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Volume 23 No.

June 2013
Sunday Morning Worship Services are regularly held at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.
Ive loved this anonymous invitation since I first read it: O waterborn, go where the Spirit calls. Its part of an early Christian prayer (fifth century or older), perhaps used by bishops performing baptisms. When I Googled the phrase to learn more about it, the search engine asked if I meant water-borne. No, I didnt: We are born of water and the Holy Spirit through baptism. Then it dawned on me: Arent we also borne on that baptismal water infused with the Word of God? The grace of baptism carries us through the ups and downs of life. When we rest in it (like floating on our back in a summer lake), rather than struggling (swimming) against it, we let the water take us gently wherever Gods Spirit would have us go. Heidi Mann

Good News Continued from the May 2013 issue...

Volume 23 No. 6

And then there are the kingdoms of the world. I am persuaded that you and your Father struggled for years together over this issue. Handels Messiah sings the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His God% You and your Father, I believe, decided these kingdoms had to be challenged. They took over your Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem every Passover. It became the most profitable celebration of each year. I am persuaded that you explored all the complications, the very high risks. Father and Son together. Chose to take the risk. You, Jesus, knew you had enough of believing following for demonstration. You very carefully planned to act out the role of the Messiah the week before Passover. It was s demonstration of peace, love, trust, hope. The kingdoms were completely caught off guard. You spent the week in the Temple spreading your Word. Then you came with a whip. A whip against all the kingdoms of the world. The Legal Kingdom, the Religious Kingdom, the Commercial Kingdom, the Banking Kingdom, and just beyond the walls of the Temple the Military Kingdom of the World Power. You had rejected their rule in the battle after your baptism. Now They joined forces against you. They thought they had cleared you from the world when they witnessed you nailed to the cross. But your Father, who witnessed you suffering for all humanity, raised you above all, as He had promised. You are alive in Spirit, appearing in all todays human world among every race, in every nation, in every religion, even among the non-religious. Your Spirit enters individuals, groups for a moment, for a time. They act out your Word through a word or deed for a moment%for months%years with greater or lesser commitment. Your spirit continues to challenge the kingdoms of the world. I am persuaded. The kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of your Father, and our Father, through you. Thank you, Jesus, for listening to my present persuasion. Thank you for dropping by our house on Christmas Eve with appetizers of your Fathers kingdom. Ill try, in these last days, to walk in your Kingdoms ways.

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

Lay Readers, Greeters, and Ushers

June 2 Lay Reader Greeter Ushers Jerry Ostrander Norma Hardenburg Maureen Kimmerer Sue Ferris Wayne Gannett Communion Preparation June 9 Lay Reader Bill Ramage Serving Communion Margaret Peck * Joe Peck Mike Poelma Bill Ramage Gwen Ramage Betty Koban Betsy Bunday
* Denotes team leader. The team leader should call the other servers in advance to make sure they plan to attend church on the designated day. If not, the server should find a substitute and let the team leader know.

Greeter/Usher Irma Morris Ushers Bill Morris Bill Sarbello Terry Nieman

June 16

Lay Reader

Chandra Reis

Greeter/Usher Joanne Wagner Ushers Joy Harding Melinda Reilly Nancy Snyder


If you are unable to serve on your scheduled date, please


June 23

Lay Reader Greeter Ushers

Cindy Schultz Dorothy Favitta Gwyn Ramage Bill Ramage Nelda Polansky Ruth Ryf

June 30

Lay Reader

Fred Sirois

Greeter/Usher June Edick Ushers Margaret Gardham Harold Armstrong Peter McKinney Page 3

The Deacon on Call for June is


Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

Upcoming Schedule for Lay Readers, Greeters, and Ushers

Jul 7 lay leader: Steve Smith greeter/usher: Katy Waggener other ushers: Harold Armstrong Joan Niecey Peter McKinney Jul 14 lay leader: Bruce Williamson greeter/usher: Mark Hutchinson other ushers: Trudy Hutchinson Betty Koban Chuck Koban Jul 21 lay leader: Harold Armstrong greeter: Jean Zelezniak other ushers: Nancy Messersmith Ron Messersmith Gail Ostrander Jerry Ostrander Jul 28 lay leader: Charlotte Hasselbarth greeter/usher: Dorothy Rice other ushers: Katy Waggener Joanne Wagner Joy Harding Aug 4 lay leader: Trudy Hutchinson greeter/usher: Maureen Kimmerer other ushers: Bill Sarbello Sue Ferris Dianna Newman Aug 11 lay leader: Diane Irwin greeter/usher: Laura Smith other ushers: Steven Smith Chandra Reis Jon Reis Aug 18 lay leader: Nancy Messersmith greeter/usher: Trudy Hutchinson other ushers: Mark Hutchinson Lynda Jacobsen Howard Jacobsen Aug 25 lay leader: Betty Dietz greeter/usher: Betty Koban other ushers: Chuck Koban Nancy Messersmith Ron Messersmith

Mystery Luncheon
The Mystery Luncheon is scheduled, so mark your calendar for June 2nd. Sign up in the Fellowship Hall or rear of the church. More information will be forthcoming in Church.
- Betty and Chuck Koban

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

Happy Birthday...
Caroline Gade (June 2) Megan Reis (June 8) Bill Hasselbarth (June 11) MJ Patterson (June 27) Bill Irwin (June 30)

Happy Anniversary
Terry & Mickey Nieman (June 24) Ron & Nancy Messersmith (June 28)

If you would like your special occasion celebrated in the Good News newsletter, please contact Hannah Hunter Harris at: 518.371.3103 or hhhannahhunter@gmail.com

(Editor's note: The following is a brief history of the people connected with the stained glass windows in the HUPC building, compiled and edited by Al Deitz in 2008. We will read about a different window this month and for each of the next eight months.) (A history of) the church members whose names appear on nine of the stained glass memorial windows installed in the 1886 Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church building. They were purchased from Charles P. Davis and Sons, Utica, and William De Ermand, Albany.

Window No. 1 (called Faith, Hope, and Charity). Location: Center of area behind alter and pulpit. Names: In Memory of John and Elizabeth Cromme.

John Cromme was a farmer who operated a 130 acre farm on present day Foundry Rd. We have a photo of the Cromme Homestead from the Guilderland Historical Society. John and Elizabeth were confirmed as members of HUPC on February 1, 1834, church records show. 1834 was the year our second church building was dedicated. Their son, James M. Cromme, inherited the farm and became very active in HUPC. James was a member of the Building Committee for the present church building. He probably donated this window in memory of his parents.

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

Malawi Travelers Commissioning Service and Strawberry Social

On July 2nd, Carl Hasselbarth, Stewart Pattison and Keni Banda will be traveling to Chituka Village, in Northern Malawi and staying for three weeks. It is hard to believe that this long dreamed of mission trip is about to commence and could never have happened without enormous faith and support from the whole congregation and the Presbytery. We hope that you will join us on that Sunday as we commission them to represent us as the build a relationship with the congregation of the Chituka Village Church and the Presbyterian Church in Malawi. The commissioning service will be part of the 10 a.m. service and will be followed an OLD FASHIONED STRAWBERRY SOCIAL. This is still in the planning stages so watch your email and church bulletin for additional information. Each of the travelers will bring with him an extra bag of items to share as hospitality gifts with the children and village community. We invite you to bring a small items to share. We are looking for light, inexpensive items that we know that people either enjoy or need for their work. Here is a list of possible items to bring:

Writing pads, spiral notebooks Pencils and Pens Inexpensive solar powered calculators Sewing Thread Needles Chewing gum (very popular) Wrapped hard candy (also very popular) Blank CDs and DVDs (for the vestry choir) Tooth paste, and tooth brushes Card games (UNO, Old Maid, decks of cards. etc) Granola bars Deflated beach balls (to blow up at their destination) Baseball hats

Please join us for a great send-off on June 30th

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6


THURSDAY, June 6, 2013 4:00 PM thru 7:00 PM (or when supply is exhausted) Please volunteer to help out with the barbecue. The work is fun and is only a two hour investment in time. Also, brownies are needed. Please help out! Sign-up sheets are in the back of the church. For more information please see Mike Poelma or any member of the Outreach Team. Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church 2291 Western Avenue Guilderland, New York 456-5410
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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

From the Stewardship Team

Last month we introduced the expanded agenda for the Stewardship Team for 2013 and beyond. This month we would like to be a bit more specific. By now most, if not all, of you know of the annual Stewardship Campaign in which we invite you to share Gods bounty with the body of Christ (i.e., the Hamilton Union church community). At HUPC we have been blessed the last few years with sufficient support from the church to fund (and even to expand a bit) our mission, not only in the local Guilderland community but around the world with our upcoming mission trip to Malawi. We on the Stewardship Team are profoundly touched by this continuing support of the church, both financially and through your gifts of time and talent. Did you know, however, there are several ways you can support the life of the HUPC family beyond the annual campaign? We have identified a number of these opportunities and will be exploring them in the coming months. In this installment we want to introduce you to two opportunities: 1. Including HUPC in your will. A bequest to HUPC will provide ongoing support long after you have passed on to be with Christ. 2. Naming HUPC in a Charitable Annuity Trust. Creating a Charitable Annuity not only provides the church with a legacy when you die, but also can provide income for life AND an immediate tax deduction. We will describe these and other options in more detail in the coming months, but for now please feel free to contact any member of the Stewardship Team for further details.

The Members of Your Stewardship Team, Darlene Bauer, Sue Ferris, Bill Morris, Mickey Nieman, and Bill Ramage

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

Schoharie Flood Relief Where did our Money go?

In February, the Hamilton Union Family was extremely generous in support of the victims of Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Gary Riggi, our guest preacher on February 10th has been working with many families who were directly impacted by the high winds, floods and rain from the hurricanes. We collected over $2,200 for flood relief, and I asked Gary to give me some idea of how the funds would be used. He has identified several families who will directly benefit from our generosity: 1. A new septic system for Tony and Denise of Middleborough, who will receive a new septic system at a cost of $1,300. Major repairs were made to their home, which was extensively damaged in the floods, but this extended family of seven has been living in the home without indoor plumbing since the flood. Our gift has allowed them to use internal plumbing after almost 20 months. 2. Dave and Robin, also from Middleborough needed a hot water heater to enable them to return to their house. Our gift allowed them to return to their home. 3. The balance will be used to provide dumpsters for removal of debris from tearing down two homes in Blenheim. This will be completed by the time you read this. After the houses are removed the land will be used to erect a food pantry on the site. In addition to the funds we have given to flood relief, on April 20 of this year 14 volunteers from HUPC traveled to Schoharie County to provide hands on support to the community. We helped plant trees and clear debris along the Schoharie Creek in the morning, and filled a dumpster with debris from a house that will need to be demolished in Schoharie. Thank You for all the support to this continuing effort to help the people of the Schoharie Valley as they recover from Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Bill Ramage

Hamilton Union Film Club - June Session

The Hamilton Union Film Club will gather on June 9th and then again on June 23rd. Our movie is the seasonally appropriate Field of Dreams. Field of Dreams is an adaptation of a novel by JP Kinsella and tells the story of an Iowa Farmer who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield at the direction of a voice that tells him If you build it, they will come. Besides just being a great story, it is loaded with theological insights. Whole families are welcome to this movie followed by discussion. We will watch and discuss the first half of the film on June 9th and the second half on June 23rd (so that you can take your Dad to a baseball game on Fathers Day!!) Page 10

Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

THANK YOU...THANK YOU..THANK YOU I dont know where to begin to say Thank You to everyone who pitched in and volunteered their time and energy to make our Grand Garage Sale the success that it was. If I were to start mentioning names I would need two more pages. I will tell you that there were 52 names on the list of volunteers. Whether it was helping out in a booth, publicity, parking, office/financial, signs, baking goodies, donating stuff to sell or helping with the massive cleanup THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Vi McKaig

PS. The total as of the end of the sale at 4 PM on Saturday, May 18th was $4,409.

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6


HUPCs Congregational Life Ministry Team is sponsoring an evening at The Joe for you, your friends and family. Hope you can join us for:

BASEBALL & Fireworks!


vs. Jamestown Jammers Fri. Aug 9 (7:00 pm) Joseph L. Bruno Stadium

$7.50 (group rate)

For details: See your next newsletter, church bulletins, or Contact: Ann McKinney 356-1934 or pmckinney@nycap.rr.com Reservations accepted now


This year, by popular demand, there will be a July issue and an August issue of the Good News. That mean this year you get twelve issues for the price of eleven! Of course with an extra issue comes an extra deadline to keep in mind. The deadline for the July issue is June 13th, and the deadline for the August issue will be July 11th. Remember that, as always, email submissions to the Good News can be sent to goodnewshupc@gmail.com

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6


The balance of Gade Farm Days are May 31, June 1 and 2. On these days, a percentage of purchases made by all church members will be given to Presbyterian Women. All church members may use the slip previously shown in an earlier newsletter to record their purchases.

In June, the Mission Minded Meal will be held at Parkland Gardens, home of Bertie Chesebrough, on Tuesday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m. A light menu is planned. Contact Betty Deitz @ 456-4193 if you have not already signed up.

There will be no regularly scheduled circle meeting in June. In September, on September 24, both circles will meet jointly for a potluck supper and beginning of a new Bible study, An Abiding Hope: The Presence of God in Exodus and Deuteronomy, led by either Stewart or MJ Pattison.

The Coordinating Team will meet on Tuesday, September 10 at 9:30 a.m. to plan fall activities.

Please feel welcome to join HUPC Presbyterian Women at anytime.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday: May 17, May 18, May 19 Friday, Saturday and Sunday: May 31, June 1, June 2 Amount: $_________________________________________________________ Name: __________________________________________________________

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Good News

Volume 23 No. 6

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Hamilton Union Happenings

JUNE 2013
Tue Wed Thu Fri





7pm Session M eeting (L)

3:30pm Brownie Troop 1495 (M )

7pm Boy Scouts (D) 7pm Webelos Scouts (D) 7pm Poking Brook Dancers (M ) 7pm Chess Club (L)

$pm Brooks Barbecue

8:30am Early Worship Service (S) 10am Worship Service (S) 11:45am Handbell Choir Practice (S)

8:30am Early Worship Service (S) 10am Worship Service (S) 11:45am Handbell Choir Practice (S) 6:30pm HUPC Film Club (L)


3:30pm Brownie Troop 1779 (M ) 7pm SCA Chorus (M )

7pm Boy Scouts (D) 7pm Webelos Scouts (D) 7pm Poking Brook Dancers (M ) 7pm Chess Club (L)


Newsletter Deadline



8:30am Early Worship Service (S) 10am Worship Service (S) 11:45am Handbell Choir Practice (S)


3:30pm Brownie Troop 1495 (M )

7pm Boy Scouts (D) 7pm Webelos Scouts (D) 7pm Poking Brook Dancers (M ) 7pm Chess Club (L)




8:30am Early Worship Service (S) 10am Worship Service (S) 11:45am Handbell Choir Practice (S) 6:30pm HUPC Film Club (L)


3:30pm Brownie Troop 1779 (M ) 7pm SCA Chorus (M ) 7pm M ission and Social Witness (L)

7pm Boy Scouts (D) 7pm Webelos Scouts (D) 7pm Poking Brook Dancers (M ) 7pm Chess Club (L)




8:30am Early Worship Service (S) 10am Worship Service (S) 11:30am Strawberry Social

D = Downstairs

L = Lounge

S = Sanctuary

M = Multipurpose Room

C = Choir Corner


2291 Western Avenue Guilderland, New York 12084-9747


Change Service Requested Dated Material Please Deliver Promptly.

Church: (518) 456-5410 FAX: (518) 456-0002 Rev. Pattison (H) 456-1373 E-mail: hupc@nycap.rr.com Website: HamiltonUnionPresbyterianChurch.org

Ministers: The People of Hamilton Union Our Staff: Rev. Stewart Pattison, Pastor Rev. Douglas Gray, Pastor Emeritus Rev. Mary Jo Pattison, Parish Associate Charlotte Palmeri, Director of Music Cheryl Cootware, Church Secretary

Newsletter deadline for the July issue is

Thursday, June 13

Published monthly by the Session, and mailed to each church family household, students away from home, and others.

Mark Hutchinson, Editor Email Address: goodnewshupc@gmail.com