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Lead in p141

Unit 12

Vocabulary p144
a earth b world c ground d world e ground f earth g earth h ground i world

Suggested answers
a The energy industry would argue that we are running out of oil globally and need to exploit new sources. Environmentalists would be against it because wildlife and their natural habitats would be threatened or destroyed, for what may provide only a limited source of energy.

Suggested answers
a b c d e ... think its the best place Ive ever eaten. ... been working too hard and really needs a rest. ... dont try to get any sense out of her! ... Id do everything to protect you. ... he took her on a holiday to a beautiful Caribbean island. f ... told us youd be back at 10 p.m. and its gone midnight!

Reading p142
1 3
1 Greenland 2 the North Atlantic 3 the Tibetan Plateau 4 the Sahara Desert 5 the Amazon Forest

1 B flourish of vegetation (l. 20) 2 E the entire region lay beneath the sea (l. 7576) 3 D Surface water is first cooled (l. 5758); warm water moves upward (l. 6162) 4 A collapse of the myriad ecosystems, extinction of species (l. 67) 5 C all but disappear (l. 48) 6 B food available for plankton (l. 3031) 7/8 C frozen wastes if the permafrost melts (l.5052) E buried under snow and ice, the region acts as a giant mirror to keep a lid on global warming (l. 8183) 9 A the same order of magnitude as from the twentieth centurys total fossil fuel output (l.1516) 10 D heavier rains (l. 67), temperature could drop 10C or more (l. 71) 11 B crop damage from pests could soar (l. 4041) 12 E fossils of marine animals can be found in mountain ridges (l. 7677)

Grammar p144
Key and suggested answers
a b c d e f g h had (news report) had (personal account of an event) will (official report) do (scientific report) are (notice at airport/on plane) should (security notice at airport) can (written account) did (news report)

CAE Result Oxford University Press 40

a S  carcely had the band announced their world tour when they were forced to cancel it. b Not only is the planet becoming polluted but it is getting warmer too. c In no way was the lorry driver to blame for the crash. d No sooner had the prince arrived in the ski resort than he was besieged by reporters. e Little can Shakespeares contemporaries have guessed how enduring his plays would prove tobe. f Nowhere in the world do they serve such delicious food as in Italy! g Not until a few years ago did anyone know about the existence of the buried treasure. h Only by chance did botanists discover the rare plant growing under a rock.

Listening p146
Suggested answers
1 Gas- or coal-fired power stations are relatively safe, but they use valuable fossil fuels and are ugly for local residents. 2 Wind turbines are renewable, safe and cheap, but can spoil the natural beauty of the countryside. 3 Oil can be dangerous to extract, especially at sea, and is becoming more expensive as resources run out. It severely pollutes the sea and damages marine life if there is an oil spillage. 4 Hydroelectric power is clean and safe, but dams are expensive to build and local communities may need to be relocated.

Suggested answers
a No sooner had we driven off to the coast than we got a puncture. b Nowhere in the house could I find a pencil. c Little did she know what lay in store for her when she went to work that day. d Only by luck were we passing by as the boy fell down the cliff. e In no way was the mistake your fault. f Not only is this flat damp, its draughty as well. g Only recently did we find out his true identity. h No sooner had they got to the summit than a thick fog descended.

3 4

1 D 2 H 3 F 4 B C 6 H 7 G 8 E 9 B 10 F

Suggested answers
Writing letters to politicians/newspapers, joining a politically active group, signing petitions, taking part in demonstrations, refusing to buy certain products or boycotting particular firms, etc.

Speaking p147
Suggested answers
a b c d 4, 4, 4, 2, 5 6, 8 6, 7, 8 3, 4 e f g h 4 2, 4 1 6, 8

a W  hat Im curious to know is who you went to the disco with last night. b Mowing the lawn is the job I hate most when gardening. c What Ive suggested is that John and Clare wait for another year before they get married./What Ive suggested to John and Clare is that they wait for another year before they get married. d All Im worried about is how much a cruise would cost/the cost of a cruise. e The thing you didnt tell me about English was that the grammar would be so hard. f The person who upset your mother was you, not me. g My reason for leaving work early today is that Im holding a dinner party for twenty people tonight. h The only place youll get a gorilla suit for the fancy-dress tomorrow is in a joke shop.

Suggested answers
They begin straight away so they dont waste valuable time. The girl forgets what the task is, giving the impression that she hasnt been concentrating. The boy asks how much time they have left, which interrupts the discussion. Otherwise they make a good attempt at the task and interact well.

CAE Result Oxford University Press 41

Use of English p148

They are all made from recycled materials, e.g. the robot is made from an old lawnmower and the top of an oven, the fish are made from car parts, the elephant is made from old TV sets, the model of the Taj Mahal is made of tin, and the mosaic is made from bottles and pieces of tile. 1 C 2 D 3 C 4 A 5 D 6 B 7 C 8 A 9 D 10 B 11 B 12 B a lead b main c amount d waste

Suggested answers
a Encouraging staff to use the recycling bins could reduce waste. b Posters could be used to remind staff to be more energy-conscious. c Solar panels installed in the roof would reduce our bills.

2 3

Review p152
a b c d a b c d ground earth world ground provide (2) promote (5) caused (1) generated (7) e f g h world ground earth world e f g h i j k l world world earth world

Vocabulary p149
1 2
b i c f d h e g a e, g b e, g c c, f d b, i e c, f f d, h

encourage (8) was created (6) worsened (4) cater for (2)

3 4

a reduction b varies c environmental a c d e f increasingly, progressively irregularly, occasionally rarely, infrequently annually, yearly presently, currently

Writing p150
2 3
1 managing director 2 memo a b c d e a b c 3 too informal 3 3 3 3 proposal

f g h i j too too 3 too too informal informal informal informal

Suggested answers
a People should be persuaded to recycle unwanted objects such as mobile phones. b Creating parks would make the area more pleasant for residents.

separate sections with headings Yes Yes

CAE Result Oxford University Press 42