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Online Bangladeshi legal format of partnership deed drafted by our online Bangladeshi legal advisor to provide you the

broad guidelines for the contents of such Bangladeshi legal forms.

Online Bangladeshi legal format of partnership deed agreement drafted by our online Legal advisor

THIS PARTNERSHIP DEED is made on this -------------------------------------- at----------between Sh---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

S/o-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------R/o----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (hereinafter to be referred as First Party/partner) and

Sh--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------S/o--------------------------------------R/o---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (hereinafter to be referred as Second Party/Partner). The expressions of First

Party/Partner and Second Party/Partner shall mean and include their heirs, legal representatives, attorneys, administrators, executors, successors etc.

WHEREAS the first party/partner and second party/partner have decided to run the business of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

in partnership and have also agreed to terms and conditions for running the said business in partnership. hereunder: NOW THIS PARTNERSHIP SHALL WITNESSETH AS UNDER:The terms and conditions mutually agreed between the parties and are incorporated


That the parties have agreed to run the business as stated above in partnership and parties may also change and alter any other business with their mutual consent of the parties. The said business is agreed to be run at ------------------------------------------------------------at present and the business can also be run at any other place/places with the mutual consent of the partners.


That the parties have agreed to run the partnership business under the name and Style of M/s.---------------------------------------------------------------------and the said name can also be changed with the mutual consent of the parties. . partnership


That an account of the partnership business shall be opened in any Bank which will be operated by the Second Party or his authorized representative. However, the parties with their mutual consent can also change the said system of operation of Bank account. The parties may also jointly appoint an authorized signatory on behalf of them to run the said account.


That as already mentioned above the present partnership is at will and the parties are at liberty to run the business for any period with their mutual consent and in the event of

death of any partner the partnership will not be dissolved and will continue and in place of deceased partner his legal heirs will be brought in the partnership to the extent of shares of the said partner.


That the partnership business will be run by both the partners with due diligence of their efforts.


That presently the parties have agreed to run the business as stated above. However, the said business will also be extended where the accommodation for running the business will be made available by any of the partners The business as stated may be varied and parties may by their mutual consent agree to run other business/businesses at such other place/places which the parties mutually agree in writing.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have set their respective hands to this Partnership Deed on the date, month and year first mentioned above.