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a. Emergency Response and Rescue
i. The NYPD's war on Terror
By Craig Horowitz
a. Emergency Response and Rescue (also relevant to NYPD)
i. "9/11: One Year Later ; Tragic Lessons Leaves City Better
Prepared" The New York Post, September 8, 2002
ii. "New FDNY Communication System May Take Years"
/4P, September 19, 2002
iii. "Naval War College, FDNY conduct war game"
By Lt. David Ausiello, February 13, 2002
iv. "The Commish;" Fire Chief, September 2002
v. "FDNY's 9/11 Woes Echoed '93 Attack"
The New York Post, September 29, 2002
vi. "Fire Department to Release Recommendations for Sweeping
Changes" AP, August 19, 2002
vii. "FDNY Prepares to Change Procedures in Response to 9/11"
AP, July 22, 2002
viii. "NYC Releases McKinsey Report" Fire Chief, September 2002
ix. "New Early Warnings for Firefighters" The New York Post,
October 8, 2001
x. "Eyes Tracing System; Bids Taken for Unit to Track Firefighters"
Newsday, March 28, 2003
xi. "N.Y.C. begins changes within Fire Department; High command
reorganized in wake of 9/11" The Record, August 8, 2002
xii. Testimony of Fire Officers Association
Before the New York City Council Committees on Public Safety and
Fire and Criminal Justice, October 8, 2002
b. FDNY on 9/11
i. "60 Off-Duty Bravest Killed at WTC; Rushed to scene from all
over city" New York Daily News, January 27, 2002
ii. "FDNY Union: Investigate Radio Failure" Newsday, July 20, 2002
iii. "Better Communications Might have Helped FDNY" CNN Live,
September 11, 2002
iv. Excerpt from "Strong of Heart, Life and Death in the Fire
Department of New York" by Thomas Von Essen
3. Communication and Command Issues
i. "Their Finest Effort: Stung by 9/11 Report, Cops Launch
'Coordination' Effort" The New York Post July 28, 2002
ii. "We're in Charge at Disasters, say Kelly, Scopetta" New York
Daily News October 9, 2002
iii. "FDNY Boss Wants a 'Concrete' Radio Plan" The New York Post
August 6, 2002
iv. "Radioheads: First Responders Get Their Own Bandwidth"
v. "FEMA Begins Awarding Grants to Local Firefighters"
vi. Army Wants to Link Police, Fire, Military Radios"
vii. "Too Hot to Handle" August 20, 2002
a. "CIA Poised for New Relations With Local Police" CQ June 27, 2003
b. email from Mark Bittinger, Subject: Request for CIA Briefings
5. General Emergency and Response
a. Hearing of the House Select Homeland Security Committee, Subject:
Department of Homeland Security Response to Terrorism
b. Email from Kevin Shaeffer, Subject: Contact
6. Skyscraper Safety/ Columbia
a. "Public Safety Studies on Evacuation of the World Trade Center to be
Announced at April 8 Community Forum" email
7. Contact Info.
a. Port Authority
b. Key Governmental Organizations
c. Sally Regenhard, Chairperson, Skyscraper Safety Campaign
a. "Agency Seeks WTC Papers" email from Andrew Casperson
9. Emergency Response to WTC 9/11 Attack
a. excerpt from "American Ground"
10. Work Plan and White Papers
a. work plan email from Kevin Shaeffer
b. Team 9 Questions (May 15)
c. Team 9 White Papers
a. Testimony (as written) Joe M. Allbaugh, Director, FEMA, Before the
Committee on Environmental and Public Works, US Senate, October 16,
12. FBI
a. FBI Field Offices (DC/NY) Topics for Informal Briefs, email from Kevin
13. Bio-terrorism
a. "CDC Wants Lab Partners for Bioterrorism Defense" and "The text of 17
June Federal Register notice," email from Lisa Sullivan
14. Seminars and Networking
a. TSI seminar, email from Lisa Sullivan
15. Organization of the City of New York/ NYC Agencies Under our Review
a. DDC Document Request, email from Kevin Shaeffer
b. NYC departments to be included in a Document Request, email from
Kevin Shaeffer
c. NYC Department Organization Graphs
16. Pentagon
a. Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) and Defense Protection
Services (DPS), email from Kevin Shaeffer
17. WTC Evacuation
a. "For Many on Sept. 11, Survival was no Accident" USA Today, December
20, 2001
18. WTC Building Performance
a. "What We Learned: Building Performance Study of the WTC Collapse"
Structural Engineer August 2002
19. U.S. Financial Sector and Terrorism
a. US General Accounting Office Report to Congressional Requesters,
February 2003
20. General Evacuation
a. "ResQline Building Evacuation Summary 2003"
21. Motley Lawsuit
a. September 11th, 2001 Informational Forum
22. Stat. Creating 9/11 Commission
a. Public Law 107-306, November 27, 2002
23. 9/11 Commission Security Issues
a. Staff Security Briefing
24. Anecdotal History of September 11, 2001
a. excerpt from "The Cell"
25. Lawsuits Regarding Targets of Our Investigation
a. "Port Authority Sued Over WTC Tanks" AP Online September 10, 2002
b. NYT's Lawsuit for FDNY Tapes, email from Kevin Shaeffer
26. Rudman Homeland Defense Report
a. CFR Study, email from Warred Bass
b. "Rudman Task Force Says Critical Aid on a Slow Drip" CQ
c. "Drastically Underfunded, Dangerously Unprepared" Report of the
Independent Task Force on Emergency Responders, Sponsored by the
Council on Foreign Relations
27. Department of Homeland Defense
a. The US Department of Homeland Security Organizational Graph
b. "Understanding the Role of First Responders and How Their Partnership
With the Federal Government is Vital to Protecting Americans and Saving
Lives" email from Lisa Sullivan
c. "Cox Announces Legislation to Reform First Responders Grant Process"
email from Lisa Sullivan
d. Questions for Bill Johnstone, July 2, 2003
e. "Ridge may be the Face of Homeland Security, But a General has White
House Juice," CQ, June 30, 2003
f. "From CQ Homeland Security, June 26, 2003" email from Lisa Sullivan
g. "Grants From Local Firefighters/ First Responders Communications"
email from Lisa Sullivan
h. "Homeland Security Selected Highlights Subcommittee Report" June 11,
i. "CQ Homeland Security Bill Analysis" June 17, 2003
j. DHS News from Press Room, June 2003
k. "DHS Directorate of Emergency Preparedness and Response" editorial
28. Pennsylvania Homeland Security Century Foundation
a. " Assessment of Homeland Security Initiatives" A Century Foundation
29. States and Homeland Security Century Foundation
a. " The States and Homeland Security, Building the Missing Link" A
Century Foundation Report
30. Texas Homeland Security Foundation
a. "Texas Homeland Defense Preparedness" A Century Foundation Report
31. Washington State Homeland Security Century Foundation
a. "Homeland Security in the State of Washington, a Baseline Report on the
Activities of State and Local Governments" A Century Foundation Report
32. Century Foundation on Federal/State Relationship regarding Terrorism
a. "Strengthening Federal-State Relationships to Prevent and Respond to
Terrorism" (Wisconsin) A Century Foundation Report
33. Boone, NC Homeland Security
a. "Boone, NC: Technological Hazards Annex" March 13, 2002
34. Summary of FEMA WTC Report
a. FEMA Executive Summary