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IDEAPOT s a global innovation, technology and product development company with its headquarter in National Capital Region of India.

Founded in 2012 by 3 entrepreneurs Tapan, Tej and Ajay with a vision to 'TO BECOME THE MOST TRUSTED GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY'. Company Size:- 51-200 Employees

Our persistent endeavor is to incubate ideas and grow them into innovative products and solutions. From an idea to concept generation to full product development, ideaPot is pioneering next generation product development to resolve perennial issues existing in our current ecosystem.

"IdeaPot House" our Global Innovation Center is based in the heart of IT Hub in National Capital Region of INDIA.

Our Strategic Business Units include: - Product Engineering Group - EVA - Strategic Consulting Group - Resource Management Group Specialties

Product Engineering (Software / Application Development), Skill Assessment, Skill Enablement (EVA), IT Consulting, Cyber Security

1. ABOUT IDEAPOT OUR VISION IdeaPot is a fast evolving Global Consulting Conglomerate that TO BECOME THE collaborates with an individual to large corporate house to resolve their most 2. MOST TRUSTED critical concerns and in the process GLOBAL create sustainable solution. IdeaPot provides full-spectrum of CONSULTING solutions in the space of IT CONGLOMERATE Outsourcing, Consulting, Skill Lifecycle Management and Product Engineering. Our persistent endeavor is to incubate ideas and grow them into innovative products and solution.

COMMITMENT We commit what we can deliver and we deliver what we commit. INNOVATION Think beyond the realm of the ordinary to discover the extra ordinary. INTEGRITYOUR Integrity is our greatest human asset, for we are obliged personally and professionally to act with honesty and adhere to the highest VALUES standards of moral and ethical behavior QUALITY Quality is not an act but a process driven by right people, certified process and robust technology. TRUST Trust is absolutely central to our creative process; we believe that what makes a full connection is Trust. 3. OUR BELIEFS Religion of Ideas is more appealing than idea of religions. - Ajay Bhardwaaj, Co-Founder Ideation even in idle state, is ideal to create idols Tapan Singhania, Co-Founder You do not own an idea until you have built it - Tejveer Singh, Co-Founder 4. WHAT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING EMPLOYABILITY ASSESSMENTWE DO SKILL ENABLEMENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRODUCT ENGINEERING BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT 5. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING From identifying gaps to delivering Consulting spectrum encompasses: sustainable solutions, IdeaPot Business Analytics Consulting Team delivers winning Business Process Management strategies across industry verticals. Campus Connect Consequently we enable our clients Cyber Security to architect changes through our Enterprise Performance unique spectrum of management Marketing, Sales and Service consulting services. Strategy and Transformation Drawing on the extensive Sustainability experience of our domain expert People & Performance optimization consultants, we identify and deliver Supply Chain Management value with swiftness, dexterity, and Talent creation sureness.

Technology Transformation Business Analyst, Consulting Practice Technology Infra Pharma Retail Manufacturing 6. EMPLOYABILITY ASSESSMENT There is a new class of literate have and have not emerging in todays world. Have has a job and have not is jobless. Only 20 out of every 100Engineer passing out today is employable. Its unfortunate!! Practice Lead, Skill Assessment Group Growing clamoring for shortage of Salient features of NSET employable resource is doing the Scientifically designed adaptive rounds, while there is no shortage of assessment platform qualified resource pool but when it Identify whether a candidate is comes to the much desired Employable or not "Employability Factor" aka "E-Fact" Detailed candidate profiling with only 15-20% fit the bill. Corporate are identification of strengths &bleeding cause of this talent crunch. Improvement areas In our endeavor to resolve this growing One-to-one Career Counseling divide in our skill eco system, IdeaPot Enables Corporate to save time &has launched National Skill money in hiring certified &Employability Test (NSET). An online employable resources platform to authentic, assess, validate Enables Candidate in getting a job& certify whether a persons skills are Employability Certificate Employable or not 7. SKILL ENABLEMENT EVOLVE highlights Available in 3 variants depending on EVOLVE is one of our flagship skill whether the trainee is currently enablement program designed to pursuing degree or looking for a job. Bootstrap careers of fresh technical The program delivers both technical graduates / Post Graduates. And practical exposure on any of the Leveraging on both our Consulting & following platforms: Product Development experience, Web Based: PHP / Dot Net / Java EVOLVE work seamlessly to evolve a Mobile Apps: Android / iOS / BB trainee into a successful and confident Software Testing Software Professional. Along with 360 degree personality Open Source Coach, Skill Enablement Group development. 8. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT To build the impossible you need the right team. To get the right team you need to find the right people.- Business Lead, Resource Management Group IdeaPots Resource Management Service spectrum of RMG Group (RMG) creates and deploys Human Capital management revolutionary solutions for acquiring, including remuneration, rewards building and harnessing your greatest program & Talent Acquisition and wealth YOUR PEOPLE. Management services. Recruitment Process Outsourcing With industries experiencing severe 360 degree organization talent crunch, it becomes imperative to evaluation including surveying use innovative talent acquisition and employee attitudes, satisfaction, management approaches to gain a engagement, and other employee competitive advantage. So while you behavior scope up with industry dynamics, global Tailor made services ranging from economic upheavals and micro level individuals to SMEs to Large size fluctuations, our RMG Consultants enterprises. Assists you to build and implement winning solutions.

9. PRODUCT ENGINEERING PRODUCT ENGINEERING IdeaPots Product Engineering Group We perceive Technology as an(PEG) has strong domain capabilities in enabler, empowering people to delivering complete suite of IT services resolve the most difficult puzzle and solutions across varied technology with a click of a button, yet platform & most complex of business designed to work with ease and environments. Comfort. Chief Product Officer, IdeaPot PEG has adopted and gained considerable expertise in agile Services offered: development methods to ensure that end user benefits from productivity Application Development Services improvements especially in terms of Web based eco system designing & development increased flexibility to respond to Multimedia Solutions changing requirements. Mobile Application Processes are designed to offer high Education and E-Learning solution flexibility for seamless integration in Open Source CMS / CRM clients environment. Customization & implementation 10. PRODUCT CATALOGUE AT A GLANCE Assessment Engine Learning Management Enterprise Social Network Resource Network Scientifically created Adaptable, agile and Fully secure, private & Intuitive recruitment adaptive engine highly customizable customizable intranet tool Create online quizzes & Portable & compliant Connecting employees Revolutionary product assessments as per global standards within organization enabling large scale and to external collaboration within and Manage test versions & Available in various vendors / contractors beyond network compatible with SAAS based packages pictorial, verbal, MCQ Collaborative tool with Powerful talent Automated and essay type features like task acquisition platform administration questions management, approval enabling better system, group Available in various Available in various control and variants communication & variants effectiveness. Others TECHNOLOGY SPREAD 11. BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT Our Business Process Management Outsourcing - we dont do that, all(BPM) group bring to an engagement we do is use a perfect blend of best extensive industry knowledge, breed practices, domain experts and technology to get our clients operational excellence, a partnership of better results. We call it Business strategic importance, consequently Process Management enabling process excellence while Business Lead, BPM lowering the total cost of ownership. Services offered: BPM works as an extended floor, Application Support performs as per agreed Standard Desktop Support Operating Procedures & industry best Product Support practices to achieve Customer Delight. Technical Support Sales & Service Support The availability of wing-towing suite of Service Desk (ITIL) services enables the client to derive Multilingual support in more than 21 languages sustained cost and efficiency benefits. 12. - Industry certified experts with domain experience PEOPLE- Constant improvement via periodic training and knowledge sharing sessions- Robust framework of Mentor-Mentee engagement enhancing organization depth- Best of breed & industry certified processes- Centralized Project Management Office P-

Standard Operating Procedure- Periodic audits and due diligence- Centralized Knowledge repository system- Service Level Monitoring & Management ROCESSState of the art Secure Operational Center based out of National Capital Region, India I- Location advantage allowing access to large talent pool- 24 x 7 Operations and resources availability- Daily data back-up procedure of all systems and server data onto data servers NFRA &- 100% Redundant data, communication & internet set-up TECHNOLOGY OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 13. OUR COORDINATES Ideapot Business Consultancy P Ltd. Stay connected with us: Corporate HQ Details: www.facebook.com/ideapotterIdeaPot House, C 69, Sector 58,Noida 201307, INDIA www.twitter.com/ideapotterTel (Board): +91-120-4939 000url: www.ideapot.co.inemail: contact.us@ideapot.co.in

ASSESSMENT TEST (Nset) National skills eligibility test.

Skill Employability Test (Powered by IdeaPot) is an online platform to assess and evaluate whether a candidate skills are "Employable" or not. The detailed online assessment evaluates the candidates across personal, analytical, domain and functional skills. The assessment is a multi-dimensional test with 2 parts - General Aptitude Test (consisting of English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability) and Domain Specific Test. The domain specific test vary from Computer Programming, Software Testing, Software Spec e Programming, Engineering, Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Services, etc. The candidate can choose the skill modules based on their career interest.