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Marketing Plan Overview: ITCs

Group no. 08

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Understanding Markets -Market Size

` 2000 Cr Branded Snack Market. Very few National players FritoLays and Halidirams

Understanding Markets -PESTLE

Political: ITC is an established house with a strong presence in the Indian market. Thus to some degree it was insulated from the political atmosphere. Economic: Rising levels of income. Absence of Lays stock for a prolonged time. Social: Developed flavours keeping mind the Indian Audience. Technological: Introduction of Baked and Non-fried snacks Legal Environment: Approval from the Food & Drugs Department

Understanding Markets
Competitor Analysis
Haldiram with market share of 27% Bingo is holding 16% Regional players are holding rest of the share
OPPORTUNITIES: Change in consumer patterns Rise in income level of customers Opening of new international markets Integration of new technologies THREATS: Prevalence of cultural taste brands High taxation Inventory cost Stiff competition with regional players Close competing MNC brands

The major competitor of Bingo is Lays with a market share of 45%

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS: Availability of Raw materials Availability of Manufacturing facilities Domestic markets Urbanization Catering the market distribution WEAKNESSES: Unable to meet the international standards High working capital Large number of intermediaries thus causing a slog in distribution

Product Profile

Unique and Indianised flavours in savoury snacks

UCP (R.K.S Model)

Innovative Crazy Desi Healthy Adventurous

Marketing Objective
Target is placement of all merchandising units across the market in a months time Create Identity in a Short Span Offering a wide range Reach every nook & corner Distinct Approach ( Innovative & Differentiated products)

12 - 20 Years > 50 Years 35-50 Years 20-35 Years

Conservative, reserved, shy Outgoing, Fun Loving, Bindaas

Age Group Attitude/Behavior Geography Taste

Demographic (Age Group)

Psychographic (Attitude / Behavior)

Mustard Sting

Plain Salted

West South


Nimbu flavor

Spicy / Red Chilly

Indian Geography


Outgoing, Fun Loving, Bindaas

20-35 Years

Demographic Age Group

Mustard Sting

Plain Salted

Attitude / Behavior
Spicy / Red Chilly North


Nimbu Spicy

So th

Indian Geography & Taste

Crisp and Clear Punch line

Bingo! is positioned as a youthful and innovative snack, offering the consumers with choice in terms of both formats and flavors including Local tastes.

Marketing Mix Strategy

Product Indian Flavors Variety of Flavors Healthy variants Attractive Packaging Price Leveraging cost-effective manufacturing Frontal Attack on Lays with Packs for ` 5, ` 10 and ` 20

Marketing Mix Strategy

Place 4 Lakh merchandise racks all over India Available in 250000 outlets at the end of 6 months Alliance with Future Group to stock only Bingo Promotion Humor in TV Ads resulting in Awareness and Trial World Cup Season Through the Bingo racks Interactive Website

Whats in my name ?? (Brand Name)

Recallabl e

Branding Strategy

Easy to Pronounce


Trendy and Fun

Branding Strategy
Who am I ? (Brand Identity)
Bring excitement to the lives of the customers. A brand which is for the whole country by providing the customers with tastes (flavors) from all around India. Bingo identifies itself as a brand which is youthful, fun and colorful

What do I portray ? (Brand Personality)

Innovative Experimentative Adventurous

Branding Strategy
Contingency Strategy


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