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Races: Haflin

lso known as Hiisi, Menenkainnen, Kleinemann, Haflin are short creatures who are popularly known as drunken, fornicating creatures of leisure, but there is far more to them than that. Haflin as a race do tend to take their pleasures very seriously, and the fat Haflin stereotype has taken hold because rural farmers, while dedicated and fastidious in their work, have all the food they could ever want and not a lot of reason to engage in moderation. Those used to that stereotype are very surprised the first time they meet a chiselled, battlescarred warrior Haflin. Haflin Player Characters are those that have left their homelands to seek adventure and fortune. They are generally seen as troublemakers and madmen by their kin who are not so inclined. Requirements: DEX 9, CON 9 Attribute Modifiers: STR -1, DEX +1 Available Classes and Level Limits: Fighter (6), Rogue (14) Like Dwergi, Haflin are hardy beings, resistant to magic and poison, and as such they receive bonuses to defend against these effects. Their diminutive stature grants them a bonus to finding cover and avoiding breath attacks. Haflin receive the following saving throw bonuses: +2 save versus breath attacks +4 save versus poison +4 save versus petrify or paralyze +3 save versus wands +4 save versus spells or spell-like devices Haflin receive the following bonuses and penalties to Rogue abilities: Fiddle +1, Stealth +1, Climb -1. Haflin are dexterous folk who get a bonus of +1 to initiative rolls when alone or in a party composed only of Haflin. They have keen coordination that grants them +1 on any missile attacks. Because they are so small, Haflin have a lower armor class (-2) when attacked by creatures greater than human sized.

As a Haflin... (Roll twice) 01-04 You love competition, and laugh in the aftermath. 05-08 You are a notorious rake. 09-12 You loathe the city. 13-16 You hunt small game for sport, though never wastefully. 17-20 Sometimes you become obsessed and dangerous. 21-24 You are conversant in the rules of dozens of games. 25-28 You tend to act before you think or ask. 29-32 You find rapture in pipeweed. 33-36 You think Dwergi are fine, once you get them smoking. 37-40 You are uncertain of Huldefolk, and so treat them with abashed formality. 41-44 You view Humans as clumsy cousins, sometimes too serious, but still part of the family. 45-48 You view the world as a stage, with themselves as the main players. 49-52 You lie all the time. 53-56 You talk to the wind. 57-60 You despise your fellows as hopelessly rustic bumpkins. 61-64 You practice pugilism as a dubious hobby. 65-68 You have a sworn enemy. 69-72 You abhor a cheat. 73-76 You love to cheat. 77-80 You read omens in the ways of insects. 81-84 You worship the Great Old Ones. 85-88 You can accurately predict the coming weeks weather. 89-92 You have a noteworthy patron or mentor. 93-96 You swim, climb, and wrestle every bit as well as you breathe or walk. 97-00 You know numerous songs, and sing them at the slightest provocation, often badly.

Regarding Appearance, You Have... (Roll d20) 1 A lazy eye 2 Pockmarks 3 Scars 4 A broken nose 5 Bad teeth 6 A missing finger 7 A curious smell 8 A large mole 9 A speech impediment 10 A lower class bearing 11 A gold tooth 12 Copious freckles 13 Piercing eyes 14 An upper class bearing 15 A suspicious birthmark 16 A big mouth 17 Plenty of wavy hair 18 An eyepatch 19 A duelling scar 20 A shifty look about you

What's in the Haflin's Pocketses? (Roll d20) 1 A carved codpiece passed down through generations. 2 A small musical instrument. 3 A jug of grannys fortifying berry wine. 4 A wedge of very stinky cheese 5 A vest with numerous pockets. 6 A pot of grease 7 A pack of cards and some dice. 8 A silver holy symbol 9 A small, commonplace book. 10 A pipe and pouch of premium pipeweed. 11 A thick glass jar of rich honey. 12 A rugged coat with the seams double sewn. 13 A rudely-shaped mouldy parsnip. Hilarious. 14 An old compass 15 A collection of the scripts of favourite plays. 16 A set of useful tools. 17 A long-legged riding goat. 18 A hand crafted, heirloom pipe. 19 A pouch of trophies (ears, teeth, fingers, etc) 20 A small bone whistle, used in the opening ceremonies of Satyr orgies.