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Before you Drive Driving Controls Audio System Maintenance Emergency Information Technical Data Roadside Assistance and Warranty Introduction THE OWNER'S HANDBOOK ‘This handbook describes all ofthe MG Rover models and standard ‘equipment specifications within the model range, Some of the information, therefore, may not apply to your particular car. For your convenience, the handbook is divided into subject or activity-based sections. These are listed on the previous page and are mostly self-explanatory. However, if you experience difficulty in locating a specific item or piece of information, you should ‘consult the alphabetical index near the back of the book. ‘You should also be aware thatthe final Service History) section of this handbook is, in effec, a separate publication, which enables a record to be kept of the routine services and inspections caried out, ‘on the car. This section also provides a facility for the dealer to record brake fluid and coolant changes, and the fing of any major replacement components needed during the life of the car, Finally, always remember that ifyou have any queries, concerning, the operation or specication of your ear, your MG Rover dealer ‘vill be glad to advise you (© MG Rover Group Limited 2003, Ea eet at eee ere ee in eeeval nit or tana i any form, lector mechan, eee ea eecerriastel Publication Pat No, RCL OSHGEN Engh 0172005, Pepe ere Rigen eerie freteiecerel ee SYMBOLS USED ‘The following symbols used within the handbook call your attention to specific types of information. Da Wieser slides prea that at be followed precisely, or information that must he considered with _great car, in order (o reduce the risk of personal injury or serious damage tthe car. “This phn symbol identifies those items that mut be disposed of safely in order to pnvent unnecessary damage tothe environment. Fa ar eat tw ft ttc it ab Mele by an MG Rover dealer + An asterisk appearing within the text, identifies features or items ‘of equipment that are either optional, or are only fitted to some vehicles in the model range. STATUS AT TIME OF PRINTING MG Rover operstea policy of constant product improvement and therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice atany time. Whilst every efor is made to ensure complete aceuracy of the information inthis handbook, no liabilities for inaccuracies or the consequences thereof, including loss or damage to property, oF injury to persons, cam be accepted by the :manufscrurcr or the dealer who supplied the handbook, except in respect of personal injury caused by the negligence of the smanuficturer or dealer. Introduction SECURITY CARD “The security card contains important emergency information. [tis ESSENTIAL that you keep the card safe from theft and ensure that i is passed to the new owner if you sell the car. ‘+ VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): This number is unique to your vehicle and is essential proof of ts specification. “The number can also be found in various locations around the vehicle (fee IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS’, page 140) ‘* Key number: This is the number of the starter/door key - ‘esential if you ever need to obtain a replacement. ‘+ Emergency key access code: This unigue code is esential in order to tare the car if the handset has been lost or damaged. ‘© Locking wheel nut number: If your vehicle has locking ‘wheel nuts, you will have been provided with a special wheel rut adaptor to remove them. Quote this number #2 replacement adaptor is required, ‘© Radio serial number: This unique number is stamped into the eave ofthe audio unit, and i proof ofthe unit’sspecifiation and your ownership in the event of the ‘+ Radio security code number: This unique code must be ‘entered into the radio whenever the power supply has been sdsconnected, Without this code, the radio unit wall not ‘operste. [Never Ieave the security card inside the car when i is left unattended, Keep the card on your person incase of nergencies. IN AN EMERGENCY IMPORTANT Remember the breakdown safety code a breakdown occurs while tavellng + Wherever posible, cousistnt with road ity and trafic conditions the car should be moved off the main thorough, preferably ino ay-by. Ira breakdowm occurs on a motorway pull well oer co the itsde ofthe hard shoulder Switch on azand igh, + posible, postion a warning range ora flashing atnber ight at an appropriate distance trom the vehicle to warn other tli of the breakdown, (note the + Consider evacuating pasengers through nearside doors ana the ‘verge asa precausion in case your vehicle is accidennlysrack by 1 requirements of come countries) ther tic IMPORTANT "When the tne comer to sell your ca, plese remcnibor 0 pass hundbook and the Security Can to che new owner. Hath ust be cousidred pat ofthe car nd exentalt ts operation,