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Define General Manager A person who can well manages his group in a most effective & efficient manner

for achieving the companys goals through necessary PDCA cycle. Such person should always look for future opportunities and make suitable planning and strategies for the overall growth of the organization and its people. What are the duties & responsibilities of a GM ? Well manage the department/group in a most effective & efficient manner to deliver optimum result Must be pro-active and constantly look for future business opportunities and prepare suitable strategies to achieve while successfully retaining the existing business Identification of skills and distribution of work among the team members and take full responsibility for the overall performance of his group/department To be a mentor and leader for the team members and help them achieve their targets through MBO process to increase the profitability by reducing costs & expenses create a friendly and cordial atmosphere among the team members and work for their upliftment

What are the reasons why do you think that you are fit for this position ? having prior experience in managing organization in Yanmar India as Country Manager having tendency to look for future business opportunities and willingness to learn from past mistakes good communicator among fellow colleagues never be hesitant in taking up responsibilities having requisite knowledge, experience and professional qualification always listens and respect the ideas and thoughts of others

As a future GM, what are your thoughts and strategies ? Please refer the attachment What are the major factors which decide any new business ? external environment such as current market and future potential growth internal environment such as (a) do we have such product and (b) what value addition we can bring in to the table

economic feasibility whether such product would yield reasonable ROI for our efforts

What are the process would you follow for creating any new business ? identification of product/services that we have which have requirement conduct thorough market research and finding out its feasibility prepare suitable penetration strategy using PLC curve prepare MIS which would help taking a decision whether to go or not compliance to all internal procedure & process to get approval such new business create suitable organization structure and implementation through PDCA cycle measure the results and take appropriate action

What does G Value stands for ? Value Generation to our customers, society and globe as a whole What are the major business goups of TTC ? Energy Machinery & Electronics Automotive Energy & chemicals Produce & foodstuffs Consumer products, services & materials

What is TTCs Vision for 2015 ? to become a value generation corporation creating next generation biz in 6 biz domains with equal focus on automotive & non-automotive sectors

What was the business turnover of TTC and TTIPL ? As of Dec/2010, sales weas US$ 44.27 bill with gross profit of US$ 2.16 billion In 2008, TTIPLs sales turnover was Rs. 360 crores

What are the major business of TTIPL ? Supplying materials and components to TKM, Denso etc through local sales General trading (mainly import from Japan to India) Investment

When was TTC and TTIPL founded ? TTC was way back from 1936 from Toyoda Kinyu Kaisha and 2006 TTC was merged with Tomen 1999 established Steel & Logistic Centre (SLC) and 2007 TTIPL was set up as subsidiary of TTC (95.4% TTC and 4.6 Kirloskar) with a capital of 109 crores with 268 employees (both Japanese and national staff)

Who are the Chairman and President of TTC ? Mr. Furukawa, Chairman Mr. Shimizu, President

What is KAIZEN ? Making continous improvement and eliminating wastes. 5S means sort, sanitizing, store, sustain etc. What is TTCs Group Way ? Creating Customer Oriented Value Generation through Reality, Shokan and Team Power What is OECD and are India and Japan are members of OECD ? Organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD) Yes India and Japan are members, Now there are total 27 members in OECD. India become a member in 2001. What is OPEC ? Organizaion for Petroleum Exporting Countries