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Jaya Manickchand, Christopher Ram and that Bigoted Perception of Crime!

Dear Editor, I refer to the online response by Jaya Manickchand at the letter-site captioned Ms. Jaya Manickchands post also reveals a bigoted perception of crime ( ), and would appreciate the opportunity to comment. Perhaps the most disappointing development is that Kaieteur News now appears to be taking a leaf out of Stabroek News manual, and taking as much as 2-3 days to post opposing online and print-media comments, if at all. This is a disservice to other participants in these discussions, and we urge Kaieteur News to remember the sacrifice that other citizens have also made in the fight for freedom of speech in Guyana. Professional etiquette demands acknowledgement of all views at the very least, and it would be a shame for KN to lose the moral ground it has worked so hard to develop and build upon. This (Jayas) is an astonishing response which we had to save, if only because it appears to have been written in haste ... and may now be "regretted" at leisure. That the focus now seems not to be on things that were actually written by the parties involved, but instead invites an inquiry into private lives is ... interesting! How, exactly, does Jaya Manickchand define bigoted? Or for that matter hypocrisy? Or sophistry? Three initial possibilities arise using Jayas own words to be followed tomorrow by the six additional points that are very troubling about the words of this attorney at law. First, with regard to the statement "... I have just as strong similar views on men/ women who physically beat up and abuse their wives/ husbands and children..." it would be interesting to see/hear Jaya's take on Varshnie Jagdeo's torment of not-so-long-ago. It would also be useful of her to contextualize het comments in two ways: (a) Appreciate that Jaya, Priya, Varshnie and Bharrat Jagdeo are all citizens and that, (2) the Police had clear responsibilities then which they apparently abdicated. So, with regard to the statement "... It appears to me that a certain section of the society defends and allows criminality because it suits their political or financial agenda....", it would be interesting to hear Jaya's take on Kaieteur news' "The Heist of Guyana" ( ; and ). Finally, regarding the statement "... evil triumphs when good men do nothing ..." (I assume she means women as well), it would be interesting to hear Jaya's take on who, exactly, in Guyana has done more than Christopher Ram to fight the "evil" that exists in our country. Mr. M. Maxwell in his letter Financial Rape and Economic Slaughter ( ) advises us that altar boys exist in various criminal contexts, and we await her legal opinion as to whether there may be room for the consistent application of her radical prescription for rape her being an attorney at law and all! More to the point, it would be instructive if Jaya could document what she herself has done (as compared to Rams volume of research, or otherwise) to fight the evil of financial rape and economic slaughter. Now there are six other issues in this statement by Jaya Manickchand that are extremely troubling... especially if Jaya agrees that sophistry is properly defined as a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading Yours faithfully, Roger Williams October 23, 2013