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Lotion Candle : Introduction : Started in christmas around their town. Then Marlo Thomas(actress).

200 differents stores, in 3 yrs only 2 drops. Buyers change all the time. Express Spas in aeroports, few internet sales (but want to develop that) Should not maybe internet for professionnal sellers. Gift shows, Oprahs contact. Healthy candles (should market around their lotion/candle/ luxury good/certain quality that they should get/all natural) Not many lotion candles/not that expensive/ 50$-60$ (selling) cost of producing (mostly produced in USA) 8 000$1st yr/40 000$ 2nd yr/70 000$ this yr 2 sizes tence, 2 sizes glasses Large (24-26$/candle). Cost produced (3.91$) Medium candle (8$ wholesale so 96$ for the box 12 in it) 4$ Small (individual-samplers) (whole 3.5$ in case of 4 for 12$ retail prce 7$ produced 1.76$) Large cans(travelling set) 7.5 wholesale and 15 for retail price producing price 2.9$ Medium cans retail 8$and producing pricing 2.92 They got guy candle, got minis boxes with different little candles (GOOD/Maybe charge a little bit more on gift set/30$ retail price and wholesale at 20$) 10 sences each for any of these 800/day 4 top selling are : the yellow (citrus basil and wild mint), french amber grey, lavender, and guy fragrance (CHRISTMAS FRAGRANCE NOT SMELL LIKE CHRISTMAS + CANDLE FOR GUYS MUST SAY THAT THIS IS FOR GUYS BECAUSE NO MENTION ON THE PACKAGING) Facebook is the only social media they have, mostly body lotion, not much likes on FB. Consumer profile : 35 yr old women/higher rent (premium product) Green product/Not recommended to put on the face/33hours til the night/ wholefoods are the only one giving them some feedbacks (no studies done for now). Total stores: 400 hundreds (22 wholefoods) Doing profit (more than the even break) Putting in the wholebody part of the shop (so beauty product part) (SMALLER SAMPLES + CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN CANDLES FOR CHRISTMAS+VALENTINES DAY+SPECIAL SENCE FOR VALAENTINES DAY) All credit cards except American Express. Boom of sales in October and Valentines Day, FOCUSED ON SOUTH/EAST AND MIDWEST REGIONS. (Big cities California/Chicago/Florida/NYC/Hotels/Very touristic places/Puerto Rico) Brand extensions: just candles. Opened to ch ange name. What resources theyll need? 3 most competitors: skinny dip lotion (more expensive) WHAT KIND OF CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT/BLOGGERS FOR THEIR PRODUCT? (SAMPLES FOR THEM) 20 000 $ to give the products to the Oscar in gift bags.

Distribute: - Direct - Niche Retail (Message Envy, SPA, Wholefoods) They are stuck here - Specialty Retail (BBB, Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, Sephora) - Food/Drugs/Mass/Dollar Stores (FDMCD) What their CORE COMPETENCY?

Creative Energy: Candles Phys-Light Safety-protects you against bugs Social- Ambiance that makes you invite ppl over Ego-Relaxing, luxury idea Self Actualization- Life under control (you have time to light a candle) Moiturizers: Phys- Health Safety- Organic Social- The green togetherness Ego- Confidence Self Actualization- Feel Sexier Air freshners Phys-elimates odor freshens air SafetySocial- Sets intimacy atmosphere Ego- makes you feel good, confident, about gatherings, your home is who you are Self Actualization- Gives you feeling of home while among away (travel) 2 in 1 Phys-Warmth light Safety- Homy, comfortable Social-Set the mood, sexual, relaxing, romance, bubble bath Ego- Luxury items, status Self actualizing-Feel good product 50,000 dollars of budget

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