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Database functions :

Database functions exist to store data from the data column headings to record or last line in the list or database.

A database is a collection of "operational data" stored and used by the application systems of an organization.

- input is incoming data from outside the system - Output data is the data produced by the system - Operational data is the data stored on the system.

there are several database properties as follows:

1. Unity (integrity) of file involved file. 2. Internal 3. Split / share: database elements can be distributed to the user either individually or simultaneously and at the same time (Concurrent sharing).

database elements :

A. type

1. Enterprise = A type of organization, for example, Bank, Hotel, University and others.

2. Entity = File = objects based on enterprise data stored

3. Attribute = Field = Data item = Some of the things they want to know from a file

4. Record = A set of fields that are the hallmark of a file

Entity and attribute terms commonly used in the conceptual and logical levels, while the file, record and field at the level of the internal / physical.

Relationships: Enterprise consists of multiple entities, entity composed of several records and record consists of several fields.

Enterprise Entity / Record File attributes / Field

B. Contents / Value:

1. Data Files: The entire contents of the data in the file

2. Data Record: A set of data content on an array of fields from a file

3. Data Value: The contents of the data of each data element

Database usage in the Field of Psychology

Database is a computer-based data storage systems, where many different fields use database, not only in the field of information technology alone. Even today it is definitely used database in a variety of companies, universities, offices, supermarkets and even in homes. People will be easier to do something using the database. The database is also currently used in the field of psychology, the Psychological test execution initially and scoring was done manually using the manual test tools such as stationery and other supplies test equipment. But along with the development of technology, where the system information began to grow with more and more human resources produce new works then a lot of tools psychological test instrument made or created by using a database. Psychological tests using computers easier to use. Such as working on some tools to test aptitude tests, test intelligence, personality tests and test interest in the job. Where the person who executes the test is more efficient and easier to work or following instructions on the computer. The cost is also cheaper compared to using a manual test. For scoring psychological test is also easier, because computer will immediately process of construction and scoring results, either the conclusion or test results will be more precise and accurate. But maybe not smua psychological tests can be done using a computer, because of some psychological tests can only be done manually.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Database Excess of Database: Reduce duplication of data Improve data integrity Maintain data independence Improve data security Maintaining data consistency Data manipulation more sophisticated Easy to use Easy access to in

Disadvantages of Database: The system is more complicated, so it requires expertise in the design, programming and implementation More expensive If there is a improper access, damage may occur Because all of the data in a centralized place, software and hardware malfunction may occur The maintenance process can be time consuming due to the large size The process of backing up data is a time-consuming