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Manual Structural analysis & RCC Designs Course

General philosophy of building design o General Introduction o Design Philosophy o Computer aided design, Prerequisites of building design o Study of Architectural drawing o Study of field data o List of I.S Codes for Building o General Practice followed in design circle General procedure of building design o A) Guidelines for preparation of R.C.C layout o B) Numbering system and notation to be adopted in layout o C) Guidelines for fixing the position and orientation of column in the layout o Guidelines for fixing the beam position/SIZES o Guidelines for fixing the slab direction o Preliminary beam design o Preliminary column design and determine of size and column section o Analysis of Building frames Structural model and seismic analysis o Preparation of Stadd Pro/ Strap/Etabs Model of building o Analysis by Stadd Pro/Strap/Etabs o Design of various R.C.C elements of building (Footing, Column, Beams, Slab etc.,) o Computer Aided design using inhouse developed software o Manual comparisons with computer aided structural element results like (footings, columns, beams, staircase, and slab). Detailing (Guidance) o Notes to appear on various schedules o Detailing of various elements( columns, beams, staircase, and slab) o General Notes and Sketches.