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Occupational Health Plan, Inc.

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Closing the loop with our

…in the comprehensive

integrated claims
Claims  management process to
ensure cost effective claim

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Too often parties to the claim are working
independently to resolve the claim. This
duplication of effort causes confusion and does
not facilitate a pro-active claim resolution.

By integrating Employer Policies with
“Preferred” Medical Providers and Third
Party Claims Administrators, we will
achieve a more cost-effective claim
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What can Employers can do to ensure that they maintain
the lowest possible Workers’ Compensation premium
• Implement OHP recommended company policies related to
occupational risk and claims management.
• Support Preferred Provider selection for all employees who require
Workers’ Compensation medical treatment and management.
• Accommodate time limited progressive restricted duty job offers.
• Participate in OHP return on investment recommendations to reduce
Workers’ Compensation costs.

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OHP Recommended Employer Policies
• Claim Reporting • Results Reporting
• Incident Investigation • Restricted Duty Job Offers
• Claim Certification • Disability Management
• Provider Selection • Claim Resolution

Unique Risk Management Policy Highlights:

9 Supervisor/Claimant policy review acknowledgement upon report of claim
9 Preferred Medical Provider selection
9 Limited emergency treatment work restriction allowances
9 Time Limited Evidence-Based Transitional Work
9 Medical Director authorization of treatment plans and disability duration
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The Workers’ Compensation Risk
Management Policy & Procedure
Handbook© is an Employer instructional
policy guide to assist the employer in
developing a comprehensive and pro-active
employee policy to manage work related
injuries. Handbook Contents Includes:
1. Workers’ Comp Risk Management Policy
2. Work Related Incident Reporting Forms
3. Disability Management Policy
4. Disability Management Plan
5. Disability Management Program Tools
6. Quality Disability Management Tracking
7. 15K Policies & Procedures
8. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

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Work Related Incident Reporting Forms
A complete packet of customizable
employee instructions, forms, and letters
to report and manage a work related

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First Report Investigation

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How to avoid a Lost Time
Claim that will result in an
increase to your premium

The Disability
Management Plan will
outline the chronological
workflow to manage a
work related disability
claim. The OHP Disability
Management Plan utilizes
Official Disability
Guidelines from the Work
Loss Data Institute to
establish evidence based
“Best Practice” guidelines
for medical treatment and
duration of work disability.
For Employers with or without claims:

The Risk Management Policy & Procedure

Handbook© offers a pro-active policy prior to a
claim to prevent reactionary claims
management which often leads to a disputed
and adversarial relationship between the
employee and employer.

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To find out how you
can obtain a copy
of OHP’s Risk
Management Policy
& Procedure
Handbook© contact
Brandy Jordan at
(614) 717-4705. © 07/09 D.Bugay