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Party theme : Fi rst decide on a su itable date and tim Make sure it suits e for your party.

all your favorite friends. Then yo a party theme. Yo u ar e ready to decide u might want to as on k your friends to something, or ma he lp you come up with ybe you can choo se from one of th -Disco Night e following fun id eas: -Fright Night -People in Histor y -Specific Era - 19 70s, twenties, et c is a good rty. Make sure it pa ur yo to k as ing to u are ready de who you are go ch other. Then yo ea Invitations: Deci th wi ll we g on t al ore fun to o are bound to ge s, but its much m mix of people wh ck pa in ns tio ta vi . You can buy in drawings! to send invitations kers, glitter and ic st g in us es on make personalized
Food and Drink: Remember to decorate your food to complement the party theme. Just a simple twist on a classic snack will make the food that much funner (for e.g. a drop of green food coloring in lemonade, labeled 'poison' for a scary-themed party or a plate of multi-colored cupcakes for a fun 80s look). Hamburgers are perfect if your guests are staying for lunch/dinner, otherwise here are some party musthave snacks: -crisps -popcorn -cocktail sausages -brownies -cookies ...and of course a delicious birthday cake!

This autumn Top-Mag's 14t h issue has everything covered from scrumptious recipes and arts and crafts to the latest sport and musical news! If your birthday's coming up, remember to check out our party planner to pla n an extra special day! If you're in the mood for som e fascinating facts and trivia, check out our 'Di d you Know' section and learn all about crazy cre atures, strange sports and amazing fruits tha t you've never heard of! Also, don't forget to read thi s month's Culture Page featuring Japan to dis cover all about Japanese facts, traditions and customs. But don't worry, if you don't feel like a lot reading, then have a look at this issue's awesome puzzle page. Finally, you can't stop readin g this mag until you've read our exclusive Fut ureJOB with Karen Carvolho, a professional bak er and cake decorator! Enjoy! T-M Editor

Dear Readers,

Dcor:This is the fun part. I mean, what is a party without decorations ? Depending on the theme of your part y, you can decorate your party venu e with home-made banners, posters, stre amers etc... This will really add to the spirit of the party!

y mood! A great party music to liven up the part Music: Dont forget to prepare some you from a good radio station. This will save good idea is to play an upbeat music mix r! sure to get everyone on the dance floo the trouble of making a playlist and is Time!!! Most importantly . . . Have a Fun by Ryan Curley

nsported My Story - Tra Australia 1790 izabeth Harvey,

The Diary of El

Month Top Songs of the Roar - Katy Perry nk Ft. Pharell Get Lucky - Daft Pu

Musical News Congratulations to One Directions Zayn Malik and Little Mixs Perrie Edwards on their engagement. They had announced it at first but only to a small amount of people and then a few weeks ago they confirmed the rumours. May they live in happiness together!!! One Direction release a new perfume called Our Moment. According to the lads they had been brainstorming on names and the song Moments had come into it and that is what they decided on. And a little bit extra for all the Directioners just so that you can relax, Liam escaped out of his luxury flat unharmed after it caught fire. And finally, a little bit about The X Factor. The show is back again for another few months of singing, criticism , and praise. Join Gary, Louis, Sharon and Nicole for 3 hours of talented (and non talented) wannabe singers. So far in the completed auditions people have high hopes for Tamera Foster and Hannah Barrett. Also, Prison Officer, Sam Bailey, according to Gary Barlow Had one of the best auditions he had ever seen! and Sharon had goosebumps the whole time she was singing!!!

Willams Capital Cities Safe And Sound i Wake Me Up - Avici Justin Timberlake Holy Grail - Jay Z F.

There is a d partly fiction. an ct fa ly rt pa on. This book is y was a real pers Elizabeth Harve My Story. ict, who was sent books, all named e es th of es ri en year old conv se te ir th whole a y, ve ar n eth H othes worth seve ok is about Elizab zie) both stole cl iz (L This particular bo h et ab iz El l l iona ough, the fictiona real and the fict oney!! Yikes!) th m to Australia. The s y' da to in ro red and thirty eu o stories begin to shillings (one hund It is here the tw s. od go e th en ol Lizzie was sent not to have st ile the fictional wh , nd Elizabeth claimed la Is lk fo to Nor moves to Sydney Elizabeth is sent ose Hill, she then R d differ. The real lle ca t en m le tt and then into a se to Port Jackson, er how to write. da ach their ught te to ily m od, while waiting fa a Cove with with hardly no fo , al iv rv su r fo t ok for boys and out her figh s. A really good bo lie pp This diary is all ab su th wi e m t to co the Second Flee desperately for ler d it! By Mairead But finitely recommen girls, I would de

by Risn Clarke

This film has just gone out of show ing in my local cine based on the seco ma, but I was luck nd of five Percy Ja y enough to see it! ckson books by Ri It is Percy Jackson is ck Ri or da n. a Half-Blood (hal f hu ma n, half God) who lives Half-Bloods are sa in Camp Half Bloo fe from monsters d, a place where . Hi s mo ther is a normal wo magical substance man, (who can see that stop mortals through Mist, a seeing monsters), the sea!! His best but his father is friends are Anna Po se idon, Greek god of beth Chase (daugh battle strategy), ter of Athena, go Grover Underwoo dd es s of wisdom and d (a sayter, basic Together they tr ally a goat waist do y to find Half-Bloo wn, human above ds to bring to Camp that). a half-brother a Half Blood. He al Cyclops!! They ge so fi nd s ou t th t involved in a Que at he has Triangle)! Watch st, one to the Se /read to find out a of Monsters (B mo re er ! muda The film that insp ired me to read th e series of books. A must see!

Directed by Thor Freudenthal

Percy Jackson an d the Sea Of M onsters

By Mairead Butl er

Autumn Apple Spice Muffins: These cosy treats are perfect to warm yourself up on a rainy autumn day.

Directions: In a large bowl, combine the first seven ingredients. In another

rd Clown Concertina Ca You will need: Paper Ruler Markers/Pencils Scissors Glue

Method: paper in 1. Fold a sheet of evenly half. Draw 2 dots de of spaced on either si dle. the fold in the mid with the 2. Draw the clown

dots. arms ending at the cture 3. Colour in your pi s. with bright colour strip 4. Cut a long narrow it to of paper and fold make a fan. ch each 5. Use glue to atta tina to end of the concer ns the end of the clow arms. Anna Barnwell

Ingredients: -250g white flour

-110g granola -3 teaspoons baking powder -1 teaspoon salt -1 teaspoon ground cinnamon -1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg -2 eggs -160ml apple juice -50ml oil -2 grated apples

bowl, whisk the eggs, apple juice and oil. Stir wet ingredients into dry ingredients. Fold in apples. Line a muffin tray with muffin cases. Bake at 210 degrees Celsius for 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the centre comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes. Serve warm.

Sometimes the trains are so crowded that railway staff are employed to cram passengers inside! Raw horse meat is a popular food in Japan. More than 70% of Japan consists of mountains with more than 200 volcanoes. Noodles are slurped loudly when eaten. It is said that slurping indicates that something is delicious. Due to gases produced by power plants, Japan sometimes experiences acid rain. A musk melon (similar to a cantaloupe) can sell for over 31,473 yen (238 Euro). by Anna Barnwell

From what we know, Sumo wrestling is a Japanese sport that has been practiced since the third century! Most sumo wrestlers are over fifty years old. The match takes place in a small ring called a 'Dohyou.' Before the match the wrestlers do a sacred dance to drive evil spirits away they wave their arms to prove they do not have weapons. Sumo wrestlers have a distinct diet composed of 'Chankonabe', a stew made of tofu, chicken, fish, beef and lots of vegetables, and lots of beer to wash it down with. Because of their enormous size, sumo's are not allowed to have their own cars. Ironically, in ancient times, sumo wrestlers were actually skinny!! By Criomhthann & Caoilte Brennan

of the y, a national holiday and one January 1 is New Year's Da Japan. ar of annual festivities in biggest events on the calend ay before and o weeks of Christmas holid tw out ab for se clo ols ho Sc shut down for st Working areas will also after New Year's, and mo ry 3. Many und December 30 to Janua New Year break from aro ays to be d return home for the holid people who've moved abroa with family and friends.

Until about a few decades ago, kids spent New Year's engaged in such traditional pastimes as flying kites, spinning tops, and playing traditional Japanese card games, badminton played with woode n paddles and shuttlecocks, a contest where blindfolded players take turns arranging parts of a face and Japanese variety parcheesi (Xs and Os. None of these pastimes are played very much by kids these days, though.

From before dawn on New Year's Day, people go to visit shrines and temples to pray for a healthy and happy year. This is called hatsumode and is one of the most important rituals of the year. When they greet their acquaintances they say "Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu" (a happy new year) to convey their wishes that the year to come will be full of hope and good health.

g is Year mornin w e N n o g ard to doin n look forw e r d nds a nd il h c g in ds from frie O n e th r a c g in t e e receiving w Ye a r g r no doubt, is , t a e r t reading Ne t s e g a r e n ts , . But the big y e a r fr o m p s e a c f n o a t g in in a n u acq the begin a r. as a gift at ing New Ye n r e u d iv g t e y e e n m o y larke m he by Risn C her adults t t o d n a , s e relativ

of the year ed at the end ar ep pr i, or ry i l dishes called osech t of traditiona is ns co ey Special meals h T . 1-3 d dressed ten on January bles and seafoo ta ge ve before, are ea ed ic sl d . The reason ns, raw fish, an nest of boxes a like boiled bea in ed rv se king, gar, and it's erved by stac es pr e b ly si with sweet vine ea can olidays. is because they ing over the h ok co y boxes are used an o d to from the need freeing people

The Mexican mole lizard

TAZER BALL Ever here of a sport called Tazer Ball ? Neither had I up until I had recently researched some odd sports. This came across to me to be quite odd indeed. The sport is actually known as UTB or ( Ultimate Tazer Ball). The shocking sport was first played in California in the USA. The rules to the game are quite simple and it really is just like any other game except with weapons. there are two teams that play on the field and there is also a ball. Whoever is in possession of this ball would usually be a target to well shock. But not to worry, if this article has put you off the sport you should know that there is only a minor shock but still enough to make you accidentally drop the ball. The aim of the game is really to put the ball into the goal. If you have ever watched a game of tazer ball you will know there is always electricity in the air (literally)! By Ryan Curley

The Mexican mole lizard also called the Baja worm lizard is a worm like lizard with only two front legs and no back legs. It is pink in colour and lives underground, eating mostly small insects that live in the soil (earthworms, termites, ants etc). They will even eat little lizards that stray near them. The Mexican mole lizard usually pulls its food into its burrow before helping itself. It prefers to come out at night or after rain. by Caoilte Brennan

be one of the most delicious fruits in the I'm pretty sure that most people have a pretty basic world with a fabulous, creamy cocoa and knowledge of fruit. I definitely did until I did a little research pineapple flavor. Grown in the and discovered a whole new fascinating world of amazing fruit! rainforests of South America, this large From fruit that taste like ice-cream and chocolate to fruit melon-sized fruit, once opened, reveals an that look stranger than aliens, there seems to be a never ending list of these wondrous delights! Seriously, when I say abundance of lush, velvety white pulp. As if this enchanting flavour - a cross between a divine 'Must-try' fruits, I'm NOT exaggerating! Miracle fruit: Looking for a miracle? Well, youve found it! These berry-like fruits are native to West Africa. They are 2-3cm long, red, ovalshaped and contain a white, mildly sweet-tasting pulp. But what makes really makes them a 'miracle' is their amazing capacity to trick our taste buds. It contains something called miraculin which has a unique effect on our palette causing anything sour or bitter to taste sweet. Once eaten, the effects of the fruit last for about an hour, during which a sour lemon it would taste as sweet as candy! So, if you have the chance to try one, dont hesitate! Physalis: Enveloped by a paper-thin shell resembling a Chinese lantern, this glossy orange fruit is very similar to the cherry tomato. Mainly grown in Colombia and South Africa, the Physalis fruit has a sweet but refreshing taste that is enjoyed in pasta sauces, jams and pies. Cupuacu: OK, true this fruit may not look that appetizing, but dont be fooled. The Capuacu is said to chocolate cream and an exotic paradise - wasnt enough, the fruit is also extremely healthy. So, as my dad would say, dont judge a book by its cover )

Starfruit: The most amazing thing about this fruit is that once sliced crosswise it looks exactly like a fivepointed star! Native to South East Asia, Starfruits yellow flesh is quite firm but, when ripe, very juicy. Eaten fresh, it's flavour is described to be a cross between grape and lemon with a hint of pineapple. The tasty fruit is prepared differently throughout the world In China and Thailand it is cooked with fish and shrimp, in Australia it is made into pickles,relishes and jams whereas in the Philippines unripe starfruit is dipped in rock salt, then eaten. In Hawaii it is also made into sherbet and you can buy bottled starfruit juice in India. Jabuticaba: No, this isn't a joke the Jabuticaba tree really does bear fruit on it's trunk! These unique tropical berries are native to South America and are not only amazing to look at, but are also delicious to eat! The 3-4 cm wide fruits have a deep purple skin and a juicy, white flesh and can be eaten raw or used to make jellies and drinks. by Maya Brennan

For all kids who are interested in becoming bakers/cake decorators, you're in luck! This issue, I've had the chance to interview Karen Carvalho, owner of cakes 'n' bakes, a business based in Dubai that specializes in delicious and amazingly decorated cak es and desserts for special occasions!

me that when I was younger!). The most important thing is to love what you do.

At what age did you start wanting to be a baker/cake decorator? I have always loved cooking and What's your favourite part about baking & decorating cakes? baking since I was little but never Being creative and bringing ideas to life. There's so much you can do with really thought of becoming a Cake cakes from traditional icing techniques, to sugar flowers and figure decorator till much later in life. I guess it was one of those things that sort of fell into place modeling. Its very satisfying to see a person's reaction to a special cake I've made for them and which they love. Its also amazing to be a part of quite by chance -- I started by making my children's birthday cakes, got requests from friends and family and peoples celebrations through one of my cakes be at weddings, baptisms, then slowly from lots of other people who liked my cakes. sweet 16's, etc. When my little kitchen at home could no longer keep up with the orders that were pouring in, I decided to take the plunge and make a business out Do you have any advice to give to future bakers/cake decorators? With something like cake decorating, it requires practice more of it. than anything else. The Internet is a great tool to use to get ideas and inspirations and so are books on the art of cake making. What did you want to do before that? Start on small cake projects and as you get more I always wanted to work in the Hospitality industry, like a confident, try your hand on different techniques. hotel as you get the chance to meet and interact with Enrolling in a decorating class in also great way lots of different people. Being an to start as you can learn the "secrets" from the Interior designer was also on my list. experts. Its okay not knowing right off the bat what you're ''meant'' to do -- some What is your favourite dessert? people know immediately the career Ooh thats a hard one! I love all sorts of choice they would want to go in for desserts but my ultimate weakness is a heavenly while, others (like me!) need to explore Tiramisu. and search a little longer till we get there Interview by Maya Brennan which is fine too (wish someone had told

What studies did you do to become a baker/cake decorator? I have a couple of certifications from the "Wilton School of Cake Decorating" from the U.S. I also hold a B.Sc in Business Management from the States.