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August 2009 Seventh in a Series

tipping guide Pa r t 2 *
Whom to tip, how much to give, and
how to give it—in more than
25 countries around the world

The Middle easT • The aMericas

asia/The pacific • europe

*For our first Tipping Guide—which covers countries from Egypt to Japan—visit cntraveler.com.
Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2

So you just had a five-star meal in Qatar. Or went scuba diving in beautiful
Bohol in the Philippines. Well, lucky you! But how do you express your
appreciation for the service you received? Are you in a country where tipping
is customary and required? Appreciated but not expected? Or virtually
unheard-of ? The truth is, tipping rules vary by country, by region, and
by scenario. A modest rounding up of the check may be fine in some places
T-shirt diplomacy: In
and insufficient in others. A few small bills left on a night table might be Iran, a small gift
bearing the name of
gladly picked up by housecleaning staff in one hotel and scrupulously an American sports
team is welcome.
shunned elsewhere. Such uncertainties can throw an uneasy shadow over
even the most exhilarating jaunt in a new land. That’s why we’ve spelled out
guidelines for the most common tipping situations in more than 25
The Middle e a sT
The tipping culture is often complex and subtle in this part of the world. “It’s known for
countries, from Switzerland to Syria to Singapore. Read on. being very friendly and hospitable, with people providing too much service,” says
Rita Zawaideh, the Jordanian-born owner of Seattle’s Caravan-Serai Tours, which plans
THE MIDDLE EAST B3 trips to the region. In return, “people’s hands are out a little bit more.” While you
iran, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, may give more often in these parts, it’s usually in small amounts—and it’s deeply appreciated
united Arab emirates, and Yemen
iran Lebanon in a prepaid group, tip guides
about $10 per person per day,
The aMericas B5 Unlike Europeans, Americans aT resTauranTs Tip 10 percent of drivers $5 per person per day.
Canada, Chile, Colombia, ecuador, and nicaragua can’t travel independently in Iran; the bill. In a nice restaurant, you
they must be with a government- might want to discreetly give the dollars accepTed? Yes, and
approved tour, which means that maître d’ $25 up front to ensure euros.
asia/The pacific B10
most service charges are included top service, especially if you’re in a
indonesia, Malaysia, pakistan, philippines, P.S. If you visit
and tipping isn’t necessary. If res- group. If you’ve enjoyed the musi-
churches in Leba-
Singapore, South Korea, taiwan, and Vietnam taurant service is really good, leave cians, give them $5 or so.
non, leave some-
a few more dollars. In hotels, if
aT hoTels Tips are included if on thing in the offer-
you really want to express appre-
europe B12 group tours; otherwise, it’s $2 a ing box at the
ciation, says Zawaideh, give a small
Croatia, Czech Republic, estonia, Hungary, iceland, bag for porters, $2 for doormen entrance. Tip bartenders
gift from the United States (a T-
who hail a cab or give directions, a as you would in the States. And if
Spain, Switzerland, and ukraine shirt or hat bearing the name of an
few bucks a day for maids. Giving you ski, tip the instructor $20.
American city or sports team). In a
$20 to $25 to the concierge up
closed country like Iran, she says,
Reported by Tim Murphy • Illustrations by Brown Bird Design “they love that stuff—it means a lot
front will secure you good service Qatar
throughout your stay.
more.” But if you do tip, dollars aT resTauranTs Leave 15 to 20
are accepted. Guides and drivers If you’re not percent.
 C o n d É n a s t t r av E l E r / c n t r a v e l e r. c o m aUGUst 2009 
Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2
aT hoTels Follow the standard for someone,” advises Zawaideh. drivers $5 per person per day.
hotels in big American cities: $2 to “Put the tip in an envelope for Don’t be an ass: When
dollars accepTed? Yes. in Ecuador, slip a few
$3 for doormen when they call a guides and drivers, palm it off with
P.S. Unlike elsewhere in the re- bills to the burro driver.
cab, $2 to $5 a day for house- a handshake and a thank-you to
keepers, and $2 a bag for porters. the concierge, and slip it in the gion, don’t tip bathroom atten-
jacket pocket of the maître d’ to dants in the United Arab Emirates.
Guides and drivers Tip $10 per
get a good table.”
person per day for drivers, $5 per
person per day for guides.
And keep in mind Yemen
that most work- aT resTauranTs Tip 10 percent in
dollars accepTed? Yes. ers here are for- top restaurants; in folksier places,
eigners from, say, a couple of bucks will suffice.
Saudi Arabia India or the Philip-
aT hoTels Leave cleaning staff
aT resTauranTs Tips aren’t in- pines. They depend upon your tips
about $2 per day. Concierges
cluded, so leave 10 to 15 percent to support their families.
aren’t really common here; give a
of the bill. And,
says Zawaideh, Syria few dollars to whoever stores
your luggage after you check out.
asking for dog- aT resTauranTs Leave about 10
gie bags is a no- percent of the bill. Guides and drivers If you leave
no in the Middle Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, you’ll
aT hoTels Same guidelines as in likely go out in a jeep with a con-
East; uneaten food Lebanon (unless you’re on a
is taken home by kitchen staff or voy of military guards. “You might
group tour). have five or six young people with
given to the homeless.
Guides and drivers Same guide- their AK-47s,” says Zawaideh.
aT hoTels To ensure good service lines as in Lebanon. Give $20 to $25 to the main
throughout a stay, says Zawaideh, guard, and he’ll distribute it among
“I give the concierge $20 to $25 dollars accepTed? Yes.
the others. And make sure you ar-
when I get there so he remembers P.S. If you visit a mosque, follow range to go to different parts of
who I am.” Give porters $1 to $2 the same tipping rules as you
per bag and leave about $2 a day
in your room for housekeepers.
would in Saudi Arabia.
the country with representatives
from each area’s ruling tribe. You’ll The a MeRiCa s
likely visit the private homes of
Guides and drivers Give guides united Arab tribe or village leaders. Bring
Latin America may be just south of the border, but tipping customs vary widely. “Whereas in the
about $10 per person per day if emirates little gifts, such as United States you’d leave 15 to 20 percent on a meal, in Latin America it’s more like 8 to 12
you’re going out alone or in a very aT resTauranTs U.S. rules apply; crayons and color- percent outside of modern places in large capitals,” says Clark Kotula of Geographic Expeditions,
small group, about $7 per person tip 15 to 20 percent. In a so-called ing books for the
per day in a large group. Give driv- seven-star restaurant, which you’ll children. Failing
which organizes trips to the region. And while tipping is not as much a part of the culture in Latin
ers $5 per person per day; if they find here, tip the maître d’ $50 to that, you can give America as in the United States, workers still appreciate tips, even if they don’t expect them
have assistants who keep the car $100 to ensure superior service money to the man
clean and get water, give them $2 (you’re going to be paying $200 of the house—never to the woman
per person per day. per person for the meal, anyway). (that’s considered improper)—and Canada or $5 in a luxury hotel. “Leave
something for them daily,” advises
the excursion. Taxi drivers get 10
to 15 percent.
say that it’s for the children, so as aT resTauranTs As in the United
dollars accepTed? Yes. aT hoTels Tip the concierge $30 Mary Pyle Peters of Distinctive Jour- dollars accepT-
not to offend. States, the gratuity isn’t included,
to $35 every time you have a ma- neys in Blaisden, California, which ed? Yes. “As long
P.S. If you visit a mosque, leave $1 so tip the standard 15 to 20 per-
jor request, like a special restau- dollars accepTed? Yes, as are organizes Canada trips. The person
for the person who hands out cent, depending on the service. as you use paper
rant reservation. Tip porters $2 euros. who cleaned your room all week
robes for women to wear and 50 money, not U.S.
per bag, doormen $2 to $3 to hail P.S. Give $2 or so to museum staff aT hoTels Concierges who go out
may not be the same one who coins,” says Peters.
cents to $1 for the person who
cabs, and maids $3 a day. who open up a special room for of their way for you should get $10 comes in the day you check out.
minds your shoes, which you re-
spectfully doff at the door. “Don’t Guides and drivers Guides get you or let you take a picture when to $20 per favor; porters get $1 or Guides and drivers Tip them col- Chile
make it obvious that you’re tipping $10 to $20 per person per day, you really shouldn’t. $2 per bag; housekeepers $2 a day, lectively 15 percent of the cost of aT resTauranTs A 10 percent tip
 C o n d É n a s t t r av E l E r / c n t r a v e l e r. c o m aUGUst 2009 
Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2
is included in the bill; feel free to standard hotels, the usual tipping dollars accepTed? Yes, they are
put down a few more bills rules apply: about $1 to doormen the currency of Ecuador.
amounting to another 5 percent.
Nicer restaurants may also charge
a 5 to 7 percent cubierto, basically
and cleaning staff per bag or daily
P.S. Taxi drivers don’t expect a tip
but appreciate one of about 10 Don’t Be a Jerk: Tipping, Caribbean-Style
Guides and drivers Tip $10 per percent if they’ve been chatty or
a sit-down charge. In resorts throughout this necklace of islands, seats are worth, $20 or $25, and they’ll get
person per day for guides and helpful. And many tourists in Ecua-
aT hoTels If you want extra-good $5 per person per dor go on Galápagos Islands boat an all-inclusive service fee of 15 percent or them for you.” Tip bellboys a few dollars per bag
service, consider tipping the con- day for drivers. excursions replete with naturalist more is a mainstay, the better to keep nagging and maids $20 for a week’s work, especially if
cierge (if there is one) $20 up You don’t need guides, who get $50 to $75 per
front. Porters get $1 per bag, to tip taxi driv- person, and kitchen staff, who get
tip calculations from cramping your blissed- you get to know them.
doormen a few dollars if they hail ers unless they $80 to $100 per person, at the out state. “I have yet to encounter a hotel in Increasingly, you may end up with a butler at
you a cab, cleaning staff $2 a day really go out of trip’s end. the Caribbean that doesn’t charge a service top resorts, regardless of whether you want or
(given at the end of your stay, their way to help you. fee,” says Terry McCabe of Paramus, New Jer- need him. On a recent trip to Turks and Caicos,
preferably in person or marked
dollars accepTed? Yes, but
nicaragua sey’s Altour travel agency. Now, that doesn’t says McCabe, “I left my butler $50. But anoth-
for them in an envelope—other- in resTauranTs Leave an 8 to 10
wise they might not take it).
they’re harder for locals to use be- mean you shouldn’t tip over and above the all- er guest had to call him back because he’d un-
cause the government has cracked percent tip.
inclusive fee when the occasion calls for it— packed her things and she couldn’t find where
Guides and drivers Tip guides down in recent years on money
$10 to $25 per person per day, de- laundering, says Clark Kotula. Try
in hoTels Give porters about something that will largely be deter- he’d put her bras.”
50 cents a bag, doormen $1 to
pending on how many people are to tip in Colombian pesos. mined by the service you receive. Guides and drivers Most
$2 if they hail you a taxi, and
in your group; $5 a day for drivers.
P.S. When you put your dinner on cleaning staff $1 a day at the end Says Becky Veith of Erie, Caribbean tourists, when not
With cabs, round up the fare. of your stay. Pennsylvania’s Becky Veith vegetating on a beach, go off
a credit or debit card, you’ll be
dollars accepTed? Yes, but they asked, “Cuantos quotas?”—meaning Guides and drivers Guides get
Travel, “Both my clients and I on bus tours and tip the guide
may be harder for the recipient to over how many months do you $10 a day per person and drivers have found service lacking in a couple of dollars, but if you
spend than the Chilean peso. want your bill payment broken up, $5 a day per person. the Dominican Republic and take a private tour, tip your
a feature that is unique to Colom-
P.S. An organized
bia, says Kotula. Just say one. dollars accepTed? Yes, but with Puerto Rico.” You should also guide about $25 and your
camping trek to, 200 Nicaraguan cordobas to the consider what you’re paying. driver about $10 for the day.
say, Patagonia
could involve
ecuador U.S. dollar, it can be hard for With these factors in mind, here’s a Veith suggests another option: Ask
locals to convert small bills, so
extra staff such aT resTauranTs A 10 percent tip guide to tipping across the Caribbean. a taxi driver what it will cost to take
consider just exchanging dollars
as a cook, who is usually included in the bill, but
for cordobas at your trip’s start. aT resTauranTs If it’s outside your resort you here and there for a day, then tip 20 percent
would be tipped feel free to leave an extra 5 to 10 package, check the bill to see if the gratuity is in- on top of that.
“Once, when I was backpacking,
roughly $5 per person per day. percent in nicer restaurants.
I bought a hot dog,” cluded. If not, tip 15 to 20 percent depending dollars accepTed? Yes, except in the
aT hoTels Give porters about 50 recalls Kotula, on the service. “I use the same tipping standards French Caribbean, which uses euros.
Colombia cents a bag, doormen $1 to $2 if “and calculated
aT resTauranTs Check the bill to they hail you a taxi, and cleaning that I could’ve
as at home,” says McCabe. And she reminds P.S. “If you charter a boat, they’ll include
see if the tip is included. If it is, it’s staff $1 a day at the end of your bought 600 hot naughtily, “If you give the bartender at your re- the service charge,” says McCabe, “but if the
usually 8 to 10 percent, and it’s stay—either directly or left in an dogs with the mon- sort some money, there’ll always be a drink captain takes you to 47 different little coves
still common to tip more, up to 15 envelope at the front desk. ey I had in my pocket.” waiting for you.” and jumps overboard to show you a conch, you
to 18 percent total. 12
Guides and drivers Guides get P.S. “Nicaragua is a pretty sleepy aT hoTels Assuming there is a service can tip more.” For spa treatments, tip 15 to 20

aT hoTels If you’re staying in a about $10 per person per day, country with a really tough histo- charge, you might still tip the concierge for spe- percent, “although you can probably do 10

small rural hacienda, a family staff drivers half that. An Andes trek ry,” says Kotula, one that’s “on a cial favors such as nailing down hard-to-get to 15 percent in Mexico and the Dominican
usually cooks, cleans, and tends may include a cook, who gets $5 learning curve” when it comes to
the gardens, so leave a pooled per person per day, and a burro tourism. “So don’t expect high
dinner reservations. “Money talks,” says Veith. Republic and still feel pretty good about it,”
tip of $5 to $10 per person per driver, who gets about $2 to $3 service standards unless you’re “Hand the concierge whatever you think those says Veith.
night at the end of your stay. In per person per day. staying in chain hotels.”
 C o n d É n a s t t r av E l E r / c n t r a v e l e r. c o m aUGUst 2009 
Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2
cent or more at your discretion, Guides and drivers Guides get publicist for the Singaporean
Tricky waters: but it’s not mandatory,” says $20 to $50 a day, says Clemente, Tourist Board.
Going rafting in Shakur Alam of New York City’s and drivers about $4 to $5. Tip
Indonesia? Fol-
low the trip with
Shalimar Travel Services. taxi drivers about 10 percent. South Korea
a modest tip. aT hoTels Tip the concierge about dollars accepTed? Yes! “If you There’s really no tipping culture in
$2 for special favors, bellboys $1 a tip in dollars, they will love you South Korea, says Katie Kin, a
bag, and cleaning ladies $1 to $2 a forever,” says Clemente, “because salesperson for the Korean Ameri-
day. Five-star hotels may have but- it’s considered better-quality mon- can Travel Bureau in New York
lers, whom you may tip about $5 ey” than the Filipino peso. City, and it’s not even expected of
at the end of your stay. tourists. The exceptions include
P.S. “If you get
excursion guides, who get the
Guides and drivers Tip the guide stopped by the
standard $10 per person per day,
and driver each $5 per person police, stick 200
and drivers, who get half that. Ho-
per day. Tip taxi drivers about pesos (about
tel porters should get the usual
5 percent. $4) in your I.D.,”
$1 per bag, says travel agent Cin-
dollars accepTed? Yes. “It’s al- says Clemente—and
dy Yam. In other situations, “if
ways worthwhile he is only half joking. Men in blue
you really love the service and you
to keep a few uniforms who often help you park
want to do something extra,”
one-dollar bills your car should get 10 to 20 pe-
you might tip, says Kin. Otherwise,
a si a /The PaCiFiC on you,” says sos—about 20 to 50 cents.
you’re off the hook.

Tipping expectations vary widely throughout the region. “In India, they’ll run after you and
Singapore taiwan
P.S. Pakistan is not aT resTauranTs As in Malaysia, a
scream for money,” says Sandy Ferguson, who runs Asia Desk, a Georgia travel agency, “but really a tipping culture, Alam says. 10 percent tip is included. Feel free
aT resTauranTs Check the bill;
in Southeast Asia they don’t,” even though it’s considered polite to tip. The only rule that “Nobody will mind if you don’t about half the restaurants include
to leave a bit more, but it’s not
tip, but they’ll be happy if you do.” a 10 percent service fee. If yours
applies universally? “Always give the bellman at least a buck a bag,” he says expected.
doesn’t, leave 10 to 15 percent
philippines aT hoTels Tip the concierge up to in a top restaurant and 10 per-
indonesia Guides and drivers Guides
should get $10 per person per day
make a difference,” says Cindy
Yam, owner of Solutions Travel aT resTauranTs Check the bill—a $10 if he does you a special favor cent in a regular one, says Judy
aT resTauranTs A 10 percent tip 10 percent service charge may be like securing hard-to-get restaurant Swen, owner of San Francisco’s
and drivers half that. Tip taxi driv- Service in Torrance, California.
is included. “The locals will also included, in which case you might reservations. Bellboys get the stan- Lassen Tours, which books trips
ers about 10 percent. “It’s different from Thailand or
throw down any loose change,” leave an extra $1 or $2. If it’s not dard $1 a bag. Leave cleaning staff to Taiwan.
dollars accepTed? Absolutely. China that way.” Azda Hussein, of
says Diane Embree of Michael’s included, leave a 10 percent tip or a few dollars a day in an envelope if
the Malaysia Tourism Promotion aT hoTels You may tip the con-
Travel Centre in Westlake Village, P.S. If you go rafting or take an ele- a bit more. you wish, but it’s not expected.
Board in Los Angeles, says he cierge $20 or so when
California. “I tell Americans they phant ride, a modest tip is greatly leaves $1 a day or so for the Guides and drivers Guides tak- you check in or
aT hoTels A 10 percent service
should do the same, up to maybe appreciated. Ditto for spa servic- cleaning staff. ing you out for a full day should out of the hotel,
charge is usually included, but you
15 percent total.” es—think 15 to 20 percent. get $15 to $20 per person, which cleaning staff $2
Guides and drivers Private should still give porters 50 cents
they will split with the driver, if per day (left in
aT hoTels A 10 percent service
charge is included, “but my
Malaysia guides and/or drivers should get to $1 per bag. Tip cleaning staff
only if you see them or if you there is one. With taxi drivers, just the room), por-
aT resTauranTs A 10 percent tip $5 to $10 per person per day. round up the fare and leave the
understanding from talking to leave it in a clearly marked enve- ters $1 a bag, and
locals is that employees often is included, with locals rounding up dollars accepTed? Yes, but it’s lope, says Filipino-American Alex change. doormen $1 to $2 if they call a cab.
don’t see it,” says Embree. the bill and leaving the change. You easier for locals to trade in ringgits, Clemente of San Francisco’s Ra- dollars accepTed? Yes, but it’s Guides and drivers Tip 10 per-
Thus, it’s okay but not required can do the same or leave 10 to 15 the local currency (with about 3.7 jah Tours. “Filipinos are not going easier to spend Singaporean dol- cent of their fee.
to hand out a dollar or two percent more if you’re so inclined. ringgits to a U.S. dollar). to pick up money that’s left be- lars. (One U.S. dollar is about 1.5
dollars accepTed? In Taipei, yes;
here and there to porters and aT hoTels Tip the bellboys the hind,” he says. If a concierge goes Singaporean dollars.) Hand cab-
cleaning staff. “It doesn’t mean standard $1 per bag, but there’s pakistan out of his way to secure you good bies U.S. dollars and “they’ll be
outside the cities, tip in the local
that much to us, but it means no need to tip anyone else unless aT resTauranTs The gratuity is tickets or reservations, tip him screaming at you for giving them
a lot to them.” you really want to. “It won’t not included in the bill. “Tip 5 per- $4 to $5. a hassle,” says Aik Wye Ng, a P.S. “They don’t have tipping in

 C o n d É n a s t t r av E l E r / c n t r a v e l e r. c o m aUGUst 2009 

Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2
the culture, but if you tip people,
they’ll be really happy,” says Swen.

aT resTauranTs Scan the bill first:
The gratuity usually isn’t included,
in which case you should leave
about 10 percent, preferably in
cash, and a bit more if you tip on a eUROPe
credit card. If the gratuity is in- As Eastern and Central European countries become
cluded, throw a few more bills in
on top.
tourist enticers alongside Western European favorites, you’re
aT hoTels Give the concierge
left to wonder what to tip where, and when to put down
about $20 if he does you a favor dollars, euros, or local currency. One rule applies across the
(like securing special reservations board: “Tip in cash,” not on a credit card, says Gwen
outside the hotel). Cleaning staff
get about $2 a day, left at the end
Kozlowski of Exeter International in Tampa, Florida. “If
of your stay on the nightstand, you don’t, the server won’t necessarily get it”
where it’s easily visible. You don’t
need to tip doormen. Croatia dollars accepTed? Not so much;
use euros.
Guides and drivers Guides get aT resTauranTs
$10 per person per day and driv- If you’re order- P.S. If you’re sailing the Croatian
ers half that, given at your last en- ing just coffee coastline, at the end of your trip
counter if you venture out more leave about $50 per person for the Say ahhh: You’ll be charged a ser-
or a drink, leave
vice fee by spas in Hungary, but feel The world
than one day. You don’t need to the change. For a skipper and about 15 to
free to tip another 10 percent. is calling.
tip taxi drivers, but you can round quick, casual dinner at a konoba, 20 percent of the to-
up the fare (so if the fare is 45,000 as taverns are called, leave about tal cost of the jour- answer iT.
dong, leave a 50,000-dong bill). ney for the kitchen Guides and drivers Tip guides Tichy, of Wexford, Pennsylvania’s
$1. For dinner in a nice restaurant, The BlackBerry® storm™
Work out the fare in advance with where tips usually are not includ- staff, if there is one. $15 to $20 per person per day Frontiers International Travel.
for small groups and $10 per per- Most locals leave nothing at all on from Verizon wireless.
drivers of cyclos, or bicycle car- ed, leave about 10 to 15 percent.
riages, which are common and
aT hoTels Concierges aren’t com-
Czech Republic son per day for larger groups; tip
drivers half that. In taxis, round
meals during the day. So leave just
a few coins; at night in a nice res-
Before you travel the globe, switch
usually charge about $10 per aT resTauranTs There’s usually
mon, but tip them $5 if they do up the fare. taurant, tip 5 to 8 percent—in cash. to Verizon Wireless, America’s
hour. It’s okay to add on a few a service charge, but consider tip-
something special for you, says Largest Wireless Network.
dollars’ tip. ping on top of it—up to 15 per- dollars accepTed? Yes. Euros aT hoTels Most have a basket at
Wanda S. Radetti of Tasteful Croa-
dollars accepTed? Yes. tian Journeys in New York. Clean- cent total. When it comes to too. the front counter where you can Call 1-800-2-JOIN-IN, log onto
ing staff get a few dollars per day good service, Czechs get it, says P.S. If you get a
leave a few dollars a day for the
P.S. Tip a massage therapist in a verizonwireless.com/goglobal
in an envelope at the end of your Kozlowski admiringly. “They reg- special backstage whole staff. Porters get $1 to $2
fancy hotel $5 to $10. If you go to per bag. You might give a con- or visit your local Verizon Wireless
stay; bellboys get $1 per bag. You ularly serve the British market, tour—at, for ex-
a days-long spa—the kind “where cierge $5 if he goes out of his way store for more details.
might also want to leave the din- English is widely spoken, and ample, Prague’s
they make you drink green tea till for you.
ing-room breakfast staff $5 at they’ll find a way to make things Estates Theatre,
it’s coming out your ears,” says
stay’s end if they’ve taken good special for you.” where Mozart debuted Don Gio- Guides and drivers Guides get
Ferguson—they’ll tell you the
tipping policy in advance. “Bring all care of you. aT hoTels Tip concierges about
vanni—tip the guide a few dollars. $15 to $20 per day, drivers 60 to
the $2 bills you can,” advises Fer- Guides and drivers Tip them $20 if they do something really 70 percent of that. With taxis, you
guson, “and use them to tip por- separately 10 to 20 percent per special for you. Bellhops get estonia can round up the fare, but you
ters. The $2 bill is rare in Vietnam day. With taxi drivers, just leave $1 to $2 per bag, cleaning staff aT resTauranTs “They don’t tip
don’t have to.
and is considered lucky.” the change. $3 to $5 a day. much over there,” says Natasha dollars accepTed? Yes, and

 C o n d É n a s t t r av E l E r / c n t r a v e l e r. c o m aUGUst 2009 

Etiquette 101: Tipping, Part 2
euros too, but if you’re tipping aT hoTels There is simply no tip- aT hoTels A service charge is in-
folks who don’t regularly deal ping of any sort, says Jensen. cluded in the bill, so tip the con-
with tourists, tip in Estonian
kroons, which are about 12 to
the U.S. dollar (it’s probably easi-
Guides and drivers You can give
guides about $10 a day and
cierge $10 to $20 only if he
makes you a special reservation.
Hand the cleaning lady $5 to $10
How to NOT Tip in the South Pacific
drivers $5, but it’s
er for them). not expected. on the spot if she goes out of her “Bali Ha’i may call you, any night, any day,” as carrying your bags, but according to Knowles,
way for you.
“You might treat the song goes—but that doesn’t mean that folks “they are not going to be standing there with
Hungary them to lunch,” Guides and drivers Really good
there or in any other part of the South Pacific, their hand out.” Ditto the cleaning staff: If you
aT resTauranTs When it comes says Jensen. guides get about $40 per person
to great service, “Hungary isn’t per small group per day, drivers including cities on the “big islands” of Australia tip a few dollars, do it face-to-face or leave it
dollars accepTed? Yes.
quite there yet,” says Kozlowski. half that. With taxi drivers, tip 5 to and New Zealand, are calling for your Western- with the front desk in an envelope at trip’s end,
“If the service is good, I leave 10 Spain 10 percent or round up the fare. style tips. “One of the real selling points about because otherwise they won’t take it. As for con-
percent of the total bill in cash, dollars accepTed? Yes, but eu- going to these places is that you don’t have to cierges, if they do something really special for you
tops. If it’s just coffee, I leave pock- aT resTauranTs If the service is
good, round up the bill to any-
ros and the Swiss franc—valued tip,” says Kleon Howe of The Art of Travel, in at a five- or six-star resort (such as Kangaroo
et change.” right now a bit under one U.S. dol-
where from 7 to 13 percent and San Diego, which books trips across the region. Island’s Southern Ocean Lodge or Fiji’s Vatulele
aT hoTels Tip con- lar—are preferred.
leave it in cash, not on a credit It’s just not part of the indigenous cultures here. Island), tip accordingly. Some top resorts also
cierges about card, says Virginia Irurita of Ma-
$20 if they do ukraine “For the island groups, the first time have butlers, whom you should tip $5
drid’s Made for Spain travel agen-
something extra- cy. If the service isn’t good, she aT resTauranTs Ukraine is
you arrive you are an honored 8
to $10 a day, depending on what
ordinary like se- says, “you can leave the table with- “just emerging as a good tourist guest, and people would never in 21
they do for you.
cure you hard-to-get out giving a tip and nobody will say destination,” says Kozlowski. a million years suggest that you Other instances where you
tickets. Porters get $1 to $2 per a word. Americans are coming “English isn’t widely spoken,
bag, cleaning staff $3 to $5 a day.
have to pay for service,” con- might tip up to 15 percent
here and leaving 20 percent, so and service can be surly.” Leave
tinues Howe. “The second are after top-notch spa
Guides and drivers Tip guides some waiters are getting spoiled.” 10 percent for a really good
$15 to $20 per person per day for dining experience; otherwise, time, you are family, and they treatments, during winery
aT hoTels Tip concierges who do
small groups and $10 per person you a special favor 5 to 10 euros, round up the bill. would never ask a family visits where staff go out of
per day for larger groups; tip cleaning staff about 5 euros a day aT hoTels Most add on a hefty member to tip.” Not that those their way to welcome you be-
drivers half that. In taxis, round (up front if you want them to treat 20 percent tax that includes old island ways aren’t increasingly yond the simple pour, and on
up the fare. you extra nice), and bellboys a service charge. “I generally coming up against Western notions: group tours with a really great
dollars accepTed? Yes, if they’re about one euro per bag. just leave some pocket change Many resorts now have so-called Christmas- guide and scuba outings helmed by a virtuoso
undamaged and crisp, and never Guides and drivers Leave guides
for the cleaning staff,” says
Kozlowski. “It’s not like they’re fund jars up front where you can indulge your dive master. Always show your appreciation in
give American coins. 30 euros per person per day (up
knocking on your door offering American tipping itch by stuffing in a few dollars the local currency, not in U.S. dollars (they’re
P.S. Expect to tip train porters to 40 if they’re really good), driv-
ers half that. With taxi drivers, turndown service.” daily (the money is divvied up among the staff). difficult for locals to trade).
$1 to $2 per bag. Spas will proba-
bly include a 10 percent service round up the fare. Guides and drivers Guides get There are other subtle exceptions to the no- But most of all, try to reconcile your brawny
fee, but you can tip 10 percent dollars accepTed? Euros are $15 to $20 per person per day, tipping norms. “If you go into a restaurant that American sense of tipping with native ideas of
on top of that. strongly preferred. drivers $5 to $10. you think is three-star and they blow you away what’s proper. Howe puts it all in perspective:
dollars accepTed? with service and food, tip as high as 20 per- “Let’s say you decide to do a private picnic on
iceland Switzerland Yes, as are euros. cent,” suggests Matt Knowles of Sea Escape one of the little atolls and somebody takes you
aT resTauranTs A 15 percent tip aT resTauranTs Most places in- P.S. “Nobody’s Travel in Folsom, California. In many resort out there in a boat and comes back for you lat-
is built in, and don’t leave more clude a 15 percent service charge. doing any special restaurants, a 10 percent tip may be included, er. It would be acceptable to give him a 10
than 5 percent on top of that. On top of that, leave small change service there,”
Overall, “there’s no tipping in Ice- in casual places and between 5 and says Kozlowski.
and you don’t have to add to it. Really. In ho- percent tip but not expected.” Paradise, then,
land,” says Tor D. Jensen of Jensen 10 percent extra in posh spots, de- “You’re not going to the spa in tels, you can try to give porters a few dollars for in more ways than one.
World Travel in Wilmette, Illinois. pending on the service. Ukraine, trust me.”
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