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Haney Presbyterian Church

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September 2013

How to think about Christian Spiritual Formation

In the future we plan to issue this separate Spiritual Formation newsletter once a month. We could have put this information in the other newsletter along with the other bits and bytes about the churchs ministries, but we chose not to.

The reason for doing it this way is that spiritual formation does not just refer to some of the many ministries of the church; it is an important aspect of everything we do in the church. Spiritual formation has to do with the continuing work of the Holy Spirit that transforms us more and more into the image of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). This is why all letters to the churches in Revelation include an exhortation to all who have ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. It is an inherent part of being a follower of Jesus Christ . Spiritual formation so important that we do not want The Bible uses organic metaphors to describe the life of faith. God is a farmer, and his people is a vineyard. to risk losing sight of it. God prepares the soil for his vineyard and nurture the Spiritual formation, participating in the work of the plants. Christ is a vine and we are the branches. We Spirit who forms us into the likeness of Christ, is the are grafted onto the vine, we are pruned by the goal behind everything we do as a church. But we do words he speak to us. Gods desire is for us to grow set aside some activities where we pay special atten- and bear fruit, fruit that is pleasing to him, fruit that will tion to this; where we intentionally gather to listen to last. what the Spirit says through the Word; where we gather to be equipped for living Christian lives in the Spiritual formation is that aspect of the churchs ministry that nurtures of our faith, feeds us, strengthens us, world. and encourages us to live in faith, hope and love. We Spiritual formation includes Christian education. But learn to think Christianly; we develop a better underlike school, we tend to reserve that for the kids. We standing of the Bible; we learn to discern Gods will for start to think that it is merely part of the churchs pro- our lives; we grow in Christian character; we start to gramme, on par with other activities, groups, and pro- look more like Christ. grams. Now we have a long list of options from which we may choose what we like to do. Some people There are two words that describe who we are as choose activities for fellowship or service and others Christians - followers and witnesses. Christians are peochoose activities for Christian education. I have had ple who follow Jesus Christ. And we are his witnesses people say to me for instance that theyre not inter- in the world. Christ leads us into the world. And the ested in Christian education, they dont think they churchs role is to equip us for our lives as Christians in need it, or they dont like participating in Christian the world. Spiritual formation is that aspect of the education events. It is not their idea of what church is churchs ministry that equips us for our role as Christs about or what churches are for. As a minister, I am witnesses in the world. shocked when that happens. How can any Christian say something like that? But, Im not surprized anymore because I realize that we have given the impression that spiritual formation is limited to a few optional programs that the church offers. With this newsletter, we want to come alongside you, offer you information, share news with you, and encourage you to participate in the work of the Spirit who transforms us more and more into the image of Christ. - Gerard Booy

When I read the scriptures, I cant help but notice Saturday 5 October that spiritual forMens Retreat 8:30 - 3pm mation is not optional. To think Starting Thursday10 October that it is optional Bible Study @ 7:30pm would be the same as thinking Sunday 13 October that it is optional Thanksgiving Family Service for a baby to grow and develop and acquire life skills. Well have a baby but it would have to grow up on its own. Spiritual formation is not optional. And it is not limited to a few special activities. Spiritual formation includes Christian education, but it is also much more than that.

Minister: Dr. Gerard Booy

E-Mail: revhaney.pc@telus.net

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Over the next year, we are planning for six family services, worship services that consciously include all members of our church family. We will still have a nursery option for children ages 2 and under but everyone else will stay for the whole service. The first one is October 13th Thanksgiving Sunday.

Why Include Children in Worship?

Primarily children belong in church because of who God is: God is the God of our children and God is reaching out to children just as surely as God is reaching out to adults. Children belong in church because of who we are: a community of faith joined together by Christ. Children need to be in church because of who they are: humans with emotional and spiritual needs for acceptance, comfort and challenge. All humans are fulfilled by worshipping their Creator. Children also need to be in church because of how they learn: children learn by observing and practicing. They may not understand everything we do in worship, but children participate in many things they do not fully understand. Children belong in worship because they belong to the community and nothing says, You are part of our family better than actually being together.

What you can expect?

A family worship service may not seem all that different to our regular worship services. We will still follow the same format of praise, followed by hearing the word and responding in faith. The service will be shorter. There may be a few more explanations of what we are doing and why. And since leadership is part of participation, our children will help lead the service. It may be a little noisier than we are used to but the sound of children in worship is the heartbeat of our church family: it is a blessing not a distraction.

How to help the children near you worship?

If you are worshiping with your own child Sit near the front so your children can see and hear everything Arrive ten minutes early to allow your children time to settle into the pew, visit the washroom , notice anything different about the sanctuary and generally shift gears to worship Expect your children to participate as much as possible. Children can sing and pray. Save books and pencil work for the sermon. Whisper instructions as you coach your child in worship. Remember our goal is a worshipping child not a quiet child. Remember how glad we are to have you and your children worshipping together: we are more concerned about your childs experience of God than their behaviour.

To Think About
How does a child develop skills like talking, reading, math, soccer, playing a musical instrument? Is practicing skills like reading, math, sport, music always easy and fun? What happen when stop practicing a skill? I

If you are sitting beside someone elses child

We want the children to know that they are part of something bigger than they are and that it is powerful and good. Smile at the children near you so that they know you are glad they are there. Get to know them by name. The parents of worshipping children are often nervous that their children might disturb others smile at them too! Children learn by imitation so worship with passion and pleasure truly it is good to be in the Lords House. Be a good model of worship. Include children as much as possible: they can pass the offering plates too.

What is the difference between what we want and what we need? Would we let our children decide whether they want to brush their teeth? Do we expect children to be completely competent as they are developing skills like reading? How do children learn to worship?

Lets this

all worship together Thanksgiving. By Paddy Eastwood

(Youth Pastor)

Minister: Dr. Gerard Booy

E-Mail: revhaney.pc@telus.net

Tel. 778 868 1548

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How does God get to our hearts? A person story.

Women know that the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Women are not quite so basic but are known to cave in with chocolates and flowers. But how does God get to our hearts? I can`t speak for everyone but I know how God captured my attention and continues to speak to my heartit is via my head. Each of us encounters God some time along our journey in life. Each of us makes a choice about that encounter. I chose to give my life to Christ; to follow where He leads and how He leads me. God calls; we choose to follow or not but to what end? For me it continues to be to grow as his disciple. When Christ called me I was 13 years oldvery young. I didnt know much about the God who seemed to want to be part of my life other than what I had learned in church on Sunday mornings. People I trustedincluding my parentsseemed to know a lot about God but I sensed that knowing about and knowing the person are often poles apart. I wanted to know the person I had given my life to. And just as our response to God`s call is deliberate, so are the choices we make to know Him and follow Him. I started by attending youth group which was great because in addition to a lot of fun times, I learned to use my prayer book more effectively, reading the weekly passages and the attending prayers. Several years later I was prompted to become confirmed and in the Anglican tradition, studied with a small group under the direction of our pastor for a year. The Bible now became a book of interest, not just for guiding principles as my parents had taught me, but to introduce me to real people who lived in the presence of God. Here were men and womensome very weak and some very strong--who really knew God. The apostle Paul became my hero and I read his letters with a yearning to understand what he was trying to say to the people he was writing to and to me as a young follower of Christ. There were aha moments but more often I was just baffled by his writings. But Paul was realreal to mehe had bad days and great days; frustrations, anger, hope, joy; everything that I was feeling as a teenager and he

knew God; knew Christ as I longed to know Him. Time passed and I left home to attend university and my journey with Jesus came to a halt. I had no time for church (more honestI made no time} and no time to devote to our relationship; other things occupied my time and thoughts. I married; we had children and brought them to be baptized but still attended church only at Christmas and Easter. Our oldest was five when we holidayed in the Kootenays and visited friends. There was an open Bible on the coffee table and plaques with Bible verses on the wall. After the visit, our son asked Are they Christian? I answered yes. He said Are we Christian? I suspect you can fill in the blanks about how that conversation ensued. It was a wake-up call from God through the words of our child. My husband and I prayed together that night and asked God to lead us to a church where we might once again be nurtured. He didnot only a church but a cell group where we could study; where we prayed for one another and worshipped the God who doesnt let us go. Some years ago, when Regard, Jonathan, Rudolph. Steven and Matthew were budding teens I had the privilege of being their Sunday-school teacher for one year. I read a book about the rabbinical tradition in the time of Jesus and we talked about those traditions over a couple of weeks. I shared with them the blessing that parents gave to their sons (perhaps to daughters as well) when they had been accepted as a student by their chosen rabbi: ``May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi. It implies a very close walk with one`s teacher. It implies listening, talking, learning and walking in the footsteps of the rabbi. Now let me ask, Who is your rabbi and are you covered in his dust? By Karin Breuer

We are taking orders for pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. Speak to Lynda Gaudiuso before October 10th to order or call her @ 604-4639454. Pies will be ready for pick up on the Sunday, Oct. 13.

Faith, just like a plant, needs to be nurtured to grow and bear fruit.

Minister: Dr. Gerard Booy

E-Mail: revhaney.pc@telus.net

Tel. 778 868 1548

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John 15:5-6 I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not remain in Me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned.

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For ages 3 - 10 Come to the worship service at 10am and kids will go down for Sunday School after the childrens story We Believe Group (ages 10 - 13) Dinner @4:45, followed by Bible Study

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Friday Night Youth - at 6pm

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Theology Caf; Powers, Weakness and the Tabernacling of God by Marva Dawn

21 - 23 February 2014; Cedar Contemplative Retreat Springs, Sumas

Fourth Thursday of 6:15pm in Library Month

Minister: Dr. Gerard Booy

E-Mail: revhaney.pc@telus.net

Tel. 778 868 1548

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