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Portable test pumps used for testing tubes, pipes, and various pressure vessels
P-Series A self-contained pump used for testing tubes, pipes, or various pressure vessels. It contains all stainless steel high pressure components and an easy to read 4 inch diameter pressure guage - all stored in the tool box. The mating quick connect couplings are available for air inlet, water inlet, and high pressure outlet. The P-Series controls allow the pump to continuously maintain pressure or shut off to determine a pressure drop. The operating range for inlet air supply is 25 to 125 psi (1.72 to 8.58 Bar), and temperature range of 40 to 150F. Q-Series Hand Pump A self-contained and portable hand pump for testing tubes, pipe, or various pressure vessels. Completely independent from supplied water source; the pump is integrated into a 5 gallon attached resevoir which is easily refilled. Its also independent from supplied compressed air source, and is hand operated by use of a convenient handle. With the turn of a knob, the pressure output can be adjusted to either 1,000 psi, 2,000 psi, or 3,000 psi for the appropriate application. Its portable, lightweight, and requires only one man to operate. There is also an optional silicone-filled gauge for all weather use. The simplicity of construction provides durability and longevity. Blue Max 3 A portable test pump used for testing tubes, pipes, or various pressure vessels. The BMX3 has an air operated pump, with wide ranges of pressures and volumes, easy to operate controls, and output pressure regulation controls. Its portable and lightweight design provides a low center of gravity for stability, and semi-pneumatic tires make it portable for a one man operation. There is low maintenance by including a mounted regulator/ lubricator, silicone-filled test guage, and a water inlet suction strainer. The BMX3s enclosed cabinet means a safer operation, quiet design, protection against component abuse and damage, and a convenient control location.

Manufactured under a QA system certified to ISO-9001. Can be supplied under ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 Appendix B.

Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Model Number PSR-2500 PSR-10000 Part Number PSR-0001 PSR-0002 PSR-0003 PSR-0004 Length 24 Width 9 Maximum Outlet Pressure (psi (Bar)) 2500 (172) 10000 (689) Description Inlet Control Valve Assembly Pump Rebuild Kit High Flow Option Diameter High Pressure Hose, 10 ft Height 10 Approximate Shipping Weight 42 lbs Open Flow Rate (GPM) 0.90 0.36 Flow Rate at 85% Rated Output (GPM) 0.87 0.19

Model Number PSR-HP-3000 Part Number PSR-HP-0001 Length 24 Width 7 Description Gauge Assembly Height 27 Approximate Shipping Weight 25 lbs Maximum Outlet Pressure (psi (Bar)) 3,000 (207) Discharge Volume per Stroke (cu in (ml)) 0.730 (11.96)

Blue Max III

Model Number BMX3-1000 BMX3-3600 BMX3-10000 BMX3-10000-HF Max Pressure (psi (Bar)) 1,000 (68.9) 3,600 (248.2) 10,000 (689.5) 10,000 (689.5) Capacity at 100 CPM (GPM (LPS)) 8.60 (0.65) 2.60 (0.20) 1.00 (0.08) 34 (2.58) Pressure Ratio 10:1 36:1 97:1 100:1 *Maximum SCFM (SCMH) Required 56 (95.1) 56 (95.1) 56 (95.1) 150 (254.9) Air Pressure Required (psi (Bar)) 100 (6.9) 100 (6.9) 103 (7.1) 100 (6.9)

*Total required SCFM to produce rated flow at maximum pump pressure. This is relevent only when the system is used for continuous injection at the maximum rated pressure. Normal testing applications require much less SCFM to begin with and fall to (0) at stall test pressure. Length 19 Width 21 Height 44 Approximate Shipping Weight 85 lbs

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