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PELLET MILL, Gear driven TYPE PM615W / PM615XW

A fine-tuned design that offers highly efficient pelleting The new PM615 series combines the best of current pellet mill technology with proven features from our long established family of gear driven pellet mills. Offering the highest output per kWh in its class. Robust- easy to maintain design Internal splash lubrication system - eliminates the need for external oil circulation or cooling system for the gear case. This design means no oil pump, heat exchanger, or external piping for lubrication, and eliminates those maintenance costs. Single reduction, precision helical gearing - delivers quieter operation, highly efficient power transmission factors and longer life. Effective feed distribution - a unique one piece adjustable feed plough design uses fewer bolts for fast, easy adjustment. Ensures uniformity of feed distribution across the face of the die and ahead of each roll. Taper die fit - the self-piloting effect makes changing dies smooth and easy. Once the die has been aligned with the housing, only the final 3 mm requires full power torque on the die bolts to complete the press fit. Replaceable wear rings in the housing reduces maintenance costs. Designed for longer life - all feed contact parts are made from stainless steel, including the roller main shaft and die housing.

Compact profile, small footprint, modular design makes the mill easy to fit in your facility. The die-area-to-kW combinations provide increased efficiency and through put whilst maintaining pellet quality, fewer blockages and longer die life. The PM615W can easily be modified to PM615XW providing approx. 20% increase in die area. Shear pin hub array - protects the shaft against damage from seizing up due to tramp metal. The design enables convenient shaft removal and remote lubrication of the rolls and main bearing. Optional accessories Built in hoist with lifting tools - for easy safe die changes. Can also be used for maintenance at the rear of the machine. Centri-feeder device - provides uniform feed distribution even with the most difficult of feed types. Automatic grease lubrication system - for roll bearings and main shaft bearing. Range of conditioner chamber available to provide optimum retention time for specific capacity requirements. Fat on die - spray system. Computerized pellet mill control - system for process optimization.

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PELLET MILL, Gear driven TYPE PM615W / PM615XW

Dimensions in mm

Technical data
Main motor


160 kW 200 kW

Feed Screw Conditioner

Stainless st. Type CM12

Freg. Contr. Gear motor Motor Volume Number of steam inlets Motor Volume Number of steam inlets

1.5-2.2 kW 7.5 kW

200 HP 300 HP 2-3 HP 10 HP 15 HP

Type PM615W

50 Hz 1480/990 r.p.m. 60 Hz 1780/1190 r.p.m. 0-170 r.p.m. 750/900 r.p.m 220 litres 6 x 1 750/900 r.p.m. 420 litres 7 x 1
Type PM615XW

Type CM701

11.0 kW

Inlet screw/Centri-feeder Die

Option Dimensions Diameter inside Effective press width Effective press area Direct coupled, 4 pole, 50 HZ Direct coupled, 6 pole, 50 HZ Direct coupled, 4 pole, 60 HZ Direct coupled, 6 pole, 60 HZ Number Roller diameter outside With steam addition Incl. Main motor
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600 mm 160 mm 0.30 m2


1480 r.p.m. 990 r.p.m. 1780 r.p.m. 1190 r.p.m.

600 mm 190 mm 0.36 m2 6.6/7.9 m/sec. 4.4/5.3 m/sec. 7.9/9.5 m/sec. 5.3/6.4 m/sec.

Press rollers Capacity Total weight

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Standard type

2 280 mm 12-15 tph Max. 4500 kgs

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