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Popular on YouTube Music Sports Gaming Education Movies TV Shows News Live Spotlight CHANNELS FOR YOU Truthloader AwesomenessTV Geek & Sundry Alex Day YouTube Spotlight Browse channels 173 videos 2,775 views Currently (2013), close to 700,000 Americans are victims of a 24/7 Program of Cointelpro (surveillance, infiltration of their personal lives, discrediting/slander and marginalizing), organized stalking, 1 likes, 0 dislikes psychological abuse, technological harassment, and torture via Like & sleep deprivation. They call themselves Directed Energy Weapons TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. 3.4 million people are victims of The Program worldwide. People become Targeted Individuals for various reasons. Some are government whistleblowers, some are spouses or ex-girl/boyfriends of people in the military, and others were merely PROJECT CAMELOT AN They INTERVIEW WITH SOLARIS BLUERAVEN disliked by an employer or a local business. are put on a local byList INTERVIEWEurope 84 views & Safety laws & Threat Assessment using Occupational Health law enforcement starts an "ongoing investigation" on the person to legitimize the surveillance, stalking & harassment. The ULTIMATE GOAL is to push the person to commit suicide, to do something to get him- or herself hospitalized & diagnosed with a mental illness, or to commit a crime Aug. that lands himaor her in jail. have tried toA Gang Stalking Target Exits H 30 Take Look At All People The RED Cars As contact the police, the FBI and their local politicians for help, but to by bonnieleec 164 views no avail. In fact, The Program is carried out by various government In this video I local am exiting my car on Jefferson Street for my Walk in Carlsbad on entities - local police & sheriffs, fire departments, city Jefferson Street Drive. Look at all the RED cars that are there. Now maintenance workers, the FBI, the and CIA,Laguna the Department of Homeland even though Same Time Exit/Entry is anurses, Gang Stalking tactic and the Gang Security & local judges - with the involvement of doctors, EMTs, psychiatrists, psychologists (80% of whom work in the military), & private groups like Veterans, Masonic orders, churches Family 4 Gang Stalked in Sacramento etc. But they also Pakistani enlist & work with of everyday people in your by RonPaulOrDie 1,397 views springing them community. They even use drug dealers & addicts, from a prison sentence if they agree to go straight & work for the authorities. People have seen truck-loads of money - cash in envelopes - being delivered door-to-door in neighborhoods to pay off ordinary people just to harass one person. Remember reports of Obama Stimulus money that was delivered Seeing through walls anonymous Post Office boxes? Where do you think the money went? It went to your local by petgabrieljr 25,779 views leaders & organizers of this Cointelpro, Organized Stalking & A handheld radar from innocent Camero that sees through solid walls. Electronic Harassment Program against Americans.

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Human Experimentee NYC: Remote Neural Monitoring , Meter Readings by jp7902 2,778 views TAKE TIME TO WATCH!!! THEY DO THIS BECAUSE NOBODY BELIEVES IT!!! This is one of a few meter recordings on a Trifield EMF meter. The meter used to have high readings such as 4 -9 milligauss during the earlier stages of my V2Skull J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 2/4 by aboutrendt 146 views J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 02 TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of Democrat claims electromagnetic assault, gang stalking and mind control th by 91177info2 7,748 views Democrat Connie Marshall says she's been the victim of electro-magnetic assaults, gang stalking and mind control.

Microwave radiation: the silent attacker that is destroying your mind. by foxfrances 8,145 views Psychic investigator, Frances Fox, sounds the alarm on the dangers of microwave radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones. Now you can hear the harmful radiation that may be causing your insomnia, depression, infertility, or even Gang stalking in Miami Fla by Mr Nizin Lopez Part II by Nizin Lopez 204 views This is video part II of my unfortunate Gang-Stalking experience. Doblepray by divinadiva12345 109 views


TI Leslie Crawford Speaks! by aboutrendt 141 views TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of individuals called "perps" for the purpose of human experimentations.

Dr. Barrie Trower - 30 Minute Reality Update by ChurchCommittee TwoPointO 52,396 views ICAACT was given an exclusive interview with Dr. Barrie Trower, a true British gentlemen and hero, who has spent many years fighting for humanity. After the meeting our respect and admiration for him rose to new heights. My Movie GANGSTALKING SURVIVAL. by 5ringa 1,039 views I HOPE TO HELP OTHERS WITH WHAT I HAVE LEARNT.

COINTEL PRO: America's dirty war by RT America 10,715 views At the height of the Cold war, the US government was not content infiltrating abroad, they will also engaged in a war at home. It was known by a number of organizations and individuals who were targeted as America's dirty war against it's GANGSTALKING - SEEING RED IN MOJAVE DESERT.wmv by 0001rbn 2,025 views Red clothing, or garments incorporating red, continues to be one of the primary stalking traits I'm exposed to. While relocating for the 5th time in the past three years, again to avoid homelessness, I moved from Tucson to Fresno, California. Boris Korczak Common Sense Counter Surveillance by Boris Korczak 15,342 views With all the Scientology Private Investigators roaming around, sometimes a little precaution can save you from a headache and more.

James Walbert, electronic harassment and gang stalking by atomictraveller 13,444 views A concise presentation about the reality of electronic harassment and control. James Walbert is the first person to have their electronic harassment recognised in WHY ARE AMERICANS UNABLE TO THINK, OR ACT NORMALLY? DARPA by KafkaWinstonWorld 2,357 views

Is This Man A Gangstalker? by skizitgesture 1,076 views Just askin', why does he know me and I don't know him? What importance am I to him? he make eye contact about 7 times during this event, although target was not MKULTRA, Neurological & Energy Weapons by DiscloseTruthTV2 7,188 views Independent investigator Robert Duncan discussed directed energy and neurological weapons and his contention that they've been tested on the public at large. While directed energy is used in microwaves, to remove kidney stones, and Brain Implant RF Scanning of Mr. Magnus Olsson by Magnus Olsson 3,736 views This is the video documentation from the preliminary ICAACT Radio Frequency Scanning in Croydon, London on April 27th of Mr. Magnus Olsson from Sweden.

Torture with directed energy weapons: The first known victim by wwwtotalitaerde 913 views The statistics for the whole of Germany is taken from:

What is remote neural monitoring (RNM) stalking and harassments coalition by Sc Cr 1,864 views Remote Neural Monitoring & Mind Control Remote Neural Monitoring US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Co

US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Co by True Good Enduring 7,113 views The world's best news sources : and

J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 3/4 by aboutrendt 173 views J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 03 TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of November 3rd, 2011 Evening Prayers In Support of Targeted Individuals (Ind by freefalln2luv 260 views November Indigo Ribbon Campaign 2011---In support of Targeted Individuals everywhere. (2011 Archives Video)

'TARGETED INDIVIDUALS' OF EMF SCALAR WAVES MICROWAVES by KafkaWinstonWorld 688 views GUNS AND BUTTER RADIO SHOW ARTICLES Woman persecuted, tortured 8 years in KY presents case to Pres. Commissi by Deborah Dupre 2,851 views 2010 Louisville, Kentucky Mayoral candidate, Ms. Connie Marshall presented an overview of her in-home and community persecution and no-touch torture with military grade weaponry to the Presidential Commission for Study of Bioethics Defenses for TIs Part One.MPG by mikematloff . 8,140 views I created this video in May 2012, and the technologies described (mostly foil) were a big step up from what I had been using prior to that (mostly sheet steel, which is dangerous because it can crush you and cut you). HOWEVER I WANT TO WARN Sleep Deprivation Sucks by SmileNow2 886 views This is a log of my electronic harassment.

Silent Rape Domestic Terrorism (Children) by MrTruth2012 2,333 views This video exposes that electronic domestic terrorism affects all aspects of society. This is a silent rape, described by victims. This video shows that the terrorist have no conscience and even torture children. People and Politics | A Right to Forget? How former Stasi agents continue t by deutschewelleenglish 1,597 views It has been almost two decades since Communist East Germany collapsed, together ith its system of spies and informants. Now, many of the former secret police agents want the files closed. They sue individuals, newspapers, exhibition Stasi-Decomposition FBI/CIA/DOD Ft Bragg Pope AFB Black Psyop USA by Lissa Humane 854 views The FBI/DOD CIA NSA THOMAS D. LEWIS JR, AND SR NSA are placing US Citizens on a Terrorist Watch list: They draw one out by grabbing their attention by means of turning neighbors against one; attacking one's home, revving in and out The Manipulation Series - Gaslighting by Jeffrey Watts 36,775 views A look at the insideous psychological abuse and manipulation tactic known as Gaslighting. It come from the 1930's movie by the same name "Gaslight" You can rent a version of it from Netflix James Walbert to Bill Windsor of Lawless America by lawlessamerica 957 views James Walbert to Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Pulse Oximeter, Part 1 by mikematloff . 54 views Advice on using a pulse oximeter, Part 1

Gang Stalkers: You Can't Live Forever! by efanf045 702 views Gang Stalking Techniques

Blackened car windows by Cheryl Dickason 105 views Okay. For all you black window conspiracy theory buffs, here is another car that was parked outside the hotel where I stayed. The windows were so black that you couldn't see anything inside... I have an idea. Could this be one of those President Obama, "Please help us." Connie Marshall - Electromagnetic Assa by Connie Marshall 1,042 views President Obama, "Please help us." Connie Marshall - Electromagnetic Assaults and Stalking - Sept. 27, 2013. I sent a complaint to the United Nations. I went to Washington and spoke about (DEW) Directed Energy Assaults along with others. A targeted individual's testimony by DrRQuincy 1,228 views The person who made this video told me I am free to include his name but I've decided not to include his name.. he is currently living in Bangladesh where youtube has been banned by the government for use in that country. satellite terrorism Interview with Dr John Hall by Caroline Heinemann 784 views Dr. John Hall interview is based on true-life events and what you'll find will open your eyes to a completely new forms of terrorism using sophisticated electromagnetic fields. Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients Info on "Gang Stalking" - Orginzed National Destabilization and Harassment by FansFiltration 924 views Gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognized as legitimate, this is the community form. it's a psychological attack German brainwashing equipment being used abroad by wwwtotalitaerde 924 views My brother Markus Bott has been assassinated by the German BND on July 11th Randy and Evi Quaid interview exposing corruption by PeepsNotSheep1111 23,111 views some say they are going crazy but like Dave Chapelle says, that's dismissive. I think they have something more to say, and knowing how Hollywood has a lot of secrets and the media isn't reliable, we need to be critical thinkers to decide for Stasi Files: The Lives of Others | Journal Reporter by deutschewelleenglish 10,323 views DW-TV reporter Georg Matthes is searching through the files of the former East German secret police.

Stories of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment by Artdericko 9,960 views This video documents the experiences of several organized stalking and electronic harassment victims. **NOTE: The opening still frame is about 1 minute and was placed there inexplicably during the rendering process. Domestic Terrorism - Silent Rape - HD by ChurchCommittee TwoPointO 12,885 views Video about the US/European Testing Tour. Testing for non-concented implants using RF detection.

Reading Your Mind, 60 MINUTES(aired years ago) used covertly now - grievo by TheBrianv1 2,853 views Romans 9:13 "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" said God This wicked technology is used by our government on the populace in an attempt Gang Stalking in Miami Fla by Mr Nizin Lopez Part I by Nizin Lopez 406 views This is video number I of my unfortunate Gang Stalking experience. Gangstalked in la when goign to R*y Ch*rl*s J*nior's Booksigning by Mack Cooley 798 views After discovering the son of musician "R*Y Ch*rl*s was also being targeted due to his estate case .. I went to meet him and attend the book signing. I was heavily gang stalked by COINTELPRO methods Organized Gang Stalking Methods And Tactics Part 1 by OSINFORMERS 5,558 views

by OSINFORMERS 5,558 views Detailed description of the criminal harassment tactics that these organized criminal stalking and harassment groups use on targets and victims.

Carlos Sosa MD- EMF TENT by karlschlechta 2,757 views This is a Faraday Cage that blocks cell phone and wireless internet radiation. The international genocide that is being sponsored from within the World Health Organisation at its Electromagnetic Fields Project (by physicists and engineers) is People & Power - Germany's records of repression by Al Jazeera English 15,176 views Fifty years after the Berlin Wall was erected, the spectre of the Stasi continues to loom over Germany.

ANDERSON COOPER HIT WITH LIVE PSYCHOTRONIC MIND CONTROL WEA by Richard Rowell 7,694 views Anderson Cooper is subjected to a transcranial psychotronic remote microwave weapon LIVE on CNN. 3/27/12 Electro Magnetic Frequencies and The JetBlue Pilot by BethanyHome7 470 views JetBlue Pilot Video: News Article: d/index.html?hpt=hp_c2 Henning White interviews a targeted individual by DrRQuincy 427 views

How They "See" Me, Part 1 by mikematloff . 103 views

Fred Bell - Electronic Harrassment & Warfare by KidPuja Productions 10,123 views 02/22/11 - Scientist and innovator Dr. Fred Bell discussed reports of electronic harassment and holographic warfare technology. Electronic harassment comes in a variety of forms-- it can be imposed surveillance of people's belongings or 8-7-2012 Organized Stalking And Harassment Awareness Short Compilation by fortherecord376433 1,023 views Documentation Of The Ongoing Organized Stalking Organized Harassment In Elizabethton TN, The following Harassment/Stalking tactics were used. Convoy Harassment, PASS Harassment, Arm Gesture Harassment, Vehicular Stalking and 329 - Dr. Doepp: Learn to "de-switch" your brain & teach others! www.deswit by Creatrix13 157,500 views Watch "SHOCKING TEST": The extended 8 easy exercises to deswitch: Secret Crime - Gang Stalking & Remote Electronic Assault 06May11.wmv by lsc970 15,252 views

Targeted Individuals & Gangstalking by Napnatural12ram 556 views This video is about Organized Gang Stalking & Covert Harassment and the damage it causes to Targeted Individuals. Organized Stalking & Covert Harassment are crimes done by criminals and it is illegal. People who commit this These Criminals Caught Trying To Discredit Guy Potter Exposing Remote N by thetruthsgettingout 193 views These same criminals illegally criminally using Remote Neural Monitoring claiming to be operating out of Cincinnati Ohio caught trying to discredit guy potter from the OSI Organized Stalking Informers Informer Report 8-28-2012 video during the electromagnetic weapon torture, forced speech gangstalking by TheQueendott 2,113 views Mind control torture, forced speech, forced breathing, forced heart racing. Gang stalking Electronic concentration camp, possible top secret experimentation

Gangstalked by Proxy Stalkers. (Backseat Driver) by jonal0808 1,219 views View from the backseat of the oncoming harassment squads. How they use optical assults to cause a targeted individual CONSTANT stress while driving.

Another Sheriff Stalking Slander Retaliation.mp4 by COINTELPRO101 116 views As always, if anyone wants to know what the police are doing all day long, here is yet another example.

Directed Energy Weapons in 1908 by wwwtotalitaerde 429 views My brother Markus Bott has been assassinated by the German BND on July 11th Presidential Bioethics Commission - Full HD by ChurchCommittee TwoPointO 4,877 views This is a 45 min edited edition of the The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues 4th meeting in March 2011, in Washington, D.C.

Gang Stalking of Dr. Pozner (Great Advice for Targeted Individuals) by Olya Gvozdiy 4,177 views

Bases 22 Solaris BlueRaven Synthetic Telepathy Part One by Miles Johnston 5,797 views Solaris details Synthetic Telepathy in this rework of Part One of two with a major interview with Miles Johnston in London, and Solaris Colorado via Skype. Some audio issues, due to severe noise interference world wide wiretap and fusion centers by hijackednation 12,857 views Yep, our every action on the internet is is logged and chances are your local fusion center has warrantless access to your info.. . The mainstream media reports on this topic but it is highly underreported.. That's one thing I notice more and more Trevor's Faraday Cage by boomer barbosa 417 views My brother doing his science experiment that I edited together... Song during credits: Organized Stalking, Silent Sound & Directed Energy Weapons DEWs Agains by Arcturus aReaganDesignee 10,844 views Facts on Organized Stalking, Directed Energy Weapons use on helpless citizen victims & Silent Sound (subliminal mind control of individuals & groups, also part of Organized Stalking) aka Facts about the Mind Control & Torture of US Citizens. What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Electronic Harassment by Irene211084 10,625 views This video explains the first steps you should take if you suspect you are a victim of electronic harassment. I wish you all the best of luck & peace of mind. Stay positive, this crime is being exposed -xCOINTELPRO 101 - The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent by concen 26,162 views The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent! Real examples from the pentagon, military, politicians and the media

Gangstalking in Weed, CA #2, Red theme by hermitwoof2 1,283 views This one doesn't show as many red cars swarming as the previous, but is notable for showing the use of 2 females wearing red, as is often the case. There were also about 6 individuals wearing red at a playground just a few feet away, children and Mind Stalking ~ Robert Duncan ~ John Hall ~ Zeph Daniel by MiesterNice2 6,118 views WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE, ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AND THE MILITARY APPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY USED AGAINST AND FOR PEOPLE.... PERP ALERT -- INVERVESS FLORIDA by nitecruzer10 19,805 views This video shows how Targeted Individuals of (Electronic Harassment, Warrant Less Surveillance and Organized Stalking) are set up to look like criminals. In this

Less Surveillance and Organized Stalking) are set up to look like criminals. In this video you will see a neighbor (perp) crossing the street with her little girl and crouch Markus Bott Assassinated by MartinBottD75334 3,603 views My brother Markus Bott has been assassinated by the German BND on July 11th Stasi Files: The Lives of Others | Journal Reporter by deutschewelleenglish 10,323 views DW-TV reporter Georg Matthes is searching through the files of the former East German secret police.

Government deploy STALKERS with one light 7-7-11. by stealthwavef22raptor 93 views This is a way that they try to use intimidation by letting you know its them following. Fed Ex had a double trailer semi intercept me 2 mornings in a row with a semi tractor that had one headlight on. Un presidented J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 4/4 by aboutrendt 157 views J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 04 TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of ANOTHER DIRTY RAT PERP STALKING/TRACKING me w/her CELLPHONE by momeesan 689 views I AM A TI (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL), & THIS WOMAN IS A GANGSTALKING PERP using her cp to TARGET ME/GPS my location, AND TRANSMIT EMF. Anytime I am out, several STALKERS will show up, and are either talking on/will Electronic Terrorism in America by MrTruth2012 3,548 views This video describes the seriousness of domestic terrorism in America. California Senate Bill 362 makes it illegal to force any huamn being to be inplanted with a rfid device against consent. This is being done to thousands of innocent Americans. London Meeting, Radio Frequency Scan, Targeted Individuals Europe by unitedtis 3,608 views April 2012, London, Targeted Individuals met in Croydon with Lars Drudgaard and many emitted radio frequencies from their bodies. It is not normal for the human body to emit radio frequencies. NEW HEAT-RAY DEVICE (ADS) BEING TESTED ON PRISONERS IN CALIFOR by traynickel 4,312 views "STOP SPENDING" T-SHIRTS @ Active Denial is a revolutionary non-lethal protection system that employs ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall by TheAlexJonesChannel 18,241 views David Knight welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of "Satellite Terrorism" to discuss the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment. Granpa is a Targeted Individual by Michael Hanna 1,595 views This is an interview about being targeted by a project similar to HAARP, the same technology that Dr. Igor Smirnov sold the pattent rights to. American citizens are under attack by high power microwave energy, this is An American being Tortured on American Soil by the American Governmen by KDurschmidt 245 views See my lawsuit that was DISMISSED TWICE even though I am now filing a Motion for reconsideration with the U.S. Supreme Court: case no. 11-9327.....I guess I was expecting too much, after being tortured 8plus years, no attorney will represent Gang stalking=Counterintelligence - Early FBI targeted individual Albert Ein by phrygian20 368 views WHAT THE HELL IS GANG STALKING?

RedSheep.mpg by MrTruth2012 334 views Testimony from a firefighter paramedic, victim of domestic terrorism.

Gang Stalking Talk: CAR COLORS IN USA-Warning Conspiracy Crime Gangs

by WhatDoYouCallASystem 591 views WHAT DO YOU CALL A SYSTEM, With Anita WDYCAS

MindWar paper by NSA Gen. Michael Aquino (#20) by marshall gregory Thomas 53,907 views See the 45min doc film, MONARCH, potential enemies used by intelligence cabal as human guinea pigs to perfect microwave weapons. Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence - FBI Surveillance team reveal tricks of tr by phrygian20 6,153 views WHAT THE HELL IS GANG STALKING?

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Truth is Light 6,842 views Thanks for Subscribing to TruthisLight888: "The Mind Has No Firewall" -- Psychotronic Warfare, from the US Army War by LibertyTruthJustice 6,262 views The article Alan reads from is

14 november by MrLanercost 3,025 views Darrim Daoud - Facial burn recieved from directed energy weapons. I have also been prevented from having any sleep for 133 hours so far

The Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon- Ultrasound Ventriloquist Effect & Silent S by Arcturus aReaganDesignee 4,897 views This is the Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon, explained in easy to understand language. It is like Microwave Silent Sound Mind Control, except the Acoustic Heterodyne uses Ultra Sound to deliver the mind control. Against use of Psychotronic Weapons. Lawsuits against psychiatrists Dief a by helenkurdin 1,225 views WEB Sites:,, 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment - Vehicula by shamen2005 777 views This is an example of another tactic of covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment. This is also called organized stalking. Targeted individual are harassed whenever he/she is on the road. There are many other GangStalker satanist asked if he enjoys his work. by SpreadtheWord08 13,167 views hendon700 | January 31, 2010

Sounds recorded during vibrations by Cheryl Dickason 82 views This is a recording of what I couldn't hear while vibrations were very strong against the back of my head. Unfortunately the "signal" sound that my camera tends to record when I am using it is also heard. I spoke at the beginning and the end of Eleanor White Organized Stalking And Technological Harassment Anecdote by OSINFORMERS 759 views Eleanor White Organized Stalking and Technological Harassment Anecdotes from targets and victims of this crime!

Targeted Individuals are heard by the Presidential Commission on Bioethics by unitedtis 3,849 views 28 February to 1 March, the Presidential Commission on Bioethics discusses nonconsensual experiments on human beings in the past, and is confronted with today's experiments on human beings. Targeted individuals talk about their reality Christy and Katherine Moore TI by marshall gregory Thomas 1,518 views Dear friends, Thank you for your patronage and patience. This channel began four years ago and now, nearly 300 videos later, things may be coming to fruition. The good people

Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast US Patent 4877027 Brunkan & MKULTRA by Arcturus aReaganDesignee 5,441 views Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast - US Patent 4877027, October 31, 1989. Patent issued to Wayne B. Brunkan. Video concludes with related MKULTRA information clips. Satellite Mind Control via microwave piggybacked on TV & radio signals. Jiverly Wong: A Targeted Individual? by MDJarv 4,487 views Recent developments surrounding last week's horrific massacre in Binghamton, NY, have sparked questions that any critically-thinking person aware of the history of government mind control and harassment should be asking themselves. On Actual COINTELPRO Microwave Weapon Attack caught on video by H. Michael Sweeney 23,689 views Analysis of startling microwave weapon attack on an elderly woman (a political activist) by CointelPro agents. Background information provided. What to do to help. What to do to protect yourself (Fascists ALWAYS target EVERYONE Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders S03E07 by Vladislav Cekov 179,709 views

Victim of Directed Energy Technology, DET, Weapon by UltimateSingularity 982 views This ten minute video demonstrates how the targeted victim (Targeted Individual or TI) is routinely abused and tortued on a 24/7 basis. One of the many commonalities that TI's share is sleep deprivation and being deliberately woken at Radiofrequency Weapons 2, CNN 1985 by MartinBottD75334 2,041 views My brother Markus Bott has been assassinated by the German BND on July 11th Defenses for TIs Part Two by mikematloff . 2,805 views In this video I describe something I call a "defense box". However, since this time (May 2012) I've discovered that using mirrors--even consumer-level ones--provides better results. Please see my comments about tile mirrors in the description Infragard turning Americans against Americans. by haostrom 2,341 views Here is their web site.

GANG STALKING (Target Protection) P2 by ses76 13,372 views Reality: Yes some of the stalkers are nice, likable even; but at the core of their operation they are merciless beyond all means. They may have been misinformed (if you can even comprehend a justification for torture) as to the nature of who they Pulses return by Cheryl Dickason 127 views For days now I have not been able to find the beams of light I once easily picked up. Today I felt as if I was being shaken just like a week ago, and sure enough the beams of light could be picked up again. They d look different--more dark green in Alex Jones Satellite Harassment/Terrorism With John Hall! by OSINFORMERS 2,697 views Alex welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of A New Breed Satellite Terrorism to discuss the FACTS of the possibilities of Government Mind Control and Satellite Harassment/Terrorism. Control Factor, 2003 on by Ariel Voinescu 6,127 views - Free and structured online films and movies! An average man discovers he's the unwitting target of an ultra secret domestic Robert Laboutiere speaks at targeted individual meeting 12/15/2012 - part3 by E69mobi 275 views Robert Laboutiere speaks at the N.J. Support Group Meeting December 12, 2012. This is a crime of federal slavery and racketeering because of the government contractors that are doing this, not only people in the government, with the use of a Robotic insect drone by MrDuffy81 7,673 views

by MrDuffy81 7,673 views I swear on the Love of God that this is 100% true.

Latest capture of "beams" or rays of directed energy. by Cheryl Dickason 151 views I am fairly sure that what I am capturing here isn't some lens defect, or trouble with the resolution of my camera (Olympus Company's explanation). I feel strong vibrations and hear a high pitched hum when these "beams" occur. I only wish I Cars with dark window tint by Cheryl Dickason 936 views This is a short video of what I have been seeing. Cars with extremely dark tinted windows--you cannot see the drivers. Sometimes on the highway I will have three or four surrounding me. This is a Maryland car, tag number 6AP8115. Who is this? The Instigator Group aka Gangstalking. Targeted by X . A Gangstalking Doc by jonal0808 1,651 views This is a bit from a documentary on The Instigator Group's use of Gangstalking tactics on those they target

Kill - CoWorkers Plan to Kill Connie Marshall - Actual Audio & Transcript of by Connie Marshall 508 views CoWorkers discuss killing Connie at work and state that she has been placed on a list. Connie is attacked three times and bugs are thrown in her hair. For more information go to my website and click on Bluegrass Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence - Former FBI agent and ACLU Policy Cou by phrygian20 8,691 views What the hell is gang stalking?

Remote Neural Monitoring by tmk8118 3,388 views John Akwei v. NSA Tenets Based on my Experience GANG STALKING: UPDATE CHRISTMAS 2011 ses76 by ses76 1,338 views Its been quite the holiday here. I am sick from what I have come to see take place with me over the past two weeks. I mean have you seen "For Better or Worse"? There is no way that laughter is real! I am tired of the chopper follows, their high Psychiatric character assassination by FredomFighter099 325 views This video documentary gives you a, insight in the psychiatric character assassination made on me by Dr. Claus Fontenay 10th of April 2013. Where he has, covered up, and come up with a mental illness question for all the Psychotronic Mind Control 101 by matsutakneatche 13,670 views Mirrored from:

EFT for anger about betrayal and unfairness by Ingrid Dinter 18,375 views Get your free EFT 7 day EFT E-Course on! Even if we have been treated unfairly, we can release our anger and resentment and claim our power back from what happened. This video shows you, how. J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 1/4 by aboutrendt 302 views J McKinney Interviewed by G Syzmanski 01 TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of Mylar Bag Faraday Cage by David Nash 14,729 views Louisville Metro Police Terrorizing Connie Marshall - Sept. 12, 2013 at her h by Connie Marshall 124 views Louisville Metro Police Car Numbers 213-B, 213-C, 215-A and 218 terrorizing Connie Marshall again at her home. They also flashed lights all around my home. I do fear for my life as I have received threatening messages from them. You will

Police Threat is Horrific and Disturbing on Voice Mail Message - Connie Mar by Connie Marshall 1,407 views Louisville Metro Police threatening Connie - Audio - "We are going to Keep you locked up Forever." When I was taken to the hospital after being stomped by the Louisville Metro Police, I asked for my purse and they stated it was in their car. Psychic Warfare Explained - A Bifurcated Attack on My Wellbeing by thetruthisoutthere32 1,258 views This video details some of the goals underlying the targeting of civilians, by their own governments, in what is a dirty war that is providing quite the opportunity to test, validate, and prove tracking systems and weapons applications in urban April 4, 2013 2:16 PM by greenhazelnuts 48 views This fellows exited store where they work when I was about to pass by. It seems like pink-orange day.

My Ordeal with Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons by cherishsweetmemories 2,479 views Since July 2008, I have been electronically enslaved via Neurological Weapons (aka Psychotronic Weapons) utilizing radio frequency radiation and microwaves, where my most basic rights as a human being are taken away from me. Mkultra/ gangstalking sensitized color red by Mack Cooley 301 views This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Evidence 2A by qolspony 753 views There is no question that DEW is being emitted from her bag. Notice the yellow/green lines. This is in combination with the gang stalking signs that is being used here. Ted Gunderson ~ Retired FBI Agent ~ Confirms Gangstalking Exists by grandforksvibrations 10,116 views March 28, 2013 7:45 PM by greenhazelnuts 59 views Here we go. When I about to leave an apartment or when I'm exiting - I often here "neighbors" upstairs leaving their apartment too. I meet them in elevator often. As go I to the elevator I see elevator coming down form upper floor - and here we go How 2pac Dealt With Gang Stalkers by RonPaulOrDie 3,688 views How to disarm gang stalkers on the streeet

13.05.12 Organised / Gang Stalking - A Diary by vbee75 392 views I had two job interviews during the week, amazing as I haven't had a single one for about six months. However, I quickly realised they were both just messing me about and weren't going to give me a job. Also the motorbikes that used to follow Wake Up America by 1pat21 262 views Another one of my videos from the past I'm reloading.

CIA Project Pandora Radio Remote Brain Manipulation by 911InvestigationVids 31,336 views HDTV will be the method. Dr Ross Adey's research at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California, was funded by the CIA. In their Pandora project a catalogue of different brain signals for specific actions, emotions and pathological Mind reading, Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Targeted Individuals E by unitedtis 11,884 views Visit to find out more about implanted people without consent.


Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence - Former agent reveals new FBI powers by phrygian20 10,256 views What the hell is gang stalking?

Mind Control NWO Illuminati Plans Elite Dr Rauni Leena Luukanen Kilde Pa by ICTer4life 697 views Visit for more videos! I also offer computer support internationally, therefore visit: transfer of energy.MP4 by Cheryl Dickason 77 views For those of you that didn't understand what I was trying to demonstrate in the silent tape--I have narrated this one. There are other things I'd like to show that demonstrate this "energy transfer" but I don't have anyone else to hold the camera. Helps targeted individuals by Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio 7,773 views Helps blocks Helps targeted individuals without metal on head PART ONE -TARGETED INDIVIDUAL TERRORIZED BY ROUGE INDIVIDUALS by Mack Cooley 2,725 views Part one please watch part two after..... This is a rough draft of a two part video - information I need to get out - for the benefit off all targeted individuals. Please excuse spelling errors and such. All my Targeted Individuals Throughout the World, Dr John Hall and Dr Robertson by placeksue 878 views "Targeted Individuals" With Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall. Dr. Robertson discusses the demographics of "who is targeted" with directed energy weapons. Dr. Hall talks Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Psychopaths by 18,321 views Possibly one of the best kept secrets of the horrors of human history. Many psychologists consider psychopaths to be a separate species that is only humanlike, that preys on human beings. Organized Gang Stalking Quotes From Targets And Victims Of Organized S by OSINFORMERS 863 views Compiled compilation of spoken text quotes straight from the targets and victims of the crime of Organized Stalking, showing the non deniable overwhelming patterns of evidence of this organized crime syndicate. Neighborhood Involvement in Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassmen by cherishsweetmemories 12,477 views The individuals in the community who have aided these perpetrators have certainly not made my ordeal any easier. From my own experiences, I can unequivocally say that neighbors have definitely been instrumental in allowing the continuance of Is this Gangstalking or what? by Ladychaos232 2,362 views I have been dealing with this crime for 2 years now and its time for tis to be heard and the perps brought to civil as well as my human rights have been violated because of these watch groups going around doing this.the neighborhood Bernd Seiffert: Psychiatry tortures part 1 by MartinBottD75334 449 views Bernd Seiffert: Psychiatry tortures part 1 My films about Ulrike Meinhof and Jan-Carl Raspe allready contain testimony of Why I Am Targeted Individual #1: Ancestry by Arcturus aReaganDesignee 8,594 views This is the first in a series listing why I am a Targeted Individual of government Organized Stalkers.

My Car Assasins by sweet6b9 129 views This is my car. I keep the posters in the windows at all times. However in your area the Police may give you a hard time, so you may have to use half posters that only cover half of the window space. I also discuss one of the attempts to NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All - Op-Docs: The Program

NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All - Op-Docs: The Program by TheNewYorkTimes 150,794 views The filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans' personal data. 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment -Noise har by shamen2005 373 views This is another example of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment. Noise harassment is one of psychological harassment tactics. A deliberate noise harassment is orchestrated in order to produce stress in victim Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment ED by OSINFORMERS 7,839 views Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Of Interview

Electronic Harassment // Lida Machine 2013 by FREEC2CAM 391 views Electronic Harassment // Lida Machine 2013 - A number of guests addressed the growing problem of electronic harassment, remote assaults, surveillance, and organized stalking. First up, Derrick Robinson, President of the human rights Enabling Remote Heart Monitoring with AT&T and eCardio by ATTEnterprise 817 views AT&T is providing Houston-based eCardio Diagnostics with machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless data and mobile connectivity for near real-time, remote monitoring of cardiac patients. Andrew Arroyo, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, An Introduction To Remote Neural Monitoring by DeepThoughtNewsvine 955 views Based on the work of Deep Thought at Newsvine, this informational video explain the technology behind a US-led human experimentation

What is remote neural monitoring (RNM) stalking and harassments coalition by Sc Cr 1,864 views Remote Neural Monitoring & Mind Control Remote Neural Monitoring RED CAR GANG STALKING March 22, 2012 5:04 PM by stealthwavef22raptor 94 views This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Timothytrespas:Building Faraday shielding against mind control signal (rem by timothytrespas 2,537 views Timothytrespas- building shielding against mind control (remote neural connection between brain/supercomputer hosting the A.I.) I doubt it will have much effect, however, the reason I continue is because "they" Welcome America To The TI (Targeted Individual) World by ThePitBullChannel 874 views As of 06.08.2013: Google & Facebook Discussed Secret Systems for U.S. to Spy on Users WTB REVEALS Testimony of my History as A Gang Stalk & Electronic Haras by DeBastard Telivision 643 views My own full testimony of what I've endured as A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL Some of the reasons I more than likely got targeted. Harassers playing identity games with those we have rivalries. Implication of false intentions from people we know by US Government Torture & Electronic Harassment -- Roger Tolces, Private I. by SmithLooks 2,667 views This is Roger Tolces' first appearance on George Noory's Coast to Coast radio show. Roger discusses US government electronic torture involving directed energy weapons and microchip implants. This program was first broadcast in 2003. 13/21 The Dangers of Microwave Technology - Nuremberg treaty by WwwNaturalscienceOrg 395 views Scientist Barrie Trower talks about the danger of the microwave technology and why the Nuremberg treaty has been ignored by governments. By: The World Foundation for Natural Science - Bases 22 Solaris BlueRaven Synthetic Telepathy Part One by Miles Johnston 5,797 views Solaris details Synthetic Telepathy in this rework of Part One of two with a major interview with Miles Johnston in London, and Solaris Colorado via Skype. Some audio issues, due to severe noise interference

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