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How It All Began

How It All Began In the 1950s, scientific research was conducted into several unique locations around the world. For thousands of years these places are known as a natural source for Miracle Water

Lourdes, France

Tlacote, Mexico

Nordenau, Germany

Japan & Himalayas

How It All Began

It was discovered that the Miracle Healing Water" had an abundance of Active Hydrogen/Hydroxyl which is known today as

Alkaline Water
Russian and Japanese scientists began to study these waters in an attempt to be able to recreate them as closely as possible. The Japanese technology has emerged as the most advanced, dependable and cost effective way to produce and enjoy the amazing benefits of Miracle Water in your own home

Properties of these Miracle Water

1. Anti-oxidation 2. Very Alkaline 3. Micro-clustering

Properties of Kangen Water

3 Properties of Kangen Water

1. Anti-Oxidation 2. Very alkaline
3. Micro-clustering (hexagonal)

Company: Enagic
ENAGIC CEO Mr Hironari Oshiro

Own Manufacturing Plant

Tokyo HQ

100% Made in Japan

Certified ISO 9001 , 14001, 13485

Company History
Established in 1974 in Japan (machines for hospitals) 1994 Domestic Kangen Water machine. Sold +450,000. 2003 Soft launch USA 2005 Office in Hong Kong and Taiwan 2007 Office in Vancouver, Canada 2008 European office in Dusseldorf, Germany 2009 Mexico 2010 Australia, Italy & Philippines 2011 Singapore 2012 Malaysia Etc

Numerous Awards & Recognition

Medical Device Certificate (License no 27B2X00070)

6,500 Doctors Approval !!!

Japanese Hospitals
Kyowa Hospital Kitari Institute Medical Center Showa University Hospital Kanto Teishin Hospital Meiseki Hospital Nara College of Medicine Hospital Iida Hospital Tokyo Womens College of Medicine Hosp. Hanabatake Hospital And many others


Authorization of Japanese geriatric-diseases prevention association Leveluk series was Approved by expert which can used in comfort for health maintenance and lifestyle-related disease prevention

Approved as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Labour and Welfare. Strong Acidic Water is Certificated for Anti-Bacteria Strong Acidic Water is certificated to kill bacteria within 10 second

The IEEU environmental Award 1. Contribute to the pollution control of enabling mitigation of detergent 2. Kangen-Water By drinking, reducing use of the PET bottle 3. "Disinfection washing in a health side" "a lifestyle-related disease in a healthy side" 4. Realization of preventive medicine and sizable cut of national medical expenditures.

Plant View

LeveLuk SD 501
1. 5 types of water
i. Strong Kangen Water pH 11.5

ii. iii.

Kangen Water (3 drinking levels pH 8.5, 9.0, 9.5) Clean Water pH 7.0

iv. Beauty Water pH 5.5 6.6 v. Strong Acidic Water pH 2.5

LeveLuk SD 501

2. Approved as Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare

3. 7 Titanium plates coated with Platinum (Over USD1000) 4. Industrys best automatic self-cleaning system 5. 5-Year Warranty 6. 15-Year Product Life

LeveLuk Super 501 Commercial


st 1

Kangen Property


Effects of OXIDATION


Kangen Water is rich with Hydroxyl Ion (OH-), negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP):

Remove /neutralize free radicals (unstable or unpaired Oxygen molecule) Improve Oxygenation

They are the same age! 71 years old (2012)

Enagic CEO Hironari Oshiro (Drink Kangen Water since establishment of Company)

Enagic USA Business Advisor

1. Anti-Oxidation - ORP (mv)

-400 -300 -200 -100 0 100

+ ORP (mv)
200 300 400


Cod Liver Oil

Green Tea

R. O. Distilled Water

Vitamin C Tap Water

2nd Property of Kangen Water

Very Alkalizing

Very Alkalizing

Neutral 7



Normal pH


The Root Cause of Cancer

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg
1931 Nobel Prize Winner

Discovered the Cause of Cancer in 1923 All forms of cancer have two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen) Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline

CANCER grows in Oxygen Deprived ACIDIC tissue DISEASE cannot live in an ALKALINE body

Effect of Excessive Acidity


Where is our Body Acid from?

Our Emotions /Stress Our Cells /Metabolisme The Environment
Food & Beverages

Drinking Water
Over the years, the acid waste builds up inside us, whilst

80% are Acidic Food

Corn Blueberries Canned Fruits Cranberries Flour Rice Noodles Macaroni

Spaghetti Bread Crackers Flour Beans Chick Peas Soft Drinks Soy Beans Butter Cheese Ice Cream Milk Peanuts

Bacon Beef Clams Fish Lamb Lobster Organ Meats Oyster Pork Salmon Sardines Sausage Shrimp Scallops Tuna Turkey Veal

Acidity is the Cause!

Acid Reflux Arthritis Cancer Gastritis Gout Fat Cholesterol & MORE

Kangen Water is rich with alkaline Hydroxyl (OH-):

Increase alkaline buffers (bicarbonates) Remove excess acid /toxin from body cells Balance body pH

Science Fact not Fiction

Drinking Alkaline Water is the Single Most Healthy thing you can do
..and they all agree that High Acidity, Free Radicals, & Dehydration are the Root Cause Behind our Worst Health Nightmares

A Different Approach to Health Care






Treating Symptoms





rd 3

Kangen Property



Regular H2O Cluster 15 - 20 Molecules

Larger clusters limit absorption by the body

3. Micro-Clustering
Kangen Micro-Cluster 5 - 6 Molecules Micro-clusters (hexagonal)

Kangen Water molecule is hexagonal shape

reduce surface tension faster & greater penetration easier absorption by the body better hydration

The Human Body is 75% Water

What is the quality of your 75%?

Percentage of water that makes up each organ, bodily fluid or body part.

How does Kangen Water Compare?

Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Kangen Water

Bottled Water

Tap Water

Well Water

Balance Body pH
Powerful Detoxifier Superior Hydrator Enhances Mineral Absorption Increases Oxygen

Overall Kangen Water Effects:

Drinking Kangen Water can also help to :

World Renowned M.D.

Hiromi Shinya M.D., Ph.D.

PROFESSOR OF SURGERY Albert Einstein College of Medicine
CHIEF OF ENDOSCOPY Beth Israel Medical Center New York City

The Colon

The change of the Colon regarding the change of pH value

Healthy Colon is in pH 8.5 ~ 9.5



ORP Index: Healthy Colon



Colon Cancer

Chronic Constipation Cancer



Science Fact Not Fiction

Removing acidic waste is more effective than diet and exercise

Youre not sick youre thirsty! Dont treat thirst with medications

All disease comes from the same root cause: Too much acidity!

Without enough water your body goes acidic goes into fat storing

What People Are Saying

Eddy: Aggressive Melanoma Brain Tumor

I would not be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen water!

Laura Morris: Fibromyalgia & Migraine Headaches

I feel better & younger than I have in 20 years I now have tons of energy & very little to no pain I even lost 25 lbs!!

Bob Suetsugu: Over weight / family history of diabetes

I lost 130 lbs & no signs of diabetes!!

US FDA Disclaimer: The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this presentation have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

Kangen Water Urea and Uric Acid

After consuming Kangen Water for a month, the amount of urea and uric acid in the blood will show a marked improvement but will not disappear completely. However, if you continue to drink alkaline ionic water for a period of 6 to 12 months, the urea and uric acid should be grossly reduced. Persistent drinking of alkaline ionic water should eliminate the toxic effect of the urea and uric acid from the body.
( Source : Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine )

Bill Powers Throat Cancer Testimonial

From 3 months to live to Cancer free
Dec 2009

What if a key to help unlock Autism is just a sip away ?

Kangen Water has been providing autistic children with a strong source of antioxidants and improved hydration. In our brain programs we observed that our therapeutic expectations have been significantly exceeded by adding Kangen Water to the treatment plan Dr Corinne Allen, international researcher

and practitioner in natural health and nutrition for over 30 years, is an expert on how to affect brain, learning, and behavior problems without drugs ( dyslexia, ADD, Autism, Asperger s, learning disabilities, academic and behavioral issues and brain injuries ) - www.brainadvance.org

What if a key to help unlock Autism is just a sip away ?

Kangen Water & Skin Conditions

Childhood and adult skin conditions and allergies respond well with ionized water. Skin conditions that can be treated: Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Rashes, Psoriasis, Athletes Foot, Acne, etc. Some cases can take several months but no side effects. Skin condition may not re-occur so long as a healthy diet with plenty alkaline water is consumed.

Kangen Water pH 2.5 - Eczema

Kangen Water pH 2.5 used in many Japanese hospitals for treatment of varieties of skin conditions, e.g. Eczema. Patients are advised to drink Kangen Water daily and use acidic water to bathe the affected areas. After 2 weeks, the vesicles dried up. The Eczema was completely cleared out without any relapse.
(Source: Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center)

Treating Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis

Canadian Distributor suffering from Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis

17 Days later

Long Term - Acne Problem

Without much improvement from Chinese and Western medicine - After using Strong Acidic water daily with pH2.5 spray on the affected area, -And washing off with Beauty water of pH5.5 and drinking pH8.5 Alkaline water Great Improvement seen here after 5 months

Female With 17 years of Eczema Problem

On May 10 Started drinking 2-3 liters of Alkaline water daily of 9.5 pH and Sprayed affected areas with Strong acidic water of 2.5 pH. By June 25 Great improvement seen, Skin is moist and no more itchy.

An 18 months old Child - Suffering from Large Herpes

Small improvement using Chinese and Western medicine cream for a short period and then ceased to improve. The skin becomes thinner. Recently used pH2.5 acidic water and beauty water of ph5.5 for washing daily. And drank Alkaline water of pH8.5 . Restore bath water, sooner or later, 1g of plnt SOD supplements each morning and a deep-sea sharks and fish oil treated with essential oils

5th July 2008

28th August 2008

Strong Acidic Water (Daily Life Tools)

Mouth Washing Cleansing Skin Problem - Eczema, Psoriasis Removal of Bacteria on Pan and Hands

Strong Acidic Water

Used in Hospital To Wash Skin Problem, Eczema, Psoriasis. Patients Are also asked to Drink Plenty of Alkaline Water

Within the Sea of Japan Dental, MD, Kai used (pH2.5 acid is used to Disinfect Water, Sterilization, Prevention of Virus Infection) http://www.noguchi-net.com/syushi.html The United States of Corporate Finance Tuan Noguchi Medical Research Institute http://www.nmri-dds.com/ International Chi Society of Japan, Ministry of Science

17 Oct 2006

19 Oct 2006

These pictures tell their own stories

Nails rust/oxidize in tap water. Rust/oxidize even faster In acid water (e.g. Cola at pH 2.5) But nails in ionized alkaline water do not rust.

Blood cells photographs taken after six months of drinking alkaline ionized water show that the blood cells are well hydrated, look strong, independent, reflecting the overall good health of the body.

Egg size after 2 months on Kangen

Cleaning up with Eco-friendly Kangen Water

How much water to drink PER DAY?

Minimum Water per Day Body weight in kg x 30 ml E.g.: 75 kg x 30 ml = 2.25 Litres/day Optimum Water per Day Body weight in kg x 45 ml
E.g.: 75 kg x 45 ml = 3.375 Litres/day

Do not consume Reverse Osmosis Filtered & Distilled water

Change your Water Change your Life

Enagic Flagship Model SD 501

If someone is considering purchasing an ionizer, what do they REALLY want???

Plates??? Wattage??? Filtration??? Design???

They should want the most beneficial alkaline water available!

The Gold Standard: SD501

Important Things About YOUR Machine

Enagic Manufacturing Excellence

Enagic is an ISO Certified Manufacturer
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Worlds largest & most respected International Manufacturing Standards. developer of

ISO is used in 162 different countries by only the best manufacturing companies!

Enagic Honors, Awards & Endorsements

Endorsed by the Geriatric Disease Prevention Association

(Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Disease)

International Earth Environment University Award Winner International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485
Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
Know the significance of the honors bestowed upon the company

Enagic Honors, Awards & Endorsements

ISO 13485 Design & Manufacture of Electrolysis Water Generators for Medical and General Use, Water Purifiers and Water Processing Machines ISO 9001 Quality Control

ISO 14001 Environmental

Enagic Honors, Awards & Endorsements

Enagic is the only manufacturer with WQA Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance

Enagic is endorsed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan as medical device manufacturer

For Those That Insist On Buying Price Instead Of Benefit

Prospects Duped Into Shopping Price

If they are SERIOUS about choosing price over performance, then refer them to the most economical ionizer on the market today

The G-2 Batch Water Ionizer by Hidden Cures

Seriously, Do You LOOK For A Discount Doctor?

When its YOUR health dont you want the best you can get???

Sure There ARE Cheaper Ionizers On The Market!!

But what does cheap have to do with health???

Only $159!!! But

Can You Really Compare These?


2 Plates

Oxidation /Discoloring after 1y

Panasonic vs.Enagic

Which will you choose for your health?

Research shows that Quality of ORP will deteriorate over time based on size of electrode plate (under similar other conditions) For constant ORP generation <-250mV, size of plates must be >800cm2 (~3yr)

Enagics plate size is 1536cm2

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others
Taking apart the Ionways Jupiter Athena & Platinum series

Jupiter series including Mavello, Melody, Orion, Venus, Delphi, etc

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

The Competition Comparison

The other (US$1000) machines out there ARE pretty much equal appearance /technology wise They are forced to compare with the SD 501 because this is our top selling model and the Industry Gold Standard!
This forces them to compete with and compare to a product that is out of their league.

Medical Equipment vs. Kitchen Appliance

More concerned with looks than performance!!!

Seeing Is Believing: Lets Take A Closer Look

Hoses & Flow Rate

The large hoses are from the SD501, which allow maximum water flow. The smaller hoses are from other ionizers. Smaller hoses are used to restrict the physical amount of water that passes through a machine.

A Closer Look

Hose Construction
The SD501 hose is made of the highest quality materials, including a braided internal liner, as shown above. The hoses from other ionizers are made out of the lowest quality and least expensive materials available.

Seeing Is Believing: Lets Take A Closer Look

Left: SD501 (Enagic Ionizer) Solid plate constructed in a well crafted housing, with built in electrode connections. Right: Athena (Jupiter Ionizer) Mesh plate, with attached electrode, the mesh plate sits between a Membrane in the electrolysis chamber.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Jupiter Athena




Enagics compact travel unit has a larger and better built engine than that of the best Jupiter ionizer.

A Closer Look

One of Jupiters model

A Closer Look

Left: Image of actual plates after usage. Right: Plates as depicted on a Jupiter website. Mesh Plate was disintegrated, heavy metal flow into drinking water will cause long term health problem

A Closer Look

1 Year Old Jupiter Athena

pH Test

The colors tell the truth!

The Competition: Were Just Like Enagic

Really??? Do these seriously look the same???

Do these look the same??? Get Real!!!

Enagic vs Others

Diamond pH 7

Enagic pH 9.5

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs Others

Enagic vs VWA Ionizer

Enagic vs VWA Ionizer

Enagic vs Conforer Ionizer

Low anti-oxidant and alkalinity

Enagic vs Conforer Ionizer

Size of plate: total 150cm2 (2 plates) Plate oxidized with sign of metal leakage (3yr) Unable to clean manually Non medical grade plastic /membrane (may release toxic during electrolysis)

Enagic vs President Kingen Water Ionizer

ORP reading : -506 Actual ORP : -299

Note: Copy Kangen and change to Kingen Built-in ORP reading is fake /pre-set and accuracy cannot be calibrated Cant google this brand on Internet Taiwan made but entire unit with Japanese wording including operating manual

Enagic vs President Kingen Water Ionizer

Note: Iodine test shows low anti-oxidation of kingen water Enagic kangen water has high ORP and anti-oxidation properties Small and flimsy electrolysis design (no transformer) Unable to clean manually

Enagic vs President Kingen Water Ionizer

Original colour
Oxidized colour

Front Side

Rear Side

Enagic plates
Note: Plate sizes: total 420cm2 (5plates) Plates are made of low grade titanium alloy Plates are oxidized and discolorized (<6months) Non medical grade plastic and membrane (may release toxic during electrolysis)

Enagic vs Jupiter Ionizer

Note: Low anti-oxidant and alkalinity

Enagic vs Jupiter Ionizer

Note: Poor /flimsy construction /design Dirt collection and unable to clean manually Non medical grade plastic /membrane (may release toxic during electrolysis)

Enagic vs Jupiter Ionizer

Rear Side

Front Side

Note: Heavy scaling (2y) Oxidized /discolorized plates and sign of metal leakage Total plate size = 220cm2 (5plates)

Enagic vs Aqua Wash Ionizer

ORP : -320

Actual ORP : +369

Note: No /poor ionisation (Built-in ORP is preset and not accurate /calibrated)

Enagic vs Aqua Wash Ionizer

Note: Low oxidation and alkalinity Poor design / no built in transformer Unable to clean manually

Enagic vs Aqua Wash Ionizer


Note: Total plate size = 600cm2 (5plates) Material: low grade titanium alloy Non medical grade plastic and membrane (may release toxic during electrolysis) Year in service <1month (no sign of oxidization /scaling yet)


Enagic vs NRA A8 Ionizer

ORP reading : -403

pH : 10

Actual ORP : -234 Note: Built in ORP is preset and not accurate (calibrated)

Enagic vs NRA A8 Ionizer

Note: Low anti-oxidation and alkalinity

Enagic vs NRA A8 Ionizer

NRA plate

Enagic plate

Note: Total plate size = 1000cm2 (5plates) Material: low grade titanium alloy Sign of oxidation /overheating /discolorisation and metal leakage Unable to clean manually Year in service 3yrs

Enagic vs NRA A8 Ionizer

Rubber membrane

Rubber pad

Note: Sign of scaling, oxidation and material degradation (overheating /discolorisation) Non medical grade rubber pad, plastic and membrane can generate toxic chemical under electrolysis