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21st Century Manufacturing 1/ Manufacturing: Art, Technology, Science and Buiness 2/ Manufacturing Analysis: Some Basic Questions for a Star-up Company 3/ Product Design, Computer Adied Design (CAD) and Solid Modeling 4/ Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) and Rapid-Prototyping 5/ Semiconductor Manufacturing 6/ Computer Manufacturing 7/ Metal Products Manufacturing 8/ Plastic Products Manufacturing and Final Asembly 9/ Biotechnology 10/ Future Aspects of Manufacturing http://www.mediafire.com/?mlddgzxz2ez
The Boy Mechanic : 700 Things for Boys to Do 700 things and 800 illustrations showing how http://www.mediafire.com/?4iigvtpfecf 750 Mechanism vi cc c cu thng dng trong cc nghnh, ch ng tic l bn ting nhng c h chi, tham kho hnh nh cng dc bc no c bn ting Anh th chia s mi ng nh http://www.mediafire.com/?ryaybwhnk7p Technical Handbook (tra cu) 1/ Conversions 2/ Equivalents 3/ Properties 4/ Pipe Data http://www.mediafire.com/?min3mihonay Maintenance Fundamentals 1/ Impact of Maintenance 2/ Fundamental Requirements of Effective Preventive Maintenance 3/ Designing a Preventive Maintenance Program 4/ Planning and Scheduling 5/ Scheduled Preventive Maintenance 6/ Maintenance Ebgineering Roles and Responsibilities 7/ Shaft Alignment 8/ Rotor Balancing 9/ Bearings 10/ Couplings 11/ Gears and Gearboxes 12/ Compressors 13/ Control Valves 14/ Conveyors 15/ Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers 16/ Dust Collectors

17/ Pumps 18/ Steam Traps 19/ Performance Measurement and Management http://www.mediafire.com/?mjhhewghn4m Metal Machining - Theory and Applications 1/ Introduction 2/ Chip Formation Fundamentals 3/ Work and Tool Materials 4/ Tool Damage 5/ Experimental Methods 6/ Advances in Mechanics 7/ Finite Element Methods 8/ Applications of Finite Element Analysis 9/ Process Selection, Improvement and Control http://www.mediafire.com/?jyz2znzqxm2 Kinematics and Mechanisms 1/ Linkages and Cams 2/ Tribology: Friction, Wear and Lubrication 3/ Machine Elements 4/ Crankshaft Journal Bearings 5/ Fluid Sealing in Machines, Mechanical Devices and Apparatus http://www.mediafire.com/?mmdngxtvlz1 Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Part 1: Background to Process Machinery Maintenances Programming Part 2: Alignment and Balacing Part 3: Maintenance and Repair of Machinery Components http://www.mediafire.com/?zjqmujygyfj Making Pistons for Experimental and Restoration Engines 1/ Basic Data and Piston Design 2/ Determining Head Thickness 3/ Rings and Wrist Pins 4/ Casting and Feeding 5/ Making Replacement Pistons 6/ Machining http://www.mediafire.com/?twmfnjyewzj Mechanical Actuator Design Guide 1/ Ideas & Application Guide to Mechanical Actuators 2/ Machine Screw Actuators 3/ Ball Screw Actuators 4/ Power Transmissions 5/ Motors 6/ Examples of Linear Motion Controls 7/ Motion Control Systems

8/ Engineering Guide http://www.mediafire.com/?mxmzujn5wwz Clutches and Brakes Design and Selection 1/ Friction Materials 2/ Band Brakes 3/ Externally and Internally Pivoted Shoe Brakse 4/ Linearly Acting External and Internal Drum Brakes 5/ Dry and Wet Disk Brakes and Clutches 6/ Cone Brakes and Clutches 7/ Magnetic Particle, Hysteresis and Eddy-Current Brakes and Clutches 8/ Acceleration Time and Heat Dissipation Calculations 9/ Centrifugal, One-Way and Detent Clutches 10/ Frictions Drives with Clutch Capability 11/ Fluid Clutches and Brakes 12/ Antilock Braking Systems 13/ Brake Vibration 14/ Engineering Standards for Clutches and Brakes http://www.mediafire.com/?witdzhnihgv Industrial Machinery Repair 1/ Introduction: Why Use Best Maintenance Repair Practices ? 2/ Fundamental Requirements of Effective Preventive/Predictive Maintenance 3/ Maintenance Skills Assessment 4/ Safety First, Safety Always 5/ Rotor Balancing 6/ Bearings 7/ Chain Drives 8/ Compressors 9/ Control Valves 10/ Conveyors 11/ Couplings 12/ Dust Collectors 13/ Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers 14/ Gears and Gearboxes 15/ Hydraulics 16/ Lubrication 17/ Machinery Installation 18/ Mixers and Agitators 19/ Packing and Seals 20/ Precision Measurement 21/ Pumps 22/ Steam Traps 23/ V-Belt Drives 24/ Maintenance Welding http://www.mediafire.com/?mktjmzmkgdw Machine Design Databook

1/ Properties of Engineering Materials 2/ Static Stresses in Machine Elements 3/ Dynamic Stresses in Machine Elements 4/ Stress Concentration and Stress Intensity in Machine Members 5/ Design of Machine Elements for Strength 6/ Cams 7/ Pipes, Tubes and Cylinders 8/ Design of Pressure Vessels, Plate and Shells 9/ Design of Power Boilers 10/ Rotating Disks and Cyllinders 11/ Metal Fits, Tolerances and Surface Texture 12/ Design of Welded Joints 13/ Riveted Joints 14/ Design of Shaft 15/ Flywheels 16/ Packings and Seals 17/ Keys, Pins, Cotters and Joints 18/ Threaded Fasteners and Screws for Power Transmission 19/ Couplings, Clutches and Brakes 20/ Springs 21/ Flexible Machine Elements 22/ Mechanical Vibrations 23/ Design Bearings and Tribology 24/ Miscellaneous Machine Elements 25/ Elements of Machine Tool Design 26/ Retaining Rings and Circlips 27/ Applied Elasticity http://www.mediafire.com/?izdmdmwgdui Process Selection - From Design to Manufacture Part 1 : A Strategic View Part 2 : Selecting Candidate Process Part 3 : Costing Designs http://www.mediafire.com/?d0dmcymzjvt Mechanical Science Handbooks 1/ Diesel Engines 2/ Fundamentals of the Diesel Cycle 3/ Diesel Engine Speed, Fuel Controls and Protection 4/ Valve Function and Basic Parts 5/ Types of Valve 6/ Valve Actuators http://www.mediafire.com/?kohytygnkxg Process Engineering Equipment Handbook cc thit b t vn A ti vn Z http://www.mediafire.com/?zynbo0dgz0g

Text Book of Machine Design 1/ Introduction 2/ Engineering Materials and Their Properties 3/ Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design 4/ Simple Stresses in Machine Parts 5/ Torsional and Bending Stresses in Machine Parts 6/ Variable Stresses in Machine Parts 7/ Pressure Vessels 8/ Pipes and Pipe Joints 9/ Riveted Joints 10/ Welded Joints 11/ Screwed Joints 12/ Cotter and Knuckle Joints 13/ Keys and Coupling 14/ Shafts 15/ Levers 16/ Columns and Struts 17/ Power Screws 18/ Flat Belt Drives 19/ Flat Belt Pulleys 20/ V-Belt and Rope Drives 21/ Chain Drives 22/ Flywheel 23/ Springs 24/ Clutches 25/ Brakes 26/ Sliding Contact Bearings 27/ Rolling Contact Bearings 28/ Spur Gears 29/ Helical Gears 30/ Bevel Gears 31/ Worm Gears 32/ Internal Combusion Engine Parts http://www.mediafire.com/?xznnnjjm2zn Mechanism Design - Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function 1/ Introduction 2/ Basic Concepts of Graph Theory 3/ Structural Representations of Mechanisms 4/ Structural Analysis of Mechanisms 5/ Enumeration of Graph of Kinematic Chains 6/ Classification of Mechanisms 7/ Epicyclic Gear Trains 8/ Automotive Mechanisms 9/ Robotic Mechanisms http://www.mediafire.com/?gu4it0vzotz Mechanical Systems Design Handbook - Modeling, Measurement and Control

Section I: Manufacturing Section II: Vibration Control Section III: Dynamics and Control of Aerospace Systems Section IV: Robotics http://www.mediafire.com/?zd0j3gfltgn Cutting Tools Applications 1/ Cutting-Tool Materials 2/ Metal Removal Methods 3/ Machinability of Metals 4/ Turning Tools & Operations 5/ Turning Methods & Machines 6/ Grooving & Threading 7/ Shaping & Planing 8/ Drill & Drilling Operations 9/ Drilling Methods & Machines 10/ Boring Operations & Machines 11/ Reaming and Tapping 12/ Milling Cutters and Operations 13/ Milling Methods and Machines 14/ Broaches and Broaching 15/ Saw and Sawing 16/ Grinding Wheels and Operations 17/ Grinding Methods and Machines 18/ Lapping and Honing http://www.mediafire.com/?njy1d32demt Mechanical Engineers Handbook Part 1: Materials and Mechanical Design Part 2: Systems and Controls Part 3: Manufacturing Engineering Part 4: Energy, Power and Pollution Control Technology Part 5: Management, Finance, Quality, Law and Research http://www.mediafire.com/?n2jeyd2mgtm http://www.mediafire.com/?2jldildt3nf Engineering Companion 1/ Engineering Units 2/ General Properties of Materials 3/ Engineering Mathematics 4/ Applied Chemistry 5/ Mechanics of Rigid Bodies 6/ Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 7/ Thermodynamics 8/ Mechanics of Fluids 9/ Heat and Mass Transfer 10/ Conservation Equations and Dimensionless Groups 11/ Topics in Applied Physics

12/ Automatic Control 13/ Mechanical Engineering 14/ Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering 15/ Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Petroleum and Gas Engineering 16/ Electrical Engineering 17/ Electronics Engineering 18/ Reliability Engineering, Systems Engineering and Safety Engineering 19/ Measurements in Engineering 20/ Engineering Economy, Patents and Copyrights http://www.mediafire.com/?ymzyi4zm2im Standard Handbook of Machine Design 1/ Introduction: Standards, Codes, Regulations 2/ Statistical Considerations 3/ Measurement and Inference 4/ Numerical Methods 5/ Computational Considerations 6/ Wear 7/ Solid Materials 8/ The Strength of Cold-Worked and Heat-Treated Steels 9/ Usability 10/ Safety 11/ Minimizing Enginnering Effort 12/ Strength under Static Circumstances 13/ Strength under Dynamic Conditions 14/ Fundamentals of Arc Welding 15/ Instabilities i Beam and Columns 16/ Curved Beams and Rings 17/ Seals 18/ Flywheels 19/ Limits and Fits 20/ Power Screw 21/ Threaded Fasteners 22/ Unthreaded Fasteners 23/ Bolted and Riveted Joints 24/ Springs 25/ Lubrication 26/ Gaskets 27/ Rolling-Contact Bearings 28/ Journal Bearings 29/ Couplings 30/ Clutches and Brakes 31/ Belt Drives 32/ Chain Drives 33/ Spur Gears 34/ Bevel and Hypoid Gears 35/ Helical Gears

36/ Worm Gearing 37/ Shafts 38/ Vibration and Control of Vibration 39/ A Thesaurus of Mechanisms 40/ Cam Mechanisms 41/ Linkages 42/ Load-Cycle Analysis 43/ Fluid Power Systems and Circuit Design 44/ Corrosion 45/ Noise and Its Control 46/ Gear Trains 47/ Robots and Smart Machines 48/ Section and Shapes-Tabular Data 49/ Stress 50/ Deflection http://www.mediafire.com/?3ooljey3j2m Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook 1/ Motion Control Systems 2/ Robot Mechanism 3/ Parts-Handling Mechanisms 4/ Reciprocating and General-Purpose Mechanisms 5/ Special-Purpose Mechanisms 6/ Springs, Bellow, Flexure, Screw and Ball Devices 7/ Cam, Toggle, Chain and Belt Mechanisms 8/ Geared Systems and Variable-Speed Mechanisms 9/ Coupling, Clutching and Braking Devices 10/ Torque-Limiting, Tensioning and Governing Devices 11/ Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machine and Mechanism Control 12/ Fastening, Latching, Clamping and Chucking Devices 13/ Key Equations and Charts for Designing Mechanisms 14/ New Directions in Machine Design http://www.mediafire.com/?yuoqjhjmozn Dimensioning and Tolerancing Handbook Part 1 : History/Lessons Learned Part 2 : Standard Part 3 : Design Part 4 : Manufacturing Part 5 : Gaging Part 6 : Precision Metrology Part 7 : Applications Part 8 : The Future http://www.mediafire.com/?dmm2j5mzhc5 Fundamentals of Machine Design 1/ Fundamentals of Machine Design 2/ Stresses in Machine Elements

3/ Design for Strength 4/ Fasteners 5/ Couplings 6/ Power Screws 7/ Design of Springs 8/ Design of Shaft 9/ Thin and Thick Cylinders 10/ Design of Permanent Joints 11/ Design of Joints for Special Loading 12/ Design of Brakes 13/ Belt Drives 14/ Brief Overview of Bearings http://www.mediafire.com/?mkyztrqyi13 Experimentation and Measurement 1/ INtroduction 2/ Why We Need Measurements 3/ Measurements in Experimentation 4/ Typical Collections of Measurements 5/ Methematics of Measurement 6/ Instruments for Making Measurements 7/ Experiment with Weighing Machines 8/ Selection of Items for Measurement 9/ Measurement of Thread Strength http://www.mediafire.com/?wjmr32owmwx Engineering Tribology 1/ Introductions 2/ Physical Properties of Lubrications 3/ Lubrications and Their Composition 4/ Hydrodynamic Lubrication 5/ Computational Hydrodynamics 6/ Hydrostatic Lubrication 7/ Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 8/ Boundary and Extreme Pressure Lubrication 9/ Solid Lubrication and Surface Treatments 10/ Fundamentals of Contact Between Solids 11/ Abrasive, Erosive and Cavitation Wear 12/ Adhesion and Adhesive Wear 13/ Corrosive and Oxidative Wear 14/ Fatigue Wear 15/ Fretting and Minor Wear Mechanisms 16/ Wear of Non-Metallic Materials http://www.mediafire.com/?jnnml0zjjnl Advanced Vehicle Technology 1/ Vehicle Structure 2/ Friction Clutch

3/ Manual Gearboxes and Overdrives 4/ Hydrokinetic Fluid Couplings and Torque Converters 5/ Semi-and Fully Automatic Transmission 6/ Transmission Bearing and Constant Velocity Joints 7/ Final Drive Transmission 8/ Tyres 9/ Steering 10/ Suspension 11/ Brake System 12/ Air Operated Power Brake Equipment and Vehicle Retarders 13/ Vehicle Refrigeration 14/ Vehicle Body Aerodynamics http://www.mediafire.com/?jgmtmyk1g4m Bearing Design in Machinery 1/ Classification and Selection of Bearings 2/ Lubrication Viscosity 3/ Fundamental Properties of Lubricants 4/ Principles of Hydrodynamics Lubrication 5/ Basic Hydrodynamic Equations 6/ Long Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing 7/ Short Journal Bearings 8/ Design Charts for Finite-Length Journal Bearings 9/ Practical Applications of Journal Bearings 10/ Hydrostatic Bearings 11/ Bearing Materials 12/ Rolling Element Bearings 13/ Selection and Design of Rolling Bearings 14/ Testing of Friction and Wear 15/ Hydrodynamic Bearings Under Dynamic Conditions 16/ Friction Characteristics 17/ Modeling Dynamic Friction 18/ Case Study: Composite Bearing-Rolling Element and Fluid Film in Series 19/ Non-Newtonian Viscoelastic Effects 20/ Orthopedic Joints Implant http://www.mediafire.com/?wjioztz5zly AIAA Design Engineers Guide Section 1 : Mathematics Section 2 : Section Properties Section 3 : Conversion Factors Section 4 : Structural Elements Section 5 : Mechanical Design Section 6 : Electrical/Electronics Section 7 : Aircraft Design Section 8 : Earth, Sea and Solar System Section 9 : Materials and Specifications http://www.mediafire.com/?n4im5divwzm

Rough Surfaces Part 1 : Measurement Part 2 : Characterization Part 3 : Applications http://www.mediafire.com/?ngjqmyy5qjg Machinery's Handbook 1/ Mathematics 2/ Mechanics and Strength of Materials 3/ Properties, Treatment and Testing of Materials 4/ Dimensioning, Gaging and Measuring 5/ Tooling and Toolmarking 6/ Machining Operations 7/ Manufacturing Processes 8/ Fasteners 9/ Threads and Threading 10/ Gears, Splines and Cams 11/ Machine Elements 12/ Measuring Units http://www.mediafire.com/?n3kjtzmjmlq Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations Part 1 : Power Generation Part 2 : Plant and Facilities Engineering Part 3 : Environmental Control Part 4 : Desgin Engineering http://www.mediafire.com/?2ct2mxkejuo Advanced Welding Processes 1/ An Introduction to Welding Processes 2/ Advanced Process Development Trends 3/ Welding Power Source Technology 4/ Filler materials for Arc Welding 5/ Gases for Advanced Welding Processes 6/ Advanced GTAW 7/ Gas Metal Arc Welding 8/ High Energy Density Processes 9/ Narrow-Gap Welding Techniques 10/ Monitoring and Control of Welding Processes 11/ Welding Automation and Robotics http://www.mediafire.com/?dmqdohdn2am Handbook of Micro and Nano Tribology Part 1 : Basic Studies Part 2 : Applications http://www.mediafire.com/?zkgonjkz2nn

Applications Industrielles ni dung ting Php, nhng minh ha = hnh nh rt nhiu, cng kh hay http://www.mediafire.com/?2ylzvmmmgbj Auto Repair For Dummies Part 1 : Getting Started Part 2 : What Makes It Go ? Part 3 : Keeping Your Car in Good Condition, System by System Part 4 : Dealing with On-the-Road Emergencies Part 5 : Helping Your Vehicle Look Its Best Part 6 : The Part of Tens http://www.mediafire.com/?nuwzdymemd0 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis 1/ An Introduction to Dynamic Mechanical Analysis 2/ Basic Rheological Concepts: Stress, Strain and Flow 3/ Rheology Basics: Creep-Recovery and Stress Relaxation 4/ Dynamic Testing 5/ Time-Temperature Scans: Transitions in Polymers 6/ Time and Temperature Studies: Thermosets 7/ Frequency Scans 8/ DMA Applications to Real Problems: Guidelines http://www.mediafire.com/?mnmzmozzefm Corrosion Control Through Organic Coatings 1/ Introduction 2/ Composition of the Anticorrosion Coating 3/ Waterborme Coastings 4/ Blast Cleaning and Other Heavy Surface Pretreatments 5/ Abrasive Blasting and Heavy-Metal Contamination 6/ Weathering and Aging of Paitn 7/ Corrosion Testing-Background and Theoretical Considerations 8/ Corrosion Testing-Practice http://www.mediafire.com/?ijdtmwei2tx Friction, Wear, Lubrication 1/ The State of Knowledge in Tribology 2/ Strength and Deformation Properties of Solids 3/ Adhesion and Cohesion Properties of Solids: Adsorption to Solids 4/ Solid Surfaces 5/ Contact of Nonconforming Surfaces and Temperature Rise on Sliding Surfaces 6/ Friction 7/ Lubrication by Inert Fluids, Greases and Solids 8/ Wear 9/ Lubricated Sliding-Chemical and Physical Effects 10/ Equations for Friction and Wear 11/ Designing for Wear Life and Frictional Performance: Wear Testing, Friction Testing and Simulation

12/ Diagnosing Tribological Problems http://www.mediafire.com/?tdjddzgimzy Dictionary of Engineering http://www.mediafire.com/?zzzydumaymg Cooling and Lubrication System Maintenance 1/ Determining Cooling System 2/ Servicing the Cooling System 3/ Determining Lubrication System Serviceability 4/ Servicing the Lubrication System http://www.mediafire.com/?iozz0d5jynn Friction and Lubrication in Mechanical Design 1/ Introduction 2/ The Contact Between Smooth Surfaces 3/ Traction Distribution and Microslip in Frictional Contacts Between Smooth Elastic Bodies 4/ The Contact Between Rough Surfaces 5/ Thermal Considerations in Tribology 6/ Design of Fluid Film Bearings 7/ Friction and Lubrication in Rolling/Sliding Contacts 8/ Wear 9/ Case Illustrations of Surfaces Damage 10/ Friction in Micromechanisms 11/ Friction-Induced Sound and Vibration 12/ Surface Coating 13/ Some Experimental Studies in Friction, Lubrication, Wear and Thermal Shock http://www.mediafire.com/?oztltiokzmm Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design 1/ Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 2/ Dimensioning and Tolerancing Fundamentals 3/ Symbols, Terms and Rules 4/ Datums 5/ Form 6/ Orientation 7/ Position, General 8/ Position, Location 9/ Position, Coaxiality 10/ Concentricity and Symmetry 11/ Runout 12/ Profile 13/ Graphic Analysis 14/ A Strategy for Tolerancing Parts http://www.mediafire.com/?mdmnxetyxzm

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis 1/ Truss Analysis: Matrix Displacement Method 2/ Truss Analysis: Force Method, Part 1 3/ Truss Analysis: Force Method, Part 2 4/ Beam and Frame Analysis: Force Method, Part 1 5/ Beam and Frame Analysis: Force Method, Part 2 6/ Beam and Frame Analysis: Force Method, Part 3 7/ Beam and Frame Analysis: Displacement Method, Part 1 8/ Beam and Frame Analysis: Displacement Method, Part 2 9/ Influence Lines 10/ Other Topics 11/ Matrix Algebra Review 12/ Solution to Problems http://www.mediafire.com/?kot305okdym Handbook of Mass Measurement 1/ Mass and Mass Standards 2/ Recalibration of Mass Standards 3/ Contamination of Mass Standards 4/ Cleaning of Mass Standards 5/ From Balance Observations to Mass Differences 6/ Glossary of Statistical Terms 7/ Measurement Uncertainy 8/ Weighing Designs 9/ Calibration of the Screen and the Built-in Weights of a Direct-Reading Analytical Balance 10/ A Look at the Electronic Balance 11/ Examples of Buoyancy Corrections in Weighing 12/ Air Density Equation 13/ Density of Solid Objects 14/ Calculation of the Density of Water 15/ Conventional Value of the Result of Weighing in Air 16/ A Comparision of Error Propagations for Mass and Conventional Mass 17/ Examination of Parameters That Can Cause Error in Mass Determinations 18/ Determination of the Mass of a Piston-Gauge Weight, Practical Uncertainy Limits 19/ Response of Apparent Mass to Thermal Gradients and Free Convective Currents 20/ Magnectic Error in Mass Metrology 21/ Effect of Gravitational Configuration of Weights on Precision of Mass Measurements 22/ Between-Time Component of Error in Mass Measurements 23/ Laboratory Standard Operating Procedure and Weighing Practices 24/ Control Charts 25/ Tolerance Testing of Mass Standards 26/ Surveillance Testing 27/ The Mass Unit Disseminated to Surrogate Laboratories Using the NIST Portable Mass Calibration Package 28/ Highly Accurate Direct Mass Measurements without the Use of External

Standards 29/ The Piggyback Balance Experiment: An Illustration of Archimedes' Principle and Newton's Third Law 30/ The Application of the Electronic Balance in High-Precision Pycnometry http://www.mediafire.com/?mniydtagzm1 Handbook of Corrosion Engineering 1/ Aqueous Corrosion 2/ Environments 3/ High-Temperature Corrosion 4/ Modeling, Life Prediction and Computer Applications 5/ Corrosion Failure 6/ Corrosion Maintenance Through Inspection and Monitoring 7/ Acceleration and Amplification of Corrosion Damage 8/ Materials Selection 9/ Protective Coatings 10/ Corrosion Inhibitors 11/ Cathodic Protection 12/ Anodic Protection http://www.mediafire.com/?meomm4nmytr Gear Noise and Vibration 1/ Causes of Noise 2/ Harris Mapping for Spur Gears 3/ Theoretical Helical Effects 4/ Prediction of Static T.E 5/ Prediction of Dynamic Effects 6/ Measurements 7/ Transmission Error Measurement 8/ Recording and Storage 9/ Analysis Techniques 10/ Improvements 11/ Lightly Loaded Gears 12/ Planetary and Split Drives 13/ High Contact Ratio Gears 14/ Low Contact Ratio Gears 15/ Condition Monitoring 16/ Vibration Testing 17/ Couplings 18/ Failures 19/ Strength Versus Noise http://www.mediafire.com/?mnmdjdiwzbm Guidelines for Engineering Design for Process Safety 1/ Introduction 2/ Inherently Safer Plants 3/ Plant Design

4/ Equipment Design 5/ Materials Selection 6/ Piping Systems 7/ Heat Transfer Fluid Systems 8/ Thermal Insulation 9/ Process Monitoring and Control 10/ Documentation 11/ Sources of Ignition 12/ Electrical System Hazards 13/ Deflagration and Detonation Flame Arresters 14/ Pressure Relief Systems 15/ Effluent Disposal Systems 16/ Fire Protection 17/ Explosion Protection http://www.mediafire.com/?ydgwy1fainf HPLC a Practical User's Guide A/ HPLC Primer B/ HPLC Optimization C/ HPLC Utilization http://www.mediafire.com/?53lwk0mgjmd Instrumentation Symbols and Identification 1/ Purpose 2/ Scope 3/ Definitions 4/ Outline of the Identification System 5/ Tables 6/ Drawings http://www.mediafire.com/?dtkxwyimiwy Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends 1/ Introduction 2/ Goals and Visions for the Future 3/ Application Areas 4/ Government-Industry R&D Programs and Strategies 5/ Priorities and Strategies for the Vehicle Industry 6/ Lateral/Side Sensing and Control Systems 7/ Longitudinal Sensing and Control Systems 8/ Intergrated Lateral and Longitudinal Control and Sensing Systems 9/ Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems (CVHS) 10/ Fully Automated Vehicles 11/ Extending the Information Horizon Through Floating Car Data Systems 12/ As Human-Centered Systems 13/ Systems Interacting with Society and the Market 14/ Looking Forward: Enabling Technologies and Future Trends 15/ Conclusion http://www.mediafire.com/?2mxo5dwrj1y

Inspection, Evaluation and Repair of Steel Structures 1/ Introduction 2/ Causes of Structural Deterioration 3/ Periodic Inspection 4/ Detailed Inspection 5/ Material and Weld Testing 6/ Structural Evaluation 7/ Examples and Material Standards 8/ Repair Cinsiderations http://www.mediafire.com/?vybgzluv0jl Introduction to Statics And Dynamics 1/ What Is Mechanics ? 2/ Vectors for Mechanics 3/ Free Body Diagrams 4/ Statics 5/ Dynamics of Particles 6/ Constrained Straight Line Motion 7/ Circular Motion 8/ General Planar Motion of a Single Rigid Body 9/ Kinematics Using Time-Varying Base Vectors 10/ Mechanics of Constrained Particles and Rigid Bodies 11/ Introduction to Three Dimensional Rigid Body Mechanics http://www.mediafire.com/?j5mngjzllqy Handbook of Shaft Alignment 1/ Introduction to Shaft Alignment 2/ Detecting Misalignment on Rotating Machinery 3/ Foundations, Baseplates, Installation and Piping Strain 4/ Flexible and Rigid Couplings 5/ Preliminary Alignment Checks 6/ Shaft Alignment Measuring Tools 7/ Correcting Misalignment 8/ Alignment Modeling Basics 9/ Defining Misalignment: Alignment and Coupling Tolerances 10/ Reverse Indicator Method 11/ Face and Rim Methods 12/ Double Radial Method 13/ Shaft to Coupling Spool Method 14/ Face-Face Method 15/ Electronic and Electro-Optical Shaft Alignment Systems 16/ Measuring and Compensating for Off-Line to Running Machinery Movement 17/ Aligning Multiple-Element Drive Systems 18/ Aligning V-Belt Drives 19/ Bore Alignment 20/ Parallel Alignment 21/ Alignment Considerations for Specifics Types of Machinery

22/ The History of Machinery Alignment http://www.mediafire.com/?dmzz2eyoiwt Coatings Technology Handbook 1/ Fundamentals and Testing 2/ Coasting and Processing Techniques 3/ Materials 4/ Surfaces Coastings http://www.mediafire.com/?q4mnmnzme4m Industrial Power Engineering and Applications Handbook A/ Selection, Testing, COntrols and Protection of Electric Motors B/ Switchgear Assemblies and Captive Power Generation C/ Voltage Surges, Overvoltages and Grounding Practices D/ Power Capacitors E/ Bus Systems http://www.mediafire.com/?y5ejum2lotj Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 1/ Safety, Ecology, Social Concerns Methodology Work-Energy-Power 2/ Free-Body Load Analysis 3/ Materials 4/ Static Stresses 5/ Strain, Buckling 6/ Failure Theories, Fracture Mechanics 7/ Impact 8/ Fatigue 9/ Corrosion Wear and Surface Fatigue 10/ Threaded Fasteners Power Screws 11/ Rivet, Weld, Bond 12/ Torsion Bar and Helical Springs Cantilever and Leaf Springs Miscellanenous Springs 13/ Lubrication and Sliding Bearings 14/ Rolling-Element Bearings 15/ Spur Gears 16/ Other Gears 17/ Shafts, etcetera 18/ Clutches, Brakes 19/ Miscellanenous Components 20/ Case Study http://www.mediafire.com/?mzz0mjl5rnx Handbook of Workability and Process Design

A/ Introduction B/ Workability Testing Techniques C/ Process Design and Workability D/ Multidisciplinary Process Design and Optimization E/ Reference Information http://www.mediafire.com/?mxdm0igmnii Handbook of Lubrication 1/ Friction, Wear and Lubrication Theory 2/ Lubricants and Their Application 3/ Design Principles http://www.mediafire.com/?ddnymwl5jo1 Internal Combustion Engines Fundamentals 1/ Engine Types and Their Operation 2/ Engine Design and Operating Parameters 3/ Thermochemistry of Fuel-Air Mixtures 4/ Properties of Working Fluids 5/ Ideal Models of Engine Cycles 6/ Gas Exchange Processes 7/ SI Engine Fuel Metering and Manifold 8/ Charge Motion within the Cylinder 9/ Combustion in Spark-Ignition Engines 10/ Combustion in Compression-Ignition Engines 11/ Pollutant Formation and Control 12/ Engine Heat Transfer 13/ Engine Friction and Lubrication 14/ Modeling Real Engine Flow and Combustion Processes 15/ Engine Operating Characteristics http://www.mediafire.com/?tf12h2miy2y Handbook of Nano-Technology Part A : Nanostructures, Micro/Nanofabrication and Micro/Nanodevices Part B : Scanning Probe Microscopy Part C : Nanotribology and Nanomechanics Part D : Molecularly Thick Films for Lubrication Part E : Industrial Applications and Microdevice Reliability Part F : Social and Ethical Implication http://www.mediafire.com/?woa2zdwnmyn ---> xem ging nh xem web http://www.mediafire.com/?zznkidjimmw ---> xem nh file PDF thng