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Loretta Cooper/ EDTC 520 Summer 2013 Implementation Plan Web 2.

.0 Tools Introduction My son attends a small private Lutheran Elementary School. I am a member of the church associated with the school and also a substitute teacher. I am always amazed with the lack of technology integration in the classrooms. They do have software programs they use in the classroom (mostly drills) and kids use Microsoft word to type up their reports. But mainly teachers rely on the computer lab teacher to teach computer skills. And let me say my son is a killer typist! At home my son makes websites, uses email, makes his own YouTube videos, searches for best online deals for his birthday wish list, and keeps up with his favorite baseball team. With this in mind I have come up with an implementation plan for Professional Development introducing web 2.0 tools for learning. Blogging would be the first in a series of web 2.0 tools introduced to teachers, inspired by Will Richardsons Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms.

In order for us to prepare out students for what is without question a future filled with networked learning spaces, we must first experience those environments for ourselves. We must become connected and engaged in learning in these new ways if we are to fully understand the pedagogies of using these tools with our students. We cannot honestly discuss twenty-first-century learning skills for our students until we make sense of them for ourselves (Richardson, 2010).

Implementation Plan for Professional Development- Web 2.0 Tools-A three month series of informal 30 minute sessions once a week: Flipped Video Lesson will be sent out to each teacher and during that week after viewing video, teachers will meet for a 30 minute coached session Goals
September 2013December 2013



Measurement of Achievement of Goals


Blogs Introduction of Teachers create and as a learning tool share their own personal web-resource 1. Adding blogs to an Blog. Administrator creates a online reader Flipped Lessons: What are Blogs, How Teacher Hall of Fame 2. Responding to to create a blog, How to create a RSS Blog teachers respond Blogs Feed 3. Creating your own by posting achievements of fellow teachers personal Blog 4. Implications for 1. Teachers will the classroom experience web tools through their October 2013 Websites Teachers create their Flipped Lessons: Websites for own personal 30 minute session once a 1. Exploring own personal website. Educators, How to create a website practice. week Educational 2. Understand how Website web tools can 2. How to create a facilitate global website connections and 3. Implications for conversations the classroom November/December Podcasting Introduction Teachers embed Flipped Lessons: How to create a 2013 as a learning toolpodcasts on Teacher podcast, How to embed podcasts 30 minute session once a 1. What is a podcast Hall of Fame blog week 2. How to create a Willowweb (Radio Willow) podcast 3. Implications for classroom Data Sources for Research and Goals: White Paper Flipped Learning Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavioral Change Albert Bandura In-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy, Professional Development, and Web 2.0 Tools for Integration Big Idea! Self-efficacy "The most effective way of developing a strong sense of efficacy is through mastery experiences, (Bandera, 1977) September 2013 30 minute session once a week

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