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PFT- Muscular Strength test PFT-Flexibility test


Activity 1. The students perform the different elements of physical fitness Test. Starting with warm up, they will perform the muscular strength test Activity 2. The students perform the flexibility fitness test


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PFT- Muscular Endurance test

Activity 3. The students perform the Muscular Endurance fitness test

The students perform the Partial Curl-ups, Right Angle Push-up, Standing Long Jump They perform the Shoulder Stretch, Sit and - Reach, Trunk Lift, Basketball Pass Perform the 1-Km Run/Walk, 40M Sprint 90% of the students got the passing Grade 25/30 1 whole sheet of paper, the students answered the unfinished statements The students made a concept map Group activity: boys group and girls Group share why i like being a Boy/Girl (manila paper) reporting Write a journal on what they have watch and reflect Note taking and question and answer

Human Sexuality

TRANSFER QUIZ: Long Quiz. Compose of three part quiz. The true or false, multiple Choice and an essay EXPLORE Activity 1. Unfinished Statements. The students will complete the given unfinished statement based on the background knowledge on human Sexuality Activity 2. Building Vocabulary. Provides the opportunity to make association of some words to human sexuality. EXPLORE Activity 3. Respecting YOU and ME. Developing their understanding of Human sexuality, particularly the characteristics of its dimensions. Activity 1. Watching Video. Students will express their ideas and consider The other peoples feelings with t he issues On HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. FIRM UP Activity 2. Lecture on human sexuality. Students clarify understanding on The different topics of human sexuality particularly issues and problems FIRM UP Activity 3. Symposium on human sexuality. DEEPEN Activity 1. Group research and discussion. Students used the different ICT resources to analyze issues on reproductive health. DEEPEN Activity 2. Assuming parents roles. Responsible parenting. DEEPEN Activity 3. Debate on RH issues. Pro vs Con. DEEPEN Activity 4. Poster and slogan making about a healthy family. TRANSFER Activity 1. Group work. Role playing on how to have a healthy family QUIZ: Long Quiz. Compose of three part quiz. The true or false, multiple Choice and an essay FIRM UP

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Question and Answer Research, group sharing on RH Bill Individual activity. Debate Poster and slogan Role playing 90% of the students got the passing Grade




Activity 2. Film Viewing. Listen to musical excerpts or watch film clips of Southeast Asian folk music done by native singers together with the different musicals instruments

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Activity 2. Film Viewing. Activity 1. Communicate using body percussion or improvised instrument Activity 2. Adopt a folk song of Southeast Asia and then made their on rendition on it together with their improvised instruments. TRANSFER Activity 1. Culminating Activity. Showcasing the different Southeast Asian Folksongs with their improvised instruments QUIZ: Long Quiz. Compose of three part quiz. The true or false, multiple Choice and an essay


Using the Venn Diagram, students lists The similarities and differences of the Different music and instruments of Southeast Asia. (Unfinished) Continuation Improvised instruments making

Culminating Activity 90% of the students got passed