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Film review- 2001 Space Odyssey (1968) by Stanley Kubrick

Fig 1 2001 Space Odyssey (1968) was a British American science fiction movie made by Stanley Kubrick. This is a classic and arty film shooting with many one-point perspectives with strong comparing lighting in the scenes. This film has divided to four parts: The dawn of Man, TMA-1, Jupiter Mission and Jupiter and beyond the infinite.

Fig2 By the time of 1960s, performance art and conceptual art was presented, while the art language were more abstract and secret. It was shown that there were more and more installation arts since then. And it could be seen that was also happened in this film. Fig3

And it is noticeable that it was trying to show the evolution of humans and how technology progressing from different timeline from the film. And it was shown the transparent change that the orangutan touch the black wall before and after from vegetarian to carnivore, from natural screaming to using tools as a weapon. It was also a interesting point of the robot will have its own desire and emotional side as it was made by computer and it was trying to do things out of humans order while it could be seen that is going to happen in the future. (2001: A space odyssey- the making of a myth, documentary). On the other hand, Psychedelic art was presented in this film when it came nearly the end as a transition Scene to tell audiences the film was building up to something behind with dramatic and effect like kaleidoscopic motion

Fig4 Moreover, sounds production in this film was really famous by using classic choir and orchestra and those soundtracks were really specific and defined to audience. Kubrick began the 2001: A space odyssey project in earnest in April 1964, completing the script with Arthur C. Clarke in January 1966. As filming progressed over the next two years, a working temp track comprised of western classical pieces began to emerge. (David .W, 2004,p445)

It was reminded the Lord of the Rings also using orchestra for the soundtrack with different instrument. Comparing with 2001: space odyssey, it could be seen that the lord of the rings was more base on reality sounds and build up the lines, while 2001: space odyssey were more like a sign to keep your attention what is going on next. Personally, it could be shown that the influence and powerful of 2001:space odyssey was to the films after that, From its one point perspective with spaceship and composition inside the ship, that brought us to think about Star wars as well, while a massive spaceship cross over the scene


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