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BPCL-KOCHI REFINERY, KOCHI, KERALA BIDDING DOC. NO.: SM/A307-IUE-PC-TN-8005/1022 (DOMESTIC COMPETITIVE BIDDING) e-Tendering 1.0 1.1 INTRODUCTION: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Kochi Refinery (BPCL-KR) has existing refinery facilities at Kochi, Kerala (India). The present operating capacity of the facilities is 9.5 MMTPA. BPCL-KR is in the process of expanding the refinery facilities to 15.5 MMTPA as part of Integrated Refinery Expansion Project. M/s Engineers India Limited (EIL) has been appointed as Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the project. Engineers India Ltd. (EIL), New Delhi on behalf of M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Kochi Refinery, Kerala (India) (BPCL-KR), invites Bids under Single Stage Two Part Bid System for execution of EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT, from competent agencies with sound technical and commercial capabilities meeting the Bidder Qualification Criteria stated in Cl. 5.0. BRIEF SCOPE OF WORK:
Scope of Work & Supply for the Effluent Treatment Plant package includes basic engineering, detailed engineering, project management, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, performance guarantee test run and guaranteeing of entire Effluent Treatment Plant to treat process effluent and floor wash in an oily effluent treatment system comprising Oil removal section and two stage biological Section; sanitary waste shall be treated separately with suitable augmentation in existing STP and contaminated rain water shall be treated in CRW treatment system which will comprise of Oil removal section; All above chain shall meet the treated effluent quality as specified in the tender. The scope of work covers the following: a. Effluent Treatment Plant consist of the following treatment facilities: Oily effluent treatment system of 700 m3/h capacity CRW treatment system of 300 m3/h capacity Suitable modification in existing STP to accommodate additional 5 m 3/h flow Chemical House, Control Room and Sub Station.




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TIME SCHEDULE FOR COMPLETION: 22 (Twenty Two) Months for Mechanical Completion (including Precommissioning) + 2 (Two) Months for Commissioning, from the date of issue of Fax of Acceptance (FOA). SALIENT DETAILS: a) b) c) Bidding Document on Website Site Visit Last date of Receipt of Bidders Queries for Pre-Bid Meeting Date of Pre Bid Meeting Last Date and time of Online submission of Bids (Bid Due Date) Online Opening of Technocommercial Unpriced Bid Earnest Money Deposit / Bid Security Cost of Bidding Document (Non-Refundable) Opening of Priced Bids : From 23.04.2013 to 21.05.2013 : On 07.05.2013 : On 09.05.2013


d) e)

: at 1030 Hrs. (IST) on 10.05.2013 : Up to 1200 Hrs. (IST) on 22.05.2013

f) g)

: 1400 Hrs. (IST) on 22.05.2013 : INR 2,00,00,000/-


: INR 5,000/-


: On date & time to be intimated later

If any of the dates identified above happen to be a declared holiday in EIL New Delhi, the next working day shall be considered. EIL Office working hours are from 08:30 Hours to 17:00 Hours, from Monday to Friday. The complete Bidding Document is available on EIL website: http://tenders.eil.co.in; EILs ASP e-Tendering website: www.tenderwizard.com/eil, BPCL website: www.bharatpetroleum.in and Govt. Website: http://eprocure.gov.in/cppp. Bidders can view / download the document from any one of the websites mentioned above. However, the bids shall be uploaded only on EILs ASP e-Tendering website i.e. www.tenderwizard.com/eil. It may also be noted that the price details are required to be filled & submitted only on the Schedule of Price format downloaded from above eTendering website. Request for extension or any query received from any bidder with less than Four (4) working days prior to bid due date shall generally be ignored, since there will not be adequate time for proper communication with Client and other bidders. All amendments, time extension, clarifications, etc. will be uploaded in the websites only and will not be published in Newspapers. Bidders should regularly visit the above website(s) to keep themselves updated.

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The Bidding Document is non-transferable. Bidder shall download the Bidding Document in his own name and submit the bid directly. Bidder must submit the Bidding document fee in their name. 5.0 BIDDER QUALIFICATION CRITERIA (BQC): Bidder shall fulfil the following qualification criteria in order to qualify for this work: EXPERIENCE CRITERIA TECHNICAL
Bidder, in the last fifteen years, shall fulfil the following experience criteria: Basic engineering, detailed engineering, project management, procurement, construction/ construction supervision, commissioning of minimum one Effluent Treatment Plant satisfying the requirements as specified in MINAS / as stipulation by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) or State Pollution Control Board for quality of treated effluent required for permitted disposal. The bidder should have supplied the Plant (s) in Refinery/ Petrochemical complex of capacity of minimum 400 m3/hr. for Oily Effluent treatment system including Biological treatment.

5.1 5.1.1


In case the bidder has not executed the Effluent Treatment Plant (s) in Refinery/ Petrochemical complex of capacity of minimum 400 m3/hr. for Oily Effluent treatment system including Biological treatment, he can also be considered provided, the bidder complies the following: The bidder should have supplied the Effluent Treatment Plant (s) in Chemical/Fertilizer complex of capacity of minimum 400 m3/hr. having Biological treatment. The Bidder shall engage a Back-up consultant for oil removal section, who has designed and executed a plant for Oily Effluent Treatment inclusive of oil removal section and biological treatment of minimum capacity of 400 m3/hr. of Refinery/Petrochemical Complex and such plant should have completed at least one year of successful operation. All design, engineering, detail engineering documents and drawings shall be prepared by the Back-up Consultant for oil removal section. The Back-up Consultant furnishes back up guarantee for design, engineering of oil removal section and also commits his involvement during erection, commissioning, supervision and testing of oil removal section. The Back-up Consultant shall also provide performance guarantee of oil removal section. The Bidder shall furnish the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Backup Consultant in his Bid, conforming the scope of Back-up Consultant as defined in Clause nos. b), c), d) & e) above. The MOU shall be valid upto defect liability period. The reference Effluent Treatment Plant/s shall have completed one year of successful operation after commissioning of the plant. The bidder shall meet the above experience criteria as on the bid due date. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED WITH BID: The bidder shall furnish documentary evidence as below: Copy of Work Order and document/datasheet indicating the capacity of the Plant and other requirement of treated effluent as per Clause No. 5.0 above.



c) d)

e) f)

5.1.3 5.1.4 5.1.5 a.


Completion Certificate.
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c. d. 5.2

One Year Performance Certificate. MOU with back up consultant. FINANCIAL CRITERIA

5.2.1 Annual Turnover of the Bidder shall not be less than Rs. 73,64,00,000 (Rupees Seventy Three Crore Sixty Four Lakh only) as per audited annual financial results in at least one of the preceding 3 (Three) financial years up to the due date of submission of bids. 5.2.2 Bidders Net Worth as per latest audited financial statement shall be positive. 5.3 DOCUMENTS AND DATA REQUIRED WITH BID The bidder shall furnish documentary evidence as below: 5.3.1 Other than the documents specified under Cl. 5.1.5 above, Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence in the form of Annual Report/ Financial Statements - Balance sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts statements, etc. of the preceding 3 (Three) financial years along with the Bid to establish Bidders conformance to Financial Criteria mentioned in Cl. 5.2 above. 5.3.2 With regards to financial documents, bidder shall submit bound published and audited annual financial statements including balance sheet, profit & loss accounts and all other schedules for the preceding three financial years. However, in case the bidder submits either a photo copy of published statement or a translated copy of the published financial statements, the same shall be certified by the statutory auditor in original. 5.3.3 Bidder should submit Solvency certificate from Nationalised/Scheduled banks/Indian branch of Foreign bank. 5.3.4 Bidders should have valid PF/VAT/Service Tax registrations and PAN. In case any Bidder is not able to submit any of the above documents at the time of Bidding, the Bidder shall submit an undertaking that the same shall be submitted by them within 1 month of award, in case the work is awarded to them. 5.3.5 Any additional documents if deemed necessary to establish the qualifying requirements may be submitted by the Bidder. 5.3.6 EIL/Owner reserves the right to complete the evaluation based on the details furnished (without seeking any additional information) and / or in-house data, survey or otherwise. 5.3.7 All documents furnished by the bidder in support of meeting the experience and financial criteria (Clauses 5.1 and 5.2 above) of BQC shall be duly authenticated by Statutory Auditor of the bidder or practicing Chartered Accountant (not being an employee or a Director or not having any interest in the Bidders Company/Firm) when Audited Accounts is not mandatory as per Laws and as per detailed instructions provided in the Instructions to Bidders. Duly authenticated documents/certificates required to meet the BQC, as explained above, shall be submitted in the formats provided under the Proposal Forms of the Bidding Document: a) Covering Letter b) Details of similar works for meeting the Experience Criteria-Technical. c) Details of Financial Capability of the Bidder. 5.4 Submission of authentic documents is the prime responsibility of the Bidder.
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5.5 5.6

BPCL/EIL reserves the right of getting the document cross verified, at their discretion from the document issuing authority. Failure to meet the above Qualification Criteria will render the Bid to be summarily rejected. Therefore, the bidder shall in his own interest furnish complete documentary evidence in the first instance itself along with their bids, in support of their fulfilling the Qualification Criteria as given above. SITE VISIT & PRE-BID MEETING Bidders are invited for site visit as per the date mentioned in Cl. 4.0 (b) above. The Bidders are requested to attend a pre-bid meeting at EIL Business Centre, Engineers India Limited, EI Bhawan, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066, India, as per the date mentioned in Cl. 4.0 (d) above. The bidder may send their queries, if any, on Bidding Document by courier/e-mail to reach EIL prior to Pre-bid meeting. These queries shall be replied during the Pre-bid meeting. The queries raised (without identifying the sources of the query) and the responses given will be transmitted to all who have been provided access to the bid documents and submitted their intent to quote. SUBMISSION OF BIDS & VALIDITY Bids are required to be submitted only through EILs Authorised Service Providers Electronic system / portal at www.tenderwizard.com/eil, on or before the Bid submission date and time. Bidders are required to register themselves at www.tenderwizard.com/eil . No registration fee would be charged from the bidders. Bidders in their own interest are requested to register on e- tendering portal and upload/submit their bid well in time. Bidders should avoid the last hour rush to the website for registration of user id & password, enabling of user id and mapping of digital signature serial number, etc. since this exercise require activities from EIL & M/s Antares System (Service Provider) and needs time. In the event of failure in bidders connectivity with EIL/Service Provider during the last few hours, bidder is likely to miss the deadline for bid submission. Due date extension request due to above reason may not be entertained. Physical Bids / Offers or Bids through any other mode shall not be accepted. The Offers submitted through e-tendering system, as above shall only be considered for evaluation and ordering. Bids sent through Fax/E-mail/Courier/Computer floppy/CD/Pen Drive shall not be accepted. Bidders to refer Instruction to Bidders for E-Tendering provided as Annexure-I to Instructions to Bidders (ITB), in the Bidding document. Bidders are requested to get acquainted with the E-Tendering System in advance and obtain/seek clarifications, if any from EIL and/or EILs Authorised Service Provider, whose contact information is provided in the Annexure-I to ITB. Validity of bid shall be 4 (four) months from the final due date of opening of Technocommercial (Un-priced) Bids. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT (EMD) AND BIDDING DOCUMENT FEE Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Bidding Document fee as mentioned above shall be submitted within the Bid Due Date. EMD shall be submitted in the form of crossed Demand Draft / Pay Order / Bankers Cheque or Bank Guarantee (as per Proforma

6.0 6.1 6.2



7.0 7.1





8.0 8.1

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provided in the GCC) in favour of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. payable at Kochi. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) shall be valid for a period of 8 (Eight) months from the due date of opening of Techno-commercial Bids and shall be submitted from any Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank / Indian Branch of Foreign Bank. Cost of Bidding Document shall be submitted in the form of Demand Draft, in favour of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., payable at Kochi. Exemption of Bidding Document fee and EMD will be applicable for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) registered with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) as per provision mentioned in para 8.4 below. 8.2 Bidders are required to submit the EMD (in the prescribed format) in original and Bidding Document Fee at the time of bid submission in sealed envelope and are required to upload the scanned copy of EMD and Document Fee on e-Tendering website along with e-Bid. EMD and Document Fee in original shall be submitted in a sealed envelope titled Earnest Money Deposit and Document Fee for Bidding Document No. SM/A307-IUE-PC-TN-8005/1022. If the Bidder is unable to submit original EMD and Bidding Document Fee within the due date and time for Bid submission, he may submit the same within 7 days from the date of unpriced bid opening, provided copy of the same have been uploaded on E-Tendering website. In case the Bidder fails to submit the EMD in original and Bidding Document Fee within 7 days, his bid shall be rejected, irrespective of their status / ranking in tender and notwithstanding the fact that a copy of EMD and Bidding Document Fee were uploaded earlier by the Bidder. Bidding Document fee and EMD exemption will be applicable for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) registered with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) as per guidelines (for similar work and monetary limit). On opening the un-priced bid, the NSIC registration certificate will be verified for the monetary limit of registration and category. If the bidder meets both the requirements, i.e. monetary limit and category, the bid will be processed further. If not, the bidder will be asked to submit EMD. In case the bidder does not submit the EMD within 7 days of EIL intimation, then their bid shall be rejected. The bidder shall submit Notary attested copy of the valid NSIC registration certificate indicating that their registration includes the item/works under tender. The certificate issued by NSIC shall be valid as on the date of opening of Unpriced Bid. There will be no waiver of Bidding Document fee and EMD for Public Sector Undertaking of Central/State Government Undertakings. GENERAL BPCL/EIL reserves the right to carry out capacity & capability assessment of the bidder using in-house information and past performance. The bidders who are on Holiday/Negative list of OWNER or EIL or black listed by any Government Department/Pubic Sector as on due date of submission of bid/ during the process of evaluation of the bids, the offers of such bidders shall not be considered for bid opening/evaluation/Award. If the bidding document were issued inadvertently/ downloaded from website, offers submitted by such bidders shall also be not considered for bid opening/evaluation/Award. BPCL/EIL will not be responsible or liable for cost incurred in preparation & delivery of bids, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process. BPCL/EIL reserves the right to disqualify any bidder during the tendering process on account of their non-performance in the earlier jobs executed by them for BPCL or for any other Public Sector Undertaking.
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9.0 9.1 9.2

9.3 9.4


In case any Bidder is found to be involved in cartel formation, his Bid will not be considered for evaluation / placement of order. Such Bidder will also be debarred from bidding in future. Canvassing in any form by the Bidder or by any other agency on their behalf may lead to disqualification of their Bid. Unsolicited clarifications to the offer and / or change in the prices during the validity period would render the bid liable for rejection. Bidder shall not be under liquidation, court receivership or similar proceeding. Integrity Pact, duly signed & stamped on each page, shall be submitted with Technocommercial bid, failing which the bid shall not be considered for further evaluation. For detailed specifications, terms and conditions and other details, refer complete Bidding Document. Techno-commercial part of the Bids shall be opened at 1400 Hrs. (IST) on the due date for submission of Bids. Time and date of opening of Price Bids shall be notified to the qualified and acceptable bidders at a later date. Bidders may view the Bid opening through e-tendering portal at www.tenderwizard.com/eil or may witness the bid opening in EIL Office, New Delhi.

9.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 9.10 9.11

9.12 9.13 9.14 9.15 9.16

Total works shall be awarded to one agency based on total lowest (L1) evaluated price as per the provisions of the Bidding Document. Bids received after stipulated bid due date and time i.e. late bids due to any reasons whatsoever will not be considered. Bids on Consortium or unincorporated Joint-Venture basis shall not be accepted. OWNER/EIL reserves the right to reject any or all the bids received or annul the bidding process at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever Owner reserves its right to allow Public Sector Enterprises (Central/State), purchase preference as admissible/applicable from time to time under the existing Govt. policy. Purchase preference to a PSE shall be decided based on the price quoted by PSE as compared to L1 Vendor at the time of evaluation of the price bid. Owner reserves its right to allow Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) and MSEs owned by Scheduled Caste (SC) or the Scheduled tribe (ST) entrepreneurs, purchase preference as admissible/applicable from time to time under the existing Govt. policy. Purchase preference to a MSE and a MSE owned by SC/ST entrepreneurs shall be decided based on the price quoted by the said MSEs as compared to L1 Vendor at the time of evaluation of the price bid. Clarifications if any, can be obtained (on working days, between 09:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs) through: Telephone Nos.: +91-11-26763883 / 26763886 and/or E-mail: subhendu.mondal@eil.co.in, anindya.sinha@eil.co.in Asst. General Manager(C&P) Engineers India Limited, New Delhi


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