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Adventuring Band

In a weathered and damp inn on the road from Atritan on the Tilean Peninsula, Magsman Timus DePree waiting for his contact, sipping at the watered down hard spirits they served here. Throughout the afternoon, riders and foot travelers stopped in the shelter for a brief respite and warm mug of cheap hard cider. As the crowd grew Timus became aware that he was no longer alone in the corner table next to him. A dark hooded robe covered the face of the man, but yet a glint of metal was betrayed beneath the cloak. I understand that you may need the skills of some ahem, problem solvers, he spoke in a quiet whisper. Timus replied yes and that his master would pay a very fair price for copy of battle plans of Lord Savitoras army which is encamped less than 7 days ride from here. A very fair price indeed, when what you ask will cost more than just gold alone. A share of the spoils from the coming battle in the amount of 1 full share for each if the party members, the hooded man whispered back. Timus eyes grew wide as his did the math quickly in his head, as each of the army regiments only got 1 full share for the unit. A very costly price that had to be paid he thought, but quickly countered in that case the ahem, problem solvers had best show up on the battlefield to ensure the high price of the spoils beyond the gold was only paid the those whom survived the day. The hooded figure quickly thrust of out his hand and grabbed a dagger from his belt and drew the blade across the palm of his hand and said to Timus then on my blood I swear just that. And as quickly has he arrived, he was gone and Timus was again alone in the dark corner of the inn. Never knowing that what he had just spoken and agreed to was observed by others in the room, below in the cellar or even the attic. Regiment of Renown - Adventuring Band A group of adventurers will often be hired as a Special Unit in the Dog of War Army. The group may consist of a minimum of 1 member and up to a maximum of 10 members. They are selected from the four primary races of good: Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings. Each of the adventurers must choose a Class (Profession) which will determine any additional benefits and/or abilities. They many never be joined by any other characters nor many they join with any other units or characters. For gaming purposes they are treated as a unit. Each model may issue and accept challenges. An additional experience level (+1 Wo) may be selected for each member of the group for (20 points). Each adventurer is equipped with Hand Weapon and Light Armor. The Adventuring Band may only be hired by Dwarfs, Empire, High Elf, Lizardman, and Wood Elf as a Special Unit and Bretonnian as a Rare Unit. Special Rules: Skirmishers Name Cost Mv WS BS St To Wo In At Ld Human 13 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 7 Dwarf 15 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 2 8 High Elf 18 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 2 8 Halfling 10 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 2 7 Class Abrv Cost Notes Warrior War 8 +1 WS, +1 St Ranger Rgr 6 +1 BS Rogue Rou 6 Noble No 8 +1 Ld (0-1)

Zealot Zea 7 MR (1) (0-1) Wanderer Wan 10 WSv 5+ (0-1) Entertainer Ent 6 (0-1) Warrior Class gains: Unit is Immune to Panic; can choose: Shield (1 point); Hea vy Armor [replaces Light Armor] (2 points); Great Weapon (2 points) or Extra Hand Weapon (2 points). Ranger Class gains: Bow; Unit may Scout; can choose: Crossbow [replaces Bow] (1 point). Rogue Class gains: Throwing Weapons [Multiple Shot (x2)], Unit is an additional -1 to hit from shooting (max: -1); can choose: [replaces Throwing Weapons] Extra Hand Weapon (1 point) or Pistol (2 points). Noble Class (0-1) per group can choose: Heavy Armor [replaces Light Armor] (2 points); Cathayan Long Sword [+1 WS, +1 In, AP] (8 points) or Cavalry Hammer [+1 St, Requires Two Hands] (5 points) or Rapier [+1 Sv in Close Combat] (3 points); Enchanted Weapon [Counts as Flaming Attacks and Magical in close combat] (10 points) or Envenomed Weapon [Counts as Poisoned Attacks in close combat] (8 points). Zealot Class (0-1) per group gains: Unit has MR (1); can choose: Great Weapon or Extra Hand Weapon or Shield (free); Pistol (5 points). Wanderer Class (0-1) per group gains: Counts as Standard Bearer; Always hits and wounds of 4+; can choose: Shield (1 point). Entertainer Class (0-1) per group gains: Counts as Musician; One enemy unit within 8 may be tested for Stupidity each round; Extra Hand Weapon.