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Analysis of education 2.0 Wed 2.

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our country you are wed wed many business are cone anywhere journalism Medicina2.o sex 2.0 periodic 2.0 in many cases this hurts students them to discover What this network is as distraction for them through this know the fashion that is as a distraction for them depends as use that is given. The technology also brings many benefits as students we can encore much information on wed 2.0 sites that use fans and other web sites.

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Education 2.0
The educational use of Web 2.0 differs from earlier uses of web technologies which tended to Support a tutor controlled 'broadcast' model of teaching using web pages delivery of content through a vle, the wed are very important tools for education and student learning is a great help.

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns al

blearing in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some.

E-learning is a term that has gained increasing popularity with respect to the digital and online, "e-learning", is the term in English. E-learning means more than just digital transmission online knowledge, or computer-based training through www Network. It refers to two important components: The experience of learning, Electronic technology. The experience of e-learning is achieved highlights the

important methodologies and training techniques: Make the student wishes to investigate further, provide simulated practice skills and procedures, Help, support and direct students. The main advantages are listed below: You can extend learning throughout the organization. With the technologies e-learning, you can reach the management and administrative staff at all levels with the same training content and educational support. For example, to decentralize its services, organizations must develop the capacity of staff at district level and local levels. With adequate physical infrastructure, administrators these levels can receive training and management tools necessary. You can reach a large number of students. Management development and administrative often requires a large number of administrators institute practices and techniques. Learning technologies mail may potentially and help train in the short term, critical mass necessary for administrators effective development. You can

adapt the e-learning activities tailored to individuals. The instruction uses a strategy based on e-learning can be organized to allow students progress at their own pace, focusing on topics that fit their individual needs. They can skip the parts with those already are familiar or repeat difficult parts. (Universidad de Barcelona)

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