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Mak-Ban Geothermal Power Plant

DESCRIPTION The Mak-Ban Geothermal Plant is located in the towns of Bay and Calauan, Laguna. It is the second largest geothermal facility in the country. Geothermal energy, to put it simply, is the heat generated from inside the earth. Steam and hot water produced by the earth are used to generate electricity and to heat buildings. It is considered one of the best renewable sources of energy since the earth continuously produces heat and water is replenished by rain water.

LEARNINGS Mak-Ban Power Plant is a geothermal plant that converts heat from steam into electricity by means of mechanical work of the turbine. The steam that makes the turbine to work has two forms condensable and non-condensable gas. Condensable gas is gas that can be converted into liquid form and Non-condensable gas is a type of gas that doesnt turn into liquid. The plant produces a large quantity of electricity which supplies the Metro Manila and other place in the Philippines.

Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant

DESCRIPTION Angat Hydroelectric Plant operates as a hydroelectric power plant in San Lorenzo. The company also has a reservoir. In addition, it supplies potable water and energy to Metro Manila and nearby areas, as well as facilitates fishing and boating in a man-made lagoon, and hunting in the nearby area. Angat Hydroelectric Plant was founded in 1967 and is based in Norzagaray, the Philippines. Angat Hydroelectric Plant operates as a subsidiary of National Power Corporation. As of October 26, 2012, Angat Hydroelectric Plant operates as a subsidiary of Korea Water Resources Corporation LEARNINGS Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant produces electricity by means of mechanical work. To have a hydro electric plant you need first a dam and reservoir because these two thing are the most important in the process or in the system. Water flows from a dam or reservoir through a valve that regulates the flow. Then it passes through a pipe that make the water spin. To make the generator work properly the turbine must spin at a constant speed.

Pangea Green Energy Philippines

DESCRIPTION PGEP is a renewable energy project development and consulting company providing solid technical advice, innovative financial solutions, and environmental expertise that balance economic and environmental benefits. Through its technicians, experts, and partners, with more than 15 years experience, PGEP works on providing the best solutions for green energy production. The company is capable of: Independently handling all project development stages, from feasibility studies and technical evaluation to the authorization process, plant design and supply, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance; Applying its know-how in the engineering, installation, and operation of solar, biogas, and biomass plants, from site inspection to the sale of electric energy; Providing technical, environmental, and project finance solutions for the abatement of greenhouse gases and sale of Carbon Credits, i.e. Certified Emission Reduction (CER) units; Managing all aspects of projects related to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)from the development of the Project Design Document (PDD), to the approval by the Designated National Authority (DNA), supervision and followup of validations, verifications, and issuance of CERs; and

Production and sale of CERs in the international carbon markets and negotiation of the Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) in order to maximize earnings.

LEARNINGS Pangea Green Energy Philippines use methane gas from the dumpsite (Payatas) to create energy or simply electricity. They want to produce a clean energy that may be used by people and aims to reduce methane emissions from the Payatas controlled dumpsite. The process of converting methane gas: Methane goes to a condensate separator which separates water and then goes to a blower that divides the methane into two. One will go to flare which burns excess biogas and the other one will go to gas analyzer to check O2 and CH4 concentration. Then last is the generator that converts the gas to electricity. They want to lessen the odor and help the people in that area.