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School: Chilenonorteamerican o Type of school: Semi-public

Grade/Class: 1th grade A secondary school Level of English: Beginner.

Number of Ss: 30 F10 / M 20 Age of group: 13-14

Date of lesson: June 7th , 2012

Time of lesson: 90 minutes.

Students-teachers name: Angelo Navarro

Main aim: At the end of the lesson students will be able to recognize the structure and use of the second conditional.

Personal aim: to give clear instructions, to improve clarification and feedback with students.-

Subsidiary aims: At the end of the class Students will be able to create sentences using second conditional. The students will be able to use the first and second clause of second conditional . Target language: (Linguistics contents: form, meaning, pronunciation) - vocabulary: meaning of some words -Correct pronunciation of the new words. Skill focus: writing ,reading, speaking Contents: Unit 4: Grammar: second conditional. Anticipated problems: Students could get confuse with the grammar structure of second conditional Possible solutions: The teacher will help them to understand the order and the function of second conditional structures. Assumed knowledge: - previous vocabulary -past simple

Aids: PowerPoint presentation Data Show Laptop Worksheets


What I (T) am going to do and say

What students are going to do and say

Interaction patterns/groupin gs



Teacher presents the topic what about if to introduce the conditionals. Teacher asks students a question that starts with what about if.

Students listen to the Whole-class teacher and answer the questions that the teacher makes. Whole-class

6 minutes

Developing Teacher uses a PPT to Students listen to the teach the grammar teacher and make structure of the second comments and questions. conditional and how it is used. Students answer the questions in the ppt and Teacher presents some ask for doubts. exercises in a ppt and asks students to answer them and them the teacher gives feedback to the students. Students work in the worksheet Teacher gives students a worksheet and asks them to complete with the grammar structure of second conditional Students check the answers with the teacher Teacher checks the and make comments answers and give feedback to the students

15 minutes


8 minutes

Individual work

7 minutes


6 minutes

Individual work

15 minutes

Students listen to the video and complete the worksheet. Teacher shows a video and gives students a Whole-class worksheet. Students have to listen to the video and complete the sentences with would or the verb in Students check their past simple. answers with the teacher Individual work using the video Teacher checks the answers using the video and gives feedback to the students Students work in the course book the exercises presented there. Whole-class Teacher asks students to work in the course book the exercise presented there Students listen to the teacher and make questions Teacher makes a review of second conditional asking for doubts. 10 minutes

13 minutes