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All Hallows 2013 Potter Library Report

40000 35000

TotalLoans 2003 2013


Resource Centre was incorporated into the Library and Information Services department. The commencement of the digitization project (digital copies of copyright free library resources). Manga Club. Calculator and Netbook distribution form the Potter Library. Extended Senior Study hours (6am till 8pm). Clickview was upgraded to Clickview 2 & Clickview Online. Distribution of textbooks from the Potter Library. New Potter and McAuley Moodle site. Reclassification of the fiction collection into genre order.

30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

* In 2013 over 500 resources where changed to Reference (non-borrowing) to support the new curriculum. We currently hold 1979 Reference items.

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Writers Festival Middle School Storytelling Festival 12 Week Reading Challenge All Hallows & Terrace Trivia Event Book Week Reading Across the Universe Interschool writing workshop for year 8s Pat Flynn author talk

* Due to Resource Centre resource collection, the library had higher than average bookings in term 4 2012

About Clickview
Can be used at any time, in any place (with an internet connection). We currently have over 3,000 videos. We can record any programs on free to air television as well as a selection of foxtel channels. Clickview live allows school wide viewing of school event and live television programs.

Did you know?

The Potter Library was established in 1986. The Potter Library was last renovated in 1998. The McAuley Library was established in 2006. The Library and Archives have been working together since 2006. The Resource Centre (formally Textbook Hire) was relocated to Ann Street in 2011. The All Hallows Archives has now digitised over 100 years of All Hallows enrolment registers and scanned over 13,000 photos from its collection. The Potter and McAuley Library holds over 50,000 resources and can host up to 400 students. The Library now has three apps available: Clickview, the Library catalogue and Overdrive (eBooks & eAudiobooks)

About eBooks
We currently have over 1,600 eResources available for loan. -Project Gutenberg- 535 -Warner/Overdrive-1022 -AHS Scanned Resources-111 In 2013 (our first year of loaning eResources), over 600 where borrowed. We expect this number to double in 2014 (with the addition of new resources). The Library also has several Kobo eReaders for students to borrow.

Library Lessons
The library provides library lessons to all year levels, including: Online research skills Cyber safety / Digital citizenship Using databases Boolean searching State Librarys resources Book promotion Multimedia skills (book trailers) Web 2.0 Author Studies Referencing Research made easy model Using Inspiration 9.0 to improve writing