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Cirque Du Soleil - Marketing Assignment Identify one or two firms that offer only one (or very few)

products. Why would these firms opt to sell such a limited product mix? Why do these firms have such few offerings while others have so many? What would make one strategy better than the other? Cirque Du Soleil is a Quebec-based company recognized the world over for highquality, artistic entertainment. Cirque Du Soleil is very successfully entered a structurally unattractive circus industry. They reinvented the industry and created a new market space. Cirque Du Soleil innovated by shifting the buyer group from children (end-users of the traditional circus) to adults (purchasers of the traditional circus), drawing upon the distinctive strengths of other alternative industries, such as the theatre, Broadway shows and the opera, to offer a totally new set of utilities to more mature and higher spending customers. The article Promoting Creativity Is Cirque du Soleils Business Strategy, published by Society for Human Management, lists seven strategiescalled doorsused by Cirque Du Soleil that encourage creativity and help business leaders to sculpt a vision of the future. The seven strategies developed by Cirque Du Soleil are to create great expectations around its shows, to provide a differential environment that encourages everyone to develop intuitive instinct, to incentive treasure hunting and creative transformation, to nurture its environment, to overcome its constraints, challenges, differences and consumer expectations, to be a risk taker, and to keep it fresh. Cirque Du Soleil opted to sell a limited product mix because they saw that was a necessity on the entertainment business. Also, they perceived the chance for success was greater because this niche was something that was desirable for their target. Because of Cirque Du Soleils excellence and tradition, they can not be compared to other circuses. There are no similar live shows; they work only for being practically a monopoly of the market, avoiding any direct competitors. Cirque Du Soleils strategy is always ahead on the market, innovating, reinventing themselves all the time, and replacing their own products, so they eliminate the threat of substitute products because they are willing to be creating these substitutes. Porter (1986) states that there are only two types of competitive advantage, low cost or differentiation, and that these can be combined with the focus of a particular company, so companies can produce three generic strategies: cost leadership, differentiation and focus. The strategy of Cirque du Soleil is clearly located in differentiation. They innovate greatlyto the point of developing a highly attractive and lucrative show. With their unique performances, they travel the world and sell their enchanting spectacles with high profitability. Their public agree to pay even higher prices because of their high quality and differentiation. Work Cited Smith, J. J. "Promoting Creativity Is Cirque Du Soleil's Business Strategy ." Promoting Creativity Is Cirque Du Soleil's Business Strategy. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Apr. 2013. PORTER, Michael E. Estratgia competitiva. 15. ed. Rio de Janeiro: Campus, 1986.