
boring job unless someone like us shows up.
ever go into the red zone and that was at a very
I appreciate the hospitality of Chuck
haunted house in Hollywood. I scanned the
Clark, and know that my lectures and editorials
room expecting to get nothing very strong only
about Area 51 will be different in the future
to have the machine scream out a warning and
having "been there ---and done that".
go red! I checked, there wasn’t any mircowave
ovens or anything that might cause this to
Dennis G. Balthaser
happen. I checked several times, the zone did
Web site: www.truthseekeratroswell.com
seem to move as well. It was bizarre to say the
Visit Richard Senate at his website - Email: truthskr@roswell.net
least. Then the lights began to flicker faintly.
www.ghost-stalker.com. All photographs Copyright © Balthaser, 2006
Was it ghosts or was the rain causing something
10 Sasquatch Sensation
Sasquatch sensation gotten out there to do that."
THE-BEE accompanied BFRO on its
images of trees snapped over a remote trail.
Molloy said the trees were broken in a way that
Phillips goes ape over Bigfoot expedition June 29. The participants were a indicated purpose, but he conceded that the
expeditions cross-section of American life. They included images were not "conclusive evidence."
an Iowa bean farmer and implement repairman, Molloy and others on the expedition
a California-based Internet banker, and many consistently argued that absence of evidence
The Bee - by Ryan
Ryan Stutzman
Stutzman others, from Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois and does not equate to evidence of absence.
July 6, 2006 Arizona. There was also an Irish man who said BFRO disciples are sensitive to the fact
he builds furniture in a suburb of Dublin. that most people view their quest as a eccentric
Some wore designer outdoor clothing. curiosity at best – and an elaborate scam at
One man wore a Travis Tritt T-shirt, and another worst.
wore a Jack Daniels cap. One man looked as In any case, at a fee of $400 per vehicle (filled
though he was dressed for church. Some with as many clients as the vehicle can
dressed in camouflage from head to toe, while reasonably fit), the BFRO did not stage a
others braved the wilderness in shorts and financial coup in Price County. There were only
discount hiking shoes. six or seven vehicles parked at "base camp."
One of the camouflaged participants, Two weeks ago there were about twice
who also wore a maroon beret, combat boots, as many participants and vehicles, BFRO
and sunglasses (well into the dim light of members said. But the organization "isn't
evening), answered questions with a snappy, making any money off this," they added.
direct "affirmative" or "negative." He also said Base camp comprised a supply tent,
he had been "shadowed" by a bipedal creature
while scouting earlier in the afternoon, which
his cohorts took with anxious enthusiasm.
Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) Scouring topographical maps, the
director Matt Moneymaker (second from left) expedition party surmised that a large wetland
develops a strategy for tracking sasquatches in area with nearby high ground looked like ideal
the wilds of Price County June 29 with (from "squatch country."
right) Luke Molloy of Ireland, Don Young of A group of ten intrepid volunteers
Phillips and an unidentified man who told the subsequently marched into the swamp,
photographer, "I don't like cameras." The man including several who did not seem to be
with the walking stick is also unidentified. appropriately dressed. They did not attempt to
be quiet or inconspicuous. Each had a two-way
Whether or not one believes in the radio for coordination and safety purposes, and
legend of bigfoot, it was difficult not to get they used them frequently.
caught up in the local sasquatch sensation The group leader, Matt Moneymaker,
during the last two weeks. howled for sasquatch deep inside the spruce and
The Bigfoot Field Researchers alders. Others beat trees with poles, which is
Organization (BFRO), a California-based another form of sasquatch communication, they
group, conducted two weekend expeditions in said.
the wilds of Price County – one June 22-25 and Meanwhile, the men at base camp,
BFRO expedition participants set out for a
the other June 29-July 2. Participants came from approximately half-a-mile away, followed
bog area to search for Bigfoot.
all over the nation. developments in the bog with their own radios.
As the BFRO scoured the woods with A fire crackled nearby, and the noxious scent of chairs and firewood on the side of a remote
audio and video equipment, the city was abuzz a burning plastic bottle wafted over the woods. logging road (as a condition of the reporter's
with scuttlebutt about where they where and When asked why a rare, secretive participation, the BFRO asked that the location
what they might find. Bigfoot-related creature would not retreat from such of the group's activities be kept secret to protect
discussions were nearly ubiquitous in Phillips commotion, a BFRO member said that the the sasquatch from potential harm). Most
diners, shops and offices. sasquatch is a curious species and occasionally camped at developed facilities such as Solberg
Nearly every restaurant in town altered confronts intruders to intimidate them. But there Lake County Park.
their menus to include some kind of timely item was no reason to fear sasquatches, they added. The participants were universally
like bigfoot burgers or sasquatch soup. One The most fervent people in the enthusiastic, and their willingness to endure
business south of town even posted a sign expedition seemed to be well-versed in a tents, ticks, mosquitos and mud in search of
announcing that it would purchase sasquatch rudimentary scientific vocabulary, and they sasquatches seemed to have no bounds.
hides. spun a complex web of what they claimed are "The only way to know is to go," said
evidentiary connections that mainstream Tim Zamiski of Arizona.
Don Young, a Lugerville-area resident
science has missed. Molloy, a high-energy man who is full
who claims to have seen the creature several
The Irishman, Luke Molloy, likened the of wit and sasquatch information, said it might
times and is affiliated with the BFRO, said
bigfoot story to the giant squid and colossal not be enough for the BFRO to disseminate
bigfoot could be Price County's hodag
squid, which were figures of deep-sea lore for whatever evidence it happens to accumulate.
(Rhinelander's beloved monster legend).
generations. It has only been two years since a Bigfoot believers need a sasquatch to claim a
Young told THE-BEE that the first
Japanese expedition first caught one of the bed at a Nobel Prize-winning scientist's
expedition yielded promising evidence.
creatures on film – which was widely heralded retirement cabin, he quipped.
"We got something on thermal (imaging
as a watershed moment for marine biology. Otherwise, he said, the world will
equipment), and it looks pretty freaky to me," he
The BFRO is trying to uncover the probably continue to assume that sasquatch
mystery of sasquatches in the same manner, pictures are "a man in a monkey suit."
Young also said there have been sounds
Molloy said. Others brimmed with optimism,
from some kind of unusual animal – possibly a
But the scientific community also has tempered with sober expectations about each
sasquatch – coming from far inside a large
ample physical evidence of monster squid, individual expedition.
swampy area.
including severed tentacles and large squid "You won't see one and I won't see one,"
"We're getting a lot of response from the
beaks from the bellies of sperm whales. said Eric Lester, a trim, soft-spoken man from a
calls," he said, referring to the ocalizations
The only evidence the BFRO put Chicago suburb. "... But we'll have the last
BFRO guides use to rouse the sasquatch.
forward for independent review by this writer, laugh, whether it's one year from now or 100
"There's no way any person could have
except for a rich supply of anecdotes, were years from now." []
Religious Zealots 11
Pr otect Yourself fr om Hey, nothing in your life is too personal for a
coercer to try and "fix." Supposedly, this person
Religious Zealots (c) has brilliant insights about everything that you FUNERAL
should be doing.
That funny word "should" often gives it
ABE LINCOLN, 16th President of the United
By Rose Rosetree away. However, you won't necessarily hear any
States, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
words at all. Most coercion isn't spoken directly
on April 14, 1865.
Copyright (c) by Rose Rosetree 2006 to your face. The nagging happens behind your
back or it's given the sanctimonious gloss of
How best can you protect yourself from Right now, somewhere, someone is
zealots who insist on making your religious life "praying" by asking God to inflict on others
their business? Many a glorious spiritual seeker something that the coercer thinks would be
has been told that he's going to Hell. Bossy! good...even invading free will areas as intimate
Remember, nobody at Earth School has the as religion, sexual orientation and political
right to interfere in the life of anyone else. choice.
(Exceptions are raising a child to maturity or if Even the nicest-sounding requests can
you find somebody breaking the law.) When mess up people's auras. If you're on the sending
someone you know is making what seems like a end, stop. If on the receiving end, here's how to
mistake, it's fine to speak your opinion directly, clear that garbage out of your aura:
once. Advice turns coercive when repeated, For this method to be effective, speak
whether to a person's face or behind his back or, words like these out loud: "God, surround me
After the Funeral: On April 21, his body
even worse, as a so-called "prayer." with light. Give me a shield of protection so
was laid to rest in a temporary vault in
Never let religious bullies victimize you. that, from now on, only energies of the highest
Springfield, Illinois, while a permanent
Here are some practical ways to use your own vibrations may enter my aura and my home.
mausoleum was under construction. The body
spiritual awareness for self-protection. Ask God Next, please bring in a violet flame to transmute
was moved three more times, ten entombed in
to transform subconscious patterns that weaken all stale or negative energy."
the National Lincoln Monument on October 15,
you. For instance, what if you've been made to Now comes the flashy part. Think the
1874. But in 1876 a ring of counterfeiters made
fear that you're bad, stupid or crazy? Ask God to name of a Divine Being like Archangel
two attempts to kidnap the body and hold it
take negative programming away, then fill you Michael, St. Germain or Kwan Yin. Ask him or
hostage until an accomplice was freed from
with the opposite (usually some form of her to remove all psychic coercion from your
prison; the second attempt was nearly
believing in yourself). subconscious mind, flinging the unwanted stuff
successful - it was foiled just as the conspirators
Next, ask God to alert you to anyone out of your aura and into the violet flame.
were prying open the sarcophagus.
sending you coercive messages, whether an "Imagine" means that you may not
Between 1876 and 1901, Lincoln’s body
individual or a group. Have a conversation, if necessarily see. You may feel it, hear thoughts
was moved 14 more times - sometimes for
you can, where you tell that person in no or otherwise sense what's happening. Any of
security reasons, other times to repair the
uncertain terms, "Stop bossing me around." this works just fine.
dilapidated crypt. In 1901 Old Abe was laid to
Negative patterns can also be healed When the garbage removal is complete,
rest a final (so far) time. As his son Robert
from your cellular memory. Ask God to remove you'll know it. To finish, ask the Divine Being
supervised, the coffin was encased in steel bars
the debris stuck in your cells, working out any to fill you with light.
and buried under tons of concrete. As far as
karmic debts in the mildest possible way, like How vividly must you experience all
anyone can tell, Abe hasn't been moved since.
your dreams. Ask to learn the details this in order for the healing to work?
consciously only if necessary. Not vividly at all! Clearer experiences
You can also ask a Divine Being to help will come as you develop deeper perception.
you release "The Big One." Ironically, garbage like psychic coercion may People in Halifax,
Commonly, a person subconsciously be what's blocking that perception. To break out
carries one major vulnerability pattern, like "If of this cycle, just do the healing.
Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm not good enough, nobody will love me," or Of course you can know what you think, Listen To
"Worrying means that I'm responsible." what you feel, what you desire! Pay attention. The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
Subconscious perfectionism is And if, in future, you hear the word "Should".... with
exhausting to strive for, and when a person feels Well, I won't order you. But I do invite you to
discouraged temporarily, other people's bullying question what's going on. Almighty God doesn't
Rob McConnell
messages can sneak in... by the truckload. "should" us. Why let mere mortals? on
So question inside until you find your AM 920 CJCH
vulnerability pattern. ***
Acknowledge yourself for caring that
much. Then ask God's help to throw off the This article is adapted from Rose
inappropriate load, once and for all, and then fill Rosetree's new book, Let Today Be a Holiday:
you with light. No bully deserves to intrude on 365 Ways to Co-Create with God, being
the big sacred space that you share with God. published this month, with special events in
England, Ireland and Massachusetts. It's
More Secrets of Self-Protection available at her website, www.rose-
rosetree.com. There you'll find more of Rose
"Psychic coercion" is the technical term Rosetree's books, plus articles, FAQs and The
for what happens to an aura when people try to Portal to Deeper Perception. If you like, you can
play God. It's the most prevalent form of also subscribe to her free monthly zine, with
subconscious debris on the planet. Ironically, face and aura readings of people in the news.
the worst offenders are clueless that they have America's leading expert at deeper
hurt anyone. More likely, they think they're perception, Rosetree's work has been praised in
helping. newspapers as different as The Washington
Coercers dictate how you should dress. Post, the Washington Times, the LA Times, and
Or they've figured out how you should earn The Catholic Standard. She teaches regularly on
your money, also exactly how to spend it. What three continents. []
about your food, your hobbies, your sex life?
12 Ghost Hunting in Or egon
Adventures in Ghost horizon, apparently on the water. It was as if
something was glowing from beneath. It didn't
Between ’97 and 2000, I did a number
of interviews with people on this subject. I
Hunting on Oregon’s look like anything was casting the glow from heard a tale about a UFO sighting in Astoria.
above, as the moon wasn't to be seen, and it Indeed, that whole town is full of strange tales
Coast certainly wouldn't have looked red. Whatever it about hauntings in numerous spots, like the old
was, it must've been huge, and it kept changing fire engine house and plenty in the Liberty
By Andre’
Andre’ Hagestedt shape. Theater. Then again, this is the oldest town west
I thought I was seeing things, but finally of the Mississippi. Two horror flicks latched
pointed it out to Christine, and we spent the next onto it recently and filmed there: “The Ring II”
half hour staring at it, trying to figure it out, and the Lovecraft tale “Cthulu” was recently
with theories about UFO's and whatever just made there.
flying. Just as we began zipping up the I heard about a supposed sea monster at
foredunes to the cabin to grab our friends, it Cape Kiwanda (probably just the result of
disappeared. They simply laughed at us. people going missing in the raging, monstrous
This got me thinking about the coast in a surf of the area). I was told of coffee pots that go
whole new way. Over the years, as my flying in a restaurant in Seaside, and the
obsession with the coast grew, and “The X- mysterious footsteps of someone walking
Files” came on TV, I periodically wondered behind a kitchen door when there’s no one there.
about what I’d seen that night in 1987. I paid There’s the old tales of buried treasure and a
attention to fishing boats on the sea, and mysterious Spanish Galleon in Manzanita, with
Oregon Coast) – Some people collect hubcaps, realized these definitely did not create this one version purporting the crew buried their
figurines or stamps. I collect paranormal stories oddity. African slaves alive with the treasure to keep
about Oregon’s coast. Somewhere in the early 80’s, I heard the natives away.
It’s not that I swallow this stuff – it’s just about a weird phenomenon called “glowing There were the strange, nebulous tales
that it fascinates the hell outta me. It’s certainly sands” in a hidden cave in Lincoln City. This, of the Van Duzer Corridor – between Salem and
a whole new level to Oregon tourism, I’ve too, captivated me for years and years, and I Lincoln City – sort of Oregon’s version of the
discovered. And well, I have had a few things yearned to finally see this. Eventually I did “Extraterrestrial Highway,” with talk of lights in
happen I can’t really explain. some research on the subject, and discovered it the sky or people appearing in the roadway and
Doing this research has been an was glowing phytoplankton named then disappearing. One rumor has a pair driving
adventure all its own as well, filled with dinoflagelettes, which are bioluminescent, through the winding, twisting roadway and
startling, strange discoveries, memorable meaning they glow in the same manner fireflies feeling as if their car was being controlled by
moments and interesting twists in all sorts of do. some unseen force. Another tale, according to
ways. Finally, in 1993, I spotted the my old friend Jason Frank, has two Seattle
It all started about 20 years ago, when I dinoflagelettes myself on a dark beach in friends telling him they spotted what looked like
was in my early 20’s, and I was dating this girl Newport. It was one of the biggest thrills of my a secret military base while hiking in those
whose family went out to Oceanside quite a bit. life. woods.
Stranger than fiction already: I actually grew up Lincoln City’s visitor center sells a
hating the Oregon coast. But this one trip to videotape of ghost hunters rummaging around
Oceanside with this girl’s family had me town, looking into the famed “ghost ship” of
entranced with the place. I got my mother Siletz Bay, and there are numerous seriously
hooked on it as well, and she took me and my chilling moments where they deal with ghosts in
brother out there once or twice, which, in turn, the firehouse on the north end of town and with
got me even more hooked. a really ticked-off ghost at a Depoe Bay
Somewhere around one of these trips restaurant.
with my mom, my girlfriend and I read this
book about Oregon ghost stories, including this
one about “bandage man,” – some goofy tale
about a bandaged specter who terrorized folks
on dark roads around Cannon Beach. Really, it
was a silly story that was sort of a low-budget
version of the mummy, but it had me scared late
one night when I took a walk in Netarts, next to It was suggested once that maybe what I
Oceanside. Here I was, 22 years old, and all of saw in Neskowin was those little glowing
a sudden the idea of “bandage man” frightened critters. Somewhere around 1997 or ’98, I’m
me into high-tailing it back to the motel. interviewing this expert on glowing
Then, I had what I call my own phytoplankton from Florida, and I ask her about
"personal X-File." A couple years later, in 1987, my personal X-File. She said there is a brand of
I was dating this amazing beauty for about a glowing phytoplankton known that glow in red,
month - exactly a month, actually. It was the but these waters are too cold for that. Then there was the bone-chilling
second full moon and Friday the 13th in a row. The rest of her response still chills me to interview I had with famed photographer Steve
This was weird enough. But Christine and I this day: "There's still much out there we don't Terrill about the ghost at the Heceta Head
were celebrating our one-month anniversary know about." lighthouse. While I laughingly remark that this
together (we had hooked up on the prior full So, by 1997, I became engaged with yarn has shades of the old "Ghost and Mrs.
moon/Friday the 13th). discovering more ghost stories. At the time, I Muir" TV series, Steve was thoroughly lucid
She and I joined a group of friends at had a wacky, cutting edge website called the and convincing on this one. He and
their beach cabin at Neskowin about 1 a.m. We Oregon Coast Alterna-Guide, which had a photographer Steve Gaddis were staying at the
immediately hit the beach, and serendipitously, paranormal/weird science section to it. lighthouse B&B, when they had various
we found a big bonfire still burning - as if Periodically, people would email me their weird encounters with the “lady phantom of the
waiting for two star-crossed lovers. tales of the coast. Someone told me about house,” including spotting someone in Gaddis’
We chatted beneath cloud cover so thick glowing balls of lightning floating around Coos room window, when there wasn’t a soul in the
the moon was not visible, but you could still just Bay. Someone supposedly discovered “crop B&B. The family there considers her a member
barely make out the horizon. At one point, I circles” in the sands of Hug Point near Cannon of the family, and this tale actually has the most
noticed something odd in the darkness. There Beach, which they attributed to beings who witnesses of all the ones I’ve researched on the
was a faint, undulating patch of red on the lived under the Earth (whatever that meant). coast. (Continued on Page 13)
Ghost Hunting in Or egon 13
someone about something, etc., and then to this coastline. Even after 10 years of
Adventures in Ghost somehow, serendipitously, something just falls obsessively gathering every possible detail
Hunting on Oregon’s in your lap to help you along in some way. But
in Wheeler, indeed much of the bay area, it
about this shoreline, I’m grateful I’m still
making discoveries. []
Coast happens a lot more often. I spend a great deal of
time in Portland and towns up and down the
coast, and this place, I strenuously maintain, is
Or egon Facts and
Continued from Page 12
very different. Newport’s Nye Beach area has Trivia
some of the same thing going on. Click here to 1. Oregon's state flag pictures a beaver on its
read more on this. reverse side. It is the only state flag to carry two
separate designs.
2. Oregon has more ghost towns than any other
3. The Columbia River gorge is considered by
many to be the best place in the world for
4. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United
States and is formed in the remains of an ancient
5. Oregon and New Jersey are the only states
without self-serve gas stations.
6. Eugene was the first city to have one-way
7. Pilot Butte, a cinder cone volcano, exists
Another fairly credible yarn comes within the city limits of Bend.
from Wheeler, from Winston Laszlo, owner of 8. At 329 feet the Coast Douglas-Fir in Oregon
Old Wheeler Hotel. He's encountered several is considered the tallest tree in the state.
things in that old building he couldn't really 9. At 8,000 feet deep Hells Canyon is the
explain. Sometimes, he said, he believes he deepest river gorge in North America.
I n 10. The hazelnut is Oregon's official state nut.
sees someone in the corner of his eye, only to t h e
discover there's no one there. Oregon is the only state that has an official state
meantime, in and around all this fascination nut. The hazelnut is also known as the filbert.
Once, Winston was looking in a mirror with – and research on – the paranormal tales of
in the hotel's public area and saw the 11. Oregon's state birthday is on February 14,
the coast, I’ve seen dozens of crazy natural Valentine's Day.
reflection of a man sitting in a chair behind things on the beaches. Sea foam so frothy it
him. Winston says he turned around to look at 12. The "Oregon Pioneer" statue that tops the
flies upwards in huge chunks, looking like capitol building is a work by Ulric Ellerhusen.
the man, whom he didn't recognize as a guest, flurries of snow going the wrong way. The
and there was no one there. This heroic figure represents the spirit of
summer of 2004 was so full of glowing Oregon's early settlers.
A pair of ghost hunters even came to phytoplankton sightings it was amazing.
the visit the place and took photos of what 13. The state park system has 159 yurts located
Whales and their baby calves cavorting in a bay in 19 parks. Yurts are a circular domed tent
they believed could be "spirit orbs" just near Depoe Bay. Huge bundles of unidentifiable
outside the basement area. Winston still has suitable for camping.
objects washed up after storms. Strange, hidden 14. Navy blue and gold are Oregon's official
copies of these. spots with an unmistakable mystical, spiritual
My favorites, however, are the oddball state colors.
vibe. And of course, there have been plenty of 15. The Chinook salmon is Oregon's official
ones that are easily debunked or obviously freaks in the local bars – both natives and
silly. Like the story about the Yaquina Head state fish.
tourists. The list goes on. 16. The Willamette River was discovered in
Lighthouse in Newport, which purportedly It’s all led me to the inescapable
had the ghost of an assistant lighthouse keeper 1792.
conclusion there’s so much more to Oregon’s 17. Darlingtonia Wayside is Oregon's only rare
named Higgins bumbling around the place. I coast than finding a nice beach or a bowl of
called lighthouse authorities once to interview plant sanctuary. []
clam chowder. There’s a whole other dimension
them about that, and they told me they had
recently received a letter from a descendent of
the man, saying he had never died in the
lighthouse but had moved to Portland and
eventually died there of old age.
The other, somewhat hilarious, part of
this one has the TV crew of the Hardy Boys
show filming there in the 70’s, smothering the
inside of the lighthouse with cobwebs and
other props, but leaving the place in such a
mess that the organization in charge of the
lighthouse at the time had to sue the
Hollywood team to get them to come and
clean it up.
In recent years, I, too, have come
across a phenomenon I can’t explain, but have
certainly experienced it. Called the “Wheeler
Moment,” it’s a legend that has to do with the
Nehalem Bay area and how unarticulated
thoughts and wishes just somehow seem to
come true – or odd little coincidences just
seem to happen there with startling regularity.
Everyone has these: where you’re thinking
about needing something, or wanting to talk to
14 Morgellons Disease
Morgellons And The
Myster y Of Mind Contr ol

by Clif f Mickelson

As time passes, the magnitude of the

ongoing catastrophic affliction known as
"Morgellons disease", Elliot's disease, (Or just
simply Skin 'Fibers') continues to geometrically
explode across North America, as well as
around the world.
Illustrative, as a result of that terrifying
growth, is evidence that (IMO) this disease is no
accident of nature. In truth, there may well be
nothing "natural" or "accidental" about it at all.
I believe continued research into the
mechanics and nature of this horrid affliction
will eventually find this creature employs at
least five (and possibly 7 or more) different
manifestations (appearances) which it uses to its
advantage, as well as enabling several different and poorly understood aspects of the human
growth or evolutionary functions during its Other Morgellons Websites
thought processes.
tenure within the human body. These include the domains of creative
The organism reveals itself thus, being Morgellons Research Foundation
abstraction, personality, derivative social http://www.morgellons.org
programmed, as it appears to be, with a specific, behavior, and most importantly, self-perception
a purposeful and a multilevel agenda to and the definition of one's personal reality.
accomplish. Morgellons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All this may be achieved by working a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellons
I believe it will be proven that this delivery transfer to the victim, from a pre-
creature follows a directive that goes far beyond programed and passively coded organic base of
the parameters of a biologically based parasitic Morgellons USA
information that is integral to the unit http://www.morgellonsusa.com
relationship between mutually hostile (organism) itself. This packet of information is
organisms. indistinguishable from, and indeed may well be,
Its physical effects (*see link at bottom the same base of code upon which the unit itself
of page) are a deliberate and necessary portion is assembled.
of its encapsulated directive. But there may be This "creature" then, is a form and
more...it appears also to be programmed to seek signpost of a foreign mastery.
out a portal or mental patch bay, if you will, And...
within its host, and then to serve in a bookmark If there is a master, then it follows that
role as a passive, pre-instructed selective there must also be a slave.
activator of certain predisposed and targeted This is therefore a testament to the
personality characteristics and/or thought power of some kind of external life or form to
process constructs that lay within the dominion effect, by its subterfuge upon the denizens of
of the human mind. this earth, a chain of bondage the likes of which
Thus, this entity, by gaining access to are still only pipe dreams in the cutting edge
the human or apparently ANY animal body, is laboratories of even the most visionary mad
able to deliver to that target, a command packet scientists or only in the fantasies of the most
of bio-codes which affects a highly successful maniacal of power hungry and demented
form of untraceable activation, direction and political monsters.
control over that target's selection of assigned So, it is germane to ask: Is this the
behavioral priorities and preferences. manner in which some unseen evil intends to
These preferences outwardly appear, (to overcome the abstract, soaring, incarnations of
others) as being the victim's overt choices , but the human "mind"?!
in reality, they are simply an override of the Are the mice about to volunteer to feed
victim's own control hardware and serve as an the cat?
activation protocol for already latent or As always, there is much more here that
suppressed counterproductive personality traits. ever meets the eye.
This construct may be easier to grasp if Again, I believe it will be shown that
one recalls that it is a proven fact that these kind none of this is an accident. The old folk saying:
of "mindsnatchers" or behavioral modifiers "The Devil is in the smallest of details" is very
already exist in the natural parasitic world. true...
In particular, I am reminded of a parasite This time, however, the devil may well
that infects mice and then alters their brain BE the smallest of details.
chemistry so that they seek the company of cats.
The mice are then killed and devoured by the (*) Morgellons does more than just rewire the
cats. This is accomplished so the parasite may way a victim's mind works. [For a sobering
finish its life cycle in the intestines of the cat. description of the "physical effects" of
The mouse, in effect, commits mmits suicide to Morgellons ... Follow link at bottom of page to
further the agenda of the parasite. a long but excellent article written in 2003 by
So, with this example in mind, rest Cathy McDonald -
assured that the Morgellons organism appears to http://www.curezone.com/forums/mp.asp?f=31
possess a similar, modular function that can 5&i=473]
interject itself into some of the more important
Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots 15
Aesop’s Fables have been told and retold for
thousands of years. Here are a few that The ‘X’
Chronicles have picked to pass on.


A fox was walking along the road, when

he spied some delicious grapes growing on a
high trellis. “My they look good!” he said. He
jumped up but couldn’t reach them. He tried
again and again, but to no avail. Finally he
looked angrily at the grapes and said,
“Hmmmmm, who wants the old grapes?
They’re probably sour anyway.”
Cleopatra to Christ / Moral: It’s easy to despise what you
can’t have.
Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots THE SICK LION
by Ralph Ellis A lion, unable from old age and
infirmities to provide himself with food by
force, resolved to do so by trickery. He returned
Book I - Cleopatra to Christ to his den, and lying down there, pretended to
be sick, taking care that his should be publicly
Why was the birth of a poor 'carpenter' in the first century known. The beasts expressed their sorrow, and
AD visited by the Magi: the Persian king-makers? Why came one by one to his den. After many of the
was Jesus later known as the 'King of the Jews'? There is a beasts had thus disappeared, a fox, presenting
great deal of evidence within the New Testament, which himself to the lion, stood on the outside of the
demonstrates that Jesus was actually of royal blood. But if cave, at a respectful distance, and asked him
this is so, then from which royal family was he descended? how he was, “I am very middling,” replied the
Using many strands of contemporary evidence, Ralph Ellis lion, “but why are you standing out there?
has pieced together a historical jigsaw puzzle, which Please come in and talk with me.” “No thank
demonstrates that the biblical Jesus was directly descended you,” said the fox. “I notice that there are many
from Cleopatra VII, the most famous queen of Egypt. But footprints entering your cave, btu I see no trace
this is not all, for in piecing this story together it would of any returning.”
seem that Jesus also had an aristocratic Roman and royal Moral: The wise person learns from the
Persian ancestry too; and it is the latter bloodline element misfortunes of others.
that explains the appearance of Persian Magi at his birth.
But why should the New Testament authors obscure the THE ASS AND THE FOX
ancestry of such an illustrious prince? Well, the gospel writers were looking for an ideal
family as their role model, but this particular royal family hid a dark, unmentionable secret. An ass put on a lion’s skin, and roamed
Join Ralph on the incredible untold story of a king and queen who were exiled to Judaea in around the forest amusing himself by scaring all
4AD - just a couple of years before the Roman taxation of Judaea, when Jesus is said to the foolish animals eh met. Finally, he met a
have been born. fox, and tried to scare him too - but as soon as
the fox heard the ass’s voice, he said, “Well, I
Book II - Scota, Egyptian Queen of the might have been frightened... if I hadn’t heard
Scots your bray.”
Moral: Clothes may disguise a fool, but
The legends of Ireland and Scotland tell a fantastic tale of his words give him away.
an Egyptian queen and her Greek husband, who were
exiled from Egypt at some point during the second THE THIRSTY PIGEON
millennium BC. Chased from their homelands, they took to
the sea and settled in Spain and then Ireland. It is said that A pigeon, overcome by thirst, saw a
it was from this Queen Scota and King Gaythelos that the glass of water painted on a sign. Not realizing it
modern titles for the Scottish and Gaelic people were was only a picture, she quickly flew towards it
derived. All of these early Celtic myths were finally set and crashed into the sign. Her wings broken, she
down in a fourteenth century book called 'Scotichronicon', fell to the ground.. and was captured by a
the title page of which appears on the cover of this book. bystander.
But what are we to make of this ancient story - is it based Moral: Zeal should not outrun
more upon fact or fiction? Historians have, as one might discretion.
expect, taken the story to be complete fiction; but there are
many elements to this hoary old tale that demonstrate that THE SERPENT AND FILE
the authors of Scotichronicon knew a great deal about the ancient history and language of
Egypt. Ralph Ellis has taken a lateral look at this mythology, and found many links and A serpent wandered into a carpenter’s
associations that lead to one inescapable conclusion - that the extraordinary tale of Queen shop. As he glided over the floor he felt his skin
Scota and King Gaythelos is probably true. pricked by a file lying there. In a rage he turned
and attacked, trying to sink his fangs into the
For More
More Information Or To Order Books by Ralph Ellis, Visit file; but he could do no harm to heavy iron and

www.edfu-books.com soon had to get over his wrath.

Moral: It is useless attacking the
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Total Health 06 : Energy is the Edge

was held at the Queen Elizabeth
Building, Exhibition Place, in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, from March 31 - April
2, 2006. There were 60 Inernational
speakers plus over 200 Exhibits and 2

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Living Dimension of the Universe 17
This Living Dimension that we are part of something very, very, big.
Ask yourself the following:
of the Universe
- Purpose of life for a human being?
- Purpose of other life forms on our planet?
- Where your emotions come from?
- Your intuition and inner feelings of guidance?
- What makes your hair stand up on your neck
or arms?
- Why do we dream?
- What's the interpretation of your dreams?
- Why all human beings look different and act
- We do we all have different goals and
- What is the déjà vu experience and why does
it happen?
- Why do people keep talking about past lives
and reincarnation?
- Why do be people believe in angels and
by Sandy Andrew
Andrew spiritual guides?

It seems that most human beings have a

Do you realize where you are? Some sense that when they pass from Earth that they
may answer, "New York City," or "USA". Some will live on, in some form or another. Many of
of you may even answer, "I'm on planet Earth" us believe that we are eternal spirits of the Named Henry Alexander Andrew, but
or, "We are in the Milky Way". creator and that we are here on Earth to learn known as Sandy, he grew up in a small village
Planet Earth is located within the Milky lessons in life; and that we even chose to in Scotland which by no means is typical, nor
Way galaxy along with an estimated 400 billion experience them for our own spiritual growth. is completing an apprenticeship in painting and
other stars: 400 billion! Can you believe this These beliefs are nothing new; they have decorating in England. In fact, there is almost
number? Absolutely staggering! been around for thousands of years. Only in the nothing typical about Sandy Andrew, a
Can you imagine that if only 1% of these last hundred years or so have the people of dynamic, hopeful part-time writer with big
stars had planetary bodies similar to our solar Earth started to access this knowledge through goals and an even bigger message.
system? Planets like Mars, Neptune, and Earth the dawning of the information age. For some At age twenty, Andrew moved to South
for example? What figure is that? 4 billion stars. people it's hard to let go, or even relax Africa to use the knowledge gained from his
Let's even be more conservative, let's say 1% of somewhat their religious beliefs. Even though time as an apprentice and in 1999, moved to
4 billion of the Milky Way's stars have planetary they privately admit that they are bored with Dallas, Texas, fulfilling his lifelong goal of
bodies, that brings us to 40 million stars, right? church, and unsure about a faith that has been moving to the United States.
Now, let's say that 1% of the forty million stars translated time and time again. The fear of Andrew hopped from Texas to
have 1(one) planetary body that supports some change can be traumatic for many people, not to California to Georgia, earning multiple
type of life. That brings us to 400,000 planetary mention being branded outsider by the religious academic and trade certificates in small
bodies with some type of life present. Let's social community. business management, estimating basics,
estimate that 1% of these planetary bodies have The spiritual theory of Universal blueprint reading and specifications, just to
some type of conscious life form, so now that's Learning focuses on developing an name a few. Andrew earned his associate’s
4,000 planetary bodies that have living understanding of the transcendent scale of the degree in business management from
breathing life forms present with you in the universe and learning the ways of God-the Ashworth College and has been awarded with
Milky Way Galaxy right now as you're reading creator. a slew of prizes and honors for everything from
this text. Mind boggling to think that there are This infinite learning process for the business calculations to decorative painting.
thousands of other planet planetary bodies that eternal spirit is undertaken by incarnating into His academic and career interests are
have other types of life forms is it not? various life forms throughout the different accompanied by an undying passion to write
Just to increase your awareness further, living dimensions. Lifetimes as a human being and teach on the eternal question: Why are we
do you know that there are an estimated 125 on planet Earth are a part of this learning here? This search for truth led Andrew to start
billion other galaxies containing billions and process; hence the many lifetimes (past lives) writing down the visions and feelings he
billions of stars? Quite difficult for the human you undertook and the future lifetimes you will experiences. From these thoughts, Andrew
mind to comprehend all of this information; but undertake here on Earth and elsewhere in this formed the concept of the Universal Learning
it is what it is. It's all there; just take a look up living dimension. theory, which consists of lessons and life
to the night sky, the evidence is right before The Milky Way's billions of stars and experiences and is described as “the purpose of
you. Hopefully now you have some sense of their planetary bodies which includes planet our lifetime.”
where you truly are. Earth, are part of this particular living Andrew informs the reader that it is this
Do you really think that the cultures of dimension. More commonly referred to as part kind of learning, guided by Universal Laws
planet Earth are the be all and end all of of the universe, this living dimension is and Universal Energy, that will lead us to our
existence? Do you think that these other estimated to have well over a quadrillion of most fulfilled and spiritually satisfied state. His
planetary bodies have the same religious or stars! As there is no recorded measurement of theories are described with both the certainty of
spiritual beliefs that human kind does in the 21st time in the spiritual dimension we have an his business knowledge and the heart of his
century? Do you think they constantly eternity worth of lifetimes in the living diverse life experiences. []
physically and culturally wage war against each dimensions to learn the infinite ways of God-the
other? Maybe they do, maybe they don't. creator. For more information on YOUR NEVER-
In order for humankind to prosper and
develop, there needs to be a spiritual awakening ABOUT THE AUTHOR: UNIVERSAL LIFE LEARNING SERIES
and realization by the people of planet Earth. Sandy Andrew is the author of: Your pleas visit:
The people do not have to give up their present Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal
beliefs as there are many paths to the creator; Learning Series
however, what they must do is acknowledge www.UniversalLearningSeries.com
each other and the universe, and just be aware Visit: www.UniversalLearningSeries.com
18 Books By Ralph Ellis
The Most Guarded Secr et 19
THE MOST GUARDED fragment from her book.
“The Algonkin of the Great Lakes
- Seri, from Mexico’s Triburan Island called
him *Tlazoma (The Miracle Worker)
SECRET remember well the pale Great Master. The - That Papago people called him *E-see-co-tl.
Chippewa say He gave them many medicine - The Dene people called him *Azoma.
lodges whose signs and symbols are secret, - The Navajo had the best name for him of all
fashioned from those across the ocean, and even which was *Yeh-ho-vah (Jehovah).
today they hold this secret knowledge… - The Hopi also called him *Tah-co-pah, (The
The Algonkin of the Eastern Seaboard, Healer).
when asked how they got their name for the - The Zuni and Acoma people called him
Dawn Light, say that it was the name of the Pale *Mahnt-Azoma or Great Kate-Zahl.
One. They would not give Him their own name, - The Mexican Zapotec called him *Kate-Zahl.
as He had asked them. To Him names meant - The city of Caba Clos called him *Sume.
nothing and He allowed each tribe to name Him. - The city of Itza-Mal called him *Itza-Matul or
They asked instead His name in childhood when Silver dew which falls from Heaven. The city
He lived across the ocean. The name He gave of Chichen Itza is the city of the Pale God with
them was a strange one, hard to say in their all its temples.
liquid language, so today they try hard to say - The Shoshone called him *Wako-Naga which
Chee-Zoos, God of the Dawn Light. (Jesus)… is an interesting combination between the name
of the Prophet found in South American and
THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF NAMES Naga (Lord Serpent) which is at once both
by Glenn Kimball FOR THE WHITE GOD OF THE NATIVE Tibetan and Egyptian.
AMERICANS. - The Maya called him *Gu-ku-matz: the
The most guarded secret in the world by Plumed Serpent, or Kul-kul-kan.
the time of Jesus was that you could travel forty
times farther in a day by boat than you could - The Polynesians used the name *Wakea all the “About the campfires of the Ancients the
over land. If you were a merchant you could not way from Tahiti to New Zealand and to Easter tales of the Prophet are secret. For the benefit of
only travel faster and farther via the sea, but Island off the South American Coastline. their youth they chant the stories of long ages
haul cargo much less expensively. The traffic - In the city of “Ancient Glory Pachacamac, ago when they lived in cities, and of a sainted
of goods was as lucrative then as it is now. The queen of the ocean” they used the term *Wakea Healer who came and lived among them. He
ability to trade was the core of all successful or Wako. taught them agriculture, manufacturing of
civilizations including the Egyptian and Roman. - The non-Christian tribe from Matto Grasso various items and spirituality. Before leaving a
The city of Rome itself was based on called the “Waikanoes” used the name * place he always appointed 12 leaders, whom he
controlling merchant traffic; in as much as the Waikano for the “Pale Prophet”. taught secret rights and a secret language to
majority of the citizens of Rome didn’t - In Guatemala they called him *The Pale One. continue his work. To them, He was known as
manufacture or grow anywhere near what they - In Ek-Balaam, capitol of the Sacrificers, they Chee-Zoos (Jesus), the Dawn God, and they
were consuming. Egypt wasn’t much better. called him *The Pale One. whisper of Him about the campfires on winter
Most of their income came from traffic down - The Kee-chee people from Panuco, along the evenings when no white man can listen. The
the Nile from the interior of Africa via boats. shores of the Sunrise Ocean called him *Waco, love they bear him is beyond measurement, for
That is the reason they worshiped boats. Wah-water, co-serpent, or the*Great Serpent. well they know He watches over them, and that
The motivation behind the building of - Other names used were *Hurukan, or Lord of when their journey here is over, He will meet
ancient astronomical observatories, such as Wind and Water, Condors and the *Wind God. them in the Land of Shadows, for such was His
Stonehenge and others was not to discover - In Ancient Georgia they called him *E-See- sacred promise. They smoke the Sacred Peace
intergalactic physics, or even the movement of Co-Wah or “Lord of Wind and Water”. Pipe in His memory, blow the smoke to the four
the planets. The study of the heavens was - The Pawnee called him *Paruxti, son of directions, knowing that to each man comes his
prompted by the need to navigate the oceans. Tirawa the “Spirit God”. retribution, no matter how flows the river of
That is what paid the bills, fed the people and - The Dakotah, or Souix tribe called him history.
satisfied the opulent appetite of the ruling class. *Wakano or Waicoma. They also called him For more information Ancient
Regardless what mariner historians will tell you Choctah or Ee-Me-Shee, or the god of wind. Manuscripts is offering an audio course of study
the connections between the archeology of the They also called him *Wah-kan, which with three classes a month that you can listen to
East, West and the Americas was a link via the phonetically sounds like part of the name on your way to work or on your I Pod.
oceans. It wasn’t restricted to the land. The Teotihuacan, or the city of the gods which www.ancientmanuscripts.com
bloodlines that connected the Native American contains the Mexican pyramids. In the movie
Red Men with the Red men of Egypt, Phoenicia “Dances with Wolves” with Kevin Costner
and India weren’t migrations over dry land. Graham Green the medicine man used the term www.ancientmanuscripts.com
They had salt water histories. Wakan Tonka to describe buffalo. The Pale
It should be evident even to the most buffalo was truly called Wakan Tonka which
skeptical that there was an archeological
connection between the Americas and the East.
they would see in dreams when the were about
to find hunting grounds. “Tonka” meant buffalo HAPPY 30TH
and the appearance of the pale buffalo was
You can see it in the pyramidal shapes and
shared imagery on the walls of their holy places. sacred. The Sioux have been waiting for the BIRTHDAY
However, few have discussed the connections return of the pale prophet in the form of a white
between the belief systems of the East and the buffalo exactly as the Judaic/Christian world
has been waiting for the return of the Messiah.
West. Why would they share architecture and
- The Seneca called him *Hea-Wah-Sah (He (Committee for the Scientific Investigation
not a core religious base? That becomes even
From Afar Off) (Longfellow’s Hiawatha). of Claims of the Paranormal)
more apparent by the advent of the coming of
Jesus. We have spoken, and will speak a great - The Yakima people called him *Tacoma, as in
deal more, about the spreading of the news of Tacoma Washington.
Christianity around the world. However, we - In Hawaii they called him *Wakea.
can not leave out the Americas during the - The Chinooks called him *Tla-acomah (Lord
lifetime of Jesus. Miracle Worker).
L. Taylor Hansen, a professor from the - The Havasu called him *Tacobya.
university of Southern California wrote a book - The Pueblos-out post-tribes of Tula called him
dealing precisely on this issue, based on her *Tla-acoma.
lifetime investigations. The following are just a - The Wallapai called him *Tacopah. www.csicop.org
20 Regr ession Hypnosis
REGRESSION IN Ontario Hypnosis Director, Georgina
Cannon, is a Doctor of Metaphysical
Georgina specializes in enabling clients
to achieve major life changes, healing personal
HYPNOSIS: DOES IT Counselling, NLP Master, Timeline practitioner, and emotional issues, and she facilitates Past
Past Life Regression Therapist and accredited Life Research and Regression sessions.
REALLY WORK? Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, Georgina is available in the clinic on
the Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Wednesday and Thursday; otherwise by special
Association and the International Board of appointment.
Regression Therapies.
She is recognized by many in the media About the Ontario Hypnosis
as "The Source" for expert opinion in the field
of hypnotherapy and issues around
complementary wellness treatments, and she
regularly meets with medical and wellness The Ontario Hypnosis Centre is
professionals to enhance their knowledge and Canada's foremost hypnosis training schools
awareness of hypnosis and the dynamic healing and the largest freestanding hypnotherapy
potential of soul, or past life journeys. school and clinic in Ontario. Our method of
DR. GEORGINA CANNON She is also on the Advisory Board of the teaching is based on solid scientific theory but
National Guild of Hypnotists. Georgina taught in an experiential, fun way. You learn
specializes in enabling clients to achieve major more while you're laughing! During each course
Toronto, Ontario: Age regression is one of the life changes, healing personal and emotional we make sure you feel secure about what you've
most powerful tools available to the issues, and she facilitates Past Life Research learned, so that you can go back to your day to
hypnotherapist. and Regression sessions. day life and use what you've learned.
But lately it has come under fire for Dr. Georgina Cannon has been featured The OHC Clinic offers personal, caring
creating false memories. The truth of the matter in many national print and broadcast news hypnotherapy counselling for habit change,
is that it does work… but the hypnotherapist articles and television programs, including a motivation, and dealing with emotional issues.
must be well trained, and used to regression three-part, one-hour series on CBC Television, The OHC School offers Hypnotherapy
work so that they don't "lead" the subject. broadcast in the fall of 2004. Certification Training, Past Life Regression,
Many therapies involving hypnosis take Hypnosis for Birthing, Transpersonal
advantage of the mind's ability to visualize. A favorite aunt, wanting to spare her Hypnotherapy training, NLP and other
And this ability is very useful when treating feelings, and trying to help Cathie understand accredited programs. We are certified as an
someone for overeating, smoking cessation or that her father wouldn't come back, explained educational institution by the Ministry of
helping them to achieve athletic or career goals. that when her father went through the door, he Human Resources Development Canada which
But combining age regression and visualization would be gone forever, and never return." means you get a tax receipt for your tuition fees!
must be done very carefully. "Without realizing what they had done, All of our courses are taught by the
"The subconscious mind retains every they created an association between death and instructors in a structure for maximum learning.
single piece of information that it receives. If doors that remained locked in her subconscious We tell you what you're going to learn, how to
someone is having trouble retrieving a memory, mind. To her three year old mind, there was no use it, we demonstrate the process, and then you
the hypnotist may suggest that they visualize understanding, only the statement from her aunt practice what you've seen. This all takes place in
something that will help them retrieve it." that going out the door meant never coming a supportive caring, interactive environment.
explains Dr. Georgina Cannon, Director of the back". Students may repeat courses if they wish, at
Ontario Hypnosis Centre." If the suggestion By experiencing Non Directive minimal cost. Most importantly, once you've
isn't very carefully worded, the mind may Hypnotherapy Cathie's problem was solved in graduated, we support you and are available
confuse the image with the memory. For this just two sessions. Understanding the cause, and seven days a week for follow up questions or
reason it is very important to use non-directive bringing an adult perspective to a child memory mentoring.
hypnotherapy." made the difference for Cathie. She no longer Experiential learning is the easiest and
An example she gives is that of a client, feels any emotion around doors or friends most long lasting technique for learning. To that
who came to her during one of her corporate leaving her home. The connection has been end, we plan the courses so that all students
stress reduction programs. During the break, a broken. practice what they've learned within the first
young woman named Cathy asked if Georgina More and more people are using few hours of training.
could spare her some time to discuss a personal hypnosis and self-hypnosis to enable
problem. She then told how from as far back as themselves to be the best they can be" explains Ontario Hypnosis Centre
she could remember, she had always felt sad Dr. Georgina Cannon. "Once you've learned Suite 310
when visitors left her home, but the situation self-hypnosis, it can stay with you for the rest of 94 Cumberland Street
was becoming increasingly troublesome. The your life and help you achieve any goal you set Toronto, Ontario M5R 1A3
emotional upsets were no longer limited to your mind to." Phone:
loved ones, but happened whenever anyone When choosing a hypnotherapist, it is (416) 489-0333
went out through a door. Which, because she important that they have complete and thorough Toll Free: (866) 497-7469
worked in a large office, was becoming training, preferably by an international body Fax: (416) 484-8546
impossible to ignore. The situation seemed to such as the National Guild of Hypnotists, which email:
be out of control and she felt she needed help. insists on a minimum of 100 training before info@ont-hypnosis-centre.com
It was arranged that she go to the clinic for a certification and that their members keep up On The Internat
hypnosis session. training every year for re-certification. www.ont-hypnosis-centre.com
"After chatting with Cathy for a while, I
decided that it was possible that some event in
her early life had left a strong imprint. I put her Dr. Gorgina Cannon : OHC Director Georgina
into a light trance and asked her to go back to Cannon, is a Doctor of Metaphysical
the time and place where she first remembered Counselling, NLP Master, Timeline practitioner,
the feeling". explains Georgina. "Cathy saw Past Life Regression Therapist and accredited
herself as three years old, sitting on the stairs in Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists,
her home and looking down into the living the Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy
room. Her father had just died and was lying in Association and the International Board of
the living room. She was called down and Regression Therapies. She is also on the
instructed to kiss her father goodbye, which she Advisory Board of the National Guild of
did." Hypnotists.
T imothy Good: Need To Know 21

UFOS, THE MILITARY - Current owner, Ed Shiflett, has been
AND INTELLIGENCE the owner of WPGS since December of 1992
making WPGS the longest running individual
ownership for a commercial radio station.
An exposé of the greatest secret on earth
– the military and intelligence reports - Established a news and talk format in
that prove UFOs exist. August of 1992

UFOs remain a key military and intelligence - The 1500 sq. ft. studio is located at
problem – one demanding unprecedented security 805 N. Dixie Ave. Titusville, FL 32796
and deception. Access to information is on a strictly
‘need to know’ basis. In 1960, former CIA director - The studio has direct access to DSL
Admiral Hillenkoetter confirmed that, ‘Behind the and fiber optics on location
scenes, highranking Air Force officers are soberly
concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are - WPGS 840 AM operates at a power of
led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.’ The same is still true today. 1,000 watts nondirectional from Mims, FL

Timothy Good, bestselling author and one of the world’s most respected authorities on - The station has a great coverage area
alien phenomena, has drawn together years of in-depth worldwide research to put extending North to Daytona, South to
forward a case that is impossible to dismiss. Need to Know is a compelling exposé of Melbourne, and East to Orlando
top-secret documents, interviews with key witnesses and discussions with military and
intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists. It is full of revelations, - WPGS broadcasts during daytime
including the alarmingly high number of aircraft crashes following military attacks on hours
UFOs; the disappearance of hundreds of military and civilian aircraft during UFO
encounters; and the amazing information provided by a surgeon who operated on an - WPGS prides itself on a history of
alien captured by the Brazilian army in 1996. Complete with a foreword from Bill having a good reputation with no negative
Gunston OBE, a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and one of the world’s stigmas attached to its image
foremost aviation historians, Need to Know proves that UFOs are a real and current
problem facing governments worldwide. The evidence presented is clear, balanced – - WPGS has long term relations with
and irrefutable. Titusville and provides community
programming on a weekly basis
SECRET, SO THE VAST MAJORITY OF U.S. OFFICIALS AND Hymns'and 'Polka Party' with Jim and Nancy
WERE NEVER IN THE LOOP . . . THE TIME HAS COME TO LIFT THE Knight and TalkStarKim and 'Titusville Stories'
IMPORTANT PROBLEMS - National Programs: 'The X Zone'
FACING OUR PLANET TODAY' with Rob McConnell, 'Your Health Comes
First' with Linda Garrison and Ed Shiflett,
Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Chuck Harder's 'For The People', 'Galaxy of
Defence (1963–7) in a speech at the University Science' with David E Jones, 'Health Law and
of Toronto, 25 September 2005 Politics' with Jonathan Emord, 'The Big Mo
Show' with Mo Stansfield and 'Radio Legends'
with Victor Ives
For More Information on Timothy Good or to order
NEED TO KNOW: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence..... - Studio Phone 321-383-1000 National
Call In 877-528-8255

www.timothygood.co.uk For more information on TalkStar 840, visit

their website at:

22 The Myster y Of Sleep
It wasn’t until 1954 that science made a
big breakthrough and recognized that REM
(rapid eye movement) during sleep was caused
by dreaming. Since then, the science of sleep
has expanded rapidly, with over 100 distinct
sleeping disorders now classified and many
doctors devoting their careers exclusively to
sleep problems.


Scientists now recognize four stages of
After your muscles relax, your brain
produces smaller waves of 9 to 12 cycles per
second. You think normal,everyday thoughts.
Pulse and breathing are regular.
Brain waves get larger with sudden and most of this happens during REM sleep. THE LEGEND: You can trade soda can pull-
bursts. Your eyes go “off” and wouldn’t Laboratory tests showed that if mice learned tabs for time on kidney dialysis machines.
anything if they were opened. Eyes may roll complex tasks and then were deprived of their (Each pull-tab is worth one minute of dialysis
slowly back and forth. REM time, they forgot what they learned. In for someone in need.)
STAGE 3: tests on students at the University of Ottawa, HOW IT SPREAD Word of mouth.
Brain waves get slower and bigger, researchers noticed that the faster student THE TRUTH: This is just the latest version of
about 5 times larger than in Stage 1. learned things, the more REM time they a classic legend. For more than 40 years, people
STAGE 4: Profound unconsciousness, with the required. Slower learners needed less REM have been collecting worthless items - empty
biggest, slowest brain waves. It takes over an time. matchbooks, the little tags on tea bags and even
hour to reach this stage. Most people go to Stage cellophane strips from cigarette packs - as a
4 once or twice, then comeback to lighter sleep * Life stresses and changes also increase the humanitarian gesture, believing they will
(generally Stage 1), and experience REM need for REM. Using a group of divorcing provide vital medical treatment (time in an iron
(dream-state). women in their early 30s as subjects, psycho- lung was popular in th e1960s) or seeing-eye
analyst Rosalind Cartwright conducted a study dogs. The definitive word: “There is no pull-
THE REM EXPERIENCE: that demonstrated they needed more REM time tab/kidney dialysis donation program.,” writes
Once you’re in REM. . . to assimilate their big changes. Jan Brunvand in Too Good To Be True. “It
* The muscles of your inner ear begin vibrating never existed. Anywhere.”
(science doesn’t know why). *Among people over 65, those who are
* Brain waves resemble a waking state, but mentally sharper experience REM more THE LEGEND: A man insured his expensive
you’re dreaming. frequently. cigars, smoked them, then tried to collect on the
* Muscles are relaxed, but may twitch or move. insurance policy ny claiming they were
* Pulse and breathing speed up. But we breath * Most people don’t reach REM until about an destroyed “in a series of small fires.” The
less oxygen and use fewer calories than in other hour and a half after going to sleep; people with insurance company refused to pay up, so the
stages of sleep. depression, however, get to REM in about half man sued and won. But when he collected his
* Blood flow and brain temperature accelerate. this time. They also experience it more money, the insurance company had him arrested
* Eyes dart all over the place, “seeing” what intensely. for arson.
we’re dreaming. HOW IT SPREAD: The story was posted to
The first REM episode averages 10 * REM occupies approximately 22 percent of alt.smokers.cigars newsgroup on the Internet in
minutes; then episodes recur on a 90 to 100- sleeping time. 1996. It was identified as an urban legend and
minute cycle, with the deeper sleep stages (3 or debunked at the onset; nevertheless, it has been
4) getting shorter in between. During REM our Pleasant dreams.! circulating as a true story ever since.
bodily processes are not operated by the larger, THE TRUTH: The cigar story is an example of
evolved parts of our brain, but by the brain stem URBAN LEGENDS a classic theme in urban legends: a clever
person finds a loophole in some kind of rule or
- the “ancient brain” we had millions of years
ago when we were arboreal (living in trees) regulation and exploits it, but gets nailed in the
THE LEGEND: The Lego company has end.
mammals. started to add a plastic homeless person to some
of its kits. The reason: to make Legos more
REM FACTS: “relevant.” FACToids
HOW IT SPREAD: By word of mouth in the
* We can dream without REM, but scientists early1990s. It made the rounds of toy stores, - Four most dangerous steps on most staircases:
have established that these dreams are simple where some employees apparently accepted the the two at the top and the two at the bottom.
and uneventful. REM dreaming on the other rumor at face value... and passed it on to - It takes 720 peanuts to make one pound of
hand, is the more exciting, dramatic kind. We do customers. One Toy’s “R” Us salesperson peanut butter.
REM dreaming about two hours a night. In a explained to a reporter that the program was - India has an estimated 550 million voters.
lifetime, this adds up to 5 or 6 years of REM designed “to teach kids sensitivity and - In Montreal, Quebec it is illegal to water a
sleeping. compassion.” garden in the rain.
THE TRUTH: In 1992 the Chicago Tribune - At last count, Minnesota had 99 lakes named
* You may seem to think that because your body asked the Lego Company directly about the Mud Lake.
seems to go offline, your mind does too. Not so. rumors. A spokesperson insisted they were - Top speed of a pigeon in flight: 90 mph.
Your brain spends the night integrating the info false. “You see,” he said, “only happy, smiling - The ancient Greeks played cards. In those
and experiences you’ve gained during the day, people live in Legoland.” days, aces were known as “dogs.”
Whatever Happened To.... 23
Whatever Happened To Born on November 9, 1952 in Brooklyn, New Prince. Before becoming Wonder Woman,
York, Lou Ferrigno did not grow up at all as the Carter had accomplished many other
Actr ess Pam Dawber "Hulk." If anything he was picked on at school achievements. At the age of 14, Carter was a
(Mindy fr om Mork and because of his many ear infections that left him professional singer. She also won the title of
partially hearing-impaired and he now has only Miss. Arizona in 1972, and eventually was
Mindy)? 15 percent of his hearing. Ferrigno said it was crowned Miss USA the following year. A
very tough going through school as kids were couple of years later she married her manager,
very mean to him. Ron Samuels. However the marriage did not
As he got older he started to develop an last, and they ended up getting a divorce.
interest in body building and at 16 built a home After the end of "Wonder Woman"
gym in his basement. He tried out for a Carter starred in many made for television
bodybuilding competition and ended up coming movies such as, "The Last Song" in 1980, "A
in 22nd place. However in 1973 and 1974 he Secret Between Friends," in 1996, and most
won the Mr. Universe title. He was the only recently she starred in the comedy movie
person to win it two years in a row and also was "Super Troopers" in 2000 as a Governor. She
the youngest body builder at age 21. His also became spokesperson for the Maybeline
records were entered in the Guinness Book of cosmetics company in 1980. Since Carter was
World Records. a professional singer, she also sang in many
In 1977 he started appearing on high rated network variety shows.
television on the show "The Incredible Hulk," Lynda Carter now lives in Potomac, MD
which ran till 1982. He also did a documentary with her husband Robert Altman, a Washington
Pam Dawber is best known for her role in 1977 called "Pumping Iron." Being "The banker who she married in 1984. Together they
as Mindy in the hugely successful 1970's sitcom Incredible Hulk" was a lifelong dream for have two children named Jessica and James.
"Mork and Mindy", which also starred Ferrigno as he always wanted to be a superstar. Recently she was a guest on the Larry King
comedian Robin Williams. After the series ended, Ferrigno appeared in TV Show, and also took part in the second annual
Dawber was born on October 18th, 1951 movies such as "The Incredible Hulk Returns" Lynda Carter Golf Tournament in Jacksonville,
in Detroit, Michigan. Her career first started in in 1988, and "Death of the Incredible Hulk," in Florida.
Detroit where she did a bit of modeling. 1990. In 1996, an animated series of "The
Dawber got her big break when she followed a Incredible Hulk" came out and he played the
friend to New York City and ended up signing voice of the "Hulk." Whatever Happened To
an exclusive contract with one of the top Lou Ferrigno can now be seen on TV
modeling agencies in New York. show "King of Queens" in which he plays Actor Mark Hamill (Luke
Dawber appeared in many magazines himself. He has three children and is married to Skywalker)
and television commercials, but she was Carla Green. Even though he now can be seen
convinced that she wanted to become an actress on the comedy series he still has not forgotten
rather than a model. about body building and has been a personal
Mark Hamill who played Luke
Dawber went to acting school and trainer for celebrities such as Chuck Norris. In
Skywalker in the 1977 "Star Wars" was born on
started doing theatre work. She got her big 2003, he will appear in the movie "The Hulk,"
September 25, 1951, in Oakland, California.
break when she signed a deal with ABC-TV to but will not play the main part as the "Hulk" but
Hamill grew up in many different states as his
be the female lead in "Mork and Mindy." This as Head of Security.
father was a captain in the U.S. Navy. His
catapulted Dawber to instant success. Dawber's
major was drama at Los Angeles City College.
performance earned her two People's Choice Whatever Happened To The first time he appeared on television was in
What has she been up to since the show Actr ess Lynda Car ter 1963 on the soap opera "General Hospital."
After this he did many small parts in other T.V.
went off the air? (Wonder Woman) shows. Hamill was not really known until he got
Dawber continued to do work on TV
picked for the part of Luke Skywalker by
through the 80's and 90's and did guest starring
George Lucas. Mark Hamill was only 25 years
roles on The Twilight Zone (1985), The Little
old at the time, and did not know how popular
Mermaid (1987) and Man In Black (1998).
this movie would make him. Before the filming
She also starred in the movies such as,
of Star Wars, Mark Hamill got into a car
Do You Know the Muffin Man? (1989), Stay
accident and had to get extensive surgery on his
Tuned (1992), The Man With Three Wives
face. The accident left him with some
(1993), A Child's Cry for Help (1994), A
permanent scars on his face that can be seen in
Stranger to Love (1996). Dawber was also the
"The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the
voice of Perdy in 101 Dalmatians: The Series
(1997) and Cameras Rolling: 20 Days on Set
He got married in 1978 to Mary Lou
(2000) .
York who was his dental hygienist.
She also co-starred in and co-produced
Hamill did not enjoy the same movie
the short-lived sitcom "Life...And Stuff" (CBS,
success as his co-star Harrison Ford because
nobody could see him beyond his "Luke
So as you can see, she has kept herself
Skywalker" role. Film producers had trouble
quite busy!
casting him for other roles because they feared
Dawber is married to actor Mark
that the public would never accept "Luke
Harmon (Chicago Hope) and they have two
Skywalker" as someone else.
Instead, Mark Hamill found a successful
career as an animation voice actor. He has done
Whatever Happened To many different voices for cartoons such as
Actor Lou Ferrigno (The "Scooby-Doo," and "The Powerpuff Girls," just
Lynda Carter who is of native Mexican to name a few. He also co-wrote comic books
Incr edible Hulk)? and American heritage was born on July 24, for adults called "The Black Pearl." Most
1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. She gained fame in recently he appeared playing himself in the
Lou Ferrigno played "The Incredible the late 70's with the popular TV show "Wonder movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. []
Hulk" in the popular TV show in the late 70's. Woman," where she played the lovely Diana
24 Rancher ’s Nightmar e
Eyes of an Angel
Through shaded eyes we view the world
Present, past, and future swirl
Only fleeting glimpse there revealed
The mysteries of life concealed

Though evidence in abundance shouts

Thoughts of creation are lined with doubt
Life's grand design in darkness robed
Hints of spirit left un-probed

In days of science and truth unclear

Man and religion fraught with fear
Purpose and destiny remain obscured
Life without meaning long endured

Promises of paradise and wonders to behold

Man made dogma, imposed upon the fold
But in frightened hearts there flickers still
Desire for truth that guilt can't kill

So is it still by chance or sad intent

Destruction looms with our consent
While thoughts, the thief within our heads
Leave us fearful in our beds

Then steadfast courage and honor bequest

The hand of God we'll squarely test
Until lust for battle be lost in the fray
And restless spirit lights the way

Though the stock of angels be divine

Must we yet refuse to see the sign?
Why is it only when troubles abound
He finds us kneeling on the ground?

When horrors plague our daily bread

The Rancher's Nightmar e And grieving thoughts we cannot shed
Is it then we pray our Lord to see?
Shallow promises made in desperate plea

Then comes an angel eyes ablaze

Mysterious Murder of Livestock Heart secure and love unfazed
A glimpse of what was meant to be
Pure light upon reality

And oh what joys will they evoke

... it has plagued farmlands ar oubd the When God and angels first uncloak
globe for centuries Life's greatest treasures gleaned at last
Our hearts and souls in light are cast

The message comes from Heaven clear

By Jim Hickman His wrath was never lent to fear
You see, God has only love to give
It's man distorts the way we live

For generations, ranchers have found livestock But in angel eyes love grows complete
While strong hands tremble in defeat
disembodied under mysterious circumstances and The truth of God is soon revealed
bizarre evidence. But the remote settings, surgical It's through our hearts that we are healed

precision, lack of tracks or footprints, no claim of Though late, we find that in the end
Matters not if we break or bend
responsibility, and a huge geographic area covered It wasn't God we were meant to see
over decades leads some to consider extraterrestrials For only love can set us free

as the killers. In this, the latest of Jim Hickman’s If it's proof you seek, there's no denying
thorough uncovering of the UFO phenomenon, Jim The truth is only found in dying
But in search of God, and where to begin
explores cattle mutilations and their ongoing impact You need look no further than within.

in today’s society. Paul Elder

Visit Paul Elder at

www.hickmanr epor t.com www.paul-elder.com
The Ghost of My Father 25
THE GHOST OF MY and heart raced as I searched for an explanation loose ends of the life he'd left behind. "Dad," I
for what had just happened. As I focused on the had to tell him more than once, "you had your
FATHER throbbing in my finger, I heard a distant voice chance to do those things when you were alive
yelling at me from somewhere far away. and chose not to do them. And right now I'm up
I turned my attention to the voice and to my eyeballs in things I have to get done."
saw my dead father materialize by my right Over time, things have changed. Two
shoulder. His face looked furious with years after his death he's gone from being
frustration as he shouted over and over into my focused on his own agenda to becoming more
right ear, "Listen to me! Listen to me! Listen to like a spirit guide for the Lyons family. The last
me! Listen to me!" Now I understood who had time I saw him before my Mother died this past
jammed my hand into the drawer. My father May was at my mother's home near Boston. As
could be quite subtle and savvy in life, but when my mother and I were talking about our lives I
all else failed he could always fall back on brute looked to my left and saw a large golden orb of
force and the extraordinary power of his will to light a few feet away. When I looked deeper into
make his point known. "Dad, I can hear you!" I the golden light I saw that it was my father, who
said to the impassioned ghost standing beside I'd witnessed growing closer to the light of his
me. "Dad, it's okay! I can hear you!" soul and away from the lower trappings of his
My father's ghost, looking like he had in human personality during the preceding year.
recent years before his health had failed, relaxed I told my mother my Dad was there with
and put his large hands on my shoulders. His us. She seemed glad. She told me she'd seen my
spirit eyes became all misty as he showed me father many times in dreams since his death.
the vision he wanted me to see. In the vision Just a few days earlier, he'd come to her in a
was my dear friend Catherine, a wonderful, red- dream and they'd gone for a long ride in a dream
By Thomas Lyons
Lyons haired Irish-American, a woman filled with life car together. A few months later my Mother was
and love and goodness. I also saw images of my dead from a heart attack. The day of her wake
(An excerpt from
from the book father's Irish-born mother. She had died in my Mother - nearly totally blind for the last 60
MODERN DAYDAY MYSTIC) childbirth when my Dad was only four or five years of her life - came in a vision to my wife.
years old, but I knew her face from family "I can see!" she told my wife Rhonda. "I can
My Dad died on October 1, 2003, nine photographs. see!"
months after suffering a stroke. He was 73. The In the vision my Dad was showing me, I Are ghosts and reincarnation a reality?
last time I'd seen him before the stroke he could saw the continuity of my grandmother's life, her Do our souls travel from one time and place to
still rip a Boston area telephone directory in half death, and her subsequent rebirth as my Irish- another in this dance we call life? It sure looks
with his bare hands. My Dad had been a very American friend Catherine. My Dad pointed that way from where I'm standing. []
tough guy. A few months after his stroke I was from his mother's image and then to Catherine's.
working at home in California when I saw a "She was my mother!" he said to me with great
very muscular man wearing an old-fashioned emotion. "I wanted you to know. She was my ABOUT THE AUTHOR: THOMAS LYONS is a
cap watching me from across the room. I was mother!" writer and a mystic living in the United States
startled and prepared to defend myself against My Irish Catholic father had come to me and the author of the recent book MODERN
this intruder when I realized that I knew him from the other side of death, having apparently DAY MYSTIC. Thomas' book can be found on
from somewhere. The man didn't make a move discovered the reality of reincarnation when he Amazon.com and at the website
towards me, but smiled at me with the got there. According to my father's ghost, the http://www.ModernDayMystic.com.
confidence and self-assurance of someone who woman I knew as Catherine was the
knew he was powerful and impressive. reincarnation of my own paternal grandmother.
I studied his ruddy Irish face. He His communication now achieved, my father's
appeared to be someone out of 1940s or 1950s presence faded from my view. "I just wanted In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
America. After a few seconds, I figured out he you to know," he said one last time and then was People Listen To
wasn't actually physically in the room with me, gone.
Both of my father's parents had been
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
so I stopped looking for a weapon to use against
born in Ireland and later come to the United with
the big man. Recognition of who he was
dawned on me slowly, however, as I States. My Dad's mother, born Mary Costello on Rob McConnell
remembered having seen pictures of him one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of on
Ireland, had been raised speaking the ancient
somewhere years ago. I finally realized the
Irish language. As an infant my father's mother AM 580 CFRA
spirit in front of me was my own father, but
looking the way he'd looked in the prime of his had been christened in the old Catholic church
life. This wasn't my father's ghost, strictly in the town of Spiddal on the Irish mainland in
speaking, for he was still alive, although in County Galway. Curiously, in 2001 I'd called
rapidly failing health back in New Hampshire. my friend Catherine to catch up with her and
This was my father visiting me out-of-body in discovered that she had gotten married since
his astral form - and outside of normal time as we'd last spoken while she and Erik were on
well. holiday in Ireland. Even more curiously,
Months later, when I flew to Catherine told me they'd been married at the
Massachusetts for my Dad's funeral, I stayed Catholic church in the coastal town of Spiddal,
with my good friend Shelby in Cambridge. The near the Aran Islands. Catherine, who knew
morning of the funeral I was looking for nothing of my family's past, had managed to get
something and Shelby told me I could find what married in the same church my long since dead
I needed in a certain desk drawer. As I rumbled grandmother had been christened in more than a
through the very messy drawer - I felt a strong century earlier.
hand come out of nowhere, grab my right wrist From what I've seen, not only do we
and elbow, and jam my hand into the desk learn and evolve during our physical
drawer with great force. I quickly pulled my incarnations, but we also can continue to grow
now bloodied hand from the drawer, completely outside of the physical world. Since my father's
dumbfounded. One of my fingers had been cut passing in late 2003 he's visited me on several
by a stray razor blade in the drawer. My mind occasions. The first few months after his death
his ghost seemed bent on using me to tidy up the
26 Dowsing: A Close Look
Is Dowsing For Wells A And just as he’s not sure how witching "Although they agreed in advance to the
works, he’s not sure why he can do it and other test invariably when the control test shows that
Superstition Or An folks can’t. "Some people can witch, some they do not have any dowsing ability they begin
can’t," he said. "You either can witch or you
Uncanny Ability? can’t."
to rationalize why the test was not quite proper,"
he said.
Nickell points to a million-dollar prize
It’s Not Just For Water sponsored by another skeptic, James Randi,
By Martin
Martin Cizmar offered to anyone who can prove dowsing
In addition to witching for water, Will ability.
says he can find power lines and buried pipes. "Randi has tested a lot of water dowsers
There are some people who take it a lot and they haven’t been successful under
further, says Arvid Johnson, operations manager carefully controlled circumstances," he said.
for the American Society of Dowsers. "It’s just a superstition."
The Vermont-based organization has a
few water dowsers, but most members are How Deep Is It?
interested in dowsing for other objects.
Sometimes, they just dowse for the answer to When Will witches, he isn’t relying on
yes or no questions, watching what the stick his stick alone. By using a geographic map that
does to get their reply. shows where underground water is likely to be
"Dowsing is a way to discover subtle found, along with a forked stick, Will says he’s
energy," said Johnson. "[It] allows your body’s able to find the right spot for a well. "It’s just
innate or non-recognizable feelings to be sensed another tool," he said.
by an instrument." Will also has another trick, one he says
ASD members don’t have a consensus isn’t as common. By bobbing another green
opinion on how dowsing works, says Johnson, maple branch over the spot he’s found by
but most think it taps into energy in the human witching, Will says he can estimate how deep it
body, not by a dowsing rod that senses is.
something in the "actual, physical realm." He multiplies the number of bobs the
There’s nothing about a sap-filled stick stick takes before it stops by three, and that’s
that senses water, he says. In fact, few members where the drill will hit water.
of the ASD use wooden sticks, preferring The well that feeds his chicken houses
plastic. A few don’t use any device at all, just — at 100 gallons a minute it gives four times as
their hands. much water as he needs for his house and cattle
"We all have thought patterns and combined — is about 180 feet deep. Holding
energy patterns in our body that we don’t the stick just above the ground, he watches it
necessarily have the ability to contact directly," bob.
he said. "I’ve heard them say you can dig far
enough down and you’ll get water anywhere,"
Fooling Themselves? he says. "Maybe you can, I don’t know, but this
In a way, Joe Nickell, senior research Cathy Rexrode, who has a farm in
fellow at the Committee for the Scientific northern Augusta County, says Will guessed
Joe Will walks across the hill, a fresh- Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, within 10 feet how deep her well would be,
cut fork of maple in his hands. agrees with Johnson. using that method.
He’s near where he drilled the 100- Nickell says science has shown dowsing Her well, which Will witched 14 years
gallon-a-minute well pumping water to the works by energy in the human body — just not ago, is still going strong, she said, as is the one
chicken houses on his farm, and the stick seems how Johnson claims. he witched for her father.
to know it. "What causes the dowsing rod to move Rexrode wasn’t much of a believer in
As he passes over a patch of grass — a is involuntary muscular control," he said. "The witching and she still isn’t completely sold,
patch that looks pretty much like every other dowsers are subtly moving the dowsing rod." although she felt the stick move in her hand at
patch on this 130-acre tract of land straddling Nickell, who worked as a magician and one point. But, considering the cost of a new
the Augusta County border near Bridgewater — a private detective before landing his current gig well, she said witching makes sense.
the end of the stick dives down. as (so far as he knows) the world’s only full- "I just figured when you spend all that
"I don’t know why the stick goes down," time, paid paranormal investigator, doesn’t money you need all the help you can get," she
he says, matter-of-factly. "I don’t know if it’s think most dowsers are setting out to trick said. "It couldn’t hurt a thing."
something in your body or magnetic fields or anyone.
what — I just know it works." "In general I’ve found them to be a (Continued on Page 39)
Will is an amateur practitioner of water colorful, likeable lot and generally sincere as far
witching, also known as water dowsing. as I could tell," he said. "They’re fooling
Using a forked stick that dips or two L- themselves. They are unconsciously causing the
shaped wires that cross, Will says he can movement."
pinpoint a vein of water. Bobbing another stick His theory is backed up by scientific
over the spot, he estimates how deep it is. studies, he said. When instruments have been
Will says he has no idea why witching attached to dowsers hands, they’ve shown
works and, truth be told, he doesn’t much care. movement and when dowsers have been asked
Will is only worried about his chicken houses, to find water under carefully controlled
and they have beaucoup water from a fairly conditions, they’ve failed.
shallow well. "This is well-established science," he
"Everybody’s entitled to an opinion but said. "Anyone who says otherwise is not talking
if I needed another well for myself or my family science."
I’d have it witched," he says. Nickell has personally conducted tests
Witching is a skill Will learned a long on gold dowsers in the Yukon and found nothing
time ago, he says, and it’s served him well. to back up their claims.
Your Never Ending Life 27
Your Never-Ending Life
Book 1 of the Universal Learning

By Sandy Andr ew

About the Book

Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning

Series introduces the philosophical theory of Universal
Learning. The Book was formatted to be short and easy to read.
The manuscript is divided into 3 parts:

I. Who you are

II. Why you are here
III. How to achieve success and fulfillment in your present

The book explains to the reader that the foundation of the

Universal Learning theory is based on the concepts of Universal
SOME OF THE MANY Laws and Universal Energy. The 12 Universal Laws are:
1. Karma
Your Never-Ending Life shows us that, “All life 2. Love
revolves around universal learning, no matter 3. Emotional Control
what religion or faith you belong to; it matters not 4. Action & Effect
if you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew.” So, here is 5. Preordination
a book that does not reject religion but instead
offers the philosophies that religions are based on.
6. Incarnation Characteristics
And that is a revelation! 7. Protection
Richard Fuller 8. Time
Senior Editor 9. Guidance
Metaphysical Reviews 10. Learning
11. Restoration
Your Never-Ending Life is the first in the Universal 12. Free Will
Learning Series from Sandy Andrew. The thought
of reincarnation escapes most people, as it did me A detailed explanation of how the Universal Laws can be
until I read this book. Sandy does a wonderful job
utilized to help you in your lifetime is given. The concept of
of laying foundations, and then carefully
explaining those feelings we have all had in our Universal Energy is explained as the infinite universe and all of
lives. When you’re finished with his book, written its contents whether it’s in the living or spiritual dimensions are
in a warm and unassaulting style, you may know all forms of energy.
yourself a little better. But you most certainly will
be convinced that you have existed for many
The book also discusses the subjects of past lives and déjà vu.
thousands of years and have relished the beauty
and sadness in all your lives. The greatness in the
lives of mankind is the fruit of spiritual debts paid Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning
and loves cherished over the eternities. And we're Series is designed to help the reader understand the Universal
nowhere near complete with our journey. Search Learning theory by gaining an awareness of the Universal Laws
your higher mind, find your soul mate, and know
that you are never alone in this world. Sandy has
and by learning to harness the power of Universal Energy to
discovered for us a treasure. achieve spiritual growth and fulfillment, which is the essence of
Brooks A. Agnew, PhD our existence and the reason why we are all here on planet
http://www.x2-radio.com/ Earth.

28 Dismissing Da Vinci
Dismissing Da Vinci years, a considerable proportion of the Church’s
hierarchy were proponents of the Gnostic
teachings, which emphasized personal
By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven experience over dogmatic faith. The Church
libraries of the time contained many such
gospels, which were read aloud by the monks
Dan Brown’s runaway best-seller, The Da for inspiration. These texts so bothered
Vinci Code is shaking the foundations of Athanasius, archbishop of Alexandria, that in
Christendom. The battle lines are clearly 367 he sent out an Easter letter to the clergy all
drawn and the stakes are uncommonly high. over Egypt in which he condemned all texts not
The outcome has yet to be determined. specifically included on his approved list as
“the invention of heretics.” The meaning was
With each week that Dan Brown’s unambiguous: all non-approved writings were
blockbuster, The Da Vinci Code, remains one of to be immediately destroyed.
the most talked-about books in the world, one Apparently some of the monks defied
can almost sense the growing apprehension of the bishop’s orders and secreted some thirteen
the Vatican. The innumerable editions of the papyrus codices in a heavy jar buried under a
book and more than 40 million copies already in cliff, where they remained for over one and a
print surely must seem like a bad dream to those half millennia. These texts, known as the Nag
who feel targeted by Brown’s allegations of Hammadi Library, were discovered in 1945 and
chicanery and skullduggery within the inner are believed to be some of the early Christian
sanctums of the Holy See. Gnostic texts condemned by Athanasius. It turns
Many critics slammed the book even as out that their authors were not heretics as
it consolidated its position atop the New York Athanasius claimed but disciples of Christ,
Times reports list and Amazon.com’s sales including some of the original twelve apostles,
charts. Peter Millar, writing in the Times of or perhaps the followers of those disciples.
London, considered The Da Vinci Code as What they reveal, if true, indeed shakes the very
“without doubt, the silliest, most inaccurate, ill- foundations of Christendom.
informed, stereotype-driven, cloth-eared, Creed, which upheld the position championed By popularizing some of the ideas in
cardboard-cutout-populated piece of pulp by St. Alexander of Alexandria – that Jesus was these texts, as well as highlighting the Church’s
fiction I have read.” indeed of the same substance as God the Father. banning of gospels other than those presently in
Archbishop Angelo Amato, a high-level That having been decided, along with several the New Testament, Brown’s Da Vinci Code (its
Vatican official, dismissed Brown’s best-seller other issues (such as the dating of Easter), possible literary and historical failings aside)
as a work “full of calumnies, offenses, and Constantine requested that the synod produce a seems to have set a fox loose in the henhouse.
historical theological errors.” On the Catholic cohesive sacred text as the agreed basis of Much to the Vatican’s chagrin, the new
Answers website (www.catholic.com), the Christianity. This was a formidable task, as movie based on Brown’s already successful
question was posed: “Should other Christians be many of the gospels in circulation at the time book is a smash hit. To quote the Deadline
concerned about the book?” The answer was were deemed blasphemous and a threat to the Hollywood Daily (DHD) website: “Da Vinci
clear and unequivocal: “Definitely. Only some newly agreed-upon doctrines. It was seven Code Is 2nd Biggest Opening Weekend of All
of the offensive claims of The Da Vinci Code years before Emperor Constantine received fifty Time Worldwide with $224 Million; No. 1
pertain directly to the Catholic Church. The copies of the final version of the sacred International Opening Weekend with $147 Mil;
remainder strike at the Christian faith itself. If scriptures, handwritten by practiced scribes on $77 Mil U.S. Opening Weekend; Sony Execs
the book’s claims were true, then all forms of specially prepared parchment. These were Attribute Huge Success to Teen Moviegoers
Christianity would be false (except perhaps for distributed throughout the Empire to Globally.” Now the blasphemous word is being
Gnostic/feminist versions focusing on Mary standardize Christianity, and the text, the Bible spread worldwide to nonreaders,
Magdalene instead of Jesus).” as we know it, has remained until today the impressionable teenagers, and God knows who
Dan Brown refused to back down. In the basis of Christian teachings. else. Apparently there is no lid large enough or
face of threats and denunciation he responded It is true that despite Brown’s claim to strong enough to contain what Dan Brown has
by telling the Philadelphia Inquirer, “When you have researched the matter thoroughly, he unleashed on the bastions of Christianity. DHD
finish the book, you’ve learned a ton. I had to do seems to have been casual about some finer further disclosed that the Vatican’s attempts to
an enormous amount of research.” He has also points. For instance, he writes that the censure the film fell woefully short. The Da
said his book is “meticulously researched and establishment of Jesus as the Son of God “was Vinci Code “was #1 in predominantly Catholic
very accurate.” officially proposed and voted on by the Council countries Italy and Spain, and #1 or #2 in every
History may well be in Brown’s corner of Nicaea” and that it was “a relatively close South American territory.”
on certain matters. The Bible is a carefully vote at that.” Yet there is no record of a vote Now we have the predictable onslaught
selected compendium of writings that were being taken on any matter during the Council. on the Internet – the ultimate weapon of
debated by the bishops attending the First In other words, while decisions were made, we anarchists, modern-day Gnostics, and other
Council of Nicaea convoked in 325 by the do not know definitively what method the radical freethinkers. A few weeks ago I received
Roman emperor Constantine. Unfortunately, bishops used to arrive at them. a sixteen-page email that, judging by the
there is no definitive account of what actually However, by basing his book on number of arrow brackets preceding each line of
occurred during this historic conclave. The apocryphal material and giving the fallout from text, must have traveled around the world
writings of those in attendance don’t even agree the Council of Nicaea a key role in the book, several times before finding its way to my
as to the number of bishops present, with Brown has brought to the table a set of much inbox. The title alone piqued my curiosity: “The
reports ranging from a low of 250 (Eusebius of larger issues for all the world to contemplate: Gospel of Judas, Barbelo, & Long-Kept
Caesarea) to 318 (Athanasius of Alexandra). What did the discarded gospels say? Why did Secrets.” Since it would take multiple clones to
The main purpose of the synod, however, seems the content of these gospels so deeply concern keep up with the email traffic that penetrates my
relatively certain. Constantine needed a the bishops attending the synod that they were spam filters, I generally skim just the first few
reconciled church to create stability within the not included in the Bible? And what happened paragraphs of such a long message before
Empire. The major rift that needed to those gospels? These questions may be far deleting it. Not so with this one.
reconciliation centered on the question of more worth probing than the theory of a
Jesus’s divinity: was he the son of God or the Merovingian bloodline stemming from the (Continued on Page 29)
son of man? union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene that lies at
The bishops (however many were the heart of Brown’s book.
present) overwhelmingly ratified the Nicaean During Christianity’s early, formative
Dismissing Da Vinci 29
Dismissing Da Vinci Peter said to Mary, “Sister, we know that the Thoughts on the End
Savior loved you more than the rest of women.
Tell us the words of the Savior which you T imes
Continued fromPage remember – which you know (but) we do not,
fromPage 28
nor have we heard them.” Mary answered and
said, “What is hidden from you I will proclaim
Two weeks later, I find myself still
to you.” After delivering the teachings that were
referring back to that email. I visited the website
given to her in a vision, she was rebuked by
of the author, Mary Sparrowdancer
some of the disciples, whereupon Mary wept
(http://www.sparrowdancer.com), then called
and said to Peter, “My brother Peter, what do
her to learn more. She’s as real as you get:
you think? Do you think that I thought this up
knowledgeable, impassioned, intelligent, and
myself in my heart, or that I am lying about the
articulate. I’ll pass on a few of her insights that
bear directly on the growing debate between
Levi answered and said to Peter, “Peter,
Dan Brown and the Catholic Church:
you have always been hot-tempered. Now I see
you contending against the woman like the
In the “forbidden” Gnostic gospels that
adversaries. But if the Savior made her worthy,
have begun to emerge from antiquity, we find
we have actually been divinely invited to seek
who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the By Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D.
Savior knows her very well. That is why He
the truth and ask questions, because the truth is
loved her more than us. Rather let us be Because of all the tensions in the Middle
never marred or harmed by questions. Asking
ashamed and put on the perfect man and acquire East these days, I have been increasingly
questions only serves to make the truth shine
him for ourselves as He commanded us, and bombarded by folks talking to me about the end
brighter. One might wonder into which
preach the gospel, not laying down any other times, the book of Revelation and the total
direction we should begin a search for the truth
rule or other law beyond what the Savior said” . destruction of the world as we know it.
at this hour when the truth about anything is
. . and they began to go forth [to] proclaim and I am a believer that we are creating
very hard to come by. According to the Gnostic
to preach. reality with our thoughts and I think that when
gospels, the answer from above seems to have
been, “go within,” because there is something people watch the news and begin crediting
The Secret Book of John offers current events as evidence that the Book of
within that awaits discovery.
additional insight into Jesus’s view of the divine Revelation is playing out right before our eyes,
In the Gnostic scriptures, we learn that
feminine. In it John recalls seeing a brilliant we are creating exactly what we don't want!
blind faith has never been demanded of us.
flash of light following the crucifixion from Prophecy is meant as a warning - a
Instead, the one we now refer to as “Jesus” (the
which he heard the voice of his Master: “John, signpost to help us along the way to take the
J is relatively new – it is Iesous in transliterated
John, why do you weep? Don’t you recognize higher ground and do the right thing. We have
Greek) urged people to go within and seek the
who I am? I am the Father; I am the Mother; and the free will to change anything if we so choose
truth and not stop seeking until they found the
I am the Son.” The meaning, to John, was so what can we do today to change the world for
truth. Only a portion of this appears in the New
crystal clear: the Holy Trinity includes the Holy the better?
Testament, but a more complete version can be
Spirit/Divine Mother as the feminine Each of us needs to hold our higher
read in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. It
manifestation of God. vision for the world in our hearts and minds.
includes a curious caveat of wisdom after the
All of these words, apparently, were Imagine peace within yourself and you will
invitation to come seek and find all that awaits
ones the male-dominated clergy did not want begin to emanate it to the world around you.
us. The caveat warns that when we discover the
their faithful to hear. For the past two thousand What I am talking about here is simple
truth, we will at first be disturbed as well as
years, the clergy has had its way. Now, in large to do, and yet it is not easy. It is far easier to get
astonished. In the end, however, it is the truth
measure because of a book and a movie, there is caught up in all the 'excitement' of the world on
that will set us free.
room for expanded debate. Dismissing The Da the brink of extinction and when we get
Vinci Code as meaningless pulp fiction may be ourselves all worked up over this stuff, it feeds
Indeed, I followed Mary’s lead and took
like trying to brush off a tsunami with a on itself.
a look at some of the writings in The Gospel of
flyswatter. Throughout recorded history, everyone
Thomas. It says: “If you bring forth what is
within you, what you bring forth will save you.” from the ancient Romans to Europeans
About The Author: consumed by the Black Plague has feared the
The bishops like Athanasius (and Irenaeus
before him) who advocated the destruction of end of the world, and so far, it hasn't happened.
offensive writings apparently preferred that the Don't get me wrong - I see the turmoil in
faithful believe the Church was the only route, the world and I find it both disturbing and
“outside of which there is no salvation.” The disheartening. Regardless of how devastating
Gospel of Thomas also quotes Jesus as saying, recent circumstances seem, I do believe we
“I am the light that is before all things; I am all have the power to turn this boat around.
things; all things come forth from me; all things Scientists now purport theories on many
return to me. Split a piece of wood, and I am worlds and parallel universes. In the world I
there; lift up a rock, and you will find me there.” live in, we all hold peace as a mental construct
This mystical statement may have been regardless of current external forces, and within
considered dangerously close to a pantheistic no time at all, things turn around beautifully and
view suggesting that people are encouraged to we learn to live in peace.
discover their own divinity. Come, won't you, and join me in my
Along similar lines, The Gospel of world!
Philip quotes Jesus: “Do not seek to become a Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is a writer and
Christian, but a Christ.” The text has been speaker based in Rancho Mirage, CA. He is a
deemed “an abyss of madness, and blasphemy featured weekly columnist for the UPI (United For Information On
against Christ” because of this. But perhaps the Press International) Religion and Spirituality Dr Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D.
most remarkable revelation in the Nag Forum and the author of Going Deeper: How to (469)556-HEAL(4325)
Hammadi scrolls is the manner in which Christ Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life www.galactichealing.org
viewed women. The following has been Makes No Sense, selected by both Allbooks Shop for gems, books & more online at:
translated from The Gospel of Mary Reviews and USABookNews.com as the best www.shop.galactichealing.org
(Magdalene): metaphysical book of the year. For more to send an e-mailto Dr. Kaehr
information, please visit: www.goingdeeper.org. drshelley@galactichealing.org
30 T im The Yowie Man
Who Ya Gonna Call? "If it's an amazing natural wonder or
some inexplicable occurrence, such as fish
T im The Yowie Man! falling from the sky, I'm into it."
In his recently published book "The
Adventures of Tim The Yowie Man," presents
by Martha the results of just a few of his explorations. He
Martha Jette
also portrays Tim the man, as a roguish, girl
happy adventurer who more than once, has
gotten into trouble. On the more serious, he has
Cr yptozoology conducted a number of amazing investigations.
For example, he hunted the Yowie in Australia
with vigor and eventually found one. Yowies, as
they are called in that country, are known by
different names around the world. In Canada
and the U.S. they are called Bigfoot or
Sasquatch, in Africa, Wild men, in the
Himalayas, Yeti, the Snow Man in Tibet and
Mongolia, in China, the Yeren, and the
Doolagari in Australia. Of course, many of the
reports are hoaxes, but there are some that defy

have also been found along the Columbia River.

Sasquatsh have been a part of Indian tradition in
the Pacific Northwest for centuries and the
Vancouver Sasquatch Society has a complete
collection of art depicting the creature. In
Dr. Francis de Loy claims to have come Vancouver, Tim conferred with fellow
across this creature during an researchers before setting out to find the
expedition in the rainforest near the Sasquatch in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region.
Venezuela-Colombia border in 1920. Once he arrived at Chaunigan Lake Lodge, he
Here, he has propped up the dead caught a floatplane to survey the area from the
animal with a stick to take the picture. Tim The Yowie Man stands with Allan air. The next day, he found out where the next
De Loy said this female and others like Levinson of Destiny Tours behind Elvira, the controlled burn would be, as any Sasquatch in
it, walked on their hind legs. haunted hearse. As usual, strange lights the area would be on the run. He then set out on
appear around the famous vehicle. foot to explore an ash-laden valley floor, but
Crypto zoology is the study and exploration of failed to find anything.
rare, extinct and unknown species. There are However, Tim wasn't set to give up just
very few crypto naturalists in the world. Every year, there are about 35 reported
sightings in Australia. Tim first took off to yet. He set out with some fellow investigators
However, I found one in Camberra, Australia and while he did not find a Sasquatch, he found
who goes by the name of Tim The Yowie Man. Springbrook in southeast Queensland where
most of the Yowie reports had been made. himself climbing a tree to escape the clutches of
Tim officially changed his name when a deed a grizzly bear. His next expedition was to
poll was taken after he spotted an unidentified "I have spent months armed with video
cameras, scientific instruments, nets, quick Knight Inlet on the central coast. Perched on a
big, black, hairy creature in Canberra's wooden stand, Tim scoured the treed landscape.
Brindabella Mountains in 1994. Since then, he shutter cameras, plaster of Paris and audio
equipment (apparently the Yowies in the Again he saw grizzlies, but no Sasquatch.
has carved a career as Australia's leading
mystery investigator and crypto naturalist. Springbrook area have a particular mating call)
I hope you enjoy this fascinating and often on expeditions into the rainforest surrounding
humorous story! Springbrook." But Tim never spotted a Yowie.
Then came the release of a film by Steve Piper
showing a Yowie in the Brindabella Mountains.
Who Ya Gonna Call? In 1994, Tim decided to join a team from the
T im The Yowie Man! U.S. Center for Bigfoot Studies and other
Australian investigators going to the site where
the Yowie was spotted. That sighting changed
Tim The Yowie Man claims to have his life forever and set him on the trail of large,
coined the term crypto naturalism a decade ago, hairy creatures around the world.
when he was considering a career.
"I wanted a job that would enable me to
travel the world as my own boss, so I invented
Chasing Bigfoot
the career of crypto naturalism 10 years ago,"
said Tim. "Basically, I am Australia's (perhaps Tim turned his attention to the American
the world's) only full-time crypto naturalist." Bigfoot, also called Sasquatsh and has taken
Whether it's a reported sighting of the Loch part in or led five expeditions in search of the
Ness monster, a Tassie Tiger, an extinct bird, elusive creature. In 1997, Tim flew to British
strange phenomenon, hauntings, alien sighting Columbia, Canada. The first recorded
or reports of Bigfoot, Timothy Warwick Bull encounters were by Europeans Leif Eriksson
will be on the trail over mountains, through and his fellow Norsemen in 986. They wrote (Continued of Page 31)
valleys, across the seas or wherever he needs to about large, hairy monsters with black eyes. In
go exploring. At just 32 years of age, Tim is 1811, American explorer David Thompson The ’X’ Zone Radio Show
known far and wide as the man to call, if you reported that he'd found huge footprints in the Monday - Friday 10 pm - 2 am Eastern
want to get to the truth of any phenomenon. Rocky Mountains in Alberta. Carvings dating Saturday 8 pm - 9 pm Eastern
back to 50,000 B.C. that depict ape-like faces DareTo Believe - Dare To Be Heard
The The Yowie Man 31
Who Ya Gonna Call? away from location. It was just an attempt by
producers to make the outback seem more
T To help pay the bills, Tim also writes
about his adventures in several publications
T im The Yowie Man! dangerous for the contestants… The wildfire around the world, including The Sunday
that was 'raging out of control' and threatening Telegraph in Sydney. He also presents lectures
to endanger the contestants was nothing of the and tours at The National Museum of Australia.
Continued from Page 30 sort. Many of the property owners in the area For more information on Tim The Yowie Man,
were lighting fires to burn off undergrowth just please visit www.timtheyowieman.com.
His next adventure took him to the before the start of the wet season to encourage In the fall of 2004, Tim encountered a
Lotschental Valley in the Swiss Alps. It had new growth." serious problem with Cadbury, the famous
been reported that a Yeti was terrorizing people Tim said he also watched challenges chocolate maker. It seems they did not like Tim
in several small towns there. After arriving in being set up on the beach and backpackers from using the name Yowie, as they had created
Blatten, he talked with the local chalet owner, Cairns being used to rehearse them. chocolates with the same name. After a court
Erwin, about what had been seen in the area. "I was able to tell everyone the result battle that took several months, Tim emerged
Tim was told that in 1991, a group of huge, four months before it appeared on television." victorious and with name intact. Tim had
hairy men entered the village carrying spears Needless to say, he got show producers claimed that the name Yowie was uniquely
and ringing cowbells. Apparently, the creatures and others quite upset with his antics. However, Australian and was actually an Aboriginal
broke windows and stole livestock. Tim was many radio stations invited him to special name. He said no foreign-owned company had
really psyched and thought that this time, he just promotions during the airing of Survivor II. In a the right to claim it as their own. []
might find the creatures. With the help of Erwin, whirlwind tour, Tim visited 10 major cities in
Tim dug a pit and set a trap just outside the the United States in 18 days - thus spreading his
village, in hopes of capturing something. name in America. But even then, he couldn't
Threedays later, he heard those cowbells and the resist acting up. During a stint on CBS's Today
two of them raced to the site. As they hid behind Show, he actually pulled a moon.
bushes, they heard the cowbells coming closer. "I was also arrested in Kansas City for
Tim trembled as he envisioned his sudden towing a blow up crocodile down a canal
demise at the hands of whatever creature was through the center of the city. I was trying to
out there. make the point that if there were large saltwater
"Then I saw them. There were at least 10 crocodiles on the set of Survivor II - as it had
in the group - a gaggle of hairy men. They were been reported - then it was just as likely that
massive and had a serious set of teeth on them." they were in the Kansas City canal."
Tim tried to run, but one of the creatures Tim was arrested for public mischief
grabbed him by the arm and hoisted him on its and was shocked when a psychiatric unit
shoulders! Tim was sure he was going to be showed up complete with long plastic gloves!
eaten alive. While exploring the caves at the Rock of
"After several minutes of terror in which Gibraltar in Spain, he decided to bypass security
the other beasts took it in turn to hoist me above and spend the night there to see if reports of
their heads and twirl me around, they finally let ghosts of dead soldiers in the tunnels were true.
me go… at a door at the back of my hotel. However, the rock apes had other ideas and
What????? The door opened and there was ended up attacking Tim in the night sending him
Erwin, grinning cheekily at me. 'Did you enjoy crawling to the nearest hospital.
your ride?' he said." Over the years, Tim has also Tim The Yowie Man shows up to court to
Apparently, it had all been set up and the investigated such creatures as the alien big cat fight Cadbury over the use of the Yowie
entire visit had been a ruse to get Tim to do a (a large black puma) in New South Wales, the name. Here, he sits in the back of Elvira,
story on their local festival, including their Hawaiian Lava-Tube Monster, the Bunyip of while the press asks him questions.
tradition of dressing up in the beastly and other Australia, An Australian sea serpent called the
costumes. Tim was livid! Fortunately, he knew Moha Moha, the Loch Ness monster, the Tassie
how to take a joke and in fact, has pulled some Tiger and extra-terrestrials. He has also The Truth Is Out There
explored such famous sites as Stonehenge, as
pranks of his own over the years as a crypto
well as taken up ghost hunting. Tim is now a
and so is
In 2000, Tim wanted to find out if the favorite guide of Destiny Tours in Australia, TIM THE YOWIE MAN
site of the American show "Survivor II - The which features special tours in its haunted
Australian Outback was really haunted. He hearses. Tim spearheads the Weird Canberra Martha Jette is an author/editor/researcher from
managed to track down a descendent of the Ghost and History Tour, which offers Hamilton, Ontario, with four published books.
Kirrama tribe, the Aboriginal people who participants a look at the more bizarre side of This story was taken from her third book:
inhabited the area and was told of a legend that Canberra. "Glimpses 2" It Could Happen To You! For
had been passed down for generations. The tribe information, please visit:
believed that the spirits of their ancestors http://www.freewebs.com/paranormalbooks
haunted the Herbert River gorge. Many men,
women and children had been massacred on the
cliff tops around 1900. A member of the tribe
told Tim foreigners who go there often
experience nightmares. “Outside a dog, a book is man;s best friend. Inside
While he could find serious evidence of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
- Groucho Marx
this, Tim did have some fun. Not only did he
hire a helicopter to drop chocolate bars to the
“My dog is half pit bull, half poodle. Not much of
contestants of Survivor II. He also prompted
a guard dog, but a vicious gossip.”
security from the set to chase him around with - Craig Shoemaker.
guns. He also provided scoops to the media on
what was really going on at the site. “Every dog should have a man of his own. There
is nothing like a well-behaved person around the
Busting Survivor house to spread the dog’s blanket for him, or bring
"The footage of large saltwater crocodiles him his supper when he comes home from a man-
was actually filmed several hundred kilometers tired night.”
- Corey Ford
32 Past Life Regr ession
Past Life Regr ession subject is not asleep, just very intensely
focused, a trance state everyone has
experienced when totally absorbed in a book or
a movie or a sports event. A client experiences FINDING A FOUR LEAF CLOVER
two past lives personally in a typical session, The belief that four-leaf clovers are
with all the emotional intensity that is involved. good luck comes from the Druids, ancient
For instance, a client who in this residents of the British Isles. Several times a
lifetime has never had a child, experienced not year, they gathered in oak groves to settle legal
only having a baby daughter but also losing that disputes and offer sacrifices... then they ended
child to an early death. The purpose of this their rituals by hunting for four-leaf clovers.
therapy is to heal the past-life trauma which is Why? They believed a four-leaf enabled its
very often at the root of unexplained phobias, owner to see evil spirits and witches - and
birthmarks, illnesses, accidents, or recurring therefore avoid them.
self-defeating patterns of behaviour.
For example, a client who came to see THROWING PENNIES INTO A WELL
me because she had developed a fear of Ancient people believed spirits living in
highway driving , relived a time in the 1700's springs and fountains demanded tribute -
when she(then a male)was a stagecoach driver usually flesh. Young Mayan girls, for example,
who had been killed by a highwayman-at the were sometimes tossed into the Well of
same age when in this lifetime she had Sacrifice (where they would “marry” spirits.)
developed this incapacitating fear. Today we just toss the spirits a penny or two for
Once one knows the past life roots of a luck.
by Christine Nightingale fear it can be released. (For example, the client
who had always had a fear of swimming in the KNOCKING ON WOOD
"Past Life regression?" I am often asked. ocean, had previously perished when the sailing In the Middle Ages, chruchmen insisted
"How long have you been doing that?" My vessel she was in sank in the north Atlantic that knocking on wood was part of their
immediate response is, "All my life!" I was one during a storm. ) tradition of prayer, since Christ was crucified on
of those (very many) children who remember One lady who came in to find out a wooden cross. They were right... but the
their past lives from babyhood on." whether she had known her boyfriend before tradition started several thousands of years
There have been many books on the found out, as a bonus, why he had a fear of earlier, with a different deity. Both Native
subject; and I have certainly spoken to three and ladders- when re-living a previous life when Americans and ancient Greeks developed the
four-year-olds who still remember their past they were married, she described how he had belief (independently) that oak trees were the
connection to their parents. One was the four- fallen off a ladder and died. domain of an important god. By knocking on an
year-old girl who told me, "Before when I was It is the therapist's sacred duty to help oak, they were communicating with him and
big and my daddy was little, he was my baby the client with the forgiveness and asking for his forgiveness. The Greeks passed
and he was in my tummy." A three-year-old boy understanding which will help them to move their tradition on to the Romans, and it became
I know well asked his parents, "Do you forward in this lifetime. part of European lore. The oak’s “power” was
remember before when we were all children and It is also true that knowing one's eventually transferred to all wood.
played together?" His mother, who was raised strengths and abilities from previous lives can
Hindu, thought that was perfectly natural. Many help clients to return to their true path. One NAILING A HORSESHOE OVER A
religions, of course, do accept reincarnation as a example is the client who came in with severe, DOOR
given. unexplained back pain, which turned out to be This “good luck charm” is a
We have all had dozens or hundreds of linked to his having given up his true path in combination of two superstitions:
past lives. I remember about 20 of mine. My this lifetime, as clarified by the fact that he had 1. In early times, horses were considered
pattern was to meet a new person, look into their had two past lives as an artist, in one case dying magical. Because they can find their way in the
eyes, and realize that we had a past life together. for his craft. dark, for example, people believed they could
The specific memories would then come within No two past-life regressions are the foresee danger or could guide souls through the
seconds or weeks or months, as I was ready to same. I have done hundreds and never cease to underworld, so anything connected with a horse
accept the implications of our karma. be amazed at the depth of learning, emotion and was lucky.
As a teacher, therapist, wife and mother, growth which can be facilitated by making 2. Horseshoes are made of iron, which was
I always thought it would be wonderful to be contact with these somewhat-hidden aspects of considered protective. The Norse god of battle
able to help others with that sort of very useful our souls. wore iron gloves and carried an iron hammer.
information, which makes it easier to make
Romans nailed pieces of iron over their doors,
informed choices in this lifetime. Christine Nightingale can be reached at believing it could ward off evil spirits.
About ten years go I became aware that (905)453-8095 or by e-mail to In the 10th century, Christians added
I could channel this information for anyone if I nightiangel92@hotmail.com their own twist to the superstition - the tale of a
had their name and birth date. I could do it as
blacksmith named Dunstan, who later became
easily through e-mail as in person. I also found
Archbishop of Canterbury. Dunstan had an
that during a Reiki session, information about
unusual customer one day, a man with cloven
the client's past lives, particularly as they related
feet who requested iron shoes. But he knew who
to current issues, would sometimes be present in
the fellow was - he shackled the Devil to the
the client's aura.
wall, treating him so brutally that Satan cried
For people who can visit me personally,
for mercy. Dunstan released him only after
I feel that it is most useful if they can actually
extracting a promise to never enter a dwelling
re-experience the past lives.
with a horseshoe on the door.
So I took formal training in Past Life
Regression Hypnotherapy at the Ontario
Hypnosis Centre.
One of the few superstitions that isn’t
The client is helped to enter a state of
ancient or irrelevant. In the 18th Century,
deep meditation, a tape is put on, and the person
spring-loaded, metal-spoked umbrellas were
is asked to relive and describe a couple of
new and unpredictable. Opening one indoors
childhood memories. They are then asked to go
was courting disaster - it could flu out of control
still further back in order to find the answers to
and damage property... or people. It was a
their questions. Almost all can do so. The
practical impulse to regard it as bad luck.
War of the Worlds Not In Vain 33

* Every second there are 100to 125 flashes of

lightning somewhere on Earth.

* A lightning bolt has anywhere between 200

feet and 20 miles long, but the average length,
cloud-to-ground, is 2 to 10 miles.

* Lightning speeds towards the Earth at an

War of the Worlds In rapture from the Latin raptier. What if those left
behind are to be deceived (2Thess.2:10-11) to
average of 200,000 miles per hour.

Vain believe that we were abducted by UFOs not * The average flash of lightning contains 125
caught away to be with the Lord? million volts of electricity - enough to light a
This is why I called my first novel, "The 1200-watt lightbulb for more than three
By Stephen
Stephen Yulish Great Harpazo Deception: the real story of months.
UFOs". This will be the greatest deception of all
I went last week to see the movie, "War time. Satan has been preparing us weak and * The chances of being hit by lightning in your
of the Worlds" knowing full well that I was gullible humans for this event for sixty years. lifetime are 1 in 600,000. Still, anywhere from
going to be disturbed by its overall message and More people can better relate to UFOs and 500 - 1,000 people are struck every year in the
unfortunately I was not disappointed. Once aliens than they can to a personal loving God. U.S..
again the naive unsuspecting American Just as people disappeared in the movie "War of
populace was subjected to the most the Worlds" and were kept in cages on the alien * The temperature of a lightning stroke can
sophisticated brainwashing that the Devil can ships, so will it be at the rapture. Afterwards, as reach 50,000 degrees F - hotter than the
administer. As I have said many times before, I explained in my novel "Invasion: Israel" the surface of the sun.
military aviation historian, Trevor James world will be turned upside down by the
Constable said it best when he wrote that 'the disappearance of millions of people, especially * Lightning bolts actually flicker - a flash is a
battle with UFOs is not for the planet of man but here in Christian America. series of strokes that follow the exact same
for the soul of man.' Spielberg ends the movie with the trite path as the first one. The record number of
Underneath Director Steven Spielberg's saying. "Man does not live or die in vain." The strokes ever recorded in a single flash is 47.
excellent remake of H.G.Wells classic sci-fi tale Bible is full of examples of vain people who
is the laying of the groundwork for a deception reap what they sow and live miserable lives * When you see a lightning flash, count the
so vast and so mind-boggling that it actually Man is destined to live and die in vain(Romans seconds until you hear the bang of thunder.
dwarfs the horrifying yet often maudlin 9/11 1:21) unless he turns his life over to Jesus Christ Divide by 5 - sound travels about one mile
images that Spielberg tries to inject into the who came and died for all of our sins. every 5 seconds - and this will give you an
film. Truth is really stranger than fiction in this Beware, people, Satan is using the approximation of the storm’s distance to you.
case. What the public is being prepared for and concepts of aliens and UFOs to deceive you
being deceived about is the greatest event in when one the greatest events in human history, * About one-quarter of all lightning strikes
human history. An event when millions of the rapture of the saints, occurs. It is better to occur in open fields; 30 percent happen in
people will suddenly disappear from the face of put your faith and trust in Jesus than in a bunch July; 22 percent in August.
the earth in a twinkling of an eye. An event that of aliens and UFOs that are nothing more than
I believe will be accompanied by a sky full of agents of the Devil himself. [] * You can get struck by lightning when you
UFOs. are on the phone. It happens to about 23.5
Over the last sixty years or so, we have percent of all lightning-strike victims.
been increasingly conditioned by movies such
as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "ET" * Trees are lightning bolts’ favorite targets -
and now evermore sinister movies like lightning is the largest cause of forest fires in
"Independence Day" and "War of the Worlds" to the Western U.S..
accept the concept of extraterrestrials. No
matter that no evidence exists on that account *The estimated diameter of a lightning
and that it goes against the religious beliefs of channel is 0.5 to 1 inch.
many Jews and Christians, where man was
created in the image of God and there can * A charge of 100 million to 1 billion volts of
therefore be no more evolved species than man. electricity needs to be generated in a cloud to
What am I trying to say, you are start a cloud-to-ground lightning strike.
probably asking yourselves? What if the New
Testament is correct and the day will come * For the last decade, an average of 20 million
when Believers will be suddenly taken into the cloud -to-ground flashes have been counted
air to be with Jesus (IThess.4:16-17, ICor. over the continental U.S. each year. []
15:52) in what Paul called the harpazo(Gr.), the
catching away. The English term we use is
34 Discover y of the Planets
THE DISCOVERY OF affecting Mercury.
Leverrier never found Vulcan, but
THE PLANETS people believed it was there until 1916, when
Einstein’s general theory of relativity was
published. Einstein gave a satisfactory
As early as kindergarten, we’re taught explanation for the discrepancies in Mercury’s
that there are nine planets in the solar orbit, so scientists no longer needed Vulcan. It
system. But 200years ago, even thereby ceased to exist... until decades later,
scholars were sure there were only six when Gene Roddenberry creator of Star Trek,
planets. Here’s how we got the new appropriated the planet and made it home of
ones. Spock.


People have always known about
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Early
civilizations names the days of the week after Neptune
each of these planets, plus the sun and the
moon. The Greeks watched them move through NEPTUNE
the night sky, passing in front of the stars that
The newly found planet had a slight
make up the constellations of the zodiac, and
variation in its orbit, almost as if something
called them planets - which means “wanderers.”
were tugging at it. Could there be another planet
As recently as the 1700s. people still
affecting Uranus? A century earlier, Isaac
believed that the planet Saturn was the farthest
Newton had come up with laws describing the
extent of the solar system. That there might be
effect that the gravitational forces of planets
other planets wasn’t even a respectable idea.
have on one another. Using Newton's laws, two
But as technology and science became more
young scientists set out independently in 1840
sophisticated, other members of the solar
to find the unknown planet whose gravitational
forces might be pulling on Uranus.One of the Plutio
scientists was a French mathematician, Jean
Leverrier. The other was an English astronomer,
John Couch Adams. Both hoped the unknown PLUTO
planet would be where their calculations said The discovery of Neptune did not
they could find it. completely account for the peculiar movement
of Uranus. Once again, scientists considered the
THE HIDDEN PLANET pull of another planet as a cause and set out to
Adams finished his calculations first, in find “Planet X.” Using the telescope at his
September 1845. The following August, observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, Percival
Leverrier completed his. Neither had access to a Lowell searched for Planet X for 10 years. After
large telescope, so they couldn’t verify their he died in 1916, his brother gave the
projections - and no one would make one observatory a donation that enabled it to buy a
available to them. Finally, Leverrier traveled on telescope-camera. The light-sensitive process of
to the Berlin Observatory in Germany, and the photography allowed astronomers to capture
young assistant manager, Johann Gottfried images of dim and distant stars that they
Uranus Galle, agreed to help search for the planet. couldn’t see, even with the aid of a telescope.
That was September 23, 1846, That In 1929 the Lowell Observatory hired
system were discovered. Clyde Tombaugh, a young self-taught
night Galle looked through the telescope,
calling out stars and their positions while a astronomer from Kansas, to continue the search
URANUS for Planet X. Lowell had suggested that the
young student astronomer, Heinrich Louis
In 1781 a self taught astronomer, unknown planet was in the Gemini region of
d’Arrest, looked at a star chart searching for the
William Herschel, was “sweeping the skies” the sky. Using an instrument called the blink
stars Galle described. Finally, Galled called out
with his telescope. By March he had reached the microscope, Tombaugh took two photographs
an eighth-magnitude star that d’Arrest couldn’t
section that included the constellation of that area of the sky a few days apart and
locate on the charts. They found the unknown
Gemini,and he spotted an object that appeared placed them side by side under a microscope. If
planet! It had taken two years of research - but
as a disk rather than a glowing star. Because it something moved in the sky, as planets do, it
only a half hour at the telescope. The honor of
moved slightly from week to week, Herschel would appear as a speck of light jumping back
the discovery belongs to both Adams and
thought ti was circular... and came to the and forth as Tombaugh’s eyes moved from one
Leverrier, who had essentially discovered the
shocking conclusion that it wasn’t a comet, but photograph to the other, looking through the
new planet with just a pen and new set of
an unknown planet. People were astonished. microscope.
mathematical laws. The greenish planet was
named after Neptune, god of the sea. That’s just what happened. The
FINDING A NAME observatory announced the discovery of th ninth
No one since ancient times had names a planet on March 13, 1930. An 11-year-old girl,
planet. Herschel felt that it should be called daughter of an Oxford astronomy professor,
Leverrier was on a roll. He started
“Georgium Sidus” (George’s Star) in honor of chose the name Pluto - the god of the
looking for other planets... and became
his patron George III - the king of England who netherworld - for the new planet.
convinced that there was one between the sun
reigned during the American Revolution. Some For years before his death, Tombaugh
and Mercury, He called his planet “Vulcan,” the
people wanted to name it “Herschel” after its repeatedly declared that there were no more
god of fire, because it was so close to the sun.
discoverer. But one influential astronomer planets in out solar system. If there were, he
Leverrier noted that, like Uranus, Mercury
suggested they call it “Uranus,” after the Greek said, he would have found them. []
experiences disturbances that caused it to travel
god of the heavens. That made sense, since the
farther in one point in its orbit. Since Neptune
new planet was certainly the limit of the skies of FACTOID:
ACTOID: British anatomist Richard Owen
was one of the causes of similar pulls on
the solar system. Or so they thought. invented the word dinosaur in 1841.
Uranus, it made sense that another planet was
Ghost World 2007 35
If You Hear of as Bigfoot Stor
in Ireland
Ireland - Here’
Here’ss The Real

Runaway cir cus

kangar oo on the loose
in Ir eland
Wed Jul 19, 9:37 AM

DUBLIN (Reuters) - A kangaroo is

roaming the green hills of Ireland after escaping
a circus near the picturesque port of Kinsale.
"This kangaroo broke loose just before
the show while they were bringing him from the
cages to the arena. He decided to take a walk,"
said local farmer John Walsh on whose land the
2-year-old male, named Sydney, made his break
for freedom.
Circus staff launched a fruitless four-
hour search following the escape Sunday.
There had since been one unconfirmed
sighting of the animal, renamed "Hoppy" by
locals and described as two and a half to three
feet tall and dark in color.
"He would be happy out there and he'll
have plenty of grass, plenty of water and plenty
of sunshine," Walsh told Reuters on Wednesday
as Ireland basked in near record temperatures
more typical of Sydney's native Australia than
Ireland's temperate maritime climate. []

FOR IMMEDIATE Attendees and speakers of the three-day

conference will include representatives from
many different paranormal investigative groups,
members of the media, and some of the leading
names in the field of supernatural research
Ghost World 2007 to Open in Gettysburg
including: Charles J. Adams III, Jeff Belanger,
Event promises to be the most THE
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, L'Aura Hladik, Mark
comprehensive conference, trade show, and ANGEL LADY
Nesbitt, Troy Taylor, Kelly Weaver, Vince
symposium on ghosts ever held. Wilson, and John Zaffis. Workshops will also be
offered. Join Sue Storm for Angel Readings
GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - July 24, for all who call the ‘X’ Zone Radio
2006 - Ghost World, LLC announced today that "The Ghost World workshops will be the place Show between 12 am - 2 am on the
its Ghost World Conference 2007 for people to learn the basics of paranormal
(www.ghostworldconference.com) will be held following dates (All dates and times
research, and to help those already doing this
July 20-22, 2007 at the Wyndham Hotel and work to take their work and organizations to a
are Eastern):Sat, July 29, 2006; Sat
Conference Center in Gettysburg. The objective higher level," said L'Aura Hladik, founding Sept 1, 2006; Sat Oct 6, 2006; Sat
of the supernatural summit is to bring together partner of Ghost World, LLC. Nov 11, 2006 and Sat Dec 16, 2006.
members of the paranormal community to
discuss the issues facing ghost research today, Ghost World, LLC also announced today that
to listen to lectures from some of the leading the internationally-syndicated 'X' Zone Radio www.theangellday.net
names in the field, and to establish standardized Show (www.xzone-radio.com) is the official
investigation protocols during an open media sponsor of the 2007 Gettysburg
symposium at the conference. On Sunday, July conference. Host Rob McConnell will be
22, the conference will conclude with a broadcasting live from Ghost World, providing People in Titusville, Orlando and
paranormal awards ceremony which will the international community a taste of the Mims, Florida
recognize excellence in individuals and supernatural happenings. Listen to
organizations for their contributions to the field
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
of paranormal research. About the Ghost World Conference: Ghost
with Rob McConnell
World, LLC is a joint venture between
"This is going to be the big one," said Vince Ghostvillage.com, the New Jersey Ghost on
Wilson, author and one of the founding partners
of Ghost World, LLC. "It's time to get
Hunters Society, and The Maryland Paranormal TalkStar 840 AM
Investigators Coalition. The Ghost World
paranormal investigators everywhere on the Conference is an annual event designed to
same page so we can move this field of science promote the work being done in the field of
further into the mainstream. The Ghost World paranormal research. More information and
Conference will create an open dialogue registration information can be found on the
between many different experts and groups so official Ghost World Conference Web site at:
we can work to solve some of the mysteries of www.ghostworldconference.com.
paranormal phenomena."
36 Diabetes and Depleted Uranium
Italian Embassy Cover
up Continues

by Bob Nichols

Project Censored
Censored Award W inner

(San Francisco Bay View) Dr Mishra described

invitation to the Consul, his reservation and Flying Plague Plunders Nine
June 29th to June 6 as "A week from Hell."
stated "I am going to meet with a scientific States
International radiation expert Leuren Moret
colleague, Leuren Moret, an old family friend
talked to Dr Mishra, a famous surgeon from
who works for the good of humanity, about The grasshoppers that children catch in jars
India, the afternoon of July 7, 2006. Dr.
matters of interest to international public today, are relatives of the locust, but thankfully,
Mishra's report was grim. I had tried to reach
health." don’t exist in nearly the numbers that devastated
him by phone and email for a week. I was
Mishra continued his statement "I am a nine states in the 1870s.
concerned about his safety. On July 10 Dr
scientist and a medical doctor. I have an interest From 1874-1877, residents of Kansas,
Mishra stated "I will not be cowed down."
in diabetes and public health links to depleted Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, the Dakotas, Colorado,
Mishra reported "Threats at the hospital, Wyoming and Montana would wage a losing battle
uranium. There are big unexplained increases in
three weird phone calls claiming 'we have you against clouds of Rocky Mountain Locusts, which
diabetes in India, China and Jakarta since 1990.
under surveillance,' one each in American, sometimes exceeded areas twice the size of Texas.
I am participating in a meeting about these
Italian and Indian accents." When the vegetation was gone, the locusts
Dr. Mishra said he was advised by went on to eat almost anything else they landed on,
The US, Italian and Indian governments
someone in the [Indian] government to "leave including laundry hung out on lines, leather saddles,
had no way of knowing about the planned and the wool right off the back of sheep in the
town for three days because of the danger."
international meeting about the diabetes and pasture. They crunched underfoot, often six inches
Mishra said he did and "unidentified
depleted uranium cause and effect link. deep or more. The noise of their approach was
Government agents blocked my computer,
The suspicion is that the University of described in terms of thunder, an intense hailstorm,
blocked my phone and email and harassed my
California's Nuclear Weapons Labs and or a driving snowstorm. So great were their
factories tapped Leuren Moret's calls; then, numbers, and so heavy their weight, tree limbs
Dr. Mishra said it started on his visit to broke under their bodies and tumbled them onto the
went through the US State Department or the
the Consul at the Italian Consulate on June 29th nearly barren land.
Defense Department to the Italian government
regarding his earlier request for an Italian Visa. Bizarre and desperate measures were taken,
and the Indian government.
A Visa is an entry and travel permit and can only and rewards were offered, including a $5 bounty for
That is the most probable way the words
be issued in Bombay by Italian Consul a bushel basket of the dead pests. One of the few
"diabetes and the link to depleted uranium and
Baeceloni. Mishra was called back without an effective methods used, originated in Colorado,
Leuren Moret" came out of the Italian Consul's where a field-wide length of wire was wrapped in
mouth in Bombay, India. Scientist Leuren oil-soaked rags then set alight and dragged over the
The Consul asked Dr. Mishra 1) Who is
Moret formerly worked at two Nuclear field.
your sponsor in Italy, 2) What is your hotel in
Weapons Labs run by the University of How many locusts were involved in the
Italy and 3) what is your interest in Leuren
California. swarming? A Nebraska physician telegraphed to
Moret, in diabetes and depleted uranium? Dr.
Moret and Mishra concluded with this points around him, to determine the edges of the
Mishra had said nothing about diabetes, mass, then calculated their depth, and the rate of
statement "Denial of Dr. Mishra's Visa is an
depleted uranium or Leuren Moret. movement. His figures are the basis for the Guinness
academic, scientific, political and social issue.
Depleted uranium is a genocidal Book of Word Records entry on the greatest
We are not against any government. We would
radioactive metal used for bullets, bombs and concentration of animals: "`A swarm of Rocky
like the Italian government to understand the
missiles by the United States and Great Britain Mountain locusts that flew over Nebraska on July
importance of this issue of global public health
as munitions in Iraq, Afghanistan and the 20-30, 1874, covered an area estimated at 198,000
as an indicator and result of depleted uranium square miles. The swarm must have contained at
former Yugoslavia. Millions of pounds of
pollution. This position is stifling scientific least 12.5 trillion insects with a total weight of 27.5
weaponized radioactive uranium gas and dust
investigation and is censorship." million tons.'' And yet, 25 years later, they would
have been dispersed by US/UK military forces
be extinct. Scientists working with 100-year old
in Iraq and Central Asia.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: records, studied the life cycle and habitats of the
The use of uranium weapons has caused locusts, and concluded that the pests had not been
a global diabetes epidemic since 1991, victim to a sudden environmental disaster, but rather
Bob Nichols is a Project Censored
according to scientist Leuren Moret. It is the encroachment of man. For when the Rocky
Award Winner. He is a correspondent for the
enough uranium dust to cause an estimated Mountain Locusts entered the reproductive phase of
San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a
twenty five million additional cancers in Iraq in its life cycle, which follows swarming activity, they
frequent contributor to various on line
the next decade. The US and UK military still laid eggs in the very ground that beleaguered
publications. Nichols is completing a book farmers ploughed up to re-plant. With the growth
use uranium munitions. There are only 24
based on 15 years of nuclear war in Central of farms in the areas hardest hit, a section that
million Iraqis. Many Iraqis now have multiple
Asia. Nichols is a former employee of the ran north-south in the central U.S., the locusts
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Nichols were gradually wiped out. The last known pair
On his visit to to the Consul at the Italian
can be reached by email. You are encouraged to was collected on July 19, 1902 and are now part
Embassy Dr Mishra answered the three
write bob.bobnichols@gmail.com. of the Smithstonian Collection. []
questions by stating he would bring the email
Australian Nessie? 37
Loch Ness-style r eptile
once swam Australia’s
inland seas
SOURCE: Gulf Times Newspaper
Published: Thursday, 27 July, 2006,
01:13 PM Doha Time

SYDNEY: Australian scientists have

identified two new species of ancient marine
reptile, similar to the mythical Loch Ness
monster, that swam in an Australian outback sea
115mn years ago.
The reptiles, named Umoonasaurus and
Opallionectes, belonged to the Plesiosaurs
group that included a “killer whale” type
predator of the Jurassic period, palaeontologist
Benjamin Kear from the University of Adelaide
said yesterday.
Kear, whose team studied 30 opalised
fossils mainly from around the outback mining
town of Coober Pedy in South Australia state,
First Men On Moon mishap.
Aldrin, now 76, interviewed by the
said the long-necked marine reptiles swam in Who Saw UFO documentary makers, narrated how he found to
the shallow water of an inland sea that once his dismay that a vital switch got damaged as
existed in central Australia. one of the astronauts brushed against it in a
Freezing polar water covered large parts bulky spacesuit.
of Australia 115mn years ago when the island He said as he looked around some of the
continent was located much closer to lunar dust on the floor, he found there was
Antarctica. something that did not belong to the Moon a
The Umoonasaurus was about 2.4m broken part of a circuit breaker. That was a vital
long and had three crest-like ridges on its skull. link for the trio to return to the earth in safety.
“Imagine a compact body with four "In the countdown procedure, I used a
flippers, a reasonably long neck, small head and pen, one of several that we had on board that
short tail, much like a reptilian seal,” Kear said didn't have metal on the end, and we used that
in a statement. to push the circuit breaker in."
The Opallionectes was much larger at The documentary provides an account
6m, with masses of needle teeth used to trap of the crisis when the landing module was
small fish and squid. thrown off course by a computer breakdown as
Kear said most of the fossils found were it was about to land. Armstrong managed to
of juvenile creatures, leading the scientists to land with just 15 seconds of fuel left.
believe they had discovered a seasonal breeding There were problems about escape
ground for the ancient reptiles. procedures for the astronauts. Classified
“Both these plesiosaurs are new to documents that have been made public indicate
science,” he said. NASA never told the astronauts the escape
Source: MIL/Agencies, Jul 27, 2006 procedures could be useless as they would work
“These animals are part of an ecosystem
which is the equivalent of modern Antarctica. only if the Saturn V rocket that powered their
New York - A new documentary reveals craft had broken off.
There is nowhere else in the world where you
the US was so eager to show its one-upmanship The US government had ordered ground
have this clear indicator of freezing
over Russians during the Cold War that it control to cut links with the astronauts if a
environments, together with marine reptiles.”
launched the mission to Moon without much disaster occurred. They was more concerned
Kear said learning about the new species could
scientific precision or the required precautions. about the world watching.
help with a response to climate change.
The mission came to be launched in Aldrin also revealed that he and other
“Placing the marine reptile fauna, which
hope rather than in expectation. The astronauts had reported seeing a UFO during the
in itself is virtually unknown, together with an
documentary, Apollo 11: The Untold Story, flight, but Nasa had covered it up. He said,
environment that is totally unique, you’ve got
brings out several lacunae that would have "There was something out there, close enough
the potential to find all sorts of things,” he said.
caused a disaster. to be observed, and what could it be?
“What we’re looking at is fauna change
The uncertainty was so strong that the Obviously, we weren't going to blurt out,
in response to climate change, and that’s a very
then US president Richard Nixon had even 'Hey Houston, we've got something moving
large problem that we’re experiencing today,”
prepared an address to the nation announcing alongside of us and we don't know what it is,'
Kear said. “This is giving us clues to understand
that the three astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin you know?" []
how ecosystems alter over long periods of time
Aldrin and Michael Collins had died in a space
in response to the climate.” – Agencies
38 Star Tr ek Trivia
James Doohan ("Scotty") lost his right middle
finger during WWII (c.f. Saving Private Ryan
(1998)). Most of his scenes are shot to hide it.
However, it is very noticeable in the episode
"Catspaw." Scotty is hypnotized and holding a
phaser pistol on Kirk & Spock in Korob &
Sylvia's dining hall. When Scotty is in the shot,
only two fingers are holding the butt of the

In only one episode ("Mirror, Mirror") does

Scotty address Kirk as "Jim".

"Shore Leave" is the only episode in which the

U.S.S. Enterprise is seen orbiting a planet from
right to left. The I.S.S. Enterprise also does this
briefly in the parallel universe, in the teaser to
"Mirror, Mirror", but by the beginning of Act I,
it is again orbiting from left to right.

"A Piece Of The Action" is the only episode in

which the Enterprise phasers are used to stun.
pinch" was his suggestion during filming of Gene Roddenberry once hypothesized that the
Due to budget constraints, the element of "The Enemy Within" for how Spock could Enterprise carried a platoon of Starfleet
"parallel" or "mirror" Earth planets was used on subdue an opponent. The "Vulcan salute" was Marines, but they never appeared onscreen in
several occasions to keep set and make-up costs created during the production of "Amok Time" the original series. The Starfleet Marines would
down. (i.e. "Miri", "Bread and Circuses", "A using a version of a traditional Jewish religious eventually make an appearance, but not until
Piece of the Action", "Patterns of Force" and hand gesture as a distinctive Vulcan greeting. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
more.) and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993). The
Sulu and Uhura didn't have first names in this idea was revived with the addition of a group of
Martin Landau was originally offered the role of series. Sulu did get a first name (Hikaru) but not "space marines" beginning in the 2003-2004
Spock, but declined. (Ironically, Leonard until Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country season of "Enterprise" (2001).
Nimoy, who accepted the part, took over the (1991). In Season 2 DVD Special Features,
role of disguise-expert on "Mission: Nichelle Nichols reveals that she and Gene One of the writers, D.C. Fontana, was told to
Impossible" (1966) when Landau left that Roddenberry accepted the first name "Niota" use the initials "D.C." by Gene Roddenberry
show.) for her character, which is a Swahili word because networks at the time generally wouldn't
meaning "Star". Uhura is a variant of "Uhuru", hire women writers. Her first name is Dorothy.
Martin Landau was originally offered the role of Swahili for "freedom".
Spock, but declined. Leonard Nimoy, who Contrary to popular belief, Captain Kirk never
accepted the part, took over the role of disguise- Lloyd Bridges and Jeffrey Hunter (who had said, "Beam me up, Scotty," in any episode.
expert on "Mission: Impossible" (1966) when played Captain Pike in the original pilot) both
Landau left that show. Mission Impossible was turned down the role of Captain Kirk. Stardates were established in order to keep the
also filmed on the same lot as Star Trek, audience guessing as to when the series takes
therefore when Star Trek ended, Lenoard Gene Roddenberry originally conceived the place. A calendar year for the adventures of the
Nimoy merely crossed the street to go to his Klingons as looking more alien than they do in Enterprise crew is never given in any episode,
new job. the series, but budget restriction prevented this. and Gene Roddenberry said the series could
When the show moved to the big screen, he was have taken place anywhere from the 21st to the
Shortly after the cancellation of the series, the finally able to make Klingons look more alien. 31st Centuries. By the time of "Star Trek: The
staff of the marketing department of the NBC The resulting continuity break between TOS Next Generation" (1987), however, calendar
TV network confronted the network executives and the movies and later series was addressed in years for Trek adventures had been established
and berated them for canceling Star Trek, the the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) and the official Star Trek Chronology now
most profitable show on the network in terms of episode "Trials and Tribbleations" in which the indicates that the original "Star Trek" TV series
demographic profiling of the ratings. They character of Worf confirms that something did takes place between the years 2266 and 2269.
explained that although the show was never happen to make the Klingons appear human, but
higher than #52 in the general ratings, its he refuses to elaborate. In the final season This is the only "Star Trek" series not to feature
audience profile had the largest concentration of (season #4) of the fifth "Star Trek" series regulars from any other. However, Diana
viewers of ages 16 to 39, the most sought after "Enterprise" (2001) an episode dealt with the Muldaur who appeared in "Return to
television audience for advertisers to reach. In exact nature of why some Klingons (that would Tomorrow" and "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"
other words, the show, despite the low ratings, be the Klingons form the original series) did not later played the character of Dr. Katharine
had the precise audience advertisers hungered have the "knotted" forehead that visually Pulaski during Season Two of "Star Trek: The
for, which was more than ample justification to characterized all Klingons portrayed starting Next Generation" (1987). Although she
consider the show a big success. with _"Star Trek The Motion Picture" (1979) . appeared in almost every episode of the season,
The premise was that a group of Klingons on a she was never considered a regular.
In 2000, the show was listed in the Guinness Klingon-populated world separate from their
Book of Records as having the largest number home world are exposed to a virus that modifies Malachi Throne provided the voice of the
of spin-off productions, including the feature their appearance to that of the way they looked Talosian Keeper in the first pilot "The Cage",
film series and the numerous TV series. in TOS (and the crew, especially the ship's which was also Leonard Nimoy's first "Star
doctor in "Enterprise" manage to discover and Trek" appearance. Throne was also with Nimoy
Many elements of the Spock character were generate a medical fix for the malady, of for his final "Star Trek" appearance, the "Star
improvised by Leonard Nimoy during course). Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) Season Five
production. For instance, the "Vulcan neck episode "Unification Part II".
In My Exper t Opinion 39
Superstition Or An Singer, Songwriter, OPINION
Uncanny Ability? Record Pr oducer,
Activist, Talk Show Think the experts and the
Continues from Page 26 Host J R Perr y Is A authorities have all the answers?
Well, they do... but often the wrong
What Do You Have To Lose? Man On A Mission ones.

Will says he knows a few other farmers “Animals, which move, have limbs and
who can witch, but they don’t make a big deal muscles; the Earth has no limbs and muscles,
of it. He even knows a well driller who uses the hence it does not move.”
technique, though he’d never admit it in public, - Scipio Chiaramonti, professor of
Will says, since most well drillers think it’s mathematics
baloney. University of Pisa, 1633
Gary Burner of Burner Well Drilling in
McGaheysville says his company is happy to “I must confess that my imagination refuses to
drill wherever the customer wants, witched or see any sort of submarine doing anything except
not, so long as it’s all right with the health suffocating its crew and floundering at sea.”
department. - H. G. Wells, 1902
"We neither are opposed to it or promote
it," he said. “”You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son. You ought to go
Burner said as many as 25 percent of the back to drivin’ a truck.”
customers his company works with have their - Jim Denny, manager of the Grand Ole
wells witched. People who believe in water Opry, to Elvis Presley, 1954
witching are sincere, Burner said, but "I
wouldn’t do it, personally." “If excessive smoking actually plays a role in
J.R. Perry III is on a mission to help find the production of lung cancer, it seems to be a
Either way, witching can’t hurt, says
a cure for sickle cell anemia. J.R. has a major minor one.”
Will. He uses a geological map, so he’s starting
motivation for his mission for a cure. J.R. has a - The National Cancer Institute, 1954
in the same area any expert would. If you really
6 year old son who was born with this disease
can find water anywhere if you dig deep
and he has educated himself with years of “The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is
enough, what’s the harm with witching?
research, networking with the medical only a novelty - a fad.”
Nickell, the paranormal investigator,
community and also he has personally - Marshall Ferdinand Foch, French military
says it’s usually not a problem. "Nevertheless,
witnessed the multiple symptoms that this strategist, 1911
any ignorance and superstition begets other
disease produces in his son by the many hospital
ignorance and superstition," he said.
visits. J.R. has a goal to raise awareness in the “With 50 foreign cars already on sale here, the
Will doesn’t see it that way. He’s seen
United States and in Canada for those that suffer Japanese auto industry isn’t likely to carve out a
too many informal tests where witchers have
with this disease by being involved in big slice of the U.S. market for itself.”
found the same spot to think there’s nothing
fundraisers for hospitals, support groups, sickle - Business Week, 1968
behind the phenomenon.
cell centers and blood banks in the fall of 2006.
Besides, "It doesn’t hurt to get the map
J.R. Perry will launch the sickle cell “We don’t believe Jackie Robinson, colored
and have someone witch it. What do you have to
anemia music tour entitled "Cure Every Cell" college star signed by the Dodgers for one of
lose?" []
with local and national music acts. J.R. Perry their farm teams, will ever play in the big
feels that sickle cell anemia disease deserves the leagues.”
same amount of attention and effort put into - Jimmy Powers, New York Daily News
VEGETABLE NAMES research and finding a cure just as much as the sports columnist, 1945.
many other diseases receive. J.R. Perry's cure
every cell tour is seeking sponsors, donations
and the support of many people to help make a FACT OIDS
Originated in Asia and introduced to Europe by
difference in the lives of people who suffer with
Alexander the Great, about 325 B.C. The name
sickle cell anemia. - Chameleon rule of thumb: If it loses a fight it
comes from the Latin caput, meaning “head.”
J.R. has also released a very powerful turns grey. If it wins, it turns green.
It’s high in vitamin C, but contain sulphurous
song entitled "Put The Guns Down" to promote
compounds that, when cooked, give off odors
peace in the inner cities from gun violence. - Most common plastic surgery performed on
similar to rotten eggs.
Each year, more people are dying from gun American men: breast reduction.
violence. Portions of the proceeds for the
JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES record sales will go to an organization for - Five percent of Americans say they never
These sweet, starchy roots did not grow in victims of violent crimes. make their beds.
Jerusalem and they are not artichokes. Native J.R. Perry's motto's are " Let's Cure
Americans used them as bread. The mix-up Every Cell For Sickle Cell Anemia" and "Just - President McKinley’s pet parrot was named
came when a Spanish explorer thought they Put The Guns Down For The Life Of Human Washington Post.
were some kind of sunflower. Girasol(turn to Beings" and "Let's Preserve The Quality of
the sun) is a “sunflower” in Spanish. An Life". - Oregon has the most number of ghost towns of
American heard it as “Jerusalem.” No one any state.
knows why he also added “artichoke.”
If you would like to contact J.R. Perry you can - First U.S.coin to have a president on it: the
CANTALOUPE visit his website at www.jrperry.voice123.com 1909 Lincoln penny.
A type of muskmelon brought to Italy from or email him at jrperry3@aol.com or
Armenia in the first century A.D., and grown in jrperry3@yahoo.com or -London police photographed the eyes of Jack
the town of Cantalupo, which is where it gets its cureeverycell@yahoo.com the Ripper’s victims theorizing that his image
name. might be recorded on their retinas.
40 Mor e Star Tr ek Trivia
MORE STAR TREK sickbay area, a swimming pool, a garden, and a
six-lane bowling alley. This last item, no doubt
Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett are the only
actors to appear in both the first ("The Cage")
TRIVIA! included in the blueprints as a joke, is the and last ("Turnabout Intruder") episodes of the
earliest known case of humor creeping into the series.
Both pilots for "Star Trek" (1966) - "The Cage" background of the show's designs; this would
and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - were become commonplace in the other "Star Trek" The uniforms were color coded to show what
the only episodes not filmed at the current-day TV series of the '80s and '90s. division of the ship that the crew member was
Paramount Studio lot in Hollywood. They were assigned to. The colors were: gold - command,
filmed at the present-day Sony Pictures Culver According to the Hollywood Entertainment navigation, and weaponry; red - engineering,
Studios in Culver City, California. Museum, as of fall 2003 only a few pieces of security, and ship's services; and blue - science
the original 1960s bridge survive. The museum, and medicine. In practice, the gold uniforms
Jerry Goldsmith was Gene Roddenberry's first on Hollywood Blvd., incorporates two original often appeared apple green, which some have
choice to write the theme for this series. Years turboshaft doors into its Star Trek display, while attributed to local interference with television
later, Goldsmith wrote the theme to Star Trek: a Los Angeles bookstore reportedly owns the signals. However, what actually occurred was
The Motion Picture (1979), which later was original captain's chair. that the peculiar green tunic was green, but
used for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" under the lights on the set it appeared gold in
(1987). After viewing the popularity of characters such most lighting conditions. However, the true
as Robin on the _"Batman" (1966/II)_ series color can be seen in Kirk's special "wrap-
Victor Lundin appeared in the show "Errand of and shows like "The Monkees" (1966), the around" tunic and to some extent in the special
Mercy". Although he did not have a speaking producers decided to introduce Ensign Pavel occasion "dress" uniforms, both of which were
part, he was the first Klingon to appear in the Chekov in the second season in order to attract made out of different materials which reflected
original series. more teenage viewers, especially girls, to the the light differently. The uniforms were dry-
show. 'Walter Koenig' was selected due to his cleaned, but the velour tended to shrink, so they
In the hallways of the Enterprise there are tubes resemblance to Davy Jones. had to constantly be altered which is why they
marked "GNDN", these initials stand for "goes often looked short on the actors.
nowhere does nothing". A bowling alley aboard the USS Enterprise, as
shown in the 1975 blueprints, was actually Each starship and starbase had its own insignia,
The series' opening credits has lyrics that were mentioned in the episode "The Naked Time. " which was worn on the left breast of the
never used (although they were published in the In that episode, Lt. Riley declares that "a formal uniform. The Enterprise's insignia was the now
book "The Making of Star Trek", by Stephen J. dance will be held in the bowling alley at 1900 well known boomerang-shaped device.
Whitfield). They were written by Gene hours tonight." However, he was also quite
Roddenberry so that he would receive a residual delusional, so it's not certain that the bowling Gene Roddenberry originally conceived
for the theme's use alongside the theme's alley he spoke of actually existed. Spock's skin color to be red, which would have
composer, Alexander Courage. meant extra hours in make-up for Leonard
Mr. Spock was played as much more emotional Nimoy. Fortunately for him, an early make-up
Actor Mark Lenard, best known for his role as and "human" in the original rejected pilot, "The test showed that the red color merely appeared
Sarek, Spock's father, was the first actor to play Cage". This is very noticeable during the as black on black-and-white televisions. Since
a member of all three of the major alien races: flashback sequences of the two-part episode, most televisions in the '60s were still black-and-
Romulan, Vulcan, and Klingon (he is the "The Menagerie". The flashbacks were simply white, the idea was dropped.
commander of the Klingon attack group at the scenes from the original pilot, re-edited into the
beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture new episodes. According to William Shatner's Star Trek TV
(1979). memoirs, DeForest Kelley was the first one
Ranked #1 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Top considered for the role of Spock.
The slanting crawlway that leads up to the Cult Shows Ever!" (30 May 2004 issue).
warp-drive nacelles is referred to as a "Jefferies Two models of the Enterprise were used on the
tube." This is a reference to art director Walter The Star Trek Crews from all the "Star Trek" show. One is 3 feet long and the other is 11 feet
M. Jefferies. series were ranked #2 in TV Guide's list of the long.
"25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" (1 August 2004
When NBC was promoting "Star Trek" (1966) issue). The creature called the Mugato got its name
in magazines, all shots of Spock's pointed because DeForest Kelley kept mispronouncing
eyebrows and ears where airbrushed out of the Spock's farewell remark "Live long and its real name, Gumato.
pictures because NBC thought that no one prosper" was ranked #5 in TV Guide's list of
would watch the show due to Spock's "TV's 20 Top Catchphrases" (21-27 August Leonard Nimoy modeled Spock after George
resemblance to the Devil. 2005 issue). Burns and his cigar. George's amused and
unflustered acceptances of Gracie Allen's
On at least two occasions ("Miri" & "City on the Scotty's full name is Montgomery Scott. The ramblings influenced Spock's interactions with
Edge of Forever") the exterior Mayberry set name was improvised on the spot by James Dr. McCoy.
from "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960) was Doohan and Gene Roddenberry: 'Scott' because
used. In "City," as Kirk walks Edith home, they Roddenberry liked Doohan's Scottish brogue, Leonard Nimoy's makeup had a faint greenish
pass by the easily recognizable courthouse, and 'Montgomery' because it's Doohan's middle hue to it, because of his green Vulcan blood.
Floyd's barbershop, Emmett's repair shop, and name. Because the makeup was hand-mixed, the
the grocery. amount of green varied slightly, and in many
The legend that Gene Roddenberry was holding shots (even close-ups) it's not really visible.
In several episodes, prop beverage bottles were the sketch of the Enterprise he approved upside-
modified from existing alcohol bottles. down is untrue - he was far too involved in the Many "guest" voices were actually supplied by
Aldeberan Whiskey bottles were Cuervo Gold design process to make such a mistake. This James Doohan, including those of Sargon
1800 Tequila bottles. Bottles used for Saurian legend likely came to be because on the first run (Return to Tomorrow), the M-5 and
Brandy were George Dickel Tennessee Sour of the first TV Guide cover to feature this show, Commodore Enwright (The Ultimate
Mash Whiskey carafes. the Enterprise was pictured upside down Computer), Providers 2 and 3 (The Gamesters
because of a confused cover editor. of Triskelion), a NASA technician (Assignment:
According to official blueprints of the Earth) and a radio announcer (A Piece of the
Enterprise, published in 1975, among features Leonard Nimoy (Spock) is the only actor to Action).
on the ship that were never mentioned on the appear in every episode of the series.
TV series were two auxiliary bridges, a second More StarTrek Trivia in tne next ‘X’ Chronicles
Pr oposal After Abduction 41
Pr oposal follows alien closet," this is the place to be. More than 300 He believes the 360ft-wide creation is
far too intricate to be man-made, saying: "There
people registered to attend the symposium,
abduction which has become an annual fixture in Denver. is something very strange and mysterious about
The only conference attendee who might it.
offend is Bob Girard, a conference vendor and "Lots of people think crop circles are
owner of Arcturus Books, which specializes in man-made, but the jury's still out for me.
unexplained phenomena. Girard described "At this time of year when there are so
many of the people at the conference as few hours of darkness and with a design so
"fanatics." intricate it can hardly be people doing it on their
"There's no captured spacecraft, no way home from the pub."
alien, nothing to show for the last 50 years," Mr Alexander has had more than his fair
Girard said, as he sought to sell books to these share of weird crop circle experiences.
same people. He said: "I have had some strange experiences
Still, it's clear Girard is enamored with a at crop circle sites and even in daylight hours
leather-bound book dated 1557 that explores have seen some weird and wonderful things,
Roswell, New Mexico: Ross Savedra fought bizarre happenings. such as balls of light flashing across fields.
aliens to rescue his girlfriend, then popped the He's trying to sell the book for $10,000. "I've also heard of other people having camera
question in an out-of-this-world proposal. Those attending the conference are quite failures and mobile phone failures at crop circle
Savedra, 32, staged his elaborate serious about their chosen passion. locations.
proposal Sunday afternoon for Ariana Ash, 23, John Greenewald is producing a show "It's a really complex subject.
with the help of family members and Roswell's on physical traces allegedly left by UFOs for "Everyone seems to be getting very
UFO Museum. The History Channel scheduled to air this fall. excited about this one."
Savedra and Ash were touring the His Web site, The Black Vault, features Mr Alexander found out about
museum when a silver-suited, masked alien 441,000 government documents he has attained Oxfordshire's latest crop circle after receiving a
from an exhibit called "alien autopsy" suddenly by filing open-records requests. A good number call from an experts' website, which had been
abducted Ash from in front of a group of of them deal with UFOs. informed about the pattern by a microlite pilot.
tourists. Savedra dashed through the crowd, Greenewald started the site a decade He then hired a helicopter to take him up
fought two aliens and rescued her. ago, when he was 15. into the Oxfordshire skies - and was amazed by
Then he dropped to his knees, presented "They publicly say (UFOs) don't exist, what he saw.
a ring and asked her to marry him. but the documents say something different," "It's a very striking image," he said. "It
They embraced in a cloud of shiny Greenewald said. "Obviously, there's a cover- really is impressive.
colored confetti tossed by onlookers and were up." "I've never seen anything like it before,
applauded by tourists who had been tipped off Still, Greenewald says he can't it is extremely powerful. It almost looks like
by the aliens -- Ash's brother-in-law and conclusively say there are extraterrestrials. skyscrapers coming out of the field at you."
stepfather. "I'm 99.9 percent sure there is life out Having taken a look at it from the air,
"By the way, everyone, she said yes," there, and they're visiting us," he said. Mr Alexander is now going to investigate it
announced Julie Shuster, the museum's director, "But I'm never sure until something from the ground.
over the sound system. smacks me on the head." He is planning a trip to Oxfordshire
Savedra, a Roswell native, chose the Aurora police officer and UFO hunter from his home on the South Coast over the next
museum for his proposal because of its Ken Storch planned to speak about the role few days.
uniqueness. police play in UFO reports. UFOs became his He said: "It's a groundbreaking
Shuster said it was a first for the raison d'etre in 1974 when he claims to have formation.
museum."She's always calling me her alien gleaned firsthand knowledge of five UFOs "Normally the crops just lie flat but in
man," Savedra said of his fiancee. flying in formation that nearly triggered World this case the crop is weaved, so it will be
War III. interesting to take a closer look."
Storch, now 55, was working in Oxford crop circle expert Michael
Rocky Mountain News communications at the Offutt Air Force Base at Soper, who works for UFO research group
the time. He says he was required not to speak Contact International, said: "This is an
By Julie Poppen, Rocky of the incident for 30 years. He and fellow UFO intriguing and interesting picture.
Mountain News hunter L.J. Dalicandro, wearing the teeth of an "Certainly some crop circles are a hoax,
July 15, 2006 alligator and great white shark around his neck, but they usually tend to be ones with less
shared a disturbing array of mutilated cattle features, whereas this one has lots of features.
photos. "It could have many meanings." []
Ted Phillips has devoted 38 years to the
study of 3,162 reported UFO landing sites in 91 "I know we're not alone," Storch said.
countries. Storch said he's comforted but also
As such, the chatty 64-year-old retired bothered by his belief in aliens.
engineer from Missouri is a hot speaker pick for "I don't have a clue what the agenda is,"
the 37th Mutual UFO Network International Storch said. []
Symposium, which kicked off Friday at the
Denver Marriott Tech Center. The symposium Top of the cr ops
wraps up Sunday.
By Emma-Kate Lidbury
Even now, Phillips says to himself,
'This can't be,' when he approaches a UFO
When it comes to patterns etched into
landing site. He doesn't believe aliens are
farmers' fields, these are the cream of the crop.
behind crop circles (too Disney-esque), and he's
This crop circle - discovered in an
on the fence about the role of aliens in animal
Oxfordshire field - is believed to be the world's
mutilations. But he most certainly believes the
first three-dimensional one, and has already left
world is being visited by alien beings in
experts reeling with wonder at who, or what,
impressive spacecraft.
could have created it.
"I believe what we're dealing with is a
Freelance photographer and crop circle
device under intelligent control that generates
expert Steve Alexander caught it on camera a
physical effects," he said.
few days ago in fields near Wayland's Smithy
For UFOlogists who are "out of the
Farm in Ashbury, near Uffington.
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Myth-Conceptions 43
MYTH: The captain of a ship at sea can
perform weddings.
FACT: U.S. Navy regulations - and those of
navies of many other nations - actually prohibit
ships’ commanders from joining couples in

MYTH: Your hair and nails continue to grow

after you die.
FACT: They don’t. Your tissue recedes from
your hair and nails, making them appear longer.

MYTH: Bananas spoil faster when you put

them in a refrigerator.
FACT: This belief comes from an old ad jingle.
The purpose of the jingle was to tell people to
keep bananas out of the refrigerator... but only
until they had ripened. Once ripened, bananas
will last linger in the refrigerator.
OCTOBER 1-2, 2006
PALACE STATION HOTEL & CASINO * LAS VEGAS, NEVADA MYTH: You should never wake a sleepwalker.
FACT: There’s no reason not to wake a
Immerse yourself in the paranormal experience in exciting Las Vegas!
sleepwalker. This superstition comes from the
www.tlvpc.com old belief that a sleepwalker’s spirit leaves the
body and might not make it back if the person
is awakened.

MYTH: Shaving your hair makes ti grow in

faster and thicker.
FACT: The rate of your hair’s growth is
determined by hereditary factors. Shaving will
have no effect on the rate of its growth.

MYTH: During a flight, you'll sometimes hit

an “airpocket.”
FACT: What’s often called an “air pocket” is
actually a downdraft.

MYTH: It’s darkest just before the dawn.

FACT: Actually, it’s darkest at about 2 AM.

Alfred Hitchcock: The cameo appearance he
made in each film he directed was for good

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson:

Jackson always charged into battle with his left
hand held over his head, for “psychic balance.”

Thomas Edison: Carried a staurolite, a stone

that forms naturally in the shape of a cross.
Legend has it that when fairies heard of Christ’s
crucifixion, their tears fell as “fairy cross”
stones. Also a lucky piece for Theodore
Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

John Wayne: Considered it lucky to be in a

movie with actor Ward Bond.

Jack Lemmon: Whispered “magic time” as

filming started.

Mario Andretti: Won’t use a green pen to

sign autographs.
44 Learn Pr ofessional Hypnosis