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Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond TEST

Dominoes one
SETTING Choose the best answer. 1 Sherlock Holmes lived in ___. a Baker Street b Brixton Road c Covent Garden d Tottenham Court Road 2 The diamond disappeared from the ___. a Alpha b British Museum c Cosmopolitan Hotel d High Court 3 Henry Baker got his goose from a ___. a friend b hotel c pub d shop 4 The Alpha got their geese from ___. a Brixton b Covent Garden c d Kilburn Fulham 16 Mrs Hudson was Holmess ___. a doctor b housekeeper c d mother maid

17 Mrs Oakshott thought that her brother was ___. a innocent b intelligent c terrible d wonderful 18 The police arrested ___ for taking the blue diamond. a Catherine Cusack b Henry Baker c John Horner d James Ryder 19 John Horner ___ windows. a broke b made c repaired d sold

5 Holmes put the diamond in his ___. a jewel box b money box c pocket d safe 6 Mr Windigate worked in a ___. a hotel b prison c pub d shop prison

20 When he was younger, John Horner was a ___. a cab driver b prison officer c police officer d thief 20 marks DIALOGUE Who said this? 21 First it was a hat, and now youre talking about a goose. I dont understand. a Detective Bradstreet b Sherlock Holmes c Mr Peterson d Doctor Watson 22 My wife found this in the bird! a Mr Breckinridge b Mr Hudson c Mr Oakshott d Mr Peterson 23 Every week we all put five or six pence into a money box . . . a Henry Baker b Mrs Oakshott c Catherine Cusack d Breckinridges boy, Bill 24 Id like to take that nice new goose home with me, thank you very much. a Henry Baker b John Horner c Maudsley d James Ryder

7 Holmes took the diamond thief to ___. a court b his home c the police d 8 The thief saw 24 geese in a ___. a garden b kitchen c shop d


9 The thief didnt want to stay in the ___, not with the police everywhere. a museum b office c hotel d pub 10 The thief went into his sisters ___ garden to smoke and think. a back b country c flower d warm 20 marks CHARACTERS Choose the best answer. 11 James Ryder was a ___ man. a famous b good c strong d weak

12 Mr Breckinridge was ___ when James Ryder asked him about the geese. a afraid b angry c interested d quiet 13 Henry Bakers hat was ___. a cheap b dirty c new d small

25 But those geese werent our geese. a the Countess b Mrs Oakshott c Mr Windigate d Breckinridges boy, Bill 26 Again and again people come and talk to me about those geese and I dont like it. a Mr Breckinridge b Mrs Hudson c Mr Oakshott d Mr Windigate 27 This is my address book. a Henry Baker b Mr Breckinridge c Maudsley d Mr Peterson

14 Holmes knew the owner of the hat was ___. a dead b ill c intelligent d young 15 James Ryder was the ___ of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. a assistant manager b doorman c manager d owner

Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond TEST

Dominoes one
28 Then I looked down at the geese in the garden and I thought of something. a the Countess b Sherlock Holmes c John Horner d James Ryder 29 Very well. Catch it, kill it, and take it with you. a Mr Breckinridge b Maudsley c Mrs Oakshott d Mr Windigate 30 I think Im helping Ryder to be a better man. a Detective Bradstreet b the Countess c Sherlock Holmes d Doctor Watson 20 marks VOCABULARY Choose the best answer. 31 this is in your head and you think with it a brain b neck c nose d shoulder 32 this person works to get the answers to a crime a detective b questioner c winner d witness 33 the answer to a problem a accident b case c 34 not false a innocent b real c crime d safe d solution weak try TOTAL MARKS 42 The thief went to talk to his friend about selling the ___. a diamond b goose c hat d house 43 The thief killed a goose with a ___ tail. a black b brown c grey d white 44 The thief took the wrong ___ to his friends house. a diamond b goose c jewel box d train 45 When the thief went back, there were no ___. a animals b birds c hats d jewels 46 When the young men hit Mr Baker in the street, they ___ the goose. a took b left c killed d ran after 47 Holmes found Henry Bakers name on a ___. a coat b ticket c newspaper d hat 48 Sherlock Holmes gave Mr Baker a new ___. a goose b hat c magnifying glass d walking stick 49 Mrs Peterson ___ the blue diamond. a broke b cooked c ate d found 50 Sherlock Holmes knew Horner was ___. a angry b innocent c sorry d the diamond thief 20 marks

35 to make something that is broken work again a disappear b feel sorry for c repair d 36 to think about something and then do it a believe b decide c forget d 37 to take a person to prison a arrest b catch c free d


question report

38 you pay to put this in a newspaper a advertisement b letter c page d 39 to give money for something a bring b buy c sell d take

40 the place in a room where you stand and walk a address b floor c front door d window 20 marks PLOT Choose the best answer. 41 In the story it was ___. a spring b summer c autumn d winter