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Introduction: AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus is one of the most popular computer school in City of San Fernando

Pampanga. It was founded in the year 2000 and it was started with almost 50 computers including one internet laboratory and one computer laboratory .As the years passing, the demand of the technology is getting higher including the utilization of the network design and infrastructure, the flow of the system within the organization, and the proper installation and location of the devices in the school. In the year 2013, the school was recently migrated from a local based Campus Information System into an online based which is the Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solution (PSCS) and also the method of teaching of the other subjects was also upgraded into a modern way called the Electronic Learning (E-learning). In result, the resources needed of the school is getting more complicated and little bit challenging in terms of maintaining the security and the effectiveness of each tasks that has been performed from each department in the school. Background of the Study. Network is one of the most important aspect in AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus. All the process/tasks in the school like registration, assessment, enrolling are all dependent in the network. The school is divided into different departments which are the Admission and Accounting Department, the Office of the School Dean , School Registrar and School Directress, and the computer laboratories (Computer Laboratory 1 and 2, Cisco Laboratory). Each department are dedicated in the network but they are also logically separated in order to maintain the security of the information that has been passed within the network. The campus network is not only focuses on its local organization but it also focuses in the global connection which is connected to the public internet since the campus was already successfully migrated into an online based technology. There are many factors that affect a good network design in an organization. Security, Integrity and Reliability are the most important ones. Having redundancy at the core and distribution layer is also one of the most important characteristics that a network must have. Placing the devices in the proper location can also be at help to prevent some issues related to the network. Nowadays, internal or external networks continue to play a vital role in collecting and disseminating information and it has a big impact in our daily lives.

Problem Encountered In every network there are corresponding weaknesses. There is no perfect network in every organization. Each organization suffers different problems and issues and it has an impact on the productivity and efficiency so it is necessary to fix or resolved the issues immediately before it get worst. As an organization, AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus also experienced network problems and issues that hasnt been resolved or fixed yet. As a result, the productivity of the school is still not wellmanaged. The following problems encountered are: The internet cant reach certain areas especially in the 4th floor and 5th floor of the building. The network connection drops unexpectedly due to the duplication of the static ip addresses. The network connection is too slow even though the school avails higher data speeds.

The bandwidth is not properly balanced and it is distributed by priority. Some unneeded websites are not blocked or restricted. The computers in all laboratories are not properly networked and controlled. Improper cabling on the computers. Excessive network collisions. Hardware and Software Firewalls are not yet configured manageably. Network Devices are not secured on a data server. Legacy Network Devices Faulty Devices Lack of Future Expansion Capability Lack of Network Devices No VLANS in the network

In every problem there is an acceptable solution. Some of the problems are the most commonly experienced by the students of AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus while the others are the problems that are mostly found on the server side and usually the students doesnt noticed it. Some of these problems are so easy to address but we cant addressed because of the scarcity of resources. We cant eradicate problems/issues in networked but we can lessen it by creating acceptable solutions and maintaining the backend of the network.

Suggested Solutions: Weve listed the problems that the AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus students/ faculty always experienced. By determining the different issues, we are able to provide a proposed solutions to address those issues. These solutions might help the organization to manage and fix common problems in the network One of the problem that weve always encountered is that we are not able to connect on the internet when we are in the 3rd and 4th floor. The main reason is that the school doesnt have sufficient devices (usually the Wireless Access Point) to support the succeeding floors. So weve suggest that we must add at least 1 access point in every succeeding floor. The wireless access point must be placed in the center because the broadcast of signal is circular not angular and the radius must be balanced in order to supply the end devices that connects to the wireless access point. The second problem that weve listed is that the internet connection drops unexpectedly due to some reasons like duplication of ip addresses. So weve suggest that we must create a d CONTINUE?

The other problem that we usually encountered is that our network connection is too slow even though the school avails a high bundled data plans. The main reason of this problem is that the router is not configured properly and it doesnt balanced the distribution. So our suggest solution is that weve must create a dedicated server that has a load balancing feature that manage the distribution of the bandwidth in each every connected devices. And also create a proxy cache to the server to save more bandwidth instead of always getting information to the domain name server.

Some students in the school abuses the internet connection and uses it in the wrong purposes, like downloading, surfing unnecessary websites for the school such as the Social Networking Sites, Blog Sites, Porn Sites, and the other sites that consumes bandwidth but there is no importance to the students because they not provide useful information in their daily lives in the school. In result, slow and unstable connection are possibly occur, and the attention of a student or employee will be redirected to those unneeded websites. So weve suggest that we must use a web filter to block those sites and protocols that consumes a lot of bandwidth and lessen those people who are always downloading or streaming unneeded websites. There are many ways to filter some websites. Our IT Administrator uses a router server called PFsense, a Linux based router configuration which converts an ordinary PC into a Super Router by setting into bridge mode. The other way is that the school will subscribed to a web filter organization such as Websense. It is quite expensive but it will maintained the school network to prevent accesses to the different unneeded sites. One of the common problems that weve must addressed is that the other computer laboratories are not properly networked and they dont have any accessed in the internet. If we already addressed the issue about the slow connection and website restriction then we can proceed to this problem. The computers must be connected and networked. Not only within the private network but within the public network too because some subjects needs resources and they must have gather some information in the public internet. So the solution that weve proposed is that having active directory and a local domain in the server which permits computers to limit their access and extend their capabilities that are flexible in their uses. If we implemented server domains in the network, we can save more time when handling certain tasks and we can achieve the security of the network. For example, manual cloning of the configuration of a one hard drive into another is kindly bit more complicated and it will consume a lot time. But if we have a server domain, it is easy for IT Administrator to perform this tasks by having a Windows Server and applying the Windows Deployment Services which actually provides a network boot functionality for each connected PCs in the network. By uploading customized images, it will be easy for the administrator to manage the different laboratories in the school by accessing the Windows Deployment Services. Bad network designs is one of the factors why the school is experiencing different issues on the network. Improper cabling of the computers are also one factors why the network is still congested and inaccessible. Network collisions occurs due to the spider topology of the network k. They are near to electric devices which in result they are invulnerable for electromagnetic interference called crosstalk. So the suggested solution will be redesign and measures the cable and creating a patch panels to organize the flow and structure of the cable and secure also the devices because in our current situation the other devices are not secured and anyone can access it. Having hardware and software firewalls will help also to secure the network from the unauthorized users within the school. Legacy devices are also the major problem in our network because they cant support complicated tasks due to their respective limitations. For example, Our Cisco Catalyst Router 2600 is considered as an outdated router because it only handles an Ethernet port not a Fast or Gigabit Ethernet which it is necessary to an organization to have high speed devices to sustain its security and reliability. CONTINUE? Lack of future expansion capability is considered as an issue to our network, maybe we didnt experienced it yet

But in the future, it is a big problem to the network. The network is not yet capable for future expansions so weve must redesign the addressing schemes and the location of the devices to be able to handle some expansions if the school wants extend the network. Having a future expansion capability will be a major advantage and it will benefit the organization when it needs to expand largely. So we must add different network devices so the organization will be flexible in any expansions. CONTNUE? Lastly, the main problem of the school network is that the switches itself has no VLANs at all. So in result, the network is not managed and it is always vulnerable for unauthorized access and it is capable for network attacks. So weve provide a proposed to VLAN to handle the 8 departments of the school and separate it by their importance and usability to secure the information that flows within the network. Weve changed the addressing schemes to reserved network ip addresses for the future expansions. VLANS provides a higher security compare to the ordinary switch that has no configuration at all. Having redundancy in the distribution layer will be also applied. We must extend the usage and capabilities of the devices in order to achieve a secured enough network. -